Chapter 966 – That’s Not Stealing, That’s Taking!

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, how could the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range allow him to head to Welkin Wolf Peak? Yang Ye was naturally an insignificant existence to them, but he had the Eye of the Heaven Dao lingering above him!

It had locked onto him, and it was following him wherever he went. Based on how terrifying it was, the slightest mishap might cause the entire mountain range to be obliterated!

So, they absolutely couldn’t allow Yang Ye to enter the mountain range!

How terrifying was it when 5 Saints attacked in unison?

Not to mention anything else, just the terrifying imposing aura that erupted from them had forced Yang Ye to stop moving, and then 5 enormous palms which blotted out the sky smashed down towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye was naturally unable to resist such an attack. Not to mention the attacks of 5 Saints, even one was a huge challenge to him. He couldn’t stop those attacks, but he wasn’t anxious at all because someone else would do it for him!

Sure enough, Instructor Zhuo and the others immediately acted when the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range attacked, and they launched attacks against those enormous palms.


As soon as they collided, it simply felt like the heavens and the earth would collapse. Huge patches of space throughout the sky had transformed into black holes, and it took less than half a breath of time for the entire sky to turn pitch black!

At this moment, it wasn’t just the humans who were shivering, even the demon beasts were!

Because if this battle continued, then both Ocean of Clouds City and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range would be destroyed!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, almost 20 bolts of pitch black divine light suddenly shot down from the Eye of the Heaven Dao. 2 of those bolts of divine lightning shot towards Yang Ye while the remaining descended towards the Saints from both Welkin Wolf Mountain Range and Ocean of Clouds Academy. This time, the divine lightning wasn’t just much more numerous than before, it was even much stronger than before!

Countless demon beasts and humans fell flat on the ground and started shivering before such terrifying pressure!

It was true might of the heavens and the earth, and ordinary people weren’t able to endure such might!

At this moment, all the Saints stopped simultaneously as even they didn’t dare underestimate the pitch black divine lightning.

All of them had stopped, but Yang Ye continued forward. He just disregarded the black divine lightning and flashed towards the mountain range. At this moment, he couldn’t stop the divine lightning at all. Perhaps he could succeed by utilizing the Sword Domain, but he didn’t dare to do so. After all, he hadn’t attained the Half-Saint Realm, so his current lifespan wasn’t sufficient to support usage of the Sword Domain at all!

So, there was only one way to resist the black divine lightning! It was Welkin Wolf Peak!

So long as he could get there, then he wouldn’t have to resist it himself because the Welkin Wolf Demon King and the other Saints there would take the initiative to do it for him!

At such a critical moment, Yang Ye raised his speed to its limits, and his sword control technique allowed him to transform into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon!

“How dare you!” Yang Ye had just arrived at Welkin Wolf Peak when a furious howl resounded in the sky, and then a middle aged man who wore a silver robe obstructed his path. After that, the space around Yang Ye started to collapse inch by inch.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted, and the profound energy within him surged madly. He was just about to fight desperately to the death when the dean of Ocean of Clouds Academy, Shang Yunxi appeared before him.

Shang Yunxi waved his hand, and the space in the surroundings instantly returned to normal.

Meanwhile, the black divine lightning which was descending towards Yang Ye had arrived in the sky above Welkin Wolf Peak, and its powerful aura caused countless smaller mountains around Welkin Wolf Peak to be instantly disintegrated!

The entire mountain range trembled before the might of the black divine lightning!

Welkin Wolf Demon King’s eyelids twitched. He glanced coldly at Yang Ye before he raised his hand and waved it in the direction of the lightning. A silver claw that blotted out the sky appeared high above, and it smashed against the black divine lightning.


The heavens and the earth shook!

At this moment, the space in an area of 3km trembled violently, and it seemed like it would shatter at any moment. It seemed like doomsday had arrived!

Quite some time passed before Welkin Wolf Demon King withdrew his palm. The black divine lightning had vanished, but his face had turned pale.

Yang Ye who stood by Shang Yunxi’s side suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you seize the opportunity to attack him just now?”

If the dean had seized the opportunity when Welkin Wolf Demon King was stopping the black divine lightning, then it would have heavily injured him even if he was able to avoid death.

Shang Yunxi pointed at Instructor Zhuo and the others, “See what happened to them? If I were to fight him here, then the Eye of the Heaven Dao will immediately lock onto us. Now….”

When he spoke up to this point, Shang Yunxi suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Actually, are you the cause of the Eye of the Heaven Dao’s arrival here?”

Welkin Wolf Demon King’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye as well.

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and spoke with a slightly helpless expression on his face, “It did come for me!”

Both Shang Yunxi and Welkin Wolf Demon King had slightly strange expressions on their faces when they heard Yang Ye.

A long time passed before Shang Yunxi said, “What sort of sins have you committed?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Welkin Wolf Demon King gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You killed my wife and sons, right?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Indeed!”

Welkin Wolf Demon King asked another question, “You robbed my treasure as well?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “That’s not stealing, that was taking!”

The atmosphere here instantly became tense!

Welkin Wolf Demon King gazed at Yang Ye while Yang Ye refused to display weakness and met Welkin Wolf Demon King’s gaze. The aura of a Saint was extremely strong, but it wasn’t a big deal to Yang Ye.

Shang Yunxi nodded slightly when he saw Yang Ye show no fear towards Welkin Wolf Demon King, and there was a trace of praise in his eyes. Even though he didn’t really like Yang Ye’s character, he had to admit that Yang Ye’s disposition and courage were very good. Especially Yang Ye’s courage. Because one could only go far in the path towards the Martial Dao while holding no fear in the heart!

