Chapter 984 – I’ll Kill You With A Swing Of My Sword!

Almighty Sword Domain


A sword howl shot into the air when the building was destroyed, and then it vanished into the horizon.

“Don’t even think of leaving!” The white haired old man roared furiously as he stretched out his hand, and a huge palm instantly appeared above the ray of light and slapped down towards it.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly when he noticed the huge palm above him, and he immediately raised the Herculean Sword and flicked it at the palm.


A ray of light shot into the sky, and it smashed against the huge palm.


The sword energy dispersed while the huge palm shook violently and stopped for a moment, but it descended swiftly just an instant later!


Yang Ye’s figure was slapped into the ground, and the ground quaked so violently that the entire city could feel it.

Countless experts were shocked, and they transformed into pillars of light that shot into the sky, and their gazes shot towards Yang Ye and the white haired old man.

However, the old man frowned upon slapping Yang Ye to the ground because Yang Ye seemed to be completely fine.

A ray of light shot into the air from beneath the ground, and then Yang Ye appeared before the old man. At this moment, Yang Ye was enveloped by the Dimensional Cube as he’d hastily activated it when his sword energy was dispersed. So, he was merely lightly injured.

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face because the old man’s strength was superior to Li Yun.

The white haired old man stared fixedly at Yang Ye as he asked, “Which Saint of the Ancient Sword School are you!?”

Saint? Yang Ye was slightly stunned. He actually thinks that I’m a Saint?

Yang Ye was quite stunned. However, he quickly came to an understanding. He’d utilized the Sword Domain to conceal his aura, so the old man couldn’t see through his cultivation at all. That was exactly why the old man had taken him to be a Saint!

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth curled up slightly when he thought up to this point, and a thought appeared in his mind.

“I’m Jian Wuchen from the Ancient Sword School!” Yang Ye changed his voice, so his voice was hoarse and old now.

“Jian Wuchen!” The white haired old man’s expression changed slightly, “You’re the Sword Master of the Ancient Sword School!”

The other cultivators in the surroundings were horrified.

“Jian Wuchen? He’s the number one sword cultivator of the south, Jian Wuchen? What’s he doing in the north? Moreover, he’s even in battle with a Saint from Sky Divine Hall?”

“I see you don’t know. I heard that Sky Divine Hall has interfered in the south. The south belongs to the Ancient Sword School, the Ocean of Clouds Academy, and the Dao Order. Perhaps Sky Divine Hall offended the Ancient Sword School in the south, so he came here personally to take revenge!”

“Could Sky Divine Hall have killed the number one genius of the Ancient Sword School, Lu Wan’er?”

“It’s possible. Otherwise, Jian Wuchen wouldn’t have come here on his own. Do you think he’s here to kill Lou Qianxiao?”

“It’s possible if Sky Divine Hall really killed Lu Wan’er.”

Yang Ye was quite surprised when he noticed the expression on the old man’s face and the discussions coming from the surroundings. He hadn’t expected that Jian Wuchen’s reputation would actually have been so great and was even reputed as the number one sword cultivator in the south!

However, the greater Jian Wuchen’s reputation was, the more advantageous it was to him!

“Jian Wuchen, I’m truly quite curious. What exactly made you pursue Li Yun all the way here to the north?” The white haired old man spoke in a low voice, and there was a trace of vigilance in his eyes.

Yang Ye didn’t speak. He withdrew the ancient sheath, and then he flicked his right index finger and Quasi Void Rank sword intent condensed into an intent sword.

“Quasi Void Rank sword intent!” The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly. He was quite doubtful before this, but he believed Yang Ye now. Because only Jian Wuchen and Lu Wan’er possessed Quasi Void Rank sword intent in the Ancient Sword School!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “I’ll spare you if you’re still alive after resisting an attack of mine!”

An uproar resounded through the surroundings.

Jian Wuchen was the Sword Master of the Ancient Sword School, and he was said to be the number one sword cultivator of the south. His strength was beyond doubt, but they felt that he was exaggerating when he said that he could kill a Saint with a single attack!

There was naturally a difference in strength between Saints, but even if there was a gap in their strengths, it was impossible for that gap to be so huge.

So, in their opinion, Jian Wuchen was either too confident or too conceited to think about killing a Saint with a single attack!

The white haired old man started laughing from extreme rage, “You’ll kill me with a single attack? Jian Wuchen, aren’t you exaggerating a little too much? Perhaps I can’t defeat you, but do you think you can kill me with a single attack?”

Yang Ye replied, “Why don’t we give it a try?”


A terrifying aura surged out explosively from within the old man, and the old man spoke ferociously, “Come! Let me see how strong the number one sword cultivator of the south is.”

As he spoke, the old man raised his hands into the air, and the spirit energy in the surroundings instantly surged towards him. As the spirit energy surged over incessantly, a huge white ball of energy appeared between his palms. Once the ball of energy had formed there, a terrifying pressure instantly swept towards the surroundings, causing the cultivators in the surroundings to be blasted back!

At this moment, all of them recalled that this was a battle between Saints, and it wasn’t a battle they could spectate at all!

So, countless people immediately started to leave.

“Let’s enter a spatial pocket?” Yang Ye suddenly said, “If we are to fight here, then we’ll definitely destroy Cloudfall City, and the countless residents of this city will die for nothing because of us. Even though there’s no connection between me and them, the heavens are benevolent, and I truly can’t bear to see so many innocents lose their lives!”

“I never expected you to be a benevolent person!” The old man laughed coldly, “Fine, as you wish. We’ll enter a spatial pocket.” As soon as he finished speaking, the old man flashed into the sky.

