Chapter 965 – Besieged By Saints!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Eye of the Heaven Dao!

Countless people throughout the city were stunned when they saw the eye.

Even though they hadn’t charged into the Saint Realm, they’d heard of the Eye of the Heaven Dao. There were only 2 circumstances that would cause it to appear. The 1st was when someone was breaking through into the Saint Realm, and the 2nd was when someone intended to destroy the world. It was definitely impossible for the latter to occur. After all, even those above the Saint Realm probably wouldn’t dare speak about destroying the world!

One didn’t just have to go against the Heaven Dao in order to destroy the world, one had to go against every single existence in this world. So, no one was that bold!

In other words, someone was breaking through into the Saint Realm!

Who was it?

Everyone was curious about the answer to that question.

Meanwhile, Instructor Zhuo and the others were completely stunned as they stood outside Yang Ye’s abode. They’d never imagined that the Eye of the Heaven Dao would actually show itself!

Why has the Eye of the Heaven Dao appeared? All of them were extremely puzzled. Because no one throughout the city had the ability to destroy the world, nor was there anyone breaking through into the Saint Realm. After all, if someone was breaking through into the Saint Realm, then it was absolutely impossible to keep that fact from them! Since both were impossible, then why had the Eye of the Heaven Dao shown itself here?

They couldn’t figure it out no matter how they racked their brains!

Meanwhile, one of the Saints suddenly said, “Could it be Yang Ye!?”

Instructor Zhuo immediately turned around to look at Yang Ye’s abode, and a long time passed before he gulped, “It should be impossible, right!?”

Suddenly, the black robed old man cried out involuntarily, “This isn’t good! The Eye of the Heaven Dao is attacking!”

All of them looked up and saw a huge bolt of black divine lightning that was almost 3km long and over 300m wide was descending from the Eye of the Heaven Dao, and its target was Yang Ye’s abode!

“It’s one of the 3 Divine Lightnings, Black Divine Lightning! How could this be possible!?” Instructor Zhuo’s eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Divine lightning came in 3 colors, and they were gold, black, and violet. Violet was the strongest amongst them, and it was considered to be Divine Lightning of Obliteration. Beneath it was the black divine lightning, and it was just slightly weaker than violet divine lightning. However, it was still strong enough to pose a threat to Saints. As for golden divine lightning, it was weaker than black divine lightning, and it usually only appeared when cultivators broke through to the Saint Realm!

Yet now, black divine lightning had actually appeared right at the beginning!

“Yang Ye! You bastard! What exactly are you doing!?” Instructor Zhuo roared with fury as he leaped up into the air with the other Saints, and then they swiftly slapped their palms towards the divine lightning.

Enormous palms with fingers that could hold up the sky carried peerless might as they flashed up into the sky and smashed against the black divine lightning.

They didn’t dare allow it to descend, of course. After all, the entire city would be obliterated if it did!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Huge explosions resounded throughout the sky. At this moment, the entire city was shaking!

It didn’t take long for their attacks to be blasted apart in midair, and then the black bolt of divine lightning appeared once more within everyone’s fields of vision. However, it was at least 10 times smaller than before!

“Brother Zhuo, leave it to us for now. Head in and see what that kid is doing. No, no matter what he’s doing, make him stop right now. Those old bastards from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range already have their attention locked onto us. We’ll be facing attacks from both sides if this is to continue!” As soon as the white robed Saint finished speaking, he immediately charged towards the divine lightning with the other Saints.

Yang Ye’s body was emanating dense violet light while his aura was rising madly without end. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and there was a trace of excitement in them as he thought to himself, I just need 15 minutes and I’ll be able to break through to the Half-Saint Realm. This moment is finally about to be here.

What did it mean to attain the Half-Saint Realm?

It meant that he didn’t have to worry about his lifespan anymore, and it meant that his overall strength would increase greatly.

In short, the Half-Saint Realm was a point of transformation to him. It was a transformation of strength!

There still isn’t any sign of my tribulation until now. Looks like those old geezers are quite reliable! Yang Ye grinned and closed his eyes, concentrated, and prepared to make the final push.

Suddenly, the door to the room was pushed open, and then Instructor Zhuo appeared in front of Yang Ye, “Kid, what exactly are you doing!?”

Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at Instructor Zhuo with a bewildered expression.

“Do you know what you’ve brought down upon yourself?” Instructor Zhuo stared fixedly at Yang Ye and said, “You’ve made the Eye of the Heaven Dao descend here! The Eye of the Heaven Dao! And it even shot out black divine lightning! Black divine lightning! Are you sure you’re trying to attain the Half-Saint Realm and not the Saint Realm?” As he finished speaking, Instructor Zhuo was practically shouting!

