Chapter 968 – I’m A Half-Saint Now!

Almighty Sword Domain


Almost 10 enormous claws slapped against the bolt of black divine lightning, and it instantly shattered apart while a boundless expanse of energy and remnant pressure covered the heavens and the earth as it rained down. This caused at least a few hundreds of thousands of demon beasts to perish!

As for Yang Ye who stood amidst the demon beasts, he still had a warm smile on his face and was completely unharmed!

Perhaps the Dimensional Cube couldn’t stop the divine lightning, but it wasn’t difficult for it to block out the pressure which came from the divine lightning.

Welkin Wolf Demon King stared fixedly at Yang Ye, “You did that on purpose!”

Yang Ye could have activated the Dimensional Cube a long time ago, but he didn’t do it until the last moment. Why? Obviously, he’d intentionally put on a show of weakness so that more demon beasts on the mountain range would perish.

Simply speaking, Welkin Wolf Demon King had fallen for Yang Ye’s trap!

He’d wasted the lives of so many demon beasts for no reason, and he even had to help Yang Ye stop the divine lightning in the end. This time, he’d been completely defeated!

“I did!” Yang Ye raised his head and looked Welkin Wolf Demon King in the eyes, “Let me become a Half-Saint or we can just continue playing. Let me see how many more wolves you can bear to let die.”

Welkin Wolf Demon King gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “Since I started cultivating, I’ve never had a stronger urge to kill someone as I do now. Human! You’re the very first!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “You know…. I’m really getting quite fond of this feeling. That feeling of making you hate me yet helpless to do anything to me.”

Welkin Wolf Demon King’s face turned completely gloomy.

Yang Ye continued, “Welkin Wolf Demon King, I actually look down upon you quite a bit. If you’re a man, then be a little decisive. Either choose to sacrifice the demon beasts throughout your mountain range and let them die with me or let me attain the Half-Saint Realm. You only have 2 choices, and it isn’t a difficult choice at all. But you’re being so hesitant for so long. I truly look down upon you!”

“He isn’t able to swallow his resentment!” Meanwhile, Shang Yunxi spoke abruptly, “You caused the deaths of so many demon beasts and robbed his treasury. Yet now, he has to help you attain the Half-Saint Realm. So, how could he possibly swallow all of this? You should really hold back a little. I think he’s quite pitiable.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched a little. That old fellow really is a piece of work.

The corners of Welkin Wolf Demon King’s mouth twitched as well. At this moment, he really wanted to put an end to everything!

He closed his eyes slightly, and the space around him started rippling again while a violent aura circled incessantly around him. Meanwhile, his tightly knit brows and warped face showed exactly how he was struggling right now!

A solemn expression gradually crept onto Shang Yunxi’s face. Because if Welkin Wolf Demon King intended to take everyone down with him, then they would truly be finished. Even though it wasn’t very likely, Welkin Wolf Demon King was clearly on the verge of going mad, so what was he not capable of?


Meanwhile, 2 bolts of pitch black divine lightning suddenly flashed down from the Eye of the Heaven Dao. They stopped in midair for a moment, and then they descended towards Yang Ye and Welkin Wolf Demon King.

“I’ll let you attain the Half-Saint Realm!” At the same time, Welkin Wolf Demon King suddenly opened his eyes and gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye said, “You’re not trying to trick me, right?”

Welkin Wolf Demon King spoke ferociously, “Do it before I change my mind!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I hope it works out!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his right hand and 13 black clothed figures appeared around him. After that, Yang Ye sat down crossed-legged and closed his eyes before the profound energy within him started surging madly.

It was clearly extremely dangerous to charge into the Half-Saint Realm right now. But if he allowed this opportunity to slip by, then it was truly difficult to say when he would have another chance. Moreover, because of the Eye of the Heaven Dao, he wouldn’t dare to try and charge into the Half-Saint Realm again unless he had over 10 Half-Saints to help him!

If it was at any other ordinary time, then he could return to the Ancient Sword School, and it wouldn’t be a problem to ask the Saints of the sword school to help him. However, Welkin Wolf Demon King wished for nothing more than to kill him, so with such a demon king eyeing him with hostility, it wouldn’t be safe for him to break through even if he’d returned to the sword school. The only way was to coerce Welkin Wolf Demon King and force Welkin Wolf Demon King to help him overcome his tribulation!

Of course, it was definitely dangerous to overcome his tribulation and attain the Half-Saint Realm on Welkin Wolf Peak. However, it was the best method he had until now. Otherwise, the Half-Saint Realm would be far beyond his reach!

It didn’t take long for all the Saints here to appear in the air above Yang Ye, and then the other experts of the human race and demon race watched as these Saints from both Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range actually started working together.

They shared the tribulation lightning equally while Yang Ye remained completely unharmed and calm on the ground below.

Some of the demon beasts in the surroundings gazed resentfully at Yang Ye and were eager to attack. Yang Ye was naturally not an unfamiliar face to them. Since the war had broken out between Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, it had been exactly this human who’d kill countless companions of theirs. Moreover, it was exactly this human who’d caused countless demon beasts throughout the mountain range to die miserably!

Yet now, that same human actually intended to charge into the Half-Saint Realm right before their eyes!

That was an insult to all the demon beasts of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!

Even though they wished for nothing more than to charge forward and kill Yang Ye, not a single one dared to step forward. Not to mention the 13 black clothes figures around Yang Ye, even Yang Ye’s strength was something they truly feared.

As Yang Ye’s aura grew stronger and stronger, the black divine lightning that descended from the sky grew increasingly terrifying. Welkin Wolf Demon King, Shang Yunxi, and all the other Saints didn’t dare allow the divine lightning to descend at all. Because the energy they carried was too terrifying. Once they were allowed to come slightly close to the ground, then it wouldn’t just be the mountain range that was destroyed, even Ocean of Clouds City would be transformed into ash!

