Chapter 992 – Am I Someone Like That?

Almighty Sword Domain


Suddenly, Void Rank sword intent exploded forth from within Yang Ye and instantly blasted the black robed man away.

After he used his Void Rank sword intent to blast the black robed man away, Yang Ye flipped his palm and condensed an intent sword in his grasp. Next, he transformed into a ray of light that stabbed against the black robed man’s chest. However, his sword wasn’t able to stab through because a black vortex had started to revolve before the black robed man’s chest, and it obstructed Yang Ye’s sword!

“Void Rank sword intent! How rare!” After he spoke those words, the black vortex of energy revolved and blasted Yang Ye flying. However, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and he was behind the black robed man when he appeared once more. A cold ray of light flashed as a dagger stabbed towards the black robed man’s nape!

At the exact same instant that Yang Ye had appeared behind the black robed man, the black robed man had started to turn around, but an unexpected turn of events occurred. A black shadow suddenly appeared behind the black robed man, and then another dagger stabbed towards his nape. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s dagger was moving towards the black robed man’s throat!

The black shadow was You Wuying, of course!

The black robed man’s figure stiffened slightly. Obviously, he hadn’t expected Yang Ye to have help, and it was actually such a mysterious attack. He was about to retaliate when 2 invisible waves of force suddenly pressed down upon him, causing him to be slowed down momentarily. It was exactly that instant which allowed 2 daggers to collide against his throat and nape.

However, Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically because the black robed man before him was actually just an afterimage.

Shit! Shouted Yang Ye in his heart when he realized it.

At the same time, he suddenly sensed a huge force coming from behind him. Fortunately, he immediately activated the Dimensional Cube at the critical moment, so it helped him obstruct most of the force. Even then, he was still blasted around 3km away and spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corners of his mouth, and he gazed at the Dimensional Cube which had enveloped him. His pupils constricted slightly at the sight of it because countless cracks had actually appeared on it right now!

“Void Rank sword intent, Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent, the Laws of Speed, and the Laws of Darkness….” The black robed man said, “No wonder you were able to spoil our plans so many times. Needless to say, you’ve surprised me quite a bit. However, that’s all there is to it. It’s time to put an end to it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, countless strands of black energy suddenly erupted from within him, and they instantly blotted out the sky and enveloped everything within an area of almost 5,000km.

A moment of silence ensued!


A huge explosion suddenly resounded from within the black energy, and then they started to explode violently.

In next to no time, all the black energy had exploded into pieces, and the world trembled before the explosions!

A long time passed before all the black energy dispersed, but only a single person was left here, and it was Yang Ye!

The black robed man was gone!

Yang Ye raised his head and looked up into the sky. There was a black dot over 5,000km away, and there was a wisp of ridicule on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he said, “I’ve never seen someone so foolish. He knew I’d comprehended the Laws of Darkness, yet he still utilized darkness to attack me!”

That attack earlier was extremely formidable, and it was a low-grade Divine Rank technique at least. Would a low-grade Divine Rank technique executed by a Saint be weak? Unfortunately, he’d executed a technique which was formed from dark attribute energy. So, Yang Ye who’d comprehended the Laws of Darkness wasn’t just immune to such energy, he could even control all of it!

He’s directly taken control of the dark attribute energy just now, and he’d made them explode. That hadn’t just heavily injured the black robed Saint, it even caused the black robed Saint to suffer backlash.

Yang Ye had intended to seize the opportunity to follow up with another attack, but the black robed Saint had fled immediately!

However, Yang Ye didn’t look down on the black robed Saint at all. If that fellow hadn’t utilized a technique which was formed from dark attribute energy just now, then even if Yang Ye had been able to resist it, the Dimensional Cube would have been destroyed. After all, the black robed Saint’s previous attack had been able to damage the Dimension Cube, and that was sufficient to prove how terrifying his strength was!

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as well. Because the arrival of the black robed Saint proved that he was now in the sights of the one who was pulling the strings in Welkin Wolf Mountain Range’s attack on Ocean of Clouds Academy, and they’d even acted against him.

So, he had to be even more careful and cautious!

Yang Ye stayed on the spot for a while, and then he started rushing off in the direction of the sword school. This time, he didn’t fly in the sky and traveled on the ground. Even if he could conceal his aura with the Sword Domain, he was a huge moving target while he traveled in midair, and it was extremely easy for him to be discovered. Conversely, there were all sorts of things to conceal himself on the ground, so even Saints wouldn’t be able to detect him!

For the sake of saving time, Yang Ye utilized the Laws of Speed all along the way. That naturally exhausted a huge amount of profound energy, but he had Snowy with him, so he didn’t have to worry about that at all. Profound energy surged madly and incessantly into him all along the way, and it allowed his profound energy to never show signs of drying up!

Just like that, a journey which would have required a few days of travel had been completed in less than a day.

Yang Ye didn’t enter the Ancient Sword Peak right away once he arrived outside it, and he hid himself instead. Because the sword school had activated its grand formation, and countless swords were revolving swiftly in the sky around it.

At this moment, the entire mountain was enveloped by the glow of swords.

Moreover, Yang Ye sensed at least 6 formidable and obscure auras in the sky above Ancient Sword Peak.

Obviously, they were the Saints of the Python Clan which had come here to stop the Saints of the Ancient Sword School from leaving!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time as he gazed at the mountain which was enveloped in the glow of swords, and then his figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards it.

Yang Ye had expected to be attacked by the Saints of the Python Clan, but he wasn’t. He’d only just arrived before the barrier of light when Daoist Gu appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye was about to speak when Daoist Gu waved his right hand instead, and then a ray of light enveloped Yang Ye before both of them vanished on the spot.

