Chapter: 1025

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1025 - Killing Two, Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation

Amongst the people up there, only one old man was wearing luxurious clothes and holding onto a long sword. As for the rest of the people, some of them were bare-handed, some of them were holding staffs...

"Buddha Sect really has a strong background. To think that out of the people who had been activated this time around, the weakest ones all had a strength of about 5,000 stars. Buddha Sect really thinks well of me." Qing Shui drew out his Big Dipper Sword.

Qing Shui unleashed his spiritual sense and started to check out their cultivation. Although they were very strong, with the weakest ones having a strength of 5,000 stars, the strongest one only had a strength of 6,500 stars.

It might be because Qing Shui was now able to say that they were only 6,500 stars. Those who were able to unleash a power of 6,500 stars in this five continents were at the top of the pyramid. This was the true first wave from the Buddha Sect. However, it seemed that they valued him quite a lot since they had sent out people who were from the Elder Association.

Qing Shui stood there not moving, but just quietly looked toward the opposite. He wasn't worried since these people were no match for him. However, he still had to get things settled.

"Why are you guys here?" Qing Shui asked, feigning ignorance.

In the five continents, no one would dare to go up against Buddha Sect. Even an existence like Demon Gate would admit that they were inferior to Buddha Sect. However, Buddha Sect would not attempt to wipe out Demon Gate.

"Young man, you really astonish me. I wonder what kind of aristocrat clan or sect is able to bring up such a great character like yourself. Even I don't wish to hurt you and hope to see what astonishing progress you'll be able to make in the future." The old man in the lead was wearing plain clothes and looked amiable. He exuded a dignified aura.

Hearing the old man's words, Qing Shui smiled, "Thank you for your compliments. How may I address you?"

"I'm from Buddha Sect's Elder Association. You can just call me old man." The old man seemed very easy to get along with.

"I have heard a little of Buddha Sect too. Buddha Sect's policy is to show pity for the people, but it seems that this is not the case. Sir, what do you think of Buddha Sect's actions this time around?" Qing Shui didn't panic and continued to speak slowly.

"Young man, we can't always just look at the appearance of things. There's no absolute in this world. There is Buddha even in hell, and there’s evil amongst Buddhas too. Love can exist on a greater universal scale as well as a smaller scale with the people around you. Buddha loves humans, but sometimes there's a need to make minor sacrifices for the greater good. Young man, don't you think this is the case?" The old man stood 100 meters away, as he continued to smile and said.

Right now, both sides were high up in the end. When Qing Shui heard the old man's words, he also understood that just like how there were soldiers who would fight for their cause at the risks of their lives, sometimes there was a need to sacrifice some people to open up a route so that the rest of the troops would have lesser sacrifices. This was just an analogy. For example, right now, for the greater good Buddha Sect was going to sacrifice Huoyun Liu-Li.

However, could Qing Shui agree to this? Even if he were to be asked to make a choice between sacrificing the entire Buddha Sect and Huoyun Liu-Li, Qing Shui would definitely pick sacrificing Buddha Sect without any hint of hesitation.

He wouldn't consider so much. He wasn't a person with great mercy and compassion, nor was he a sacred person. What he wanted was very simple, for his friends and family to be well. Of course, he wouldn't commit heinous crimes for no reason at all and would still help people who needed help. He liked to help people, but he would definitely not sacrifice people who were close to him in order to help others.

"Sir, I heard that the nine branches of Buddha Sect seem to be facing fierce competition internally as well. I feel that this time around, it's not worth it for you guys to be standing up for Buddha Sword Sect." Qing Shui was stunned for a moment before he then looked at the old man and said, his tone quite leisurely.

"The relationship between the nine branches in Buddha Sect is very good. We're united toward external threats, and this is one of the reasons why Buddha Sect has been able to prosper for very long."

"Then do you want to say your purpose for coming today?" Qing Shui smiled and said. He really didn't feel any anxiety that one would usually feel before the start of a battle. It might be because they weren't sufficient to be of threat to him.

"To take Huoyun Liu-Li away with us. I can promise her safety." The old man hesitated before saying seriously.

"Haha, do you know the reason why I've come to Central Continent this time around?"

"Please do say."

"I'm actually here to bring away two people with me. One of them is Mo Hongluo from Demon Gate, as for the other one, you should know who the person is."

"You want to take Huoyun Peng away? That's impossible." The old man looked at Qing Shui in astonishment.

Buddha Sect and Demon Gate would constantly take note of each other's movements, which was why they knew of Huoyun Liu-Li very quickly. Qing Shui was furious when he heard of what Buddha Sect planned to do with Huoyun Liu-Li.

Even if having this old man saying it seemed to come out on a softer note, he was still furious. It was because Huoyun Liu-Li was his woman and if they were to want her woman's life or wish to imprison her, they were courting death.

"We'll know in the future if it's possible or not. It's just that you guys might not get to see that day. I'd said it before, it's a wrong decision for you guys to come here this time. Buddha Sect is very powerful, but it isn't invincible. Otherwise, you guys wouldn't be struggling so much in the other four continents." Qing Shui threw a vague statement out.

Qing Shui wanted them to make wild guesses.

A hint of uneasiness appeared on the old man's face, but they still couldn't believe that Qing Shui would be able to stop them. It's been a while, and they should be making their moves soon.

"Young man, let's let our power talk. We've wasted quite a bit of time too." Earlier, the changes in the old man's expression had only flashed by, and right now it had returned back to normal.

