Chapter 991 – Slaughter Saints!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s heart sank when he heard this. He pondered deeply for a moment before he took out that bear tooth. He was just about to use it to ask for a favor, but he was shocked to notice that they shot hostile gazes at him when they saw the tooth. It was even to the extent that some of them revealed a cold gaze that carried killing intent!

Yang Ye glanced at the tooth, and then he connected it to the woman’s reaction just now. No matter how stupid one was, it was obvious that someone was off.

That old geezer definitely tricked me! Yang Ye laughed bitterly. Even though he didn’t know why those Saints acted like that, he knew very well that the tooth definitely didn’t represent a debt like Shang Yunxi had said. Because if the Bear Clan did owe Shang Yunxi a favor, then they would definitely not act like that.

The yellow robed man suddenly asked, “Shang Yunxi didn’t tell you how he got that tooth?”

Yang Ye nodded, “He said that the previous king of the Bear Clan owed him a favor and gave it to him so that he could seek help from the Bear Clan when he needed it!”

“A favor?” An old man with a horrifying scar on his face suddenly spoke coldly, “Shang Yunxi is getting more and more thick skinned!”

“All humans are like that!” Another old man by the previous old man’s side spoke coldly and even intentionally shot a glance at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“That tooth can actually be considered as a humiliation of our Bear Clan!” Meanwhile, the yellow robed man said, “My father met Shang Yunxi when he left to explore the world all those years ago, and they fought because of some reason.”

When he spoke up to this point, he glanced at the tooth in Yang Ye’s grasp and said, “My father lost, and Shang Yunxi took that tooth from him! At that time, Shang Yunxi could have killed my father, but he didn’t. I think that is the favor he’s talking about!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard this. Now he understood why they were so hostile at the sight of the tooth. At this moment, he really wanted to rush back to the city and beat Shang Yunxi up for tricking him like this!

Meanwhile, the yellow robed man continued, “Of course, there’s far more to their relationship. Let me put it like this. If it was anything minor, then my Bear Clan would lend you a hand. However, to be honest, my Bear Clan will absolutely not interfere in the predicament that Ocean of Clouds Academy is facing right now. So, you may leave!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “While it’s quite rude, I’d still like to ask why?”

The yellow robed man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “I’ll say a little more out of consideration for what you told Baitian earlier. Yang Ye, your natural talent is extremely formidable, and it isn’t bad even in the Central Divine Prefecture. But if you are to continue staying at Ocean of Clouds City and participating in the matters of the academy, then you’ll die!”

Yang Ye asked, “The one who made the demon beasts attack the academy is from the Central Divine Prefecture, right?”

“Yes!” The yellow robed man said, “I can tell you frankly that they’d contacted my Bear Clan, and they wanted my Bear Clan to help as well. However, I didn’t agree. They didn’t force me to help, but they asked that my Bear Clan doesn’t interfere in the matters of the academy. To be honest, Ocean of Clouds Academy will vanish from Pine Prefecture this time!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I understand now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked towards the exit. He suddenly stopped when he arrived before the door, and then he turned around to look at the yellow robed man, “I have an opinion, and I wonder if Senior would want to listen to it.”

The yellow robed man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “Go on. I’m quite curious as well.”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, do you think that Ocean of Clouds Academy is their only target?”

The yellow robed man’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “What are you trying to say!?”

Yang Ye answered, “I think that the person who’s pulling the strings will definitely not stop at just destroying Ocean of Clouds Academy. I don’t have any proof, and it’s just a feeling of mine. What if I’m right? Then once Ocean of Clouds Academy is gone, it’ll be the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order’s turns. Once even they are crushed, then who would be next? Of course, your Bear Clan would definitely be safe if you’re willing to bow before the Welkin Wolf Clan!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t stay a moment longer and left the hall.

There was a long moment of silence in the hall once Yang Ye left, and then an old man finally spoke, “What he said does make sense.”

“How could I not be aware of that?” The yellow robed man spoke solemnly, “It isn’t just the Welkin Wolf Clan, Python Clan, and Steep Ape Clan, even Sky Divine Hall have joined the conflict. There would definitely be no need for such forces if the goal was just to destroy Ocean of Clouds Academy. That existence is definitely planning to take control of the entire south. No, it should be the entire prefecture!”

The old man with a scar on his face spoke in a low voice, “Just as that kid said, once the Ancient Sword School, Dao Order, and Ocean of Clouds Academy are dealt with, they’ll probably act against our Bear Clan next.”

One of the other Saints said, “Then should we interfere now?”

“But what if the academy is their only target?” Another black robed old man spoke solemnly, “If it’s like that, then our interference would be equivalent to going against the Welkin Wolf Clan, the Python Clan, the Steel Ape Clan, and Sky Divine Hall. Moreover, we would even offend that existence from the Central Divine Prefecture. Our Bear Clan will be in danger if that happens.”

The yellow robed man nodded and said, “Our task at hand isn’t to fall into the vortex between Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range; our task at hand is to preserve our strength to deal with anything that comes our way.”

“We’ll wait and watch the situation unfold! If they really hold ill intent towards our Bear Clan, then hmph! Our Bear Clan isn’t weak at all!” The old man with a scar on his face grunted coldly.

