Chapter 978 – A Saint Falls?

Almighty Sword Domain

This time, Li Yun wasn’t able to avoid it. Because he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye who was heavily injured hadn’t fled, and Yang Ye had even come to attack him again!

It was something he’d never expected!

The ray of light shot straight through the center of Li Yun’s forehead, and then it dispersed before Yang Ye appeared behind Li Yun.

Seng Yuan and the others were completely stunned, and they watched this scene with disbelief.

Saint Li Yun is dead? He died just like that? At this moment, such thoughts were resounding incessantly within their minds.

A moment of silence ensued before threads of blood started to flow from Li Yun’s forehead, and it didn’t take long for his face to be covered in blood. At the same time, Li Yun seemed like a ball that had a whole stabbed into it, and countless strands of profound energy were surging out from him and returning to the world.

Li Yun turned around to gaze at Yang Ye and said, “I….”

“Just cut the crap!” Yang Ye interrupted Li Yun, and then a ray of light flashed. Li Yun’s head was instantly separated from his body, but a ray of terrifying white light suddenly erupted from within Li Yun.

Yang Ye was astounded. He’d acted decisively and didn’t give Li Yun the slightest chance to speak because he was afraid that something unexpected would occur. However, it had still happened.

Yang Ye immediately waved his sword to stop the ray of white light, but it was so swift that it struck him before he could even finish the swing.


The white light blasted Yang Ye far away. He crashed heavily against the ground, and the ground quaked and cracked apart.

“Yang Ye! Did you really think a Saint is that easy to kill?” Suddenly, Li Yun’s furious voice resounded.

Seng Yuan and the others looked towards the source of the voice, and they saw that Li Yun had suddenly appeared not too far away from them. Moreover, there was a headless corpse by Li Yun’s side. That head which had rolled down to the ground was Li Yun as well!

There were 2 Li Yun!

Seng Yuan and the others were completely stunned!

At this moment, even Yang Ye who’d stood up while supporting himself on his sword was stunned!

Li Yun glanced at the corpse by his side, and took a deep breath while a ferocious expression appeared on his face, “Yang Ye, did you really think a Saint is so easily killed? So long as one attains the Saint Realm, one can cultivate a second Soul Core. Do you know what that is? An ant like you definitely doesn’t! A 2nd Soul Core is equivalent to a 2nd life! It resides within the Dantian of a Saint! If you stabbed my Dantian earlier, then I might have really perished just now. However, you stabbed my head like an idiot! Needless to say, you’re truly a fool!”

Li Yun was roaring like a madman as he finished speaking. At this moment, he was furious to the extreme. The 2nd Soul Core was a Saint’s second life. However, he’d used that life. Most importantly, his original body had been destroyed. Even though he was still a Saint now, his strength was far inferior to what it was!

One could say that 5 similar existences like him couldn’t defeat an enemy who was a Saint just like he was!

Of course, most importantly, the destruction of his original body had caused him to practically have no chance to advance in cultivation throughout his lifetime!

So, he wished for nothing more than to swallow Yang Ye alive!

“A 2nd Soul Core!” Yang Ye nodded slightly, “So that’s why. That was quite ignorant of me.”

Meanwhile, countless experts of Welkin Wolf Peak had rushed over because of the commotion here.

Li Yun suddenly roared with rage, “Fuck off!”

All of those experts were horrified when they heard Li Yun’s voice, and they didn’t dare disobey him and immediately left.

Li Yun glanced coldly at Seng Yuan and the others, and there was ghastly killing intent in his eyes, “I hope that all of you will forget what you’ve seen here today.”

All of them were horrified and hurriedly nodded. Even if they were idiots, they knew that Li Yun didn’t want news of this incident to spread. Actually, they wouldn’t dare to speak of it even if Li Yun said nothing. What a joke! If news of it were to spread, then it wasn’t just Li Yun who lost face, even Sky Divine Palace would lose face!

They weren’t that stupid to offend a Saint and a colossus like Sky Divine Hall!

The killing intent in Li Yun’s eyes faded quite a bit when he saw them nod, and then he gazed at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, tell me how you want to die?”

At this moment, Yang Ye was in a terrible state. His entire body was covered in blood, his face was pale as a sheet of paper, and his entire body was weak to the point he needed to lean on his sword to steady himself.

After all, it was a huge miracle that he’d survived after suffering 2 lethal attacks from a Saint.

“I really can’t bear to let you die just like that!” Li Yun continued, “Let me think. How should I kill you to make myself feel a little better? Right, didn’t you care deeply about Yu Wushuang and Lu Wan’er? I almost forgot about those 2 sisters from the Fan Clan. How about I do this? I’ll capture all of them, and then I’ll humiliate and torture them to death as you watch. What do you think about that?”

When he spoke up to this point, Li Yun gazed at Seng Yuan and the others, “What do all of you think? Don’t you think it’s a very good plan?”

Seng Yuan and the others hurriedly nodded, and then they subconsciously moved slightly further away from Li Yun. Because Li Yun was in a frenzied state right now.

Yang Ye grinned and said, “I thought you were a respectable figure. But now it would seem like that’s not the case.”

As he spoke, Yang Ye flipped his palm and tossed a violet rock into his mouth, and then he continued, “If all Saints are trash like you, then I really don’t think I have to fear Saints anymore!”

