Chapter 967 – Welkin Wolf Demon King! You Can Do It!

Almighty Sword Domain

Welkin Wolf Demon King almost spat out blood from anger when he heard Yang Ye!

Play with your tribulation?

He would have been willing to do that if they were at Ocean of Clouds City. However, they were in Welkin Wolf Mountain Range! The black divine lightning didn’t even have to strike the mountain range, and just a few more rounds of its aftershock would be sufficient to destroy the mountain range. He didn’t really mind if the mountain range was destroyed, but if the spirit vein beneath the mountain range was destroyed, then his clan would truly be finished!

Moreover, just the aftershock of the black divine lightning wasn’t something that comparatively weaker members of the Welkin Wolf Clan could resist. Especially the cubs!

In short, if this situation were to continue, then it wasn’t just the mountain range that would be destroyed, countless demon beasts would perish as well!

Welkin Wolf Demon King took a deep breath. At this moment, his eyes were quite scarlet red, and the killing intent within them was seemingly material. It was obvious how great his killing intent towards Yang Ye was!

Welkin Wolf Demon King spoke ferociously, “You think you can threaten me?”

“I’m fucking threatening you right now!” Yang Ye suddenly revealed quite a fierce expression, “I was just trying to break through, yet your forces just had to interfere. Alright, since you refuse to let me advance, then I’ll take all of you down with me. In any case, it’s a win for me!”

“Do you want to die?” The space around Welkin Wolf Demon King started to crack apart slowly, and he seemed like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Yang Ye walked over to Shang Yunxi before he gazed at Welkin Wolf Demon King, “I don’t want to die. However, you can kill me if you can!”


The space around Welkin Wolf Demon King shattered into pieces as a powerful aura swept towards Yang Ye. However, it didn’t take long for Shang Yunxi to stop it.

Shang Yunxi coughed and said, “Welkin Wolf Demon King, I think that you’re in the wrong here. He’s just a junior who wants to advance into the Half-Saint Realm, but all the Saints on your side set out to stop him. That really isn’t proper.”

Welkin Wolf Demon King spoke fiercely, “Shang Yunxi, stay out of this!”

Shang Yunxi shrugged, “Good intentions are never rewarded. I’d thought of helping both of you make peace, but now it would seem like it was unnecessary.”

As he spoke, Shang Yunxi turned to look at Yang Ye and said, “Actually, I haven’t played with a tribulation for a long time, so we can really have some fun today! Kid, be at ease. No one will be able to harm you while I’m here!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. This fellow is really quite shameless!

Yang Ye and Shang Yunxi were singing the same tune while Welkin Wolf Demon King had turned slightly purple from rage.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao in the sky was still ceaselessly releasing black divine lightning towards Instructor Zhuo and the others. Moreover, every single wave was stronger than the last, and they were growing in number as well. So, the Saints on both sides were covered in sweat!


Meanwhile, 2 more bolts of black divine lightning descended towards Yang Ye and Welkin Wolf Demon King.

Not only did Yang Ye and Shang Yunxi reveal no signs of anxiousness, they were smiling as they gazed at Welkin Wolf Demon King instead.

Yang Ye spoke seriously, “Welkin Wolf Demon King! You can do it!”

Welkin Wolf Demon King’s face twitched, but it didn’t take long for him to become calm once more, and the rage in his eyes and on his face had vanished. He just glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then he acted once more….

Both bolts of black divine lightning were destroyed by his attacks!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly because he’d noticed that Welkin Wolf Demon King’s strength was much greater than Instructor Zhuo and the others. Even though he acted like he looked down on Welkin Wolf Demon King, he was extremely serious in reality. Because once such an expert had a chance, he would absolutely be annihilated in an instant. So, he had no choice but to be serious!

Welkin Wolf Demon King suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, “You want to advance into the Half-Saint Realm?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Absolutely. However, it depends on whether all of you are willing to let me. If you refuse, then I’m sorry but we’ll have to continue playing. We’ll continue until Welkin Wolf Mountain Range is absolutely obliterated!” As he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s voice was extremely calm yet carried a strand of icy coldness.