The other Saints nodded.

After he left the hall, Yang Ye took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. There was a trace of bewilderment in his eyes.

Actually, he hadn’t held much hope when he came here. After all, there could be said to be no relationship between the academy and the Bear Clan, so how could they possibly allow themselves to be sucked into such a vortex for the sake of the academy? After all, it was a war between numerous Platinum Rank powers, and even Saints would perish in such battles!

What should the academy do now that the Bear Clan has refused to help?

Would I have no choice but to take Yu Wushuang and the others away from the academy with me, and then go into hiding? If I do that, then what about An Nanjing and Mu Hanshan?

Yang Ye’s gaze gradually turned icy cold when he thought up to this point.

Actually, he had no choice. Because An Nanjing and Mu Hanshan were in Sky Divine Hall, and Sky Divine Hall wouldn’t spare Yu Wushuang as well.

There was irreconcilable enmity between him and Sky Divine Hall!

Instead of relying on others, I should just rely on myself! Yang Ye took a deep breath while a cold glow flickered in his eyes.

“Big Brother, are you going to leave?” Meanwhile, Xiong Baitian and his older sister suddenly walked over to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye nodded, “I am.”

“Can you take me with you?” Xiong Baitian suddenly said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely not be a burden to you!”

Yang Ye replied, “You’ll definitely die if you go with me. You don’t have to head out and gain tempering in order to become strong. So long as you have the heart, then you can gain strength anywhere. Alright, I’m in a hurry. Farewell!”

Yang Ye’s figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

Xiong Baitian suddenly asked, “Big Sister, you keep speaking about how strong Lou Qianxiao is, but who do you think is stronger between Big Brother and Lou Qianxiao?”

The woman didn’t hesitate at all, “Lou Qianxiao!”

“Why?” Xiong Baitian was puzzled, “You should have realized that Big Brother hadn’t used his full strength at all. He definitely possesses some shocking trump cards!”

She pondered deeply for a long time before she said, “Lou Qianxiao has gained some fortuitous encounters and obtained an ancient inheritance…. In short, he can be considered to be a formidable figure even in the Central Divine Prefecture.”

Xiong Baitian stated, “But I think Big Brother will definitely not lose to that fellow, Lou Qianxiao!”

“Why?” She glanced at him and said, “You’ve only known him for a few hours, but not only do you call him big brother, you even admire him so much. I’m really quite curious.”

Xiong Baitian fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “I don’t know. I just feel that he’s very dangerous, extremely dangerous….”

“He’s extremely dangerous indeed!” Suddenly, the yellow robed man appeared by their side.

“Father!” Both of them bowed respectfully to the man.

The yellow robed man said, “How could someone who comprehended Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent not be dangerous? But if it’s possible, then you can make friends with him, Baitian!”

“Why?” The woman was puzzled, “He’s a ruthless person that acts according to his own whims. Moreover, he always goes to extremes and without any consideration for the consequences of his actions. Baitian will definitely become another madman if he goes with that fellow!”

“Do you know how the strong come to be strong?” The yellow robed man suddenly gazed at the woman, and he continued before she could answer him, “The strong rise by standing on the bones of their enemies.”

The woman was speechless.

After he left Earthen Mountain Range, Yang Ye didn’t choose to return to Ocean of Clouds Academy, and he rushed to the Ancient Sword School instead.

The Bear Clan’s refusal had allowed Yang Ye to realize that he should only rely on himself for everything!

He was heading back with a single objective, and it was to get a few swords. While the Herculean Sword wasn’t bad, it wasn’t at the Divine Rank, and it couldn’t be utilized to execute Death by a Thought because it was too huge!

As for intent swords, they weren’t able to truly bring forth the might of Death by a Thought, because they weren’t true swords in the end.

According to rumor, the Ancient Sword School had a sword which even Sky Divine Hall feared…. Yes, that sword was his target!

Since he couldn’t get the Bear Clan to help, he had to deal with those Saints on his own, and how could he do that without a peerless sword?

Slaughtering Saints!

That was Yang Ye’s final objective right now!

Before he tried to slaughter Saints, he had to arm himself to the teeth. But the treasures possessed by the academy weren’t really useful to him, and only the Ancient Sword School possessed treasures that were suitable for him. So, he’d decided to take a risk and return to the Ancient Sword School!

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he forcefully stopped himself in midair.

A black robed man had appeared 30m ahead, and the black robed man was completely covered within the robe to the point his appearance couldn’t be seen clearly.

A Saint! Yang Ye’s heart shook.

The black robed man suddenly spoke, “You’re that fellow, Yang Ye, who repeatedly spoiled my plans?”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then an intent sword appeared in his grasp. After that, he transformed into a ray of light which vanished on the spot.

Death by a Thought!

He who strikes first prevails; he who strikes late fails!

However, that attack which could kill a Saint was clamped between 2 fingers”

“Did you think I’m one of those trash Saints from Pine Prefecture?” As soon as the black robed Saint spoke, an explosion resounded as the intent sword in Yang Ye’s grasp shattered into pieces, and then his hand clamped down on Yang Ye’s throat.

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