Chapter 976 – Let’s See!

Almighty Sword Domain

To kill a Saint!

Lu Wan’er was stunned when she heard Yang Ye, and then she was horrified. She quickly wore her clothes and charged out of the room.

However, there was no sign of Yang Ye.

Lu Wan’er’s figure stiffened on the spot.

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang and Shang Qingying appeared in front of her. Yu Wushuang quickly supported Lu Wan’er and spoke happily, “Big Sister Wan’er, are you alright now?”

Lu Wan’er returned to her senses and hurriedly grabbed Yu Wushuang’s hands, “Where’s Yang Ye? Can you contact him?”

Yu Wushuang was slightly stunned, and then an uneasy feeling arose in her heart, “I saw him leave earlier. I asked him about it, and he said that he’s going to deal with something insignificant….” She’d really thought he’d gone to do something insignificant. Yet now that she saw Lu Wan’er act like this, it was obvious that it wasn’t something insignificant at all.

When she thought up to this point, Yu Wushuang hastily activated a transmission talisman. However, she received no reply after waiting for some time.

Yu Wushuang’s face fell, “Big Sister Wan’er, where has he gone!?”

Lu Wan’er closed her eyes slowly as she said, “He… he has gone to kill a Saint!”

Lu Wan’er’s voice and body were trembling as she spoke these words.

A Saint? Yang Ye wants to kill a Saint?

Yu Wushuang and Shang Qingying were stunned upon hearing here, and then their eyes gradually opened wide while astonishment filled their eyes.

“Kill… kill a Saint?” Shang Qingying gulped. She thought she’d misheard, and so she asked to confirm what she’d heard.

After all, it was said that all beneath the Saint Realm are like ants, and it was absolutely no joke. Of course, it was not an absolute statement. Because there had been existences in history who’d challenged Saints while at the Half-Saint Realm, but they’d never heard of someone capable of killing a Saint while at the Half-Saint Realm. At the very least, there had never been such an occurrence throughout the history of Pine Prefecture!

Yet now, Yang Ye had actually said that he intended to kill a Saint. So, it had truly shocked them.

“He’s being too impulsive!” Lu Wan’er shook her head while worry filled her eyes.

“But he’s doing that for you!” Shang Qingying suddenly said, “He intends to avenge you, right?”

“But I wish for him to be safe!” Lu Wan’er looked up into the sky as she spoke softly.

Meanwhile, the space in front of Yu Wushuang trembled, and some time passed before her face became unsightly.

Shang Qingying frowned, “What is it?”

Yu Wushuang clenched her fists and said, “The Saints of the Python Clan and Steel Ape Clan have gone to the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order respectively.”

Shang Qingying was shocked, “They intend to attack the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order?”

Yu Wushuang shook her head, “They intend to keep the Saints of those 2 sects busy. If I’m not wrong, the demon beasts will launch a full-scale attack in the next 2 days.”

Shang Qingying spoke solemnly, “If the Saints of the Ancient Sword School aren’t able to come here, then what will we do about Yang Ye?”

Yu Wushuang and Lu Wan’er suddenly spoke simultaneously, “He’ll come back alive!”

As soon as they finished speaking, they exchanged glances and nodded slightly to each other.

At a pond in the depths of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range.

Yang Ye stood before the pond as he waved his right hand, and a ray of red light and green light flashed before Qing and Hong appeared before him.

“You need something?” Hong glanced at Yang Ye with slight displeasure. Because both she and Qing had been heavily injured that day, they needed to hibernate for a long time, so she was very displeased when Yang Ye woke them up.

Yang Ye said, “What do both of you need to attain the Saint Realm?”

Hong spoke in a low voice, “What are you trying to say?”

Yang Ye said, “Both of you are very strong and even stronger than that fellow, Seng Yuan. However, it’s far from sufficient for me. Both of you’ll only be able to be of help to me by attaining the Saint Realm. So, tell me. Do both of you need energy stones or Quintessence Violet Energy?”

“We need Violet Crystals. Do you have those?” There was a trace of ridicule on the corners of Hong’s mouth.

Suddenly, Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it at Hong, and a ray of sword energy instantly arrived in front of her.

Hong’s expression changed drastically. She hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually just attack like that, and she immediately slapped her right palm forward in response.


A muffled explosion resounded. Hong was blasted flying before crashing against a mountain in the distance, and the collision caused the entire mountain to tremble violently while countless huge rocks rolled down from it.

There was ferocity and killing intent in Hong’s eyes as she gazed at the bloody injury on her palm, and she said, “You’re courting death!”

She was about to attack once she finished speaking, but her expression changed drastically once more, and shock filled her eyes. Because an invisible force had pressed down upon her like a million mountains.

It wasn’t just Hong, even Qing was shocked right now!

“Void Rank sword intent!” Hong stared fixedly at Yang Ye, “How could that be possible!? How could you possibly possess Void Rank sword intent!?”

