Chapter 963 – An Attack Only Limited By The Mind!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Kill!” As soon as Yang Ye’s voice resounded, the 13 black clothed men and 4 wolves instantly charged at Seng Yuan.

Seng Yuan was stunned. Obviously, he hadn’t expected Yang Ye to actually possess the help of so many formidable experts. Especially those 13 black clothed men, they felt extremely dangerous to him. So, he instantly returned to his original form when he saw them charge at him!


He’d only just returned to his original form when those 4 huge wolves smashed against him, causing his figure to move 300m back. At the same time, the 13 black clothed men flickered incessantly around him. As their figures flickered, pillar after pillar of blood was surging out incessantly from Seng Yuan, and it didn’t take even 2 breaths of time for Seng Yuan to be covered in injuries!

This scene stunned all the spectators!

Is that the same extremely formidable expert from before? Is he that same Seng Yuan who treated all humans as ants?

Meanwhile, a young man which was the human form of that enormous python from before felt stunned as well. He hadn’t expected that these fellows Yang Ye summoned would actually be so terrifying to the point that even Seng Yuan wasn’t able to fight back at all!

As soon as he recovered from his shock, the young man was about to lend Seng Yuan a hand, but a ray of sword energy suddenly slashed down towards him.

His expression changed when he sensed how terrifying its might was, and he didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. He opened his mouth and spat out a torrent of green liquid that collided with the sword energy.


A huge explosion resounded. The green liquid instantly dispersed while the sword energy continued forward and arrived in front of the young man.

He was horrified and crossed his arms in front of himself!


His figure was blasted almost a kilometer away, and his hands fell to the ground!

The young man was horrified!

“Retreat!” Meanwhile, Seng Yuan’s voice suddenly resounded, and then he roared furiously as a terrifying pressure erupted from within it. The pressure caused the 13 black clothed men and the 4 huge wolves to be pushed back repeatedly, and Seng Yuan seized the opportunity to take human form once more and shoot towards the mountain range.

As soon as Seng Yuan left, the Steel Ape army instantly retreated like a receding tide.

In next to no time, the Steel Ape army was gone, and only corpses remained throughout the surroundings.

Shang Qingying walked over to Yang Ye’s side and asked, “Should we pursue?”

Yang Ye remained silent. Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang said, “No!”

“Why?” Shang Qingying was quite puzzled, “Our morale is surging. If we seize this opportunity to pursue them, then we’ll definitely be able to kill even more demon beasts!”

Yu Wushuang gazed towards the mountain range in the distance, “Once they retreat into the mountain range and we pursue them there, then our forces won’t be able to make it back. That’s their territory. Moreover, we have something even more important to do right now, and it’s to rest, recuperate, and rebuild the damaged parts of the city.”

Shang Qingying glanced at the surroundings and nodded. Presently, Yu Wushuang was in command of the city, and her mission was to support Yu Wushuang. Even though Yu Wushuang was much younger than her, she was absolutely convinced of Yu Wushuang’s ability. Because the facts proved that Yu Wushuang’s ability in terms of management far surpassed her own.

However, she felt quite down because Yu Wushuang seemed to be slightly hostile towards her!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye spoke to Yu Wushuang, “Wushuang, come with me for a moment!”

Yu Wushuang glanced at him and nodded.

After they left, the armies outside the southern and northern gates had suddenly retreated as well. Cheers erupted throughout the city. At the same time, the news of Yang Ye’s return to the city and how he defeated Seng Yuan swept throughout the city, and it caused the cultivators of the entire city to be filled with joy and excitement!

Who was Seng Yuan? He was a Young Demon King who was comparable to the 5 top geniuses of the human race! Moreover, Shangguan Yunhai, one of those 5 top geniuses, had been killed by Seng Yuan. But Yang Ye had defeated him. What did that prove? It proved that Yang Ye’s strength wasn’t inferior to the 5 top geniuses!

Yet Yang Ye was only at the Monarch Realm!

In other words, wasn’t Yang Ye an even greater genius than those 5?

