Chapter 977 – A Hopeless Situation?

Almighty Sword Domain

To kill a Saint!

Yang Ye wasn’t joking when he spoke those words.

Since he fought Li Yun earlier, he knew that it was absolutely impossible for Li Yun to spare Wushuang or him. Because his existence had definitely caused Li Yun to feel threatened. If he was in Li Yun’s shoes and encountered such a genius like himself, and that genius was an enemy, then he would eliminate that person as well.

In other words, Li Yun would act against him and Wushuang again!

Since they would definitely meet each other in battle, he chose to act first. Because he who strikes first gains the upper hand, and he who acts last suffers. Moreover, Li Yun was injured right now, so it was the best opportunity for him to attack. He refused to believe that Li Yun possessed a heaven defying treasure like Primordial Violet Energy and could heal his injuries in a short period.

Welkin Wolf Palace.

At this moment, a young man was seated at the seat of the host. He was Welkin Wolf Demon King’s 2nd son, Chi Lang. He was in closed door cultivation, but Welkin Wolf Demon King had summoned him because there was no one else to manage their clan.

Seng Yuan from the Steel Ape Clan and the number one genius of the Python Clan, Hei Yu, were seated at the sides of the central area of the hall.

As for the seat at the center, it was occupied by Sky Divine Hall’s Li Yun and a man in golden armor. At this moment, Li Yun’s arms had been restored, and he seemed to show no visible signs of having suffered any injuries.

Chi Lang glanced at Seng Yuan and the others before his gaze descended upon Li Yun, “Senior Li Yun, Yang Ye fought you, and he wouldn’t dare hold back at all in a battle with you. So, you should have the best understanding of his strength. I want to know exactly how strong Yang Ye is right now! It’s so that we can avoid underestimating his strength again and causing irreparable losses.”

Li Yun’s eyelids twitched when he heard Chi Lang, and his face instantly started revealing a solemn expression as he recalled Yang Ye’s strength. However, it didn’t take long for him to recover his composure, “I have to admit that his strength really isn’t bad. There are few in the younger generation who can be a match for him. But that’s all there is to it. If there hadn’t been an expert helping him from the shadows, I would have just slapped him into pieces!”

Chi Lang frowned as he asked, “The Dao Order’s Zhu Yuan?”

Li Yun maintained his composure, “It should have been him!”

Chi Long nodded lightly, “That really is a pity. If we were able to eliminate him, then it would have been much easier for us to capture the city.”

“He’s a coward!” Seng Yuan suddenly spoke coldly, “He actually tried to play tricks in a battle with me. I would have torn him into pieces if he hadn’t fled earlier!”

The Calcification Technique could only be activated once a year, and he’d utilized such a life-saving technique just to defeat Yang Ye in front of everyone. But he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s target wasn’t him at all. That made him feel like he’d been played! Actually, it wasn’t just a feeling because he really had been!

So, he could be said to hate Yang Ye to the extreme right now! If it wasn’t for Li Yun’s obstruction, he would have headed to Ocean of Clouds City to challenge Yang Ye by now.

Li Yun glanced at Seng Yuan yet remained silent.

“Brother Seng Yuan, you’ll be able to take revenge very soon!” Chi Lang said, “The Saints of Brother Seng Yuan and Brother Hei Yu’s Clans have obstructed the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order. As for the Saints of Ocean of Clouds Academy, my father and the other Saints are keeping them busy. Thus, it would be absolutely easy for us to crush Ocean of Clouds Academy if all our sides word together. As for Yang Ye. Hah! If I’m not wrong, then that existence from the Nether Pavilion will be here in 2 days at most. So long as she gets here, then Yang Ye will definitely die!”

When he spoke up to this point, Chi Lang gazed at Seng Yuan, “Brother Seng Yuan, you’ve been to the Central Divine Prefecture. Have you seen those royalty from the Nether Pavilion?”

Seng Yuan seemed to have thought of something when he heard this, and his expression turned solemn while deep fear could be seen in his eyes. A long time passed before he spoke solemnly, “I have. She was called Sky Maiden. She merely waved her hand and over 100 high rank Half-Saints were instantly obliterated.”

He laughed bitterly when he spoke up to this point, “Let me put it like this. Even though she wasn’t a Saint, it felt like I was facing one!”

Chi Lang and Hei Yu’s face became solemn when they heard Seng Yuan, and it was the same for Li Yun. Even though he was a Saint who dared to say that all existences beneath the Saint Realm throughout Pine Prefecture were ants, he dared not speak such words in the Central Divine Prefecture. Because there were monstrous geniuses there who could truly surmount their realms of cultivation to kill Saints!

Chi Lang asked, “Would her highness, Sky Maiden, be the one who comes this time?”

Seng Yuan shook his head slightly, “I don’t know. No matter who it is, Yang Ye will definitely die. Even the Ancient Sword School and Ocean of Clouds Academy wouldn’t be able to save him. Because they wouldn’t dare to! Once they sent Saints to kill her, there would be no need for us to do anything. Because the Nether Pavilion would crush them!”