Actually, he didn’t dare to fight here because Saints had to enter spatial pockets when they fought. Otherwise, it was very likely for their battle to make the Heaven Dao kill them. Moreover, Cloudfall City was within Sky Divine Hall’s territory. So, fighting in a pocket of space was exactly what he wanted!

After the old man shot up into the sky, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before transforming into a ray of light that shot into the sky.

The countless residents of Cloudfall City instantly heaved sighs of relief when they saw Yang Ye and the old man vanish.

If 2 Saints were to fight in Cloudfall City, then the city would definitely be destroyed, and countless lives would be lost. Because just the aftershock from a battle between Saints wasn’t something they could endure!

In the pocket of space. The old man was fully on guard, and countless strands of profound energy were surging incessantly from him. The white ball of energy in front of him was growing purer and purer, and the aura it emanated was sufficient to crush a Half-Saint.

Even though he didn’t believe that Jian Wuchen could kill him with a single attack, he didn’t dare act carelessly at all. After all, Jian Wuchen was the Sword Master of the Ancient Sword School, a senior in the Saint Realm, and Jian Wuchen was called the number one sword cultivator of the south. So, the white haired old man had absolutely no doubt that Jian Wuchen’s strength surpassed his own. Thus, he didn’t dare act carelessly and was prepared to execute his strongest attack!

There was another reason why he’d agreed to the battle. He intended to keep ‘Jian Wuchen’ busy. Because he’d notified Sky Divine Hall, and it would take 10 minutes at most for the Saints of Sky Divine Hall to rush over here. At that time, ‘Jian Wuchen’ would definitely die no matter how strong he was. Because Sky Divine Hall had sent at least 4 Saints!

The white haired old man waited for a while within the pocket of space, and he couldn’t help but frown when ‘Jian Wuchen’ still didn’t show himself. Even more time passed, but there were still no signs of movement.

The white haired old man couldn’t sit still any longer. He withdrew his attack and aura, and then he descended to the sky above the sky.

At this moment, there was no sign of ‘Jian Wuchen’, and the old man’s face became unsightly!

Obviously, he’d been tricked!

“Jian Wuchen! You coward! You’re the Sword Master of the Ancient Sword School? The number one sword cultivator of the south? You’ve truly shamed both the Ancient Sword School and the south!” The white haired old man’s voice resounded through the sky like the furious howl of a wild beast!

Meanwhile, the space before the old man rippled, and it didn’t take long for 4 old men in violet robes to appear before him.

The violet robed old man who led the group asked, “Elder Mo, where’s Jian Wuchen?”

Elder Mo’s face twitched as he said, “Elder Yun, you’re too late. He fled!”

“He fled?” The old man frowned, “What do you mean!?”

Elder Mo spoke solemnly, “He should have realized that I notified all of you about his presence, so he left without fighting me. It was my fault for being too careless. I should have kept him busy until all of you arrived!”

Elder Yun said, “He killed Li Yun?”

Elder Mo nodded, “I intended to head to the south to capture Yu Wushuang, but I knew too little about the south. So, I planned to ask Li Yun about it. However, I never expected him to have been killed when I returned.”

Meanwhile, Elder Yun suddenly said, “Are you sure that he was Jian Wuchen?”

Elder Mo frowned, “What are you trying to say?”

Elder Yun answered, “I’m not doubting you. But according to the information I received, the Ancient Sword School has been surrounded by the Saints of the Steel Ape Clan. Logically speaking, it’s impossible for Jian Wuchen to come to the north.”

Elder Mo pondered deeply for a long time, “I’m not sure if he was Jian Wuchen, but he possessed Quasi Void Rank sword intent! Only 2 people in the Ancient Sword School possess Quasi Void Rank sword intent. One of them is Lu Wan’er, and the other is Jian Wuchen!”

Elder Yun spoke solemnly, “No, there’s one more!”


Elder Yun answered, “Yang Ye!”

“Yang Ye?” Elder Mo frowned, “That genius who just rose to prominence in the south? I heard Li Yun speak about him. He’s just ordinary!”

Elder Yun shook his head slightly, “Your information is outdated. According to the information I received, he doesn’t just possess Quasi Void Rank sword intent, he possesses Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent as well. Besides that, the Divine Guard asked that we take Yang Ye seriously, and it would be best if we dispatch a Saint to annihilate him!”

Elder Mo suddenly said, “You’re telling me that he might have been Yang Ye?”

Elder Yun nodded, “It is possible!”

“Impossible!” Elder Mo said, “If he was Yang Ye, then it would have been impossible for him to exchange blows with me, and it would have been absolutely impossible for him to remain unharmed after suffering an attack of mine.”

Elder Yun was about to say something when a voice suddenly resounded here, “Yang Ye? Do all of you know where he is?”

Their expressions changed slightly, and they looked towards the same direction. A woman had suddenly appeared there.

Their expressions changed once more because even they hadn’t noticed how she arrived there!

“I sensed his aura just now, but it vanished by the time I got here!” She continued, “Do you know where he is?”

Elder Mo asked, “Who are you!?”

“I’m a friend of his!” She continued, “Can you tell me where he is?”

A friend of his? All of them were slightly stunned as they hadn’t expected her to be a friend of Yang Ye’s.

Elder Yun pondered deeply for an instant before he said, “It doesn’t matter whether she’s his friend or not. She’s definitely connected to Yang Ye, so get her!”

Elder Mo nodded, and then he stretched out his right hand to grab her.

The woman’s face instantly turned icy cold when she saw Elder Mo act against her. She grabbed the fox’s waist with her left hand and placed it behind her, and then she stretched out a single finger on her right hand and tapped it against Elder Mo’s palm.

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