Chapter 983 – Pursuit In The North!

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when the old man’s hand was about to clamp down on the woman’s head, she stretched out her hand and lightly tapped the old man’s palm. Just that light tap caused the old man’s hand which carried terrifying force to stop in an instant. After that, the old man and Situ Yuan watched with horror as the old man’s hand started to split apart!

“NO!” The old man let out a shrill and miserable cry, and then he vanished without making a single sound.

“You….” Situ Yun gazed at her with horror, and he spoke with a trembling voice, “Who… who are you?” At this moment, he was terrified to the extreme. Because the old man was a high grade Half-Saint, but such an existence had died without being able to fight back at all. So, it made him wonder if the woman before him was a Saint Realm expert?

“I came here for Yang Ye!” The woman continued, “I’ve been looking for him for a very long time, but he vanishes without a trace from time to time. Just like a little while ago. I sensed his presence here, but he vanished again. Can you tell me where he is? A’Li really wants to head back, and I don’t want to make A’Li feel unhappy!”

“I… I… I don’t know where he is!” Situ Yuan’s voice was trembling. He wasn’t lying because he really didn’t know where Yang Ye had gone.

The woman nodded, and then she turned around and left.

Situ Yuan immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he saw her leave. However, everything before his eyes suddenly started vanishing in this instant! Situ Yuan was horrified, and he was just about to flee but it was already too late.

A few moments later, the entire estate had vanished.

At the same time, the woman stroked the fox lightly as she stood in the distance, “Where has he gone? Hmm?”

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she looked towards the north, “He has appeared again!”

As soon as she finished speaking, her figure started splitting apart and vanished in an instant.

The north. Cloudfall City.

Cloudfall City was a subordinate power of Sky Divine Hall. It was above the border of Orbit City, and it was the closest city to the south.

In the City Governor’s Estate, a white haired old man glanced at Li Yun and remained silent.

As the white haired old man gazed at him, Li Yun bowed slightly while cold sweat gradually appeared on his face.

Quite some time passed before the white haired old man said, “In other words, you weren’t able to capture Yu Wushuang, and you even got your True Body destroyed. Besides that, you were pursued to the point of fleeing back to the north?”

Li Yun’s expression changed slightly, and he said, “Elder Yu, I was careless. I’d captured Yu Wushuang, but I never expected Ocean of Clouds Academy and the Ancient Sword School to actually dispatch 3 Saints to save her. I was caught off guard and heavily injured by them…. It was all due to my carelessness!”

He naturally didn’t dare say that a Half-Saint had done this to him. If he did, then his reputation in the north would be destroyed. At that time, there wouldn’t even be a place for him in Sky Divine Hall. If he were to leave Sky Divine Hall now while he was heavily injured, then his old enemies would definitely come looking for him, and he would definitely die.

“You were careless?” The white haired old man spoke coldly, “Li Yun, you knew how important she is to Qianxiao. I’d thought that it would have been an easy task for you. But I never imagined that not only would you fail, you even suffered such injuries. You’re really getting worse and worse!”

Li Yun’s face turned slightly pale, and he didn’t dare talk back. Because the old man’s status in Sky Divine Hall surpassed his own, and coupled with the huge decline in his strength, he naturally didn’t dare talk back to the old man.

“Right, I heard that the reason we haven’t been able to capture Ocean of Clouds City was a person called Yang Ye?” asked the white haired old man.

Li Yun’s eyelids twitched when he heard Yang Ye’s name, and he pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “I’ve met him. His natural talent is very formidable indeed, and his strength… his strength isn’t bad as well. The reason Welkin Wolf Demon King hasn’t been able to take the city is related to him indeed. Of course, the most important reason is that the Dao Order and Ancient Sword School dispatched a huge number of experts to Ocean of Clouds City. Otherwise, it would have fallen a long time ago!”

“The Ancient Sword School and Dao Order!” The old man spoke coldly, “They’re just a bunch of clowns. If we didn’t have to protect Qianxiao, then our Sky Divine Hall would have set out and eliminated them from Pine Prefecture!”

Li Yun spoke solemnly, “They’ve fallen into a stalemate now. The joint forces of Welkin Wolf Demon King and the other 2 clans aren’t able to crush Ocean of Clouds Academy. So, Welkin Wolf Demon King hopes that we’ll lend him a hand. Even if we don’t send Saints, he hopes that we send more elites there.”

The white haired old man replied, “The Hall Master is already considering that matter. The important matter at hand isn’t to capture Ocean of Clouds City, it’s to get Yu Wushuang. Qianxiao is at a critical state, and he needs to form a union with her in order to utilize a unique method to advance his own cultivation.”

Li Yun suddenly asked, “How confident is he?”

The white haired old man spoke solemnly, “At least 70% confident!”

A wisp of joy flashed through Li Yun’s eyes, “If Qianxiao succeeds, he’ll be the first to have succeeded in history. At that time, our Sky Divine Hall would definitely be able to rely on Qianxiao and the assistance of that existence from the Central Divine Prefecture to enter the Central Divine Prefecture as well. Once Qianxiao fully grows to prominence, it’ll take 10 years at most for our Sky Divine Hall to become a Diamon Rank power!”

