Chapter 985 – We Just Want To Live!

Almighty Sword Domain

A wisp of disdain appeared on the corners of Elder Mo’s mouth when he saw her attack. A mere Half-Saint dares to attack me?

You’re courting death!


The finger and palm collided, and then a light explosion resounded before Elder Mo’s palm was forced to a stop. After that, the expressions of Elder Mo and the others changed drastically. It was especially so for Elder Mo. Extreme horror had appeared on Elder Mo’s face when his palm had just come into contact with her finger, and he hurriedly pulled it back. However, it was too late!

Elder Yun and the others watched as Elder Mo’s hand actually started to decompose!


Elder Yun pressed his index and middle finger together before swinging them at Elder Mo. A ray of white light flashed, and then Elder Mo’s right hand flew into the air. It had only just flown up into the air when it was instantly decomposed into specks that couldn’t be seen with the eye.

Elder Mo’s face turned ghastly pale when he witnessed this scene. Because he wouldn’t have lost just a hand if Elder Yun was just a little slower. That force which acted upon his hand was a force that he’d never seen!

The other Saints had solemn expressions on their faces as well!

Elder Yun spoke in an extremely serious tone, “Who are you!?”

She replied, “I’m looking for Yang Ye!”

Elder Yun said, “We don’t know where he is!”

She nodded, and then she turned around and walked away.

Meanwhile, Elder Mo suddenly spoke, “Stop right there!”

The woman turned around to look at Elder Mo while Elder Mo spoke ferociously at the same time, “I was careless and lost an arm to you, yet you intend to leave just like that? Die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mo used his left hand and made a grasping motion towards her from afar. In an instant, the space around her started to overlap and shrink, and it was about to crush her into pieces.

This time, he didn’t dare come into contact with her.

The woman’s beautiful brows knit slightly together when she sensed the change in the surrounding space. She held tightly onto the fox with her left hand and placed it before her chest. She seemed to be extremely afraid that it would be harmed.

Meanwhile, she stretched her right hand forward before she spun on the spot. As her figure spun there, a terrifying scene appeared here. The space around her actually started to split apart and decompose.

It didn’t take long for space in an area of around 1km in her surroundings to be completely decomposed into nothingness. Only an endless black hole remained around her, and it emanated a shocking and ghastly aura. However, it didn’t take long for her to stop, and the black holes were repaired in an instant.

“Decomposition of matter!” Elder Yun took a deep breath while shock filled his eyes, “You… you can actually decompose matter. Who… who are you!?”

The woman didn’t answer him. Her figure shook slightly, and then it instantly split into countless pieces and vanished before their eyes.

“Why didn’t you capture her?” Elder Mo spoke in a low voice. Even though her strength was mysterious and formidable, it was impossible for her to be a match for them if they fought her seriously. However, even they had to be careful when facing her mysterious ability. Otherwise, it would be really troublesome if it even touched them.

Elder Yun spoke in a low voice, “She might not be from our prefecture!”

Elder Mo was shocked, “You think she’s from the Central Divine Prefecture?”

Elder Yun nodded, “It’s very likely!”

Elder Mo felt much better when he heard this. Because even an existence as formidable as Lou Qianxiao could only be considered to be not bad in the Central Divine Prefecture. The Saints there wouldn’t dare to treat others beneath the Saint Realm in the Central Divine Prefecture as ants.

Half-Saints surmounting their realms of cultivation to challenge Saints wasn’t just a legend in the Central Divine Prefecture!

Elder Yun said, “Let’s forget this incident for now. I came here with another objective, and it’s to get Yu Wushuang. Qianxiao is at a critical point in his cultivation, and not even the slightest mistake can be allowed to occur again!”

Elder MO nodded, “Then I’ll head to the south right now!”

Elder Yun shook his head, “For safety’s sake, let’s go together.”

Elder Mo stated, “Why would both of us need to go just to capture a woman at the Exalt Realm? I alone am sufficient!”

Elder Yun said, “It was the Hall Master who gave the order. It’s of the utmost importance to Qianxiao. So, we absolutely can’t allow any mishaps to occur! Moreover, the elites of the Divine Guard will be going with us as well.”

“The entire Divine Guard? Then what about the Endless Devil Sect?” Elder Mo was shocked. Because the Divine Guard was the strongest group of elites beneath the Saints of Sky Divine Hall.

“The Endless Devil Sect?” Elder Yun continued, “Don’t worry. We’re in a peaceful period with them for the near future. Moreover, most of our Saints are still in the north, so they wouldn’t dare act rashly. We aren’t just going to bring Yu Wushuang back this time, we have to resolve the matters in the south as well. That existence from the Central Divine Prefecture is already extremely displeased that we’ve delayed for so long!”

A wisp of fear flashed through Elder Mo’s eyes when he heard that ‘existences’ from the Central Divine Prefecture being mentioned, “When are we leaving?”

Elder Yun replied, “The Divine Guard will arrive here tomorrow!”

Elder Mo nodded, “I understand.”

It didn’t take long for all 5 of these Saints to vanish on the spot.

In the depths of a mountain outside Cloudfall City, Yang Ye sat cross-legged on a huge rock while Li Yun’s corpse laid before him.

He hadn’t immediately returned to the south upon fleeing just now, and he’d come here instead. His objective was naturally to refine Li Yun into a Sword Servant.

Li Yun couldn’t be considered to be a true Saint, but Yang Ye still couldn’t defeat Li Yun in a direct confrontation. Regardless of whether it was in terms of combat experience, utilization of spatial energy, or any other form of energy, Yang Ye was far inferior to Li Yun. Yang Ye knew his own strength quite well, and he absolutely didn’t think that he could fight Saints just because he’d killed Li Yun.

