Chapter 964 – The Eye Of The Heaven Dao Reappears!

Almighty Sword Domain

Instructor Zhuo was clearly unable to believe it and repeated the question, “You really just want us to stand on guard and protect you?”

There was naturally a difference in strength between heavenly tribulations. If Yang Ye was breaking through from the Half-Saint Realm into the Saint Realm, then they wouldn’t dare to help Yang Ye even when all 5 of them were here. Because it would be punishment from the Eye of the Heaven Dao that descended at that time. The Eye of the Heaven Dao was completely different from ordinary heavenly tribulation. Heavenly tribulation was only an ordinary form of punishment, but the punishment from the Eye of the Heaven Dao represented that the heavens felt threatened, and it was truly trying to kill!

Saints transcended the restraints and limits of the world, but it didn’t represent that their strength surpassed the Heaven Dao of the Radiant Dimension. Conversely, if the Heaven Dao went all out, then it wouldn’t just be Saints who feared it, even existences above the Saint Realm would fear it!

So, the punishment from the Eye of the Heaven Dao was a huge threat to Saints. However, the heavenly tribulation which descended when Monarchs advanced into the Half-Saint Realm was nothing to them, and they could resolve it with a wave of their hand!

Yang Ye nodded once more when he heard Instructor Zhuo, and he said, “I’m absolutely sure. So long as all of you protect me while I advance into the Half-Saint Realm, then the 2nd condition will be considered as complete!”

Instructor Zhuo and the others exchanged glances, and there was a trace of bewilderment in their eyes. In the end, Instructor Zhuo spoke in a low voice, “Kid, tell me the truth. Are you planning something? Because with the strength you possess, it’s absolutely easy for you to deal with your own heavenly tribulation. But you’re asking for our help? That’s truly unusual!”

Yang Ye replied, “Since you refuse to believe me, then I’ll ask for something else!”

The black robed old man suddenly blurted out, “Don’t!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he revealed quite an embarrassed expression on his face as he knew that he’d lost his composure. So, he immediately coughed dryly and said, “We don’t doubt you. We just feel that this request is a little too simple, and it makes us feel quite bad. Don’t worry, we’ll protect you with all our strength while you complete your breakthrough later. You won’t be disturbed at all!”

“Really?” Yang Ye was quite doubtful.

“Of course!” Meanwhile, Instructor Zhuo spoke with absolute certainty, “Isn’t it just a heavenly tribulation? You can rest at ease. You won’t even notice it while we’re here to protect you. You just have to stay in your abode and advance smoothly!”

They’d expected Yang Ye to make huge demands for his 2nd request. But they hadn’t imagined that he would actually ask for something so simple. Even though they were quite puzzled, they didn’t care. Because even if Yang Ye’s heavenly tribulation was slightly stronger than an ordinary expert, could it be stronger than the tribulation faced by a Saint?

So, they could absolutely not allow Yang Ye to change his request. Otherwise, Yang Ye might make huge demands instead!

Yang Ye was still quite doubtful, “Seniors, are you sure you’re not lying to me?”

“Kid, are you doubting our strengths?” The black robed old man spoke with slight displeasure, “How about we do this? If we aren’t able to help you deal with your heavenly tribulation, then we’ll give you a Divine Rank technique and allow you to raise 2 requests. Alright?”

Instructor Zhuo and the others glanced at the black robed old man upon hearing this, but they hesitated to speak. After all, Divine Rank techniques weren’t easy to obtain, and they were absolutely not something that could be just given away at will. However, they didn’t stop it because as far as they were concerned, it wouldn’t be difficult to protect Yang Ye at all!

“It’s a deal!” Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath this time, and he immediately entered his abode.

In next to no time, a powerful aura came from within the abode. However, Instructor Zhuo and the others suppressed it by force. So, Yang Ye’s aura didn’t spread out.

After all, the advancement of a Monarch Realm cultivator to the Half-Saint Realm would cause quite a commotion at any rate. However, Ocean of Clouds City couldn’t endure any mishaps right now.

“Is that kid really just breaking through into the Half-Saint Realm?” After Yang Ye entered his abode, the black robed old man spoke with quite some doubt, “We’ve dealt with him a few times. Logically speaking, it’s impossible for him to have given up such a great opportunity to extort us. But he just so happened to have done so. To be honest, I feel quite worried. I keep having the feeling that it isn’t as simple as we think!”

“What’re you afraid of!?” Instructor Zhuo spoke indifferently, “In any case, he only asked us to protect him from his heavenly tribulation. How strong could the heavenly tribulation of a mere Monarch Realm cultivator be?”

The black robed old man thought for a long time and nodded, “You’re right! Let’s see what that fellow is up to!”

Meanwhile, one of the other Saints spoke abruptly, “Are we really going to let him leave after he attains the Half-Saint Realm?”

Instructor Zhuo and the black robed old man frowned upon hearing this.

Meanwhile, that Saint who spoke before continued, “Presently, our academy is in a life and death situation. Once all of us old fellows are kept busy, then the academy and the city will truly be lacking someone to lead them, just like what happened earlier. So….”

