Chapter 996 – The Heart Of Slaughter!

Almighty Sword Domain

The violet mink’s eyes opened wide when she saw Yang Ye’s sword descend towards her, and she actually forgot to flee.

She hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would attack her. After all, how could he attack her?

As far as she was concerned, Yang Ye would never attack her no matter what. So, she wasn’t vigilant against Yang Ye at all, and she trusted him completely!

However, Yang Ye had actually raised his hand against her right now!

Snowy’s eyes opened wide as well, and she was so terrified that she fainted on the spot.

Right when the sword was about to strike the violet mink’s head, it suddenly stopped. Yang Ye’s hand was trembling, and his face had warped. He was visibly struggling.

When she saw Yang Ye in such a state, 2 streams of tears slowly flowed out from the violet mink’s eyes. Her heart was full of pain. It wasn’t for herself; it was for Yang Ye. Because she knew that Yang Ye was definitely suffering.

“Ah!!” Suddenly, Yang Ye roared with fury, and the earthen walls of the abyss instantly started cracking apart from the soundwaves.

Swish! Swish!

Jadedrop and Yellow Springs suddenly flew into the air. They transformed into rays of light that stabbed into Yang Ye’s right and left hands, and they nailed him to the ground.

That wasn’t the end of it!

4 more swords flew out from within Yang Ye, and they nailed his legs on the ground as well! In an instant, Yang Ye was nailed firmly to the ground by 6 swords!

The violet mink was shocked by this scene and was about to try and help. However, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Don’t, don’t do anything!”

The violet mink was delighted when she heard this, and she hurriedly flew over to Yang Ye, but she was instantly blasted away by the blood red glow that was surging out from Yang Ye.

“Don’t… don’t come close for now!” Yang Ye spoke word by word while his face was still warped from the pain he was enduring. His entire body was trembling incessantly while rays after ray of blood red light was surging out incessantly from him, and it only took a few breaths of time for the entire abyss to be dyed blood red.

The violet mink didn’t dare come close to Yang Ye. She just stayed far away and gazed at him while tears filled her eyes.

Yang Ye suddenly cracked a smile and said, “Don’t… don’t worry. I… I won’t lose. I won’t lose to it. It… it actually dared to control me to kill you. I… I’ll kill it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye roared with fury as the Void Rank sword intent within him swept out. At the same time, a red ray of light swept out as well, and the 2 types of intents started to try and suppress each other again!

Meanwhile, a voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “Why resist me? Submit to me, and I’ll give you endless strength. So long as we join forces, would anyone in this world be able to stop us? Saints? They would be ants before us! Those above the Saint Realm? Those would just be slightly bigger ants! Come! Submit to me! We’ll slaughter this dirty world together!”

“Slaughter my ass!” Yang Ye roared furiously, “Bastard! You actually dared to try and make me kill my Zi’er! Just you wait! I’ll destroy you!”

Heaven’s Gravestone’s actions had clearly touched Yang Ye’s true ‘reverse scale’.

“You can’t defeat me!” The voice continued, “Because the Heart of Slaughter has formed in your heart.”

The Heart of Slaughter? Yang Ye frowned as he immersed his mind into his body, and his expression changed when he saw his heart. Because his heart was actually a strange dark red color, and it emanated threads of slaughter intent!

“Now, your heart will stop beating if it isn’t nurtured by slaughter intent. So, you must kill!” The voice continued, “Moreover, the might of your Void Rank slaughter intent will at least double from the presence of the Heart of Slaughter within you! Regardless of whether it is your Void Rank slaughter intent or the Heart of Slaughter, I gave both of them to you. You would just be an ant without me!”

“Why did you come to me if you are that powerful?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “If I’m not wrong, you need someone to be your vessel in order to bring forth your true might. Or I should say that you need to grow, and you need to rely on someone to grow. In the end, you’re just a sword!”