"Since that's the case, I won't go easy on you. A person's life and death are all fated."

Qing Shui held the Big Dipper Sword, circulated his powers to the maximum, and then, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant let out a huge roar toward the skies.

Vajra Subdues Demons!

Right now, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's Vajra Subdues Demons could be applied to a small area and it affected over ten people in the surroundings.

A weakening impact of 10% was not bad!

The people opposite instantly started to surround Qing Shui.

Qing Shui hadn't expected them to attack at the same time without holding back. He sensed the huge pressure that was suddenly coming from all directions.

Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp!

Almost instantly, streams of black colored waves like things scattered out in all directions. Out of the ten people around, two of them had stopped moving completely.


Two of them had actually been struck with dizziness. The chances of this happening were not high and Qing Shui would naturally not let the opportunity go to waste. With a flash, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant charged out toward one of the two old men.

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack!

Combination Sword Technique!

Concurrently, a Coldsteel Bead shot out toward the old man behind him!


Everything happened in an instant. Since all of them had attacked at once, using killer moves right from the very start, Qing Shui would naturally not go easy on them either. When dealing with Buddha Sect, there wasn't any other way out except to kill.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was fantastic, especially with its Instantaneous Dragon Elephant Evasion right now. Qing Shui was able to get out from being surrounded by them and dropped two of them within a short moment.

Qing Shui didn't feel much pressure to be dealing with people of their level. He didn't even use his Emperor's Qi. After all, under dizziness and in a defenseless situation, his opponents' weak spots wouldn't be able to withstand an attack from Qing Shui. Their heads and throats would be extremely weak. Moreover, right now, Qing Shui was much more powerful than them.

The fact that Qing Shui had wiped out two of them in a short moment made the people from Buddha Sect feel astonished, fury, and terror. What kind of technique was this? It was almost instant, and there was still that terrifying pearl like thing which had caused the person's head to just explode.

The two killed were powerful Martial Emperors who had a strength of over 5,000 stars, not some vegetable which could be chopped off easily. To think that two of them died just like that. Even Buddha Sect would feel pained at the loss of two people at their level. This impact didn't feel realistic since they had always been the people standing at the very top. To them, no matter where in the five continents they were at, the ten of them would all be top-notch existences and were formidable.

When they saw Qing Shui's speed and his incisiveness, two of the old men frowned, their expressions changed, and one of them shouted out.

"Set up the formation!"

The remaining eight people immediately stood in different positions as a formless power slowly grew between them. After a short moment, a layer of gold light appeared.

Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation !

Qing Shui was stunned. To think that this formation could allow them to break through the world's regulations by 1,000 stars. It was no wonder that Buddha Sect could afford to be so arrogant. To think that they had something so powerful backing them up. 1,000 stars was a strength that would usually need the person to have an additional strength of 10,000 stars. A powerful formation could let many people gain more power...

In the five continents, Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation was definitely an extremely strong formation. In the five continents, any formations or martial techniques that could allow one to break the world's rules would all be extremely extravagant stuff.

The reason Buddha Sect could be where it was today, was all due to their power!

Qing Shui know also knew that powerful sects or clans would more or less work with formations and it was rumored that in the other four continents, powerful formations could increase one's strength by multiple folds, or even over ten folds. The formations there were much more powerful.

Qing Shui didn't dare to be careless and unleashed the aura from all over his body. This was a very good battle experience. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant once again let out a loud cry.

Diamond Sword Qi!

Eight streams of faint golden colored sword Qi locked the opponents down.

The Diamond Sword Qi had changed. In the past, it was a faint red color and it could only target a single person. However, it could now be applied to multiple targets. The Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack was performed, but it no longer allowed one's attacking prowess to increase the impact of the Diamond Sword Qi. It might be related to the fact that it could now be performed on multiple targets.

However, the Diamond Sword Qi was still very useful. It couldn't be dodged and reduced the opponent's speed by 20%. For a short period of time they would only be able to stay on the spot where they were, but they could still fend off attacks. This Diamond Sword Qi was already very powerful.

However, now that the opponents had set up the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation, Qing Shui felt a little depressed to see the effects of the Diamond Sword Qi and the earlier Vajra Subdues Demons disappearing.

To think that this formation also had the ability to fend off negative impacts.

Emperor's Qi!

Qing Shui was shocked and quickly performed the Emperor's Qi. If even the domineering Emperor's Qi was useless, then the situation would be very serious. It was fine for today's battle, but Qing Shui was scared that Buddha Sect had even greater cards up their sleeves.

20% weakening effect!

This time around, even the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation wasn't able to neutralize it, and Qing Shui felt at ease. The Emperor's Qi was domineering enough and after it had formed the Emperor's Qi Pellet, although there weren't any changes, it seemed to have slowly changed Qing Shui's body. For example, he was making faster progress in the Roc's Might and his spirit energy pressure seemed to be more domineering.

When Qing Shui was happy, the people opposite were on the tenterhooks. Not only was the strengthening effect of the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation removed, their strengths were reduced to varying degrees too. How could they not fear this? This young man's weakening techniques were too terrifying.


The old man knew that the longer they took, the more disadvantaged they would be. This young man was too monstrous.

Buddha Sabre Devours Blood!

The old man in the middle raised the golden-colored long sabre in his hands. However, this saber quickly turned into a blood-red color and his aura also rapidly increase. Although the world's rules pressuring down on him, the increase was still going on very quickly.

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