There was a vicious expression on his face as he gazed at Yang Ye, but Welkin Wolf Demon King suddenly smiled and nodded, “Good! Very good! I never imagined that someone would actually dare to speak about obliterating my mountain range in front of me, and I truly never expected it to be spoken by an ant who’s only at the Monarch Realm. Good! Very good indeed!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Welkin Wolf Demon King who seemed to be on the verge of going mad. He looked up towards the Eye of the Heaven Dao instead and said, “Just save your breath. If I’m not wrong, then the Eye of the Heaven Dao will attack once more in around a few dozen breaths of time. Let me give you a kind reminder. Even if you can stop it, how many times can you succeed? Based on my estimations, it’ll take another 3 maybe 4 rounds before you’ll be heavily injured. At that time, it probably won’t be too difficult for the dean to kill you!”

Welkin Wolf Demon King said, “Everyone will die if I disregard my own survival!”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Yang Ye looked Welkin Wolf Demon King straight in the eyes, “Go on! It’s really easy. Just let that bolt of lightning descend. I’ll definitely die from it. But don’t worry, the entire mountain range and all the demon beasts on it will be buried with me! You can do it if you can bear to watch that happen. In any case, I’m ready to lose my life!”

“So be it!” Welkin Wolf Demon King stared Yang Ye in the eyes as well, and his voice was calm.

Yang Ye nodded, “So be it!”


Two bolts of black divine lightning emerged from the Eye of the Heaven Dao, and they descended towards Yang Ye and Welkin Wolf Demon King.

This time, they were much stronger than before, and as soon as they emerged, the boundless pressure they emanated pressed down upon the entire mountain range, causing even space to warp before it.

The strength of both these bolts of divine lightning were much stronger than the divine lightning descending upon Instructor Zhuo and the others. After all, Yang Ye was the Eye of the Heaven Dao’s true target.


A huge claw shot into the air, and it smashed against a bolt of black divine lightning. The huge claw instantly dispersed, but it didn’t take very long for a few more to shoot into the air.

As soon as the 7th huge claw smashed against the bolt of black divine lightning, both of them exploded apart in midair, and then countless specks of energy rained down from the sky.

Welkin Wolf Demon King waved his right hand, and those specks of energy vanished in an instant.

Meanwhile, the bolt of divine lightning that was aimed at Yang Ye had arrived just a little over 1km away from him.

Welkin Wolf Demon King watched coldly with no attention of helping!

Shang Yunxi's right hand was slowly clenched into a fist while a solemn expression gradually crept up onto his face. After all, if Welkin Wolf Demon King really refused to help, then Yang Ye’s strength would be utterly incapable of resisting the bolt of black divine lightning!

Shang Yunxi pondered for a moment before he turned to look at Yang Ye, but Yang Ye shook his head slightly in response. Because if Shang Yunxi helped, then he would have lost the gamble. He might not die, but he would have no chance to break through into the Half-Saint Realm anymore. This was an opportunity for him, and he didn’t want to let it slip by. So, he intended to hold out until the end!

Shang Yunxi hesitated momentarily, and then he nodded. He’d decided to trust Yang Ye in the end. After all, if he were to help in this situation, then not only would Yang Ye lose his chance to break through, the Eye of the Heaven Dao would lock onto him as well. At that time, the academy would be in a disadvantaged state. Because they would have to protect themselves and Yang Ye!

If that happened, the academy would definitely fall into a disadvantaged position!

But if he didn’t act, then not to mention resisting the divine lightning, even the terrifying pressure it emanated was impossible to resist for Yang Ye!

Shang Yunxi was quite conflicted and troubled in his heart.

Yang Ye started descending slowly. Meanwhile, Welkin Wolf Demon King didn’t attack or try to stop him because it was pointless while Shang Yunxi was present here.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive on Welkin Wolf Peak. However, a thin golden barrier of energy instantly covered the entire mountain and kept Yang Ye out.