“Then why didn’t you fight me in head-on combat earlier?” There was madness and ferocity on Li Yun’s face, “Since you are that confident, then why didn’t you? Why did you use such despicable methods instead? If you fought me head-on, I would have taken your lowly life in 10 moves!” This was what troubled Li Yun the most. Because Yang Ye would definitely be no match for him if Yang Ye had fought him head-on!

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he heard this, and then he laughed with ridicule, “I really have no choice but to reevaluate your intelligence when you speak such words. How stupid do you have to be to speak such idiotic words? You want a Half-Saint to fight a Saint like you in direct combat? You actually had the gall to say something like that? How truly laughable!”

“He’s buying time!” Meanwhile, Chi Lang suddenly spoke, “Senior Li Yun, don’t waste time talking with him and kill him!”

“Do I need an animal like you to teach me what to do?” Li Yun shouted at Chi Lang, causing Chi Lang’s face to turn purple with rage. However, he didn’t dare talk back. At this moment, Li Yun was on the verge of losing his mind, so Chi Lang didn’t want to offend such a Saint. Because he couldn’t bear the consequences of that. Especially when Welkin Wolf Demon King and the others weren’t here right now.

Seng Yuan glanced at Li Yun and decisively chose to shut his mouth.

“Actually, he said that for your own good!” Yang Ye suddenly said, “If I were to recover a little, then your current strength would definitely be no match for me.”

“Be no match for you? Hahaha….” Li Yun roared madly with laughter as if he’d heard the funniest joke in this world, and his laughter shot into the sky.

Li Yun roared with laughter for a short while, and then he said, “Yang Ye, I know that you’re buying time, and you’re even trying to infuriate me so that I would give you time to recover. Unfortunately, you’ve made a mistake. While I don’t fear you, I don’t think you can recover in such a short amount of time. However, I don’t want to waste time because I can’t wait to see how you look while you watch as those women you love are tortured and humiliated to death!”

He was about to attack once he finished speaking. However, Yang Ye suddenly raised his head and said, “I can’t wait to kill you as well!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he suddenly vanished on the spot, and he was in front of Li Yun when he appeared once again. After that, the tip of his sword was right before Li Yun!

Li Yun was horrified, and he swiftly smashed his fists forward!


An explosion resounded. Yang Ye was blasted around 30m away, and Li Yun was pushed 2 steps back. However, there was a slight smile on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “As I expected, your strength is far inferior to what it was. You’re a weaker version of a Saint now!”

“How could you have possibly recovered so quickly!?” Li Yun stared fixedly at Yang Ye. He’d never imagined that Yang Ye who was so heavily injured would have actually recovered completely in such a short period!

After all, Yang Ye hadn’t even been able to stand just now!

“I don’t have the habit to waste my breath before a battle!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye appeared in front of Li Yun again, and he stabbed his sword forward. His sword instantly arrived before Li Yun’s forehead, but it was stopped by Li Yun’s palm. After that, a huge wave of force swept through the sword and entered Yang Ye’s arm, causing him to be blasted flying once more. But it only took a moment for him to shoot forward once more!

Just like that, Yang Ye was blasted flying over and over again, but he immediately charged forward again, and he completely disregarded his safety as he attacked every single time.

Seng Yuan and the others were flabbergasted by this scene. They’d never imagined that a day would come where they witnessed a Half-Saint of Pine Prefecture fighting a Saint like this!

As the battle dragged on, Li Yun’s brows started to become pressed tightly together. Because he noticed that while his strength was still superior to Yang Ye, he wasn’t able to kill Yang Ye.

This discovery caused Li Yun to feel extremely aggrieved. Because he’d never imagined that there would be a day that he was actually unable to do anything to an ant at the Half-Saint Realm.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s sword appeared in front of Li Yun just as it had before this!

Li Yun grunted coldly and was about to counterattack. However, he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine, and he instinctively moved to the side. But it was still a little too late.

A dagger stabbed into his back and sliced down. His back was instantly split open at the center, and the bones within were exposed.

Even then, he still forcefully moved to the side!

At this moment, there was another woman who was covered in pitch black clothes standing before him.

Now, Li Yun finally came to an understanding. He realized that Yang Ye had attacked so desperately just now to make him lower his guard, and Yang Ye’s true objective was that lethal blow!

A trace of fear arose in Li Yun’s eyes as he gazed at Yang Ye and the black clothed woman, and he didn’t dare to continue fighting on his own. He immediately shouted, “Attack with me and kill him!” Even though he’d relied on his 2nd Soul Core to survive after Yang Ye had killed his actual body, it wasn’t just his strength which had plummeted, he was severely injured as well. Now, he could be said to have suffered heavy injuries on top of the heavy injuries he’d already suffered.

Yang Ye had been heavily injured as well just now, and that was why he was confident in his ability to kill Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye had recovered now and even got help, so he didn’t dare to continue fighting on his own.

Seng Yuan and the others were slightly stunned when they heard Li Yun, and then they decided to join the battle.

However, Yang Ye suddenly glanced at them and said, “Bring it on if you’re not afraid of death!”

Their expressions changed drastically. They glanced at Yang Ye, glanced at the black clothed woman, and then their faces instantly turned unsightly.

“A bunch of trash!” Li Yun was furious when he saw that Seng Yuan and the others didn’t dare to attack Yang Ye. Meanwhile, Yang Ye and the black clothed woman had shot towards him, and it horrified Li Yun.

This time, he didn’t launch another attack, and he just turned around and shot explosively towards the horizon!

He’d fled!

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