“You’re courting death!” A furious howl resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, and then a ray of blood red light swept through Yang Ye’s body and pressed down towards his Void Rank sword intent. Yang Ye’s Void Rank sword intent started to be gradually pushed back into his body under the pressure of the red light. At the same time, Yang Ye’s eyes that had cleared up slightly had started to gradually turn red again.

“Fuck you!” Yang Ye roared as he activated the Sword Domain, and the Void Rank slaughter intent was stopped for a moment under the suppressive force of the Sword Domain. But it didn’t take long for the Void Rank slaughter intent to actually start resisting his Sword Domain!

Countless rays of red light surged out incessantly from within Yang Ye, and wave after wave of it slammed against his Sword Domain.

Yang Ye’s Sword Domain actually showed signs of collapsing and being destroyed before frenzied attacks of the Void Rank slaughter intent!

“The Sword Domain! Unfortunately, your cultivation is too low, so you’re unable to take full control of it.” The voice resounded once more within Yang Ye’s mind, “Yang Ye, you’re a man who loves to slaughter. We are a match made in heaven. You just have to submit to me, and no one in this world will be able to resist our joint forces! Stop resisting me! Stop hesitating! Submit and I’ll grant you endless strength!”

“How powerful!” Yang Ye’s heart shook when he saw that even his Sword Domain was actually unable to suppress the Void Rank slaughter intent that came from within him. He knew that he was truly in deep trouble this time. Because not to mention him, even a Saint couldn’t resist the strength of a treasure like Heaven’s Gravestone which was a Quasi Emperor Rank sword. Now wonder no one dared to try and obtain it after the founding ancestor of the Ancient Sword School left!

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, they didn’t dare to!What should I do?

Yang Ye had quite an anxious expression on his face when he sensed that the intent to slaughter and aura of evil had started to collide incessantly with his mind. Suddenly, his eyes lit up because he realized that he’d actually almost forgotten the most important thing in his possession!

The tiny vortex!

Was Heaven’s Gravestone stronger than the tiny vortex?

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, not to mention that it was only a Quasi Emperor Rank sword, it would be impossible for Heaven’s Gravestone to be superior to the tiny vortex even if it was an Emperor Rank sword. After all, how could a mere sword compare to something that even the Heaven Dao feared?

Yang Ye pondered deeply when he thought up to this point, and then he said, “I can submit to you, but you have to help me do something. Succeed, and I’ll submit to you and accept your strength! Otherwise, I’ll refuse even if it kills me!”

A long moment of silence ensued before Heaven’s Gravestone’s voice resounded once more in Yang Ye’s mind, “What do you need?”

Yang Ye said, “See that tiny vortex within me. It has been living within me and constantly taking my profound energy, causing my cultivation to be unable to improve swiftly. But I’m unable to remove it because I’m too weak. We can join forces if you can remove it for me or destroy it, alright?”

“A tiny vortex?” Heaven’s Gravestone’s voice carried a trace of bewilderment, and it pondered deeply for a long time before it said, “You’ll really be willing to submit to me if I help you eliminate it?”

Yang Ye spoke with absolute certainty, “Of course!”

Heaven’s Gravestone remained silent for a long time before it said, “Alright, I’ll help you eliminate it.”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Where’s your physical body?” Even though the sword in his hand was huge and wasn’t weaker to a Divine Rank sword at all, his intuition told him that it wasn’t Heaven’s Gravestone’s true body.

“I don’t have one!” Heaven’s Gravestone continued, “I exist while blood exists, and so long as the Heart of Slaughter remains or isn’t purified, then I will remain eternal. So, we can be considered to be one now!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched upon hearing this. This fellow is bound to me now!

“I’ll help you deal with that tiny vortex right now!” As soon as it finished speaking, a ray of red light swept out from Yang Ye’s heart and surged towards the tiny vortex.

Yang Ye watched as it charged into the tiny vortex.

A breath of time passed. 2 breaths of time passed. 3 breaths of time passed….


Suddenly, the tiny vortex revolved, and then an invisible force shot out from within it and instantly slammed against Yang Ye’s heart.