The black robed old man sighed softly, “I’ve noticed that he really doesn’t wish to stay in our academy. It makes sense. Not only has our academy given him no material benefits since he arrived, we have caused him to fall into great danger. Moreover, it’s just as he said, it even caused a string of conflict to arise between him and our academy, causing us to have almost become enemies. Not to mention him, even I wouldn’t have chosen to stay!”

“Can we use his relationship with the Ancient Sword School?” A white robed Saint spoke abruptly, “He’s a disciple of the Ancient Sword School. If it gives the order, then he’ll definitely obey it!”

“Others might obey the orders of the Ancient Sword School’s higher-ups!” The black robed old man continued, “But it might not necessarily be the case for that fellow. Moreover, if he isn’t sincerely willing to stay, then even if we use the Ancient Sword School to pressure him to stay, it will probably backfire instead. That fellow is someone who yields to persuasion but never to force!”

“I was rash that day!” Instructor Zhuo suddenly sighed softly, “My impulsiveness caused such a situation.”

“It’s not entirely your fault!” The black robed old man shook his head, “To be honest, his temper, character, and the way he does things even makes me desire to kill him!”

Instructor Zhuo laughed bitterly, “Just as the dean said, our academy actually needs a ruthless person like him. However, we made a mistake. We misjudged how ruthless he was, and it caused our academy to lose a huge number of elites. We really shouldn’t have allowed him to suddenly join the academy.”

The black robed old man laughed bitterly as well, “Who would have imagined that he would be so ruthless and so strong!?”

One of the other Saints said, “It has already come to this, so it’s pointless to talk about it. It’s better to think about how we’ll make him stay!”

The white robed Saint suddenly said, “Perhaps we can ask that little girl, Wushuang, about this!”

The others’ eyes lit up, and then Instructor Zhuo smiled, “That little girl, Wushuang, is extremely resourceful and crafty. Moreover, she has a very good relationship with Yang Ye. She’ll definitely be able to make him stay.”

“Indeed!” The others nodded with agreement.

Suddenly, the aura coming from Yang Ye’s abode grew stronger and stronger, and his abode started to tremble violently as if it was on the verge of exploding.

The black robed old man waved his right hand, and the aura instantly calmed down. However, the ground in the surroundings started to crack apart, and numerous arm-thick cracks stretched out incessantly. Fortunately, the black robed old man acted once more, and he finally fully suppressed the powerful aura coming from Yang Ye’s abode.

“That fellow really is extraordinary!” The black robed old man spoke solemnly, “His foundation is the most solid foundation I’ve ever seen. Even we hadn’t formed such a solid foundation all those years ago…. How exactly did he accomplish that?”

One of the other Saints gazed at Instructor Zhuo, “Has his origins been determined?”

Instructor Zhuo shook his head, “Everything about him before he met the sisters from the Fan Clan are a mystery. It’s like he just appeared out of thin air. However, based on what the Dean and I think, he should be from the Central Divine Prefecture. Because only the Central Divine Prefecture is capable of fostering such a genius. Otherwise, it’s impossible for any power to foster such a monstrous genius without causing even the slightest commotion. Because the aura of slaughter he possesses is extremely strong, and he’s obviously one who has experienced long periods of slaughter. However, it’s absolutely impossible for him to just attain Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent in our Pine Prefecture without causing even the slightest stir in the prefecture!”

“If he’s from the Central Divine Prefecture, then his natural talent and strength are justifiable!” One of the Saints said, “But I wonder what his identity there is and why he came to our prefecture.”


Suddenly, an imposing aura erupted like a volcano from within the abode, and then the abode instantly started shaking. If the white robed Saint hadn’t suppressed the imposing aura, then the entire abode would have been transformed into powder.

At the same time, the clear sky above was suddenly covered in jet black clouds, and then a terrifying pressure descended from it. That pressure instantly enveloped the entire city.

Countless people were horrified!

Even Instructor Zhuo and the others were slightly shocked because the pressure was truly quite a bit too strong.

The black robed old man looked up into the sky and spoke solemnly, “It feels slightly off!”

Instructor Zhuo nodded, “Indeed!”

After that, he gazed at Yang Ye’s abode and said, “What is that fellow doing?”


A thunderclap suddenly resounded within the black clouds, and then a boundlessly terrifying pressure rained down from above. Some comparatively weaker cultivators within the city instantly slumped to the ground and started trembling incessantly beneath the pressure. Even some Half-Saints couldn’t help but shiver.

The residents of the entire city were horrified, and they gazed at the sky with terror.

What’s going on?

That was the question on everyone’s minds.

The black robed old man looked up at the black clouds in the sky, and he had a solemn expression on his face.

Suddenly, the black clouds in the sky parted at the center, and then a huge eye appeared within everyone’s fields of vision.

“The Eye of the Heaven Dao!” Instructor Zhuo was shocked to the point he cried out involuntarily!

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