Chapter 995 – Demonified!

Almighty Sword Domain


Yang Ye had just finished speaking, when the last pillar of light suddenly exploded apart, and then a dark red ray of light flashed and entered the center of Yang Ye’s forehead.

Yang Ye’s figure stiffened, and then an explosion resounded as a blood red pillar of light shot out into the sky from within Yang Ye while the entire pavilion was obliterated. At the same time, a huge hole was blasted open on the sword formation that protected the mountain. In an instant, an area of 5,000km was dyed blood red, and it seemed like the end of days had arrived!

All the experts of the Ancient Sword School were shocked, and rays of light shot into the sky and rushed off in Yang Ye’s direction.

“What’s going on? Have the Saints of the Python Clan attacked?”

“Impossible! That pillar of blood came from within our sword school. Could there have been a traitor in our midst?”

“Shit! What a dense bloody aura. It’s even capable of corroding the mind! Quickly activate your sword intent to resist it.”

“What exactly is going on?” Elder Hu was quite stunned as he witnessed the scene before him.

Meanwhile, Jian Wuchen and 4 other old men appeared by Elder Hu’s side.

Elder Hu gulped and pointed at Yang Ye who was frozen on the spot, “That… that kid said, ‘Heaven’s Gravestone, come with me’, and then Heaven’s Gravestone flew into him. That… that shouldn’t have happened. How could that have happened? Why would it choose that kid? It doesn’t make sense!”

“Heaven’s Gravestone acknowledged him as its master!” Jian Wuchen had an extremely solemn expression on his face. It wasn’t just Jian Wuchen, the other Saints revealed similar expressions. Suddenly, they thought of something, and the solemn expressions on their faces transformed into unsightly ones.

“That kid’s character and disposition is a perfect match for Heaven’s Gravestone. Alas, a calamity is upon us! Elder Hu, I’m not trying to blame you, but how could you have allowed him to come into contact with Heaven’s Gravestone? Losing that sword isn’t a huge deal, but what if that kid is destroyed by it. Our sword school will definitely suffer a decline in the future if that happens.” One of the old men gazed at Elder Hu and spoke with distress.

Elder Hu’s face twitched, and then he spoke bitterly, “I swear, I really never expected him to be able to obtain Heaven’s Gravestone’s acknowledgement. After all, I would have absolutely not brought him here if I knew in advance!” At this moment, he truly regretted bringing Yang Ye here.

Jian Wuchen shook his head, “Perhaps the situation isn’t hopeless yet. That kid possesses Void Rank sword intent. Perhaps he’ll be able to suppress the evil aura and intent to kill that Heaven’s Gravestone carries.”

One of the Saints suddenly said, “What if he can’t?”

Jian Wuchen spoke in an icy cold tone while a cold glow flickered in his eyes, “He has to!”

“Indeed!” Elder Hu spoke solemnly, “If the owner can’t control the sword, then the owner would be enslaved by it. At that time, he wouldn’t be himself anymore. If he can’t control it, then we’ll have no choice but to put him down. Otherwise, he’ll become a calamity for our sword school.”

All of them nodded to display their agreement.

Yang Ye’s body was entirely enveloped by the blood red pillar of light, and his body was trembling incessantly while his Void Rank sword intent ceaselessly suppressed the intent to kill and aura of evil.

Yang Ye’s body slowly started to undergo changes. His body started to change color, and it was turning blood red.

Jian Wuchen and the others’ pupils constricted when they witnessed this scene, and they slowly clenched their fists.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s neck, face, and even his eyes to turn blood red.


Meanwhile, Void Rank sword intent suddenly surged out from within Yang Ye and appeared on Yang Ye’s left. But it didn’t take long for a red ray of light to surge out from within him and appear on his right. Both intents were ceaselessly trying to suppress each other, but his Void Rank sword intent was at a complete disadvantage right now.

“Void Rank slaughter intent!” Jian Wuchen and the others were astounded when they saw the red glow, and Elder Hu cried out involuntarily, “How… how could that kid possess Void Rank slaughter intent!? Even if Heaven’s Gravestone could improve his slaughter intent, it’s impossible for it to instantly bring it to the Void Rank.”

“He had Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent!” Jian Wuchen took a deep breath and clenched his fists, “I really can’t imagine how insane he would be if he were to be enslaved by Heaven’s Gravestone while possessing Void Rank slaughter intent.”

One of the Saints spoke solemnly, “That kid is tenacious, and he possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart. So, he practically has no flaws. Perhaps he’ll be able to suppress Heaven’s Gravestone!”

As soon as that Saint finished speaking, Yang Ye’s hair instantly turned red. At the same time, Yang Ye’s Void Rank sword intent was completely suppressed and pushed back into his body.

Once his Void Rank sword intent vanished, a tiny blood red sword that had no hilt had instantly appeared at the center of Yang Ye’s forehead.

Jian Wuchen’s pupils constricted at the sight of this, and he shouted, “Act now! Suppress him!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and then 2 beams of blood red light shot out from them towards one of the Saints in front of him.