Yang Ye gazed coldly at her, “Woman! Remember that I don’t owe you anything. So, I spoke about helping both of you attain the Saint Realm because I hoped for a win-win outcome for us both, and I’m not begging you to become a Saint, nor do I owe you anything. Understand?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye gazed at Qing, “I can’t talk with her. Are you willing to talk? If you aren’t, then let me be honest. Both of you can leave right now. Because I don’t want to waste my time and Quintessence Violet Energy.”

Qing hesitated for a moment before she said, “We… We need Violet Crystals. We don’t need many. We just need one each!”

“You can attain the Saint Realm if you have a Violet Crystal?” Yang Ye frowned, “Isn’t that a little too simple!?”

She shook her head in response, “It isn’t that simple, of course. It requires spirit energy, a formation, and various other things. However, our parents have already prepared all of that for us in the past. The only thing we didn’t have was Violet Crystals.”

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and a violet colored crystal appeared in his grasp, “A crystal like this?”

Both Qing and Hong were shocked when they saw the Violet Crystal in Yang Ye’s grasp, and Qing even cried out involuntarily, “How… how could you possibly have a Violet Crystal? If I’m not wrong, then it’s usually only Saints that possess that, and it’s extremely precious even to Saints. It’s impossible for them to give it to another. So, how could you have obtained that?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “That’s none of your business. All that matters is that it’s what you need!”

Qing hesitated for a moment before she said, “Are… are you sure about giving it to us?”

“Of course it’s not that simple!” Yang Ye continued, “I want you to swear on your inner demons that you’ll help me do 3 things upon attaining the Saint Realm.”

“Swearing on my inner demons!” Qing’s expression changed slightly. Swearing like wasn’t a big deal to some, and it didn’t matter even if they failed to fulfil it. However, it was extremely restrictive to some. Because their mental state would be unable to attain a state of perfection if they couldn’t fulfil their promise. If they tried to advance in their cultivation while in such a state, then they might suffer calamity!

“You’re being too demanding!” Qing hadn’t spoken when Hong spoke instead, “Yang Ye, if it wasn’t for you, then both of us wouldn’t have been heavily injured. Yet you….”

“Shut up!” Yang Ye suddenly interrupted her and said, “Woman! I was in the wrong that day, but I’ve helped both of you recover, so we can be considered to be even now.” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned to look at Qing, “Yes or no?”

Qing was about to speak when Hong suddenly stood in front of her, and Hong gazed at Yang Ye as she said, “Yang Ye, do you think that you can defeat us just because you’ve comprehended Void Rank sword intent? Let me tell you that we can even fight Saints if we join forces.”

Yang Ye just gazed indifferently at her as he spoke, “And then?”

“And then… and then you’re dead!” Hong continued, “If you’re sensible, then hand over all the Violet Crystals you possess and let us attain the Saint Realm. If we’re pleased, we might even help you. Otherwise, hmph! Don’t blame us for taking it from you.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “You’re too stupid. Just keep quiet!”

“Do you want to die!?” Hong was furious, and she was about to attack. But Qing stopped her.

Qing gazed at Hong and said, “Big Sister, he’s right. Actually, we’re even now. He doesn’t owe us anything and doesn’t have to ask us for anything. Conversely, we are the ones who should be asking him for help!”

Hong spoke angrily, “Even if he possesses Void Rank sword intent, our joint forces are still sufficient to crush him!”

Qing said, “Since he dared to reveal his possession of Violet Crystals in front of us, it proves that he doesn’t fear us at all.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qing gazed at Yang Ye, “I agree. So long as I attain the Saint Realm, then I’ll help you do 3 things!”

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and a Violet Crystal arrived in front of Qing, “Your promise is all I need. As for swearing, it’s not necessary.”

Qing was slightly stunned, “You….”

Yang Ye said, “I choose to trust some people.”

Qing took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, “Thank you!”

Yang Ye asked, “How long will it take?”

She replied, “I can start immediately once I return to my clan. It’ll take 3 days at most!”

“How confident are you that you’ll succeed?” asked Yang Ye.

She answered solemnly, “40%!”

“That low?” Yang Ye frowned.

“It’s really high!” Qing continued, “It’s even because my parents made sufficient preparations for us all those years ago. Otherwise, it would be astonishing for ordinary independent cultivators to even have 20% confidence in breaking through into the Saint Realm.”

Yang Ye was curious and asked, “Your parents are?”

Qing spoke in a low voice, “They are gone!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “If you succeed, then come look for me at Ocean of Clouds City.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

Meanwhile, Hong suddenly spoke, “Wait!”

Yang Ye turned around and looked at her, “What?”

Hong said, “Where’s my Violet Crystal?”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while, and then he said, “Do you think I would be stupid enough to help someone who might kill me attain the Saint Realm?” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and vanished into the horizon.

Hong was speechless.

Welkin Wolf Peak. The entrance to the city.

Yang Ye had merged into one with the shadows near the city gates. Coupled with the ability of his Sword Domain to conceal his aura, it would be impossible for even a passing Saint to detect his presence.

Yang Ye’s face gradually turned gloomy as he looked through the city gates towards Welkin Wolf Palace, “A Saint? Let’s see if I can kill one today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure transformed into a shadow that drifted into the city.

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