The white haired old man nodded and said, “It’s extremely important, and no mistakes can be tolerated. I’ll personally travel to the south to get Yu Wushuang. As for you, just recuperate well. Once you’ve recovered, seek the Hall Master’s help to rebuild your body. However, a True Body obtained like that will never be comparable to the body you once possessed. So, you would only be able to recover around 60 or 70% of your strength. Moreover, you won’t have another Soul Core!”

Li Yun took a deep breath and said, “That’s the best possible outcome!”

“It’s good that you’re able to get over it! I’m heading to the south now. Rest well!” As soon as the old man finished speaking, he vanished from the hall.

Meanwhile, killing intent surged within Li Yun’s eyes, “Yang Ye, I’ll definitely repay you a hundredfold for the humiliation I suffered in the last few days!” As soon as he finished speaking, he entered the depths of the estate and walked into a cultivation room.

After that, he flipped his palm, and a Violet Crystal appeared in his grasp.

His life savings were 2 Violet Crystals. Earlier, when he suffered that surprise attack from Yang Ye and lost his face and both his arms, he’d used one to repair those injuries. So, only 1 remained. He’d actually kept these 2 Violet Crystals to advance his cultivation, but he hadn’t imagined that he would have wasted both of them just like that!

“Yang Ye!” A savage expression covered Li Yun’s face again when he thought up to this point, and it took quite some time for him to calm the killing intent in his heart.

Li Yun gazed at the Violet Crystal in his grasp and hesitated for a moment before he lifted it to his mouth. However, something unexpected suddenly occurred. A ray of light simply seemed as if it teleported here from outer space and suddenly arrived within the room.

Li Yun was horrified and was about to dodge. However, 2 invisible waves of energy suddenly pressed down upon him, causing his figure to stiffen for a moment, and it was exactly that moment which allowed the ray of light to pierce through his forehead!

The ray of light dispersed, and a man appeared behind Li Yun.

It was none other than Yang Ye!

After he left the city governor’s estate in Orbit City, Yang Ye had intended to return to Ocean of Clouds City. But he was truly unwilling to let Li Yun escape. So, he’d utilized the teleportation formation in the city to come here.

It was naturally dangerous to come to the north. After all, it was Sky Divine Hall’s territory. Once he was exposed, then he would face pursuit from countless Saints. However, he’d still chosen to come here because once Li Yun was able to recover, then he would truly face endless future troubles. Moreover, Li Yun had to pay for what he’d done to Lu Wan’er!

Li Yun’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He’d thought that he’d escaped Yang Ye, but he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye had chased him all the way to the north!

This was the north! Sky Divine Hall’s territory!

“You… you… you….” Li Yun wanted to say something, but Yang Ye didn’t give him the chance. A ray of light entered Li Yun’s chest, and then the powerful sword intent it carried instantly destroyed the vitality within Li Yun. In next to no time, the color in Li Yun’s eyes had vanished.

He was dead!

A Saint had perished!

Yang Ye visibly relaxed. He could be said to have maintained a high level of concentration while he pursued Li Yun all the way here. Because the slightest mistake might cause him to fail short of success. Li Yun was a Saint in the end. Even though Li Yun’s strength had fallen greatly and wasn’t comparable to what it was, Yang Ye still couldn’t do anything if Lu Yun just focused on fleeing.

On the other hand, once he was discovered, then he might face pursuit from the Saints of Sky Divine Hall. His current strength was still insufficient for him to face a Saint directly in battle.

In the end, the reason he’d been able to kill Li Yun was because he’d taken Li Yun by surprise, and Li Yun had underestimated him. If Li Yun hadn’t underestimated him from the very beginning, then it would definitely be Yang Ye who was the one to be pursued, and it wouldn’t have been Li Yun at all! Because Yang Ye’s intuition told him that Li Yun definitely had some formidable trump cards which he hadn’t utilized yet. Unfortunately, he would never have the chance to do so.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the Violet Crystal in Li Yun’s grasp flew into his grasp. He placed the Violet Crystal within his spatial ring before he immediately placed Li Yun’s corpse within the ancient sheath.

Even though Li Yun couldn’t be considered to be a true Saint anymore, his strength was still extremely formidable. Presently, Li Yun could be considered as an existence who far surpassed ordinary high rank Half-Saints yet was weaker to true Saints.

In short, Yang Ye had gained a great deal from this, Not only had he obtained a Violet Crystal, he’d obtained a Sword Servant that could be considered as a Quasi Saint.

Yang Ye grinned. Suddenly, his expression changed, and his figure transformed into a shadow that vanished on the spot.

As soon as he vanished, a white haired old man appeared in the room.

The old man glanced at the surroundings and said, “He isn’t here?” The old man vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Once the white haired old man left, Yang Ye appeared here once more, “That was close. I was almost….” Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly opened wide, “Shit! I’ve been discovered!”

Yang Ye was about to flee, but an explosion suddenly resounded, and then the entire room and the building it was in were instantly blasted into powder.

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