Chapter 993 – I Really Am Not Like That!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s face and neck were red as he glared angrily at the old man, and he seemed like he was about to charge forward and challenge the old man to battle.

The face of that old man who doubted Yang Ye couldn’t help but twitch, “Why are you getting so agitated, kid? I didn’t say that you were such a person.”

Yang Ye spoke firmly in an indisputable tone, “I really am not like that!”

“Alright! Alright! We know you aren’t!” Meanwhile, Jian Wuchen said, “Don’t blame Elder Hu for that. He’s in charge of the sword school’s treasury, so those treasures are even more important than his life to him. Actually, one had to have rendered great merit and contributions to the sword school to obtain any one of those treasures. But the current situation is different, so we can lend them to you for now.”

Yang Ye hurriedly said, “I’ll definitely give up my life for the sect!”

All of them nodded with satisfaction when they saw Yang Ye’s attitude towards the matter. Even Elder Hu who doubted Yang Ye earlier nodded slightly.

Presently, Lu Wan’er’s Dantian had been destroyed, so Yang Ye was the future hope of the Ancient Sword School. So, when they saw Yang Ye act so loyally towards the sword school, their impression of Yang Ye had risen greatly!

Only Daoist Gu puckered his lips. He knew Yang Ye much better than the others, and he knew that while Yang Ye really did keep his word on most occasions, there were many occasions when Yang Ye was an absolutely shameless fellow!

Of course, he would absolutely not bring it to the attention of the others! He was Yang Ye’s master. If he didn’t protect Yang Ye, then who would?

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive at a pavilion called the Sword Treasure Pavilion while under the lead of Elder Hu and Daoist Gu.

The pavilion had 4 levels, and they went directly to the 4th. There were 5 pillars of light respectively at the center and 4 corners of the level, and there was something moving within these pillars of light.

Yang Ye was visibly moved because everything on this floor was at the Divine Rank at least.

Elder Hu hesitated for a moment before he said, “Kid, all of these treasures have been accumulated over the years by our sect. Be careful and don’t spoil them.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s eyes twitched. This old geezer really isn’t willing to let them leave his sight!

“Brother Hu, stop being so hesitant. Quickly take them out. Ocean of Clouds Academy doesn’t have much time left.” Daoist Gu was slightly displeased.

Elder Hu nodded slightly, and he stopped hesitating. He waved his right hand, and a pillar of light in the distance vanished before a black armor appeared in front of them.

The armor was quite special because it was actually formed from fine swords. The swords were extremely tiny like needles, and the armor was weaved from at least 10,000 sword needles!

“It’s called the Sword Armor, and it’s refined from high grade Saint Rank Dark Brilliance Stones. Besides that, it was fused with Divine Rank Endless Dew and mysterious mithril gathered from outer space. So, it’s at the low-grade of the Divine Rank. It possesses both offensive and defensive abilities!” Elder Hu flicked his finger while he spoke, and the armor instantly entered Yang Ye’s body, “Inspect it yourself!”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly, and it didn’t take long for him to open them once more. In an instant, countless swords that were fine like needles had surged out from within him, and they instantly formed a black armor that completely enveloped him.

There wasn’t a single gap between them!

The armor had completely enveloped him to the point even his eyes were covered by an invisible and soft membrane. Moreover, the membranes were actually at the Divine Rank as well! It could be said that one could only use force to penetrate the Sword Armor! Besides that, there was no other way!

Yang Ye moved a little, and numerous sword howls instantly resounded here.

“What a powerful armor!” A wisp of excitement flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. The armor didn’t feel uncomfortable at all while he wore it, and it simply felt like it was one with him!

Meanwhile, Elder Hu said, “It wouldn’t be a big deal if that was its only ability. The reason it’s called the Sword Armor is because it’s only suitable for sword cultivators. Try pouring your sword intent into it!”

Yang Ye quickly poured his Void Rank sword intent into the armor. In an instant, the entire armor actually seemed like it had come to life, and numerous sword howls resounded incessantly from Yang Ye. At the same time, every single sword needle on Yang Ye’s armor started to glow, the rays of light shot half a centimeter forward before they started to link together, and they formed a barrier of light which enveloped Yang Ye!

The barrier of light seemed to be quite thin from the outside, but that wasn’t the case at all. The barrier of light was formed from at least 10,000 rays of light, and there were actually over 10,000 layers of light there which had just been condensed together.

Elder Hu and Daoist Gu exchanged glances when they witnessed this scene, and they noticed shock in each other’s eyes. A short while passed before a complicated expression flashed through Elder Hu’s eyes, “Kid, I finally realized that maybe you are the only one who can truly bring forth the might of this armor. Even a Saint would find that barrier of light impossible to break through with ease, and even if that barrier of light was destroyed, you still have the armor to protect you. You can be said to be more like a turtle than a turtle itself!”

Daoist Gu grinned, “This armor would be around the low-grade of the Divine Rank if utilized by an ordinary sword cultivator, but because of your Void Rank sword intent, it’s absolutely not inferior to a mid-grade Divine Rank treasure!”

Yang Ye nodded with agreement. Once his Void Rank sword intent surged into the Sword Armor, it was akin to breathing life into the armor, and the armor’s strength was countless times stronger than before. The Sword Armor’s defensive capabilities could be said to have completely surpassed the Dimensional Cube.