Chi Lang asked, “So, it’s a situation that’ll definitely end with Yang Ye’s death, right?”

Seng Yuan said, “It’s a hopeless situation for him indeed!”

Li Yun was about to say something when an unexpected turn of events occurred.

A ray of light suddenly appeared here. It was swift to the limit, and it was to the point that Chi Lang, Seng Yuan, and the others weren’t able to react at all.

The only one who could react to it was Li Yun. His eyes had instantly opened wide when it appeared here, and his instincts towards danger made him move his body away. However, it was still too late.


A ray of light that carried a strand of blood with it flashed through the hall. That half of Li Yun’s which had been restored had vanished once more. However, he’d launched a backhand slap at the same time. The space behind him collapsed, and the powerful force of his attack even transformed the entire palace into powder!

A muffled explosion resounded behind Li Yun, and then the ray of light dispersed. However, only a huge spatial black hole, dust, and dirt were left there.

Seng Yuan and the others gazed at Li Yun who only had half his face left, and their eyes were filled with astonishment. At this moment, their bodies were trembling.

Hei Yu’s voice was trembling, “That… that was Yang Ye?”

Seng Yuan gulped before looking at Li Yuan. Even though his intuition told him that it was Yang Ye, he still wasn’t quite certain. Because how could Yang Ye possibly be able to almost kill Li Yun?

Li Yun is a Saint! A Saint! How could Yang Ye possibly be that strong? Seng Yuan roared furiously like a madman in his heart.

Even though Li Yun had lost half his face, Seng Yuan and the others could still sense how unsightly Li Yun’s face was right now. It wasn’t just Li Yun’s face which was unsightly, his right hand was trembling slightly. Earlier, he’d truly sensed the aura of death. He just had to be a little slower, just a little bit, and that attack wouldn’t have just sliced off half his face, it would have passed through the center of his forehead!

Moreover, the person who almost killed him with a single attack was just a Half-Saint!

In the end, he’d been careless. Because he’d never expected Yang Ye to try and assassinate him at Welkin Wolf Peak. How could he have possibly expected that? After all, Yang Ye had been fleeing desperately from him just a while ago. As far as he was concerned, Yang Ye should thank the gods if he didn’t go looking for Yang Ye, so how could Yang Ye dare to come looking for him instead? Moreover, it was even at Welkin Wolf Peak which was filled with experts!

So, he didn’t take any precautions while he was here.

However, Yang Ye had come, and Yang Ye had come under circumstances that he felt were absolutely impossible for Yang Ye!

“Notify the entire city to immediately start searching for Yang Ye!” Chi Lang spoke to a commander of the Wolf Clan who had just rushed into the hall, and his voice was still trembling. Because if he was the target of that attack just now, then he would be a corpse right now. Even Li Yun hadn’t been able to dodge it, so how could he possibly accomplish that>

Chi lang wasn’t the only one who had no confidence in being able to dodge that attack, even Seng Yuan and Hei Yu were the same. It was too quick and coupled with the fact that it was so sudden, it could be considered as an attack that was capable of instantly killing any one of them, even Seng Yuan.

That was exactly why they had such unsightly expressions on their faces right now. It was especially so for Seng Yuan because he’d thought that no matter how strong Yang Ye was, it would be impossible for Yang Ye to kill him. However, the reality before him was one where he couldn’t resist that attack at all!

“There’s no need to search for him!” Li Yun suddenly spoke, “Even I can’t detect his presence once he conceals his aura. You won’t be able to find him, and you’ll just cause panic in the city.”

“Senior, please tell us what we should do now!” Chi Lang spoke quickly. At this moment, he didn’t feel safe even if he was on Welkin Wolf Peak. Since Welkin Wolf Demon King and the others weren’t here, if there was anyone else who could give him a sense of safety, then it was definitely Li Yun.

Li Yun spoke solemnly, “He suffered an attack of mine. While his physical defenses are formidable, and he even has the protection of a Divine Rank treasure, he’s definitely severely injured right now. He has surely gone into hiding to recuperate! But that’s not a problem because I know how to force him to show himself!” As he finished speaking, a ferocious expression appeared on Li Yun’s face.

After all, losing half his face to Yang Ye in public was definitely a terrible humiliation to him, and he would become the laughingstock of the entire prefecture if he couldn’t kill Yang Ye!

Chi Lang asked with a curious gaze, “Senior, what’s your plan?”

Li Yun laughed coldly, “Doesn’t he care deeply about Yu Wushuang and Lu Wan’er? Then I’ll capture both of them. Let me see if he’ll be able to continue hiding then. This time, I’m going to make him pay a horrible price for what he has done!” Li Yun’s voice was gloomy and icy cold as he finished speaking, and a strand of coldness swept through the surroundings.

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Yun was about to head to Ocean of Clouds City. However, something unexpected suddenly occurred again.

Just as it had before this. A ray of light suddenly shot into the air from afar, and then it instantly arrived before Li Yun.

It was too swift to the point that Seng Yuan and the others couldn’t react at all.

Li Yun was still the only person who could react to it. But at this moment, his eyes opened wide while horror filled his heart!

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