Chapter 980 – A Close Call!

Almighty Sword Domain

At a distance of over 10,000km away from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, Yang Ye was traveling as swiftly as he could. He had quite an unsightly expression on his face because he hadn’t expected Li Yun’s speed to actually be so swift. He couldn’t catch up to Li Yun even after he utilized the Laws of Speed and the Sword Control Technique, and he was only barely able to avoid losing Li Yun!

However, he wasn’t worried because Li Yun would have no choice but to flee to Sky Divine Hall in order to survive. But even a Saint like Li Yun would take at least a day to travel back to the north. Moreover, it was even under the circumstances that his original body was intact and unharmed. As for the current state Li Yun was in, it was impossible for him to return to the north without traveling for 5 or 6 days!

In other words, Yang Ye still had a chance!

Presently, he was competing in endurance with Li Yun. If it was at any other ordinary situation, then he would definitely be unable to compete with Li Yun. Because Li Yun was a Saint, and he definitely possessed an absolute advantage over Yang Ye when it came to profound energy. However, he was very confident in his ability right now because he’d just consumed a Violet Crystal!

The reason he’d been able to recover in an instant just now had been because he’d consumed a Violet Crystal as well! The terrifying energy contained within it had truly surpassed his imagination. Of course, its restorative abilities couldn’t compare to Primordial Violet Energy. Because Primordial Violet Energy could save anyone as long as that person hadn’t taken his or her last breath. But Violet Crystals couldn’t do the same. However, the speed it restored his profound energy was much more superior to Primordial Violet Energy because the energy contained within the Violet Crystals was too pure and dense!

When he consumed a Violet Crystal earlier, he felt as if his profound energy was limitless. Even now, he still had such a feeling. Because even under the circumstances that he was overusing the Laws of Speed and Sword Control Technique, the profound energy within him was still appearing incessantly as if it would never dry up!

Simply speaking, his profound energy was limitless right now!

Time trickled by.

Li Yun fled madly towards the north while Yang Ye pursued him like a madman. Both of their speeds were at their respective peaks right now. Of course, Li Yun was slightly faster. After all, he was a Saint, and Li Yun would have left Yang Ye in the dust if it wasn’t for the Laws of Speed.

It was exactly the Laws of Speed which had allowed Yang Ye to keep up with Li Yun! Of course, the Violet Crystals played a part as well. Because his profound energy would have been exhausted if he didn’t have Violet Crystals to provide him an endless supply of profound energy.

2 days later.

Yang Ye was still unable to catch up to Li Yun, but the distance between them was growing shorter and shorter.

On the 3rd day, a city appeared within Yang Ye’s vision.

“Brother Situ, please lend me a hand!” Suddenly, Li Yun’s voice resounded from afar.

As soon as his voice resounded out, a few dozen pillars of light shot out from the city, and it didn’t take long for a man in luxurious robes and 30 old men in black armor to appear before Li Yun!

The man and all 30 of those old men were high rank Half-Saints!

The man in luxurious robes was slightly stunned when he saw Li Yun, and then he said, “So it’s Senior Li. May I know what you need?”

Li Yun spoke anxiously, “Where’s your ancestor?”

“He’s in closed door cultivation within the city!” The man replied, “Senior, you….”

“Help me stop that person behind me. No, it’s best to capture him!” As soon as he finished speaking, Li Yun transformed into a ray of light that entered the city.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the man in luxurious robes and the old men, and he intended to charge into the city instead. However, they obstructed his path.

“Who are you? Why are you trying to trespass into my city, Orbit City?” The man in luxurious robes spoke solemnly. Even though he didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t dare to disobey Li Yun. Because Li Yun wasn’t just a Saint, he was an elder of Sky Divine Hall. Orbit City couldn’t afford to offend a colossus like Sky Divine Hall!

Yang Ye didn’t answer the man. He just looked in the direction of the city, and then his brows were pressed tightly together. Because he sensed a powerful aura within the city, and its owner was a Saint!

Coupled with Li Yun, there were 2 Saints in the city!

If he wanted to kill Li Yun with his current strength, he had to work together with You Wuying to accomplish it. Moreover, he wasn’t absolutely confident in his ability to kill Li Yun even when working together with You Wuying. Yet now, there was another Saint in the city, and it seemed to be someone who Li Yun knew!

I can’t attack directly! I have to plan my attack! Yang Ye immediately decided, and then he turned around and intended to leave.

“Stop right there!” Suddenly, the man in luxurious robes flashed forward and obstructed Yang Ye’s path. As for the other 30 old men behind him, they moved forward and surrounded Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “This has nothing to do with all of you!”

“Senior Li Yun asked us to capture you!” The man said, “So, come with us. As for what’ll be done to you, that’ll depend on Senior Li Yun.”

Yang Ye glanced at the man, and then didn’t speak a word before he shot explosively towards the distance.

The man’s expression changed when he saw Yang Ye flee, and he immediately roared furiously, “You’re trying to flee? Get him!”

As soon as he spoke, the old men immediately shot off in Yang Ye’s direction.

Some time passed before Yang Ye frowned. Because he noticed that the man in luxurious robes and those old men were pursuing him without any intention of stopping. He could shake them off if he used his full speed, but it would be quite a waste of time to him.

So, Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he stopped moving.

They immediately caught up to him once he stopped moving, and they instantly surrounded him just like they’d done a while ago. This time, they didn’t just surround him, they even utilized spatial techniques and formed countless spatial barriers to trap Yang Ye here.

The man in luxurious robes gazed gloomily at Yang Ye, “Weren’t you very good at fleeing? Why don’t you flee now!?”

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp.

The man in luxurious robes was slightly stunned when he saw Yang Ye withdraw the Herculean Sword, and then he spoke with ridicule, “What? You intend to fight desperately against us? How laughable! A single Half-Saint actually intends to attack me? Come! Let me see what ability you possess!”


Suddenly, one of the old men by the man’s side slapped him, and it instantly caused his cheek to swell up.

Everyone else here was stunned, and it included Yang Ye as well.

That old man’s gaze lingered on Yang Ye’s sword for an instant, and then he took a deep breath and said, “May I know if you’re Yang Ye?”

Yang Ye was astounded, “You know me?”

The old man’s face instantly became unsightly when he heard Yang Ye admit his identity. At this moment, the old man’s body was trembling slightly!

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