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s ability to be exaggerated as it spread. In the end, they actually said that he’d once defeated Qing Daofu and Lu Wan’er.

No matter what, Yang Ye was invincible in the hearts of everyone throughout the city!

Everyone was practically filled with fervent support and adoration for Yang Ye. If anyone dare to insult Yang Ye right now, then that person would definitely be besieged by a crowd!

Yang Ye sat on a chair within the room he used to reside in, and Yu Wushuang was in front of him. There was no one else here.

Quite some time passed before Yang Ye said, “The conflict is getting more and more unusual!”

“I know!” Yu Wushuang nodded, “It was supposed to be a conflict between Welkin Wolf Mountain Range and Ocean of Clouds Academy. Yet now, numerous powers have been drawn into the battle. Not only have the Python Clan and Steel Ape Clan joined in, even Sky Divine Hall has openly dispatched experts to assist Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. It can be said that half of all the great powers in the prefecture have been swept into this conflict! Moreover, it seems to only be the beginning!”

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “Are you sure you intend to stay here in the academy?”

Yu Wushuang remained silent for a long time, and then she nodded, “Presently, chaos is upon the prefecture, and everyone might be swept into it. It’s very difficult to survive such chaotic times without the protection of a Platinum Rank sect. Moreover, I’m considered a member of the academy now. It isn’t just me, even my Yu Clan has been bound together with the academy. So, I can’t leave it!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Actually, it isn’t really realistic for me to hope to be able to stay out of this conflict. After all, I belong to the Ancient Sword School, and the sword school has formed an alliance with the academy. That’s one of the reasons why I returned.”

“Tell me the truth. What did the academy promise you?” Yu Wushuang grinned, “Let me guess. It definitely really pleased you. Otherwise, you would have absolutely not been so easy to make you come back here.”

Yang Ye grinned, “It did!”

Yu Wushuang chuckled, and then she spoke seriously, “Actually, I think you should stay. You’ll be safer in these chaotic times with the protection of one more extraordinary power. Otherwise, while you are very strong, you’re still quite weak in the eyes of those Saints. It shouldn’t be very difficult for them to kill you!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short while and said, “I still have some things to do in Pine Prefecture, and I’ll be heading to the Central Divine Prefecture once I’m done. But now it would seem like what I intended to do here would be quite difficult to accomplish.”

Yu Wushuang suddenly asked, “Will you come back after you leave for the Central Divine Prefecture?”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he shook his head, “I don’t know. I’ve never thought about that!”

“Oh,” Yu Wushuang slowly clenched her fists tightly while she made a decision in her heart.

Yang Ye smiled, “Go on and deal with what you have to do. There’s definitely numerous things throughout the city that are waiting for you to be done!”

Yu Wushuang nodded and was about to leave. But she seemed to have thought of something and stopped to look at Yang Ye before she spoke, “Even if you’re leaving, please tell me before you do. Alright?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and nodded, “Of course!”

She nodded slightly, and then she turned around and left.

After she left, 5 old men suddenly appeared here, and it was naturally Instructor Zhuo and the others.

Instructor Zhuo spoke in a low voice, “I never expected that your strength would have grown so much in such a short period!”

Yang Ye stood up and smiled, “I’m still like an ant to all of you.”

The black robed old man shook his head, “We were inferior to you while at your age!”

“Senior, you must be kidding. Anyway, let’s get down to business!” Yang Ye continued, “Seniors, you promised that….”

Yang Ye hadn’t even finished speaking when 2 scrolls appeared before him.

Instructor Zhuo said, “The scroll on the left is a low-grade Divine Rank sword technique, Death by a Thought. It was created by a formidable sword cultivator of the Central Divine Prefecture in the past. It stresses upon the convergence of the energy, spirit, essence, sword intent, and all other energy throughout the body, and then the converged energy would be controlled with sword intent. Where the thought can reach, so can your sword. To put it simply, if you’re able to cultivate it successfully, then even a Saint wouldn’t be able to avoid your attack. Of course, it’s because you possess Quasi Void Rank sword intent!”

