Chapter 997 – Where’s Yang Ye?

Almighty Sword Domain

The man wore luxurious and embroidered clothes, and a jade belt. He had straight eyebrows that were slanted upwards, a gaze that was cold as ice, and a tall and thin figure. He seemed noble like a brilliant sun that hung high above in the sky.


That was the feeling which everyone sensed from the man. As he stood on the back of the black dragon and looked down upon everyone on the ground below, he seemed like a god who was looking down at mortals.

Because of the arrival of the man in embroidered clothes and the black dragon, both the forces of Ocean of Clouds City and the army of demon beasts had stopped. No matter which side it was, they didn’t dare to act rashly until they confirmed whether the man in embroidered clothes and the black dragon were their friends of foes!

“Where’s Yang Ye?” The man in embroidered clothes frowned when he saw no one respond from within the city, and he asked the same question again.

Instructor Zhuo hesitated for a moment, and then he asked, “May I know why you’re looking for Yang Ye?”

Even though the man was only a high rank Half-Saint, Instructor Zhuo didn’t dare underestimate the man. Because since the man could stand on the back of a member of the dragon race that was renowned throughout the Radiant Dimension for their pride, it was sufficient to tell him a huge number of things.

“You don’t need to know!” The man in embroidered clothes glanced coldly at Instructor Zhuo, and he didn’t have any intention to show respect even if Instructor Zhuo was a Saint, “My time is precious, and I don’t want to waste it here. Make him come here now, right now!” His voice still carried an indisputable tone, and it even carried a trace of ghastly coldness.

Instructor Zhuo’s face instantly turned livid when he heard this. As a Saint, when had he been treated like this? If it was at any other ordinary time, he would have attacked even if the man had a Saint Realm dragon beneath him. After all, the dignity of a Saint allowed no disrespect. However, it was a critical moment for the war between Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, so he exercised forbearance in the end!

Instructor Zhuo forcefully suppressed the rage in his heart and spoke coldly, “Yang Ye isn’t in the city right now. Please go somewhere else if you want to find him!”

“Roar!” Suddenly, the black dragon roared furiously at Instructor Zhuo, and a wave of flames sprayed forward and shot towards Instructor Zhuo.

Instructor Zhuo’s expression changed slightly when this happened, and he swiftly slapped his right palm forward. A huge energy palm flashed forward and collided with the flames.


An explosion resounded as Instructor Zhuo’s attack was instantly dispersed, and the flames weren’t slowed down at all as they instantly slammed against Instructor Zhuo.


A mouthful of blood sprayed from Instructor Zhuo’s mouth while he moved backwards repeatedly, and he was pushed around 3km back before he was finally able to stop himself!

Everyone in the city was shocked by this scene!

As for Welkin Wolf Demon King and the others, they were overjoyed. Because it was sufficient to prove that the black dragon and the man in embroidered clothes weren’t friends of the academy. They were enemies!

The other 3 Saints from the academy shot up into the air and surrounded the black dragon and the man. However, they didn’t attack. One of the Saints from the academy spoke solemnly, “Who are you? Why are you acting against my academy!?”

The man glanced at the Saint from the academy and said, “Acting against your academy? You think too highly of your academy. I don’t want to waste time, and I don’t want to go searching for Yang Ye. I don’t care how you do it, just make Yang Ye come see me right away. If he doesn’t come here in a breath of time, then I’ll kill a hundred people; if he doesn’t come here in 10 breaths of time, I’ll kill a thousand. I’ll kill until there’s no one left in your city!”

The expressions of the Saints from the academy changed. Meanwhile, Welkin Wolf Demon King’s voice resounded once more, “My Welkin Wolf Mountain Range’s forces are willing to help you keep them occupied!”

The man glanced at Welkin Wolf Demon King and said, “Allowed!”

Welkin Wolf Demon King was delighted when he heard this, and then he gazed at the Saints of the academy, “Stop them from interfering!”

The Saints behind him immediately charged towards the Saints of the academy when they heard his command, and it didn’t take long for all 8 of them to enter pockets of space.

Welkin Wolf Demon King gazed at Zhu Yuan who was the final Saint on Ocean of Clouds Academy’s side, and he said, “Do you want to enter a pocket of space with me?”

Zhu Yuan’s face was gloomy, but he remained silent.

Welkin Wolf Demon King laughed coldly while a wisp of ridicule hung on the corners of his mouth.

“Kill!” The man gazed at the city below.

As soon as he spoke, the black dragon raised its claw and swung it down towards the city below, and then over 100 people were transformed into mush.

Everyone in the city was horrified by the sight of this!

Zhu Yuan’s eyelids twitched. He hadn’t expected the man to actually kill the inhabitants of the city. He glanced at the man, and then he glanced at the black dragon before lowering his head slightly while his gaze flickered. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Continue!” The man’s voice resounded again.

The black dragon raised its claw and swung it down again.


A few hundred in the city instantly exploded apart. Countless people were shocked and horrified, and they started to flee in all directions. In an instant, the entire city was in chaos.

Meanwhile, one of the old men by Welkin Wolf Demon King’s side asked in a low voice, “Should we attack?”

Welkin Wolf Demon King glanced at the man in embroidered clothes and the black dragon, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before he shook his head, “That fellow is a proud person. He’ll definitely feel displeased if we attack. There’s no need to offend him right now. Moreover, I want to wait for Yang Ye to show himself as well!” As he finished speaking, Welkin Wolf Demon King’s face had instantly turned gloomy, and his voice carried ghastly killing intent.

Yang Ye had caused the deaths of countless wolf demons, killed his children and wife, and even robbed his treasury. He truly hated Yang Ye to the bone. Moreover, he’d sworn on his soul that he would remain at the Saint Realm for eternity if he couldn’t kill Yang Ye.

