Chapter: 1026

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1026 - Beheading Ten People, Complete Fall Out

Tiger Lunge!

Qing Shui casted Tiger Lunge and an enormous white tiger roared and pounced towards the elderly man standing in the middle of the formation.


The light surrounding the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation blocked the white tiger’s power.

This formation seemed formidable, this formation was able to undergo a myriad of changes. Qing Shui had only mastered several formation skills, his Tiger Lunge’s power could not overcome the faint golden light.

The Tiger Form’s current strength under the laws of heaven and earth was only 5000 stars. At first, Qing Shui had only wanted to break his opponent’s formation, however looking at the current situation, to unravel this formation required a lot more strength. Previously, the Snowdance Blood Killing Formation was unravelled by his own Primordial Flame Drill. It would seem that the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation may be similar.

At the moment, Qing Shui did not want to expose his strength too early. Neither did he want to be overly reliant on his Arhat Rosary Beads. He wanted to train his actual combat, in this way he could solidify his own skills.


Standing in the middle of the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation, the elderly man slashed towards Qing Shui with a crimson sabre. The sabre slash created a giant afterimage, as if the afterimage was solid, releasing a crimson red glow. It was as though the slash, aimed towards Qing Shui, was meant for splitting mountain.

“What a formidable energy restriction force!”

As Qing Shui was thinking of evading, he felt a formidable energy restriction force. It was similar to how the girl trapped within the crystal coffin was under Spiritual Confinement. However, this Spiritual Confinement was nothing to Qing Shui, he had the Arhat Rosary Beads, Spirited Snake Turtle, Nature Energy and Yin-Yang Image, these were very powerful existences. The power of Arhat Rosary Beads and the spirited snake turtle reduced the Spiritual Confinement for Qing Shui greatly, by the time the opponent’s spiritual attack and spiritual pressure reached Qing Shui, the power was reduced by 70%.

Nine Palace Steps!

Since it was unable to restrict Qing Shui, Qing Shui managed to escape easily. Besides directly increasing power that ignores the rules of heaven and earth, Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation was able to greatly increase the power of those positioned within the eye of the formation, amplifying their powers. Further, the deadliest part about the formation was its Spiritual Confinement.

The power of the crimson sabre was immense, Qing Shui could feel an intensity of about seven thousand stars. If others were under Spiritual Confinement, they would have no means to escape. The Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation was the formation trump card of the Buddha Sect.

Qing Shui’s easy escape shocked the eight people within the formation, they could feel Qing Shui’s great speed and strength. For Qing Shui to have such strength at such a young age, he must be a talented genius. They were not worried because they still had Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation as the trump card. However, never would they have thought that a formation that could obstruct an eight thousand stars formation could not even stop this young man. How could this scene not have surprised them?

This young man had formidable spirit energy.

At first, they thought they could completely trap Qing Shui and kill him with a mere attack or two