The old man’s expression changed slightly as he flicked his finger, and a strand of sword intent shot forward and collided with those beams of red light.


The sword energy was actually dispersed in an instant, and those beams of red light instantly struck the old man.

Hiss! Hiss!

Two bloody holes appeared on the old man’s body while he took 2 steps back.

Meanwhile, Jian Wuchen and the others made their move, and 6 rays of light descended upon Yang Ye for different directions.

A cruel and savage smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. He clenched his right hand and a blood red sword that had no hilt appeared in his grasp. Yang Ye’s arm immediately split open once it was condensed, and then threads of blood surged out from Yang Ye’s arm and entered the sword, causing it to grow even more solid and shocking.

After that, he waved it!

A blood red beam of sword energy shot forward!


The sword energy from Jian Wuchen and the others were instantly blasted apart, and the blood red sword energy didn’t slow down as it shot towards them.

Their expressions changed slightly. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually possessed the strength to blast their sword energy apart with ease!

Jian Wuchen’s eyes narrowed slightly as he took a step forward and waved his right hand. A ray of light shot forward and smashed against the blood red beam of sword energy!


A huge explosion resounded as they exploded apart, and Jian Wuchen was pushed 2 steps back!

The others’ expressions changed when they witnessed this scene, and Elder Hu spoke solemnly, “Don’t hold back. He possesses Heaven’s Gravestone’s strength now and coupled with the 2 Void Rank intents he possesses; he isn’t inferior to an ordinary Saint. We can’t hold back, otherwise….”

Jian Wuchen suddenly cried out involuntarily, “Watch out!”

At the exact same instant that Jian Wuchen spoke, Yang Ye suddenly transformed into a blood red ray of light that vanished on the spot, and he was behind Elder Hu when he appeared again. As for Elder Hu, his figure had stiffened, and there was a hole on his chest!

Elder Hu’s figure froze on the spot while shock filled his eyes, “A Divine Rank sword technique… 2 intents… Heaven’s Gravestone….” As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Hu’s figure fell backwards to the ground. Fortunately, one of the other Saints hurriedly supported his falling figure and tossed a Violet Crystal in his mouth. Only then were Elder Hu’s injuries stabilized.

“Kid! You’ve gone mad!” Jian Wuchen roared furiously when he saw Yang Ye almost kill Elder Hu, and he made a chopping motion in Yang Ye’s direction. A beam of sword energy short forward, and it was so swift that Yang Ye hadn’t even been able to react to it.


Yang Ye was blasted over 3km away. However, he was completely unharmed because the Sword Armor had covered his body when Jian Wuchen attacked.

The corners of Jian Wuchen and the others’ mouths twitched when they witnessed this scene!

Meanwhile, one of the Saints spoke abruptly, “What’s that kid trying to do?”

All of the others looked over and saw that Yang Ye had suddenly pressed the blood red sword against the center of his forehead, and his eyes were closed. Meanwhile, a strand of monstrous slaughter intent and evil energy swept out from Yang Ye and actually caused the space around him to crack apart. Numerous arm-thick cracks were spreading swiftly, and it only took an instant for them to cover a huge area!

The others’ eyelids twitched, and an extremely solemn expression appeared in their eyes. Because Elder Hu had almost been instantly killed by that exact same technique!

Jian Wuchen’s eyes narrowed slightly while he clenched his right hand, “Kid, I’ll have no choice but to cripple you if you still don’t come back to your senses.”

However, Yang Ye’s aura was still growing stronger and stronger, and the monstrous intent to kill caused all beneath the Saint Realm throughout Ancient Sword Peak to be affected, and they were on the verge of being transformed into machines of slaughter!

That was exactly why Jian Wuchen and the others had no choice but to go to extremes.


A pillar of blood shot into the air once more, and it pierced through the sky!

Jian Wuchen and the others’ faces gradually turned gloomy.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s Void Rank sword intent surged out, and his blood red eyes cleared up slightly. But he was still struggling to maintain it.

“Roar!” Yang Ye suddenly roared with fury, and then his figure vanished on the spot while leaving a long spatial rift through the sky.

One of the Saints asked, “Should we pursue him?”

Jian Wuchen hesitated for a moment, and then he shook his head, “We underestimated him. He probably hasn’t been fully demonified. His will far surpasses any ordinary person. So… so perhaps he might be able to resist Heaven’s Gravestone’s corruption! Alas, it all depends on his own fortune!”

A red ray of light descended to a mountain range over 10,000km away.


A huge explosion resounded as everything in an area of over 5,000km was blasted into powder!

As for the exact spot where Yang Ye descended, the ground had collapsed by over 3km, and a deep abyss had appeared there.

Yang Ye was on his right knee at the bottom of it, and the blood red sword in his right hand was still absorbing his blood!

The violet mink and Snowy were in front of Yang Ye. The violet mink was looking at him with horror and panic on her face. As for Snowy, she was trembling while she hid behind the violet mink and gazed at Yang Ye with horror in her eyes.

Suddenly, Yang Ye raised his head, and then his blood red sword shot towards the violet mink and Snowy.

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