The Sword Hall.

Jian Wuchen was seated at the seat of the host, and 6 other old men were by his side. Daoist Gu was amongst them.

7 Saints!

Jian Wuchen gazed at Yang Ye and spoke abruptly, “Was Wan’er’s Dantian really destroyed?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Jian Wuchen’s eyes narrowed slightly while a cold glow flickered within them, “If I’m not wrong, then Zhu Yuan from the Dao Order should have been in the city. In other words, he just stood by idly, right?”

Yang Ye nodded again, “It was because of me!”

Jian Wuchen shook his head, “He would do the same even if it wasn’t for you. The enmity between our sword school and the Dao Order is too ancient and too deep. It’s practically impossible to reconcile. We’ve only joined forces this time because of Sky Divine Hall. No matter how we fight in the south, we won’t fight to the death. But since the Sky Divine Hall has come, then it definitely intends to encroach on our interests. So, we chose to join forces for now!”

“The situation is very serious!” Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Ocean of Clouds City is in imminent danger!”

Jian Wuchen nodded, “I understand, but our sword school is powerless to help right now.”

Yang Ye replied, “Senior, you should be aware that once Ocean of Clouds City is destroyed, then we’ll be the next on the list. At that time, we wouldn’t be able to stop them, right?”

“Don’t worry!” Meanwhile, a green robed old man by Jian Wuchen’s side said, “They would dare to destroy Ocean of Clouds Academy, but they wouldn’t dare to destroy our sword school!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

“Because our founding ancestor is still alive!” Daoist Gu continued, “While the founding ancestor can’t descend to this world, no power throughout the prefecture would dare to destroy our sword school while she’s still alive. Of course, the founding ancestor would have to pay a price to descend to this world.”

Yang Ye fell silent for quite some time before he glanced at them, “Forgive me for being honest, but do all of you really intend to entrust the survival of our sword school on the founding ancestor? What if they have a way to deal with her, what would we do then?”

Their expressions changed slightly upon hearing him, and they felt that it did make sense when they thought about it carefully.

Quite a long moment of silence ensued before Jian Wuchen spoke solemnly, “I understand what you’re trying to say, but to be honest, our sword school is powerless to do anything right now. All of us are being prevented from leaving, and practically all the elites of our sword school have headed to Ocean of Clouds City. We don’t have any more experts to provide.”

Yang Ye pointed at himself and said, “You have me!”

All of them were stunned by this.

Yang Ye said, “To be honest, I want to give it a try.”

“Why?” Jian Wuchen was puzzled, “Don’t tell me that you have strong attachments to Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

Yang Ye naturally wouldn’t tell them that he wanted to act against Sky Divine Hall!

Yang Ye replied, “It hasn’t come to a point where we should despair yet. So, I think that we should be able to try and fight. If we’re able to save Ocean of Clouds Academy, then wouldn’t it be a really good thing for us?”

“So long as Ocean of Clouds Academy remains, we won’t have to enter into direct conflict with the Welkin Wolf Clan, Python Clan, Steel Ape Clan, and Sky Divine Hall. That’s why we’ve chosen to support the academy.” Jian Wuchen gazed at Yang Ye and said, “So, what you said does make a lot of sense. The survival of Ocean of Clouds Academy is a very good thing for us indeed. However, can you turn the situation around?”

“I want to give it a try!” Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “But I need the sect’s help!”

The green robed old man by Jian Wuchen’s side said, “Helping you isn’t a big deal. But I refuse to believe that you can turn the situation around!”

Yang Ye took a step forward, and then Void Rank sword intent surged out and instantly suffused the hall!

Void Rank sword intent!

The expression on the face of every single Saint here changed drastically upon witnessing this scene, and disbelief filled their eyes!

Yang Ye said, “Seniors, you should be able to trust me now, right?”

Jian Wuchen stared at Yang Ye and spoke with a slightly trembling voice, “When did you comprehend it!?”

“Not too long ago!” Yang Ye said, “Seniors, Ocean of Clouds City doesn’t have much time left. I have some other trump cards besides Void Rank sword intent, and that’s why I dared to speak such words. However, it still isn’t quite sufficient. So, I rushed back here to seek help from the sect.”

Jian Wuchen asked, “You have other trump cards?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Of course!”

They exchanged glances, and some time passed before Jian Wuchen asked solemnly, “What sort of help do you need!?”

“I need equipment!” Yang Ye looked Jian Wuchen in the eyes, “I need the best equipment that our sword school has!”

The corners of their mouths twitched when they heard him.

A long moment of silence ensued before an old man suddenly said, “Yang Ye, you’re the future hope of our sword school, so it isn’t a problem to give you some equipment! However, you want the best, and that’s….”

“I’m going to be facing Saints this time!” Yang Ye looked the old man in the eyes, “If I don’t have good equipment, then all of you might have to bury me one day!”

“But….” The old man was slightly hesitant. Because not to mention him, even the others would be quite reluctant to give away the best treasures that the sect possessed.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Why don’t we do this? Just treat it as lending them to me, and I’ll return them once I’ve finished using them. Alright?”

“Lending them to you?” They were quite stunned, and then one of the old men said, “It wouldn’t be a problem if we’re just lending them to you. After all, you’re one of us as well. Moreover, you’re the future of our sword school.”

Meanwhile, the green robed old man glanced at Yang Ye and spoke doubtfully, “But… but you won’t refuse to return them, right!?”

Yang Ye spoke in a displeased tone when he heard this, “Senior, what are you saying? Am I someone like that? Am I? Senior, to be honest, you can insult me, but you shouldn’t try to insult my character!”

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