“Where the thought can reach, so can your sword….” Yang Ye muttered softly, and then he looked up at Instructor Zhuo and asked, “The might of this technique depends on sword intent?”

Instructor Zhuo nodded in response, “It isn’t just this sword technique. The strength of all sword techniques depends on sword intent.”

Yang Ye asked another question, “How strong would it be if I possess true Void Rank sword intent?”

Instructor Zhuo fell silent for an instant before he said, “If it’s true Void Rank sword intent, then it wouldn’t be considered a low-grade Divine Rank technique, it would be a mid-grade Divine Rank technique. At that time, even Saints might suffer heavy injuries from your attacks!”

Yang Ye frowned and was quite dissatisfied, “Only heavy injuries?”

Instructor Zhuo replied, “I made that estimation according to your current strength. If you’re a Saint as well, possess Void Rank sword intent, and have cultivated this technique successfully, then even a Saint might perish from a single strike of this technique. Yet now, even if you possess Void Rank sword intent, it isn’t very likely for you to be able to rely on this technique to kill a Saint with a single attack. Of course, it’s not an absolute fact. If you’re able to strike a lethal weak point like the Dantian, then even a Saint might still perish. However, Saints transcend the limits of the world, so thinking about launching a successful surprise attack on a Saint with your strength is quite impossible!”

A wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he heard this. Perhaps it was impossible for others to strike a surprise attack against a Saint, but it wasn’t the same for him!

Since he had the Sword Domain to conceal his aura, it wasn’t that difficult to launch a successful surprise attack against a Saint. Of course, he might be courting death if he failed.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, put the scroll on the left away, and then gazed at the scroll on the right.

“This technique is called Stellar Ward. It was a technique that surpassed the Divine Rank, but it’s incomplete due to certain reasons, and it can only be considered to be at the Divine Rank now. It uses Stellar Energy. If you cultivate it successfully, then you’ll be able to rely on the Stellar Energy in the universe to protect yourself. During that period, it’s equivalent to being in an invincible state. Because even Saints wouldn’t be able to harm you!” said Instructor Zhuo.

Yang Ye’s eyes opened wide, “Is that formidable?”

Instructor Zhuo explained, “If it was complete, and you cultivated it successfully, then you would be able to be completely invincible before Saints even at your current realm of cultivation. Unfortunately, it isn’t complete, so you’ll only be able to maintain that invincible state for 100 breaths of time. Moreover, the Stellar Energy would return to the universe outside our world. At that time, you won’t just be completely exhausted, you’ll even suffer boundless pain.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. So it’s an incomplete technique, and it even comes with side effects. But it’s still extremely powerful. Invincibility for 100 breaths of time!

It meant that he could fight a Saint in single combat for 100 breaths of time!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant and said, “Since it’s incomplete, then there should be a complete record of it. Where is that?”

“White Deer Academy!” Instructor Zhuo spoke indifferently, “You can head to White Deer Academy and steal it if you want. Of course, I don’t advise doing that. Because they’ll kill you!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Instructor Zhuo said, “We’ve completed your first request. Tell us what your second is!”

Yang Ye put the other scroll away, took a deep breath, and said, “My second request is for all of you to protect me as I advance into the Half-Saint Realm!”

A breakthrough into the Half-Saint Realm would cause heavenly tribulation to descend. He would naturally not fear such tribulation under normal circumstances. Because heavenly tribulation wasn’t terrifying to him at all. However, he wasn't on friendly terms with the Heaven Dao!

He could foresee that his heavenly tribulation would definitely be unlike others, and the Heaven Dao would definitely act ruthlessly towards him if he tried to advance into the Half-Saint Realm!

“You intend to advance into the Half-Saint Realm? We just have to protect you? That’s all?” Instructor Zhuo and the others were quite stunned and felt slight disbelief.

Yang Ye nodded and spoke in an extremely serious tone, “It’s just that simple!”

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