He could be confident, but conceit was no different to courting death.

The reason Li Yun had died was because he’d never truly taken Yang Ye’s strength seriously from the very beginning. He’d refused to give up on the perception he had that all beneath the Saint Realm were ants!

It was exactly that perception which had allowed Yang Ye to succeed at taking Li Yun by surprise in succession. If he’d taken Yang Ye seriously from the very beginning and treated Yang Ye as a formidable enemy, then it would have been practically impossible for Yang Ye to kill him. Or, it should be said that it wouldn’t be Yang Ye who was pursuing him, it would be he who pursued Yang Ye!

Actually, countless people throughout history didn’t lose to their opponents, they lost to themselves.

The refinement process wasn’t as smooth as it had been in the past. Because Li Yun was too strong. Especially his soul, it far surpassed Yang Ye’s current strength. Fortunately, it wasn’t in a conscious state and wasn’t controlled by anyone. So, Yang Ye just had to exhaust some time to complete the refinement.

Time trickled by.

3 days later.

“Huff!” Yang Ye stopped and heaved a long sigh of relief. At this moment, his countenance was ghastly pale, and his face was covered in sweat. He’d almost been unable to persist through these 3 days as it truly exhausted the energy of his soul. However, he’d clenched his teeth and persisted until now just to obtain an extraordinarily strong Sword Servant!

Li Yun knelt on one knee before Yang Ye, “Master!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly. At this moment, Li Yun couldn’t be considered to be a true Saint, but he possessed the aura of a Saint. Yang Ye felt that Li Yun should be able to scare off other Saints at the critical moment.

“I wonder if that green snake has attained the Saint Realm!” Yang Ye looked up towards the sky and spoke softly. He’d given a Violet Crystal to Qing that day because he noticed that chaos might be descending upon Pine Prefecture. Once chaos arrived, every single Saint he had as a friend would be another layer of protection to him.

After that, Yang Ye looked towards the north. If he wasn’t wrong, then An Nanjing was probably in Sky Divine Hall right now.

Should I go see her? Yang Ye hesitated for an instant, and then he shook his head and shot towards the south.

It was pointless to see An Nanjing right now. Because he was utterly incapable of saving her right now. Moreover, he might even lose his life if he went there.

At this moment, the most important matter at hand was to improve his strength to the best of his ability. Moreover, there was one more thing waiting for him to be done, and it was to find a way to restore Lu Wan’er’s Dantian!

Just 15 minutes after Yang Ye left, a woman suddenly appeared where he was standing just a little while ago.

“I’m late again!” As soon as she finished speaking, the woman’s figure started splitting apart until it vanished on the spot.

Ocean of Clouds City.


A huge explosion suddenly resounded in the sky above Ocean of Clouds City, and then countless strands of spirit energy rained down like a storm from above the city. At the same time, the howl of a wolf resounded in the sky, and then countless strands of spirit energy rained down from above Welkin Wolf Mountain Range as well.

Saints had fallen!

Countless cultivators and demon beasts gazed at the scarlet red sky with horror!

Since Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range entered into war, both sides had lost 2 Saints. Regardless of whether it was the humans or the demon beasts, both held terror in their hearts.

After all, even Saints had perished, so how safe were they?

It was comparatively better on the demon beasts’ side because they were very well disciplined. So, while the demon beasts felt uneasy, no disorder had ensued. However, disorder had appeared in Ocean of Clouds City. Because some had started to flee. It was only a few in the beginning, but more and more left the city in the end.

At the main gates of Ocean of Clouds City.

Almost a million cultivators were gathered here, and there was more and more rushing over in this direction. Most of them were cultivators at the Exalt Realm and above. Because only cultivators at the Exalt Realm and above were confident in their ability to pass through the mountain range and leave this area.

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang, Lu Wan’er, Shang Qingying, and the other cultivators of the academy stood in front of them.

Yu Wushuang glanced at them and said, “Do all of you really intend to abandon Ocean of Clouds City?”

A middle aged man stepped forward from within the crowd and said, “Miss Yu, we’ve realized that the demon beasts don’t just want to attack and capture the city, they want to fight the academy to the death. Miss Yu, to tell you the truth, even though we want to obtain more inner cores, but based on the current situation, we wouldn’t be alive to use them even if we’re able to gather more. So, Miss Yu, please open the gates and give us a chance at survival!”

Shang Qingying spoke solemnly, “The demon beast army is right outside. Only death awaits all of you outside the city!”

The middle aged man said, “We aren’t heading out to fight them with our lives, we’re leaving. I think they wish for nothing more than to see that happen!”

Yu Wushuang suddenly said, “What if I refuse to let all of you leave?”

The middle aged man looked Yu Wushuang in the eyes and said, “Miss Yu, we don’t want to fight the demon beasts to the death, and we similarly don’t want to become enemies with all of you. We just want to live. So, Miss Yu, please spare us and give us a chance at survival!”

Yu Wushuang had quite an unsightly expression on her face. Because most of them were the elites in the city. Once they left, it would definitely be a huge blow to the city. But if she didn’t let them leave, then she had no doubt that they would definitely take drastic action. At that time, the city would be in chaos before the demon beasts even attacked!

“Let them go!” Suddenly, a voice resounded.

Yu Wushuang and Lu Wan’er were slightly stunned when they heard this voice, and then they disregarded the presence of everyone here and charged towards the source of the voice.

As soon as his voice finished resounding through the surroundings, Yang Ye had intended to continue speaking. However, 2 delicate figures had wrapped themselves around him.

One of them spoke with a trembling voice, “I’m begging you! Don’t do something foolish like that again!”

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