Howls of sorrow and fear resounded throughout the city!

On the walls in the direction of the main gates, Yu Wushuang’s face was ghastly pale as she watched the scene before her eyes. For the very first time, she felt how tiny she was. All the wisdom in the world was useless before absolute strength. Just like this very moment. Even someone as intelligent as her could only watch as the residents of the city were slaughtered!

Meanwhile, Oblivion Maiden who stood by Yu Wushuang’s side suddenly asked, “Will he come back?”

Yu Wushuang was slightly stunned, and then she nodded, “I don’t want him to come back, but he definitely will.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear!” Oblivion Maiden nodded slightly, and then she lowered her head and started to pet the fox in her arms while revealing a gentle gaze in her eyes.

Yu Wushuang gazed at Oblivion Maiden when she heard this, and she stared straight at Oblivion Maiden, “You hope that he comes back?”

Oblivion Maiden nodded.

The corners of Yu Wushuang’s eyes twitched upon hearing this. She sized up Oblivion Maiden, and a long time passed before a trace of vigilance appeared in her eyes.

At this moment, she suddenly noticed that the woman who stood before seemed to have been too composed since the very beginning!

In the abyss.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground while he emanated sharp Void Rank sword intent. At this moment, his hair and body had returned to normal. However, the tiny blood red sword on the center of his forehead still remained there, and that mark made him look quite strange.

The violet mink and Snowy who’d regained consciousness were by Yang Ye’s side. She instantly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart when she saw Yang Ye return to normal. But she still didn’t dare approach Yang Ye as she was really afraid of causing a mishap. As for Snowy, she was hiding behind the violet mink, and she was looking at Yang Ye with slight fear in her eyes.

Even though Yang Ye’s outer appearance had returned to normal and seemed to be fine now, that wasn’t the case at all. At this moment, Yang Ye’s heart was still dark red in color, and it emanated terrifying slaughter intent that made even his heart palpitate. His Void Rank sword intent had gained the upper hand because Heaven’s Gravestone had been heavily injured, so he was utilizing his Void Rank sword intent to purify his Heart of Slaughter!

Was the Heart of Slaughter strong? It was extremely strong, of course. His Void Rank slaughter intent was simply capable of crushing his Void Rank sword intent while it was supported by the Heart of Slaughter! But no matter how strong it was, it wasn’t something he could keep. Why? Because it wasn’t something he’d attained through his own cultivation. It was something Heaven’s Gravestone had created within him. So, if he didn’t purify it, then Heaven’s Gravestone might stage a comeback and try to take control of him at any time!

So, he had to purify the Heart of Slaughter!

However, after trying to purify it for over 4 hours, Yang Ye noticed that his efforts were of no effect at all. The Heart of Slaughter showed no signs of being purified!

Yang Ye’s brows were pressed tightly together. He hadn’t expected that Heaven’s Gravestone would create something like this, and that it would actually be so terrifying that even his Void Rank sword intent couldn’t do anything to it.

Yang Ye refused to give up, and he continued trying with his Void Rank sword intent. The Heart of Slaughter was an unstable variable within him. Because his intuition told him that so long as he dared to utilize his Slaughter Intent, then Heaven’s Gravestone would definitely awaken in an instant. His current strength was utterly insufficient to take control of Heaven’s Gravestone. So if it were to awaken, then he would almost definitely fall under its control!

He wanted to possess formidable strength, but he didn’t want to allow himself to be controlled and become an emotionless machine of slaughter.

Another 4 hours passed, yet the Heart of Slaughter still remained!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes, and there was a trace of helplessness in his eyes. No matter how hard he tried, the Heart of Slaughter remained tenacious. The facts of the situation proved that his Void Rank sword intent was completely helpless against it. If Heaven’s Gravestone hadn’t been heavily injured by the Primordial Pagoda, then not to mention attempting to purify the Heart of Slaughter, his sword intent wouldn’t even be able to resist his slaughter intent!

Yang Ye had no choice but to utilize his Void Rank sword intent to envelop the Heart of Slaughter in layers. The reason he did that was because he felt it would be slightly safer.

In short, he absolutely didn’t dare to utilize his slaughter intent now. Because utilizing it was equivalent to summoning Heaven’s Gravestone. That was something he absolutely couldn’t summon before he possessed absolute strength. Because he would truly lose all control if that happened!

A ray of violet light flashed, and the violet mink appeared in front of Yang Ye. She wrapped her arms around Yang Ye’s face, and then she ceaselessly rubbed her forehead against his nose while tears rolled down her eyes.

The slightly timid white colored little fellow was behind the violet mink. She wanted to come close to Yang Ye, but she seemed to be worried about something and dared not do that.

Yang Ye felt a wave of lingering fear as he gazed at the violet mink. After all, he’d almost killed her just now!

If he’d really done that, then he would live the remainder of his life in boundless pain! Fortunately, she’d been able to summon a trace of clarity from within him.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, rubbed the violet mink’s head, and then grabbed Snowy who was standing timidly behind the violet mink, “Alright, it’s fine now. Don’t worry, that won’t happen again.”

The violet mink hurriedly nodded. Yang Ye had truly been terrifying when he became like that just now, and she really didn’t want to see him like that again.

Snowy hurriedly nodded as well. Because she was really, really afraid of Yang Ye who’d turned red!

Yang Ye smiled. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something, and his expression changed, “Shit! The city!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished into the horizon with the violet mink and Snowy.

Ocean of Clouds City.

At this moment, a few hundred thousand human cultivators had lost their lives, and the death toll was still rising rapidly.

However, Yang Ye still hadn’t shown himself!

“He isn’t coming?” The man in embroidered clothes nodded slightly, and he said, “Let’s save ourselves the trouble and just slaughter the entire city!”

The entire city!

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