Elder Hu said, “It can be used offensively as well. Give it a try!”

Yang Ye nodded and issued a command in his heart.


A sword howl resounded as the Sword Armor suddenly started splitting apart, and it transformed into thousands of rays of light which shot into the air.


The roof of the pavilion exploded apart, and those rays of light shot up towards the sky and seemed to intend to tear even the sky apart!

Meanwhile, Elder Hu suddenly cried out involuntarily, “Stop right now!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned. When he raised his head and looked carefully, he noticed that the sword formation which was protecting the mountain seemed to have warped from the impact, and it seemed like the formation would shatter at any moment!

Yang Ye was shocked, and he hurriedly issued a command in his heart. In an instant, the rays of light descended from the sky, and then they surged into Yang Ye and formed the Sword Armor once more!

Elder Hu heaved a sigh of relief and said, “It was impossible for it to be so strong before this, but its strength has risen to its limits because of the Void Rank sword intent you possess. Even we wouldn’t dare to act carelessly when facing that armor while it’s in your hands. Because just your Void Rank sword intent is sufficient to injure us and coupled with those sword needles, we might be heavily injured or even lose our lives if we’re even slightly careless!”

A glow of excitement flickered in Yang Ye’s eyes. Needless to say, it was extremely powerful and useful!

“Of course, I’m not saying that you’ll definitely be able to kill a Saint with that armor in your possession!” Meanwhile, Elder Hu spoke seriously, “The strength and abilities of Saints aren’t as simple as you think. Especially the Saints of the older generation. They possess all sorts of unbelievable abilities. Not to mention you, even the heavens fear them. So, you must be careful if you encounter a Saint in the future, and you can’t be careless at all!”

“Brother Hu is right!” Daoist Gu said, “Kid, I know that you’re very confident in your ability, but you absolutely can’t be careless if you encounter a Saint. Besides that, there’s a gap in strength between Saints. Some senior Saints are even able to fight numerous Saints on their own. So, be careful so that I don’t have to bury you one day!”

Yang Ye glanced at them, and his heart felt warm. He immediately nodded and smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m not that foolish.”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye gazed at the other four pillars of light, and his intentions were obvious.

The corners of Elder Hu’s mouth twitched slightly, and a long time passed before he took a light breath, “Fine, they are just being lent to you in the end!”

Elder Hu waved his right hand, and one of the pillars of light shattered. A ray of green light flew out from within it and floated before them.

The green light dispersed, and a sword appeared in front of them.

The sword was around a meter long, 2 fingers wide, and jade green. It was extremely fine, and it emanated a faint green glow. Besides that, there was nothing special about it.

“It’s called Jadedrop, and it’s a low-grade Divine Rank sword refined from mysterious materials and energy. The wielder of the sword can utilize the sword to wield the energy of the sky.” As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Hu turned around and waved his right hand. One of the other pillars of light shattered, and then another sword appeared in front of them. The sword was similar in length to Jadedrop, and the only difference was its color. It was dark yellow in color.

Elder Hu continued, “It’s called Yellow Springs, and it’s a low-grade Divine Rank sword that was similarly refined from mysterious materials and energy. It’s a pair with Jadedrop. The wielder of this sword can wield the energy of the earth. If both swords are used together, it’s equivalent to utilizing the energy of the heavens and the earth. Let me explain it like this. If you execute a Dao Rank technique and enhance it with the energy of the heavens and the earth, then the Dao Rank technique would be comparable to a Divine Rank technique!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “What if I execute a low-grade Divine Rank technique and enhance it with the energy of the heavens and the earth?”

Elder Hu replied, “I don’t know!”

Huh!? The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched slightly, and he spoke with astonishment, “Why don’t you? Has no one ever used it?”

Elder Hu nodded, “Indeed. Because they have harsh requirements towards the wielder’s level of sword intent. Only Quasi Void Rank sword intent is barely able to control them. While the Sword Master possesses Quasi Void Rank sword intent, he has his own sword. So, he wasn’t interested in them. You’ll get to benefit from that for now!”

“I won’t bring shame to them!” Yang Ye stretched out his hand and gestured at them once he finished speaking. Both swords instantly entered into his grasps. But it didn’t take long for them to start trembling violently, and they seemed as if they intended to struggle free from his grasp. However, they immediately calmed down when Yang Ye’s Void Rank sword intent surged into them.

Yang Ye held Jadedrop in his left hand and Yellow Springs in his right hand. Yang Ye was extremely excited because both of them were Divine Rank treasures, and they were swords! With these 2 swords in his possession, and coupled with the Sword Armor and Dimensional Cube, it was equivalent to possessing 4 Divine Rank treasures!

Of course, it was still slightly insufficient for him to slaughter a Saint in head-on battle. So, Yang Ye looked towards the 2 remaining pillars of light.

This time, he intended to arm himself to the teeth!

Elder Hu didn’t hesitate to wave his right hand, and one of those pillars of light shattered before an object appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly opened wide when he saw it, “What… what is that?”

“It’s at the mid-grade of the Divine Rank. It’s capable of blotting out the sun, tearing the sky apart…. Right, that won’t do. It can’t be lent to you…. It’s too precious….” Elder Hu’s voice resounded once more.

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