Of course, it grew more and more strenuous for them.

It was a comparatively better situation for Shang Yunxi and the others. Even though it was strenuous, it was normal to them, and they didn’t feel any resentment. After all, Yang Ye could be considered to be on their side. If Yang Ye attained the Half-Saint Realm, then it would be a really good thing for them as well. Just think about it. Could Yang Ye be so shameless as to act like they’d never done him this favor?

So, in their opinion, it was a really good opportunity to bind Yang Ye to their academy.

As for Welkin Wolf Demon King and the other Saints from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, they felt quite aggrieved. Yang Ye was their mortal enemy, and so was Ocean of Clouds Academy. Yet now, they weren’t just joining forces with such a mortal enemy, they were even helping one attain the Half-Saint Realm. Such aggrievance caused them to be on the verge of exploding with rage.

As far as they were concerned, this was definitely a first in thousands of years!

The attention of all the experts throughout the south of Pine Prefecture had been drawn over in their direction because of the Eye of the Heaven Dao’s presence. However, not a single one of them dared to come here. After all, having their auras locked onto by the Eye of the Heaven Dao would definitely end in their deaths.

Ocean of Clouds City.

As she watched the Saints resent the Eye of the Heaven Dao in midair, Yu Wushuang’s face was covered in worry and a serious expression. She’d only heard of the Eye of the Heaven Dao in the past, yet now, she’d seen it with her own eyes. It was a hundred times more terrifying than she’d imagined!

Why did the Eye of the Heaven Dao descend for Yang Ye?

That was what truly worried her. There were 2 possibilities why it made an appearance here, but Yang Ye didn’t fit any one of them. However, it just so happened that it was here.

That was why she was worried and puzzled!

Meanwhile, Fu Jinxian suddenly arrived by Yu Wushuang’s side, “Are you curious why the Eye of the Heaven Dao came for him?”

Yu Wushuang glanced at Fu Jinxian and said, “If I’m not wrong, then you should be from the same place as him, right?”

“You are right!” Fu Jinxian looked up at the Eye of the Heaven Dao and said, “I really am from the same place as him, and we experienced the might of that Eye of the Heaven Dao in the past! At that time, I didn’t even have the courage to look at it. But do you know…. He dared to fight the Eye of the Heaven Dao then, and he was only at the Exalt Realm.”

Yu Wushuang suddenly asked, “What was he like in the past?”

Fu Jinxian withdrew her gaze, fell silent for quite some time, and then spoke, “If you’re a friend of his, then you’ll feel very lucky. Because all of his numerous flaws would never be revealed before his friends, and it’s even to the extent that he would try to change those flaws for his friends. But if you are his enemy, then you’ll notice that he’s a very cruel, mad, and unscrupulous person!”

“I noticed!” Yu Wushuang continued, “If I’m not wrong, he probably has very few friends.”

Fu Jinxian glanced at her and said, “He really does have very few friends, and that’s probably related to his experiences. I looked up his history in the past. He had a very difficult life with his mother and younger sister during his youth, and he went to the Sword Sect for their sake. However, he was reduced to a Labor Disciple due to some problems….”

“A Labor Disciple?” Yu Wushuang was surprised, “He was a Labor Disciple?”

As far as she was concerned, a genius like Yang Ye was definitely like a treasure to any power, but she hadn’t imagined that he’d actually been a labor disciple in the past.

“It’s quite difficult to believe, right?” Fu Jinxian continued, “I couldn’t believe it as well. Not only was he a labor disciple in the past, he’d even been abandoned by the power he belonged to. Moreover, the Talisman Master’s Association which he belonged to had similarly cut off all ties with him due to its own interests. Of course, it wasn’t entirely their fault. But it’s exactly that which made his character what it is now. Moreover, it’s also the reason why he doesn’t really trust anyone now.”

“No wonder….” Yu Wushuang nodded slightly, “No wonder he goes to such extremes when he does things.”

Fu Jinxian suddenly said, “You like him?”

Yu Wushuang glanced at her and didn’t speak.

Fu Jinxian sized her up, smiled, and didn’t say another word. She just looked up into the sky instead.

“Human! Are you done or not!?” Meanwhile, Welkin Wolf Demon King’s furious howl resounded through the sky.

Even though they were Saints, they were on the verge of exhaustion from dealing with the Eye of the Heaven Dao! They didn’t know if Yang Ye would be able to attain the Half-Saint Realm in the end, but they did know that if this situation were to continue, then they would definitely die.

Shang Yunxi and the others glanced at Yang Ye. At this moment, they were on the verge of being unable to resist the divine lightning as well.

Yang Ye’s aura was rising incessantly, and it was powerful to the point the demon wolves around him couldn’t help but move back repeatedly.

Shang Yunxi and the others heaved sighs of relief in their hearts upon witnessing that. Because based on the current situation, Yang Ye was about to break through.

“He won’t have the chance!” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then Seng Yuan and a huge python suddenly flashed out from amidst the demon beasts. The python’s figure swept horizontally towards the 13 black clothed figures while Seng Yuan shot towards Yang Ye like a cannonball.

Shang Yunxi and the others were shocked, and they were about to lend Yang Ye a hand but were stopped by the descending divine lightning.

“Haha! Yang Ye! Did you really think that I would help you break through? Dream on! Today will be the day that you perish from this world!” Welkin Wolf Demon King’s mad and roaring laughter resounded in the sky.

Right when Seng Yuan arrived in front of Yang Ye, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes and gazed at Seng Yuan, “I’m a Half-Saint now!”

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