Chapter 979 – They Call Me Oblivion Maiden!

Almighty Sword Domain

None of them had expected that Li Yun would actually flee!

After all, Li Yun was a Saint! Even if his strength was declined greatly, he was still a Saint. However, such a Saint had chosen to flee while in battle with a Half-Saint!

This scene caused Seng Yuan and the others to be completely stunned!

Because they’d never imagined that this would happen! It wasn’t just them, even Yang Ye had a stunned expression on his face. Because even he had never expected Li Yun to actually flee!

Li Yun was a Saint at any rate!

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, a Saint should be someone who would rather die in battle than choose to flee.

After all, Saints were the supreme experts of this world!

But Yang Ye was wrong. Li Yun hadn’t just fled; he’d fled with extreme haste!

After he recovered from his shock, Yang Ye’s figure vanished on the spot, and he was already around 10km away when his figure appeared again.

Weeds that aren’t pulled up by the root would rise once more. Li Yun was a Saint in any case. Even if Li Yun couldn’t kill him upon recovering, Wushuang, Feng Meng, and the others would definitely be in extreme danger if Li Yun were to target them. After all, Li Yun was on the verge of going mad with hatred for Yang Ye, so Li Yun was absolutely capable of anything in his path to take revenge on Yang Ye!

He didn’t want the sights of a Saint to be constantly locked upon him, Wushuang, and the others. Moreover, it was the best opportunity to kill Li Yun now, so he had to kill Li Yun in the south!

Seng Yuan and the others were stunned on the spot for a long time as their minds were completely blank.

Because a Half-Saint was pursuing a Saint!

If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes, they would never believe it no matter what!

A long time passed before Chi Lang suppressed the shock in his heart, and he spoke solemnly, “That fellow’s strength… is truly… truly terrifying to the extreme. I’m afraid that even that Maiden of Nether Pavilion wouldn’t be able to kill him.”

Seng Yuan’s lips parted slightly, and he seemed to desire to say something. But he wasn’t able to speak when he recalled the terrifying strength Yang Ye displayed just now.

All 3 of them fell silent when they thought of Yang Ye’s strength.

“May I know if Yang Ye is here?” Suddenly, a faint voice suddenly appeared here. If they were silent, then Seng Yuan and the others would have probably not heard it.

All 3 of them were shocked when they heard this voice which sounded like the buzzing of a mosquito. Because they actually hadn’t sensed the arrival of that person. All 3 of them looked towards the source of the voice, and the figure of a woman appeared before them.

The woman was around the age of 20. She wore a simple linen dress with a flower print. She had a petite figure and delicate features. She couldn’t be described as ugly, but she was absolutely not beautiful as well. A white fox was snoring in her arms. Even though she’d asked a question, her eyes were still fixed on the white fox in her arms, and her gaze was filled with a gentle expression.

Ordinary. That was what their first impression had been when they saw her. She seemed very ordinary. Of course, they weren’t fools to think that she really was just an ordinary woman. After all, just her ability to arrive by their side without making a single sound proved a lot.

Chi Lang hesitated for a moment and said, “May I ask….”

“Shhh!” The woman suddenly raised her head and looked at Chi Lang, and she placed her index finger before her lips as she asked him to keep quiet. After that, she spoke softly, “Please speak softer. Don’t wake A’Li up.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she lowered her head to look at the fox again, and then she started rocking it lightly, “You just have to tell me where Yang Ye is. I have some business with him!”

Chi Lang frowned slightly, “May I ask who you are?”

No one knew if he’d done it on purpose or not, but Chi Lang hadn’t spoken softly as she’d requested, and he’d spoken normally instead.

As soon as he finished speaking, the fox in her arms moved a little, and then it slowly opened its eyes before glancing resentfully at the woman. She hurriedly patted it on the back and spoke softly, “A’Li sleep well. I won’t let them bother you.”

The fox rubbed its head against her, and then it fell into deep sleep again.

She grinned when she saw it fall asleep, and then she raised her head to look at Chi Lang. As soon as that happened, her smile suddenly became icy cold.

She didn’t speak a single world and just gazed at Chi Lang.

Chi lang frowned. Suddenly, his eyes instantly opened wide, and horror filled them.

Seng Yuan and Hei Yu watched with horror as Chi Lang’s figure actually started to break down bit by bit. In less than 2 breaths of time, Chi Lang had been broken down into thousands of pieces, and those pieces were still being broken down until they transformed into nothingness.

“Who… who are you…?” Seng Yuan gazed at her with horror. But his expression changed drastically once he finished speaking. Because he’d spoken quite loudly.

Sure enough, the woman turned to look at him.

Seng Yuan didn’t hesitate to smash his fist forward. This time, he didn’t dare hold back at all and used all his strength.

An energy fist carried terrifying force as it instantly arrived before the woman. Everywhere it passed, space was blasted into pieces while a long and ever-growing spatial rift was left in its wake. Besides that, the space around them seemed to be unable to endure the force carried by the fist, and it started to split apart!

The woman’s face remained expressionless. She stretched out her fair hand when the fist arrived in front of her, and then she tapped her index finger against it.

It seemed like time had been stopped at this moment.

Seng Yuan watched with horror as his energy fist started to be broken down, and it took less than half a breath of time for it to be obliterated.

At this moment, Seng Yuan didn’t have the courage to continue facing her, and he turned around and fled.

The woman’s face remained emotionless when she saw him flee, and she just stretched out her hand and made a grasping motion. After that, Seng Yuan’s figure which was almost 10km away suddenly stopped on the spot.

At this moment, the terror in Seng Yuan’s eyes had reached its limits. Because it felt like a myriad of hands were pulling at him and tearing him apart. It caused his entire body to start splitting apart incessantly. That mysterious force was too powerful to the point he couldn’t resist it at all, and he could only just wait helplessly as he was broken down into pieces.

It didn’t take long for Seng Yuan’s consciousness to be gone because he’d vanished on the spot.

One of the 5 Young Demon Kings of Pine Prefecture, Seng Yuan, had been crushed in an instant!

“Who… who exactly are you!?” Hei Yu spoke with horror. This time, he was obedient and spoke very softly.

The woman suddenly remained silent for a long time before she lowered her gaze to look at the fox in her arms. The icy cold expression on her face transformed into a slight smile as she watched it sleep soundly, and she said, “When I was very young, everyone in my clan feared me. Because anyone who came into contact with me would die. My mother died, and even my older sister died. It was all because they touched me. The members of my clan wanted to kill me, and my father died trying to save me. In the end, someone did save me.”

When she spoke up to this point, she raised her head and looked at Hei Yu, “From that day onward, they called me Oblivion Maiden!”

“You’re from the Nether Pavilion!” Hei Yu was horrified to the point that he forgot to speak softly, and it was too late when he realized. His body had started to break down into pieces, and it didn’t take long for him to vanish without a trace.

After she killed Hei Yu, Oblivion Maiden looked down at the fox, and the icy coldness in her eyes was gone. There was only a gentle expression in them. She patted A’Li lightly, and then spoke softly, “Be good, A’Li. It won’t take long for me to find Yang Ye. We can go back once we’ve found him and killed him.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Oblivion Maiden took a step forward, and then her body started to break down as well. In an instant, she’d vanished on the spot.

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