The Eye of the Heaven Dao! Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then his face fell. He knew that his breakthrough would definitely cause a powerful tribulation to descend, but he’d never imagined that it would actually be the Eye of the Heaven Dao! After all, he’d personally experienced how terrifying it was!

Looks like the Heaven Dao of the Radiant Dimension refuses to tolerate my existence! A wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. He knew that there were 2 reasons why the Heaven Dao refused to tolerate his existence. Firstly, it was because the world within the Primordial Pagoda was a huge threat to it; secondly, it was because he’d once slashed apart a projection of the Heaven Dao! That was also why he’d expected that the tribulation he would face upon breaking through would definitely not be normal!

But he hadn’t expected that the Eye of the Heaven Dao would actually show itself!

“Stop quickly!” Instructor Zhuo spoke solemnly, “I know that I’m forcing you to do something difficult, and it’s wrong for me to do so after promising to help you. But the situation is very bad right now. Those old geezers from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range haven’t acted yet because they are afraid that the Eye of the Heaven Dao would misunderstand their intentions and target them as well. But once we’ve almost exhausted the Eye of the Heaven Dao, they’ll definitely launch a crushing blow against us. At that time, the city will be finished!”

“15 minutes! I only need 15 minutes!” Yang Ye looked Instructor Zhuo in the eyes. It was an opportunity that he truly didn’t wish to give up on.

“We won’t be able to last until then!” Instructor Zhuo spoke bitterly, “Comprehensive preparations usually have to be made before charging into the Saint Realm. This has caught us completely off guard. It wouldn’t be a problem at any other time because we would be able to resist the Eye of the Heaven Dao for some time with our joint forces. After all, it’s only sending down black divine lightning. Yet now, the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range are waiting for a moment to strike, and the slightest mistake might cause all of us to die!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath. While he wasn’t willing, he still forced the profound energy within him to calm down. Because even if he was able to break through in this situation, Instructor Zhuo and the others would probably be finished. If they were finished, then the entire city would be finished as well!


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from Yang Ye’s mouth!

Suddenly stopping the process naturally caused him to suffer quite a bit of harm. Fortunately, it wasn’t very severe because he hadn’t really pierced through the last barrier between the realms.

Instructor Zhuo, “This was our failure!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I didn’t give it sufficient consideration. Of course, it completely exceeded my expectations.”


Meanwhile, explosions resounded from the sky again.

Instructor Zhuo’s expression changed, “The Eye of the Heaven Dao hasn’t left!” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “What… what exactly have you done?”

Yang Ye shook his head and laughed bitterly. How could he say that he’d fought the Eye of the Heaven Dao! Even if he did tell Instructor Zhuo, would Instructor Zhuo believe him? After all, it was too shocking!

“Hahaha! Bastards from Ocean of Clouds Academy, to think all of you would suffer something like this. The Eye of the Heaven Dao! What a joke! Someone amongst you is actually breaking through into the Saint Realm at a time like this. The heavens are truly helping my Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. Go on, take it slow. We aren’t in a hurry.” Suddenly, roaring laughter resounded through the sky above the city, and then 5 old men who wore beast skin clothes appeared in the air outside the city.

Instructor Zhuo had a gloomy expression on his face as he said, “It’s the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!”

Yang Ye stood up and flashed over to the door, and then he looked up into the sky. At this moment, there were 4 old men resisting the lightning coming from the Eye of the Heaven Dao, and it was obvious that it was very strenuous for them.

“It has locked onto your aura!” Instructor Zhuo appeared at Yang Ye’s side and spoke solemnly, “It won’t vanish while your aura exists. Do you have any way to conceal your own aura?”

Yang Ye didn’t speak, and he shot his gaze towards the area outside the city instead. At this moment, there were 5 old men in beast skin clothes there, and they were naturally the Half-Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range! It was exactly their presence which caused him to have no choice but to stop his advancement!

An insane thought appeared in Yang Ye’s mind as he looked at them.

Yang Ye took a deep breath while ruthlessness flashed through his eyes, “Since all of you won’t let me fucking advance, then I’ll make all of you suffer! If worse comes to worse, we’ll just die together!”

As he spoke, he turned around to look at Instructor Zhuo, “Instructor Zhuo, please cover me later!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground, and he transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky and vanished.

Instructor Zhuo was slightly stunned. But he instantly came to an understanding when he noticed the direction Yang Ye had headed towards. He’d realized that Yang Ye was heading to Welkin Wolf Mountain Range and clearly intended to draw the Eye of the Heaven Dao over there as well….

Instructor Zhuo gulped, “So that can be done?”

Meanwhile, the Eye of the Heaven Dao suddenly started to move, and it was in the direction of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!

The Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range were stunned, and realization instantly dawned upon then when they saw Yang Ye!

“Kill him!” One of the Saints roared furiously, and all 5 of them attacked in unison.

Their target was Yang Ye!

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