“AH!!” An extremely miserable and shrill cry resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, and even Yang Ye’s mind blurred and was almost knocked out from the collision.

“Ah!! What is that thing!? What is that!?” Heaven’s Gravestone’s horrified voice resounded incessantly within Yang Ye’s mind.

It didn’t just carry horror, it was even trembling as if Heaven’s Gravestone had encountered something terrifying.

Heaven’s Gravestone’s miserable cries gradually weakened, and they were soft like the buzz of a mosquito in the end.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s mind was extremely dizzy and heavy as if it was filled with lead. He really wanted to fall into deep sleep, but he didn’t dare to let that happen. Because he was afraid that Heaven’s Gravestone would take control of him again if he fell asleep, and then he would become a complete puppet for slaughter.

Yang Ye forcefully endured the intense pain in his heart and the heavy feeling in his head, and he activated his Void Rank sword intent to suppress the slaughter intent within him.

At this moment, Heaven’s Gravestone was heavily injured, and it was his best opportunity to regain control.

Ocean of Clouds City.

A dense ocean of demon beasts stood outside the city, and it was an army formed from the forces of the Python Clan, Welkin Wolf Clan, and Steel Ape Clan. The forces of the 3 clans of demon beasts were respectively stationed outside the main gates, the northern gates, and the southern gates. Moreover, the gazes in the eyes of all the demon beasts here simply seemed like they were waiting to devour everything within the city.

In Ocean of Clouds City.

Shang Yunxi, the other Saints of Ocean of Clouds Academy, and Zhu Yuan were standing on the city walls at the main gates while Yu Wushuang, Shang Qingying, and Oblivion Maiden stood by their sides.

“Ocean of Clouds Academy, it’s time to die!” Welkin Wolf Demon King’s voice resounded from high above in the sky.


Countless demon beasts howled, and then they charged towards the city.

At this moment, there was no need for them to waste their breaths at all.

“Capture Yu Wushuang alive. Slaughter the others without mercy!” Elder Yun from Sky Divine Palace gazed at Yu Wushuang who stood on the city walls.

“I’ll take care of these 2 fellows. I’ll leave the rest to all of you. We’ll fight to the bloody end today.” As soon as Shang Yunxi finished speaking, his figure flashed and charged towards Elder Mo and Elder Yun.

“You’re courting death!” Both of them grunted coldly as they attacked simultaneously, and they fought for a moment before entering a pocket of space with Shang Yunxi.

“Let me see who can save your academy today!” Welkin Wolf Demon King laughed coldly and was about to attack. However, his expression suddenly changed slightly, and he looked up into the horizon. There was a slight black dot in the horizon, and it was growing larger. It took less than a breath of time for a colossus to appear in the sky above the city.

It was a dragon! A dragon of legend!

A completely pitch black dragon had appeared above the city, and it was even at the Saint Rank!


The dragon suddenly roared furiously towards the ground below, and a strand of Dragon Pressure rained down from above. In an instant, all the attacking demon beasts laid flat on the ground.

The expressions of Welkin Wolf Demon King and the others changed drastically, and they revealed solemn and fearful expressions in their eyes.

The forces of Ocean of Clouds City were delighted instead. Even though they were quite stunned by this sudden turn of events, and they didn’t know why a dragon had appeared here, it didn’t matter to them because the dragon had acted against the demon beasts!

The black dragon descended slowly, and it stopped in midair outside the city. Meanwhile, everyone here was astounded to realize that a man was standing on the dragon’s back.

Oblivion Maiden’s beautiful brows were pressed slightly together as she spoke softly, “It’s him!”

Yu Wushuang heard Oblivion Maiden and immediately asked, “You know him? Who is he?”

Oblivion Maiden glanced at Yu Wushuang, and then she hesitated for a moment before she said, “The Lu Clan!”

The Lu Clan? Yu Wushuang frowned. She was about to inquire more about the Lu Clan, but the man on the dragon suddenly spoke, “Yang Ye, show yourself and come with me.”

His voice carried an indisputable tone!

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