Yang Ye laughed coldly as his sword intent and slaughter intent surged forward, and they formed a barrier that enveloped him. As soon as that happened, the terrifying pressure he experienced was instantly reduced greatly.

Meanwhile, the bolt of black divine lightning was less than 600m away from him, and the powerful pressure it emanated caused even the golden barrier below Yang Ye to start warping. Moreover, the demon beasts below the Half-Saint Realm throughout Welkin Wolf Peak were lying flat on the floor and shivering on the spot.

Even the barrier formed from Yang Ye’s sword intent and slaughter intent had split open, allowing threads of pressure to enter and press down upon him. Fortunately, Yang Ye was able to endure it by force.

The bolt of black divine lightning was less than 300m away from him now.

Yang Ye’s countenance had started to pale. At this moment, he’d even withdrawn the white shield and raised it above himself, but it didn’t make a difference. Of course, the demon beasts throughout Welkin Wolf Peak were in a comparatively worse state. Besides a few Half-Saints, most of the other Half-Saints were lying flat on the ground as well. Moreover, some demon beasts below the Exalt Realm had even started to explode apart from the pressure they suffered….

As for Welkin Wolf Demon King, he showed no signs of acting!

Shang Yunxi’s gaze was fixed on Yang Ye, and he was ready to act immediately if Yang Ye couldn’t hold on any longer!

The bolt of black divine lightning was still descending, and it didn’t take long to arrive just 150m away from Yang Ye.

Some Exalt Realm demon beasts on the mountain started to explode apart now, and countless howls of sorrow resounded incessantly!


The golden barrier of light that covered Welkin Wolf Peak exploded into pieces, and then Yang Ye shot down and arrived amidst the demon beasts on the peak. At this moment, Yang Ye’s face was pale while his body was trembling, and it seemed like he would fall flat on the ground at any moment!

However, he still chose to persist!

The black bolt of divine lightning was still descending, and it was in the sky above the mountain now. Besides a few high rank Half-Saints, all the other demon beasts here were lying flat on the ground, and it was even to the extent that some of those high rank Half-Saints were on the verge of falling as well.

At the same time, the bodies of countless Exalt Realm demon beasts were exploding apart.

Since the beginning until this very moment, almost a million demon beasts had perished beneath the pressure from the bolt of divine lightning!

However, Welkin Wolf Demon King still showed no signs of stopping the divine lightning, and he seemed to disregard the fate of those demon beasts!

He was naturally not heartless. He just didn’t wish to succumb to Yang Ye’s threats. After all, countless demon beasts of his Welkin Wolf Clan, and even his wife and sons had been killed by Yang Ye. Besides that, Yang Ye had even cleaned out his treasury. Yet now, he was being threatened to help Yang Ye attain the Half-Saint Realm. So, how could he possibly do that? He couldn’t endure such enmity!

Welkin Wolf Demon King clenched his fists tightly as he hoped that Yang Ye would fall before the demon beasts of his clan were annihilated. After all, Shang Yunxi would definitely act if Yang Ye couldn’t hold on, and that would be his opportunity to kill Yang Ye!

At this moment, he was gambling!

As far as he was concerned, Yang Ye was gambling with him, and it was a gamble to see who would be the first to fail to endure the present circumstances!

However, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Oh my! What terrible memory! I actually forgot something!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye flipped his palm and the Dimensional Cube appeared in his grasp. Next, a green cube enveloped Yang Ye completely. Yang Ye immediately withdrew his sword intent and slaughter intent when the cube completely enveloped him, and the pale and unsightly expression on his face vanished as well. Only a warm smile remained on his face now.

Yang Ye smiled, “Welkin Wolf Demon King, this treasure of yours is great. As expected of a Divine Rank treasure. I actually don’t feel any pressure anymore. Perhaps it might even be able to resist that bolt of divine lightning. Do you want to wait and see? Oh right, it’ll cause these demon wolves to be obliterated.”

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