A long time passed before Welkin Wolf Demon King said, “We considered everything, but we failed to anticipate your presence here. If it wasn’t for you, my Welkin Wolf Mountain Range would have breached Ocean of Clouds City a long time ago, and it would have succeeded while paying just a small price. Unfortunately, your arrival here didn’t just cause my Welkin Wolf Mountain Range to suffer huge losses, it even spoiled our plans! You truly deserve death!”

“Welkin Wolf King, I really don’t get it!” Meanwhile, Shang Yunxi suddenly said, “Welkin Wolf Mountain Range and my Ocean of Clouds Academy have lived in harmony since the beginning, so why are you attacking? Moreover, it’s obvious that your Welkin Wolf Clan, the Python Clan, Steep Ape Clan, and Sky Divine Hall planned it a long time ago. I refuse to believe that it’s pure for the sake of the Spirit Veins possessed by my academy!”

Welkin Wolf King laughed coldly and said, “Shang Yunxi, all I can tell you is that the war has only just begun. As for your academy. Just trust me, no one can save it. The Dao Order can’t, and the Ancient Sword School can’t as well.”

Shang Yunxi spoke solemnly, “Who’s pulling the strings from the shadows!?”

Welkin Wolf King said, “You’ll know soon enough!”


Meanwhile, an explosion resounded in the sky, and then 2 bolts of black divine lightning descended slowly from the Eye of the Heaven Dao. Their targets were Yang Ye and Welkin Wolf Demon King!

Because Welkin Wolf Demon King had destroyed the previous bolt of black divine lightning, so the Eye of the Heaven Dao was treating him as an enemy!

Welkin Wolf Demon King’s eyelids twitched when he witnessed this scene. Even though he’d stopped a bolt of black divine lightning earlier, it wasn’t ease for him. Yet now, another was descending!


Welkin Wolf Demon King roared furiously as he clenched both his fists, and he smashed them in the direction of a bolt of black divine lightning.

Two huge fists which blotted out the sky flashed up into the sky and smashed against one of the bolts of black divine lightning.


A huge explosion resounded, and the mountains in an area of 500km around Welkin Wolf Peak were obliterated from the impact. At the same time, numerous demon beasts beneath the Spirit Realm throughout the mountain range were blasted apart by the terrifying aftershock!

Howls of sorrow resounded incessantly throughout the mountain range!

After he blasted the black divine lightning apart with a single attack, Welkin Wolf Demon King’s countenance had turned even paler. His face turned gloomy when he noticed the state Welkin Wolf Mountain Range was in, and he gazed at Shang Yunxi and Yang Ye while a slightly ferocious smile arose on the corners of his mouth, “It's your turn now!”

Yang Ye was absolutely incapable of stopping the black divine lightning. Since Yang Ye couldn’t, it was naturally up to Shang Yunxi instead, and he would have a chance to kill Yang Ye then!

Shang Yunxi was naturally aware of that, so his face became extremely unsightly.

“Senior, just have to watch!” Suddenly, Yang Ye smiled, “It’s just a bolt of black divine lightning. What’s there to fear? Someone will naturally stop it for me in a while!”

Shang Yunxi frowned, “Are you serious?”

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course. How could I possibly play with my life? Senior, you just have to watch Welkin Wolf Demon King and stop him from launching a sudden attack against me. As for everything else, you don’t have to interfere!”

Shang Yunxi glanced at Yang Ye and nodded. Yang Ye would definitely not court death at a time like this, so he’d chosen to trust Yang Ye.

“Someone will stop it for you?” A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Welkin Wolf Demon King’s mouth, “Let me see which idiot will help you do that!”

Yang Ye nodded in an extremely solemn manner, “That person is an idiot indeed!” As he spoke, Yang Ye’s figure started to descend slowly.

The bolt of black divine lightning carried peerlessly terrifying might as it descended slowly towards Welkin Wolf Peak, and the formation which protected the mountain was actually showing signs of warping.

As it descended, it didn’t make things easy for Yang Ye as well. The powerful pressure it emanated caused him to be unable to help but tremble. If he didn’t have 2 types of intents to help him resist it, then he would have probably slumped to the ground by now.

Just like that, Yang Ye descended slowly while the bolt of black divine lightning followed him down.

Shang Yunxi was slightly stunned by this scene. A moment later, he seemed to have thought of something, and a slight smile curled up on the corners of his mouth.

Meanwhile, Welkin Wolf Demon King’s face instantly turned gloomy!

If the bolt of black divine lightning continued down, then while he didn’t know if Yang Ye could survive, he was sure that Welkin Wolf Peak would definitely be obliterated!

“Bastard!” Welkin Wolf Demon King roared furiously as he slapped his palm towards Yang Ye, but it was stopped by Shang Yunxi.

He couldn’t kill Yang Ye, so he had no other choice but to attack the black divine lightning again. After all, Welkin Wolf Peak would be destroyed if it was allowed to continue down!

“What exactly do you want!?” After he blasted the bolt of black divine lightning apart, Welkin Wolf Demon King stared fixedly at Yang Ye while a violet aura erupted incessantly from within him and caused the space around him to ripple.

At this moment, he was on the verge of going mad from rage!

Yang Ye stopped, gazed at Welkin Wolf Demon King, and said, “It’s very simple. I want to attain the Half-Saint Realm. However, the Eye of the Heaven Dao is quite troublesome. So, I need both your forces and the forces of Ocean of Clouds Academy to help me. See, isn’t it very simple?”

“You want us to help you attain the Half-Saint Realm?” Welkin Wolf Demon King roared with fury, “Dream on!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Since that’s your decision, then I won’t be leaving. Let us all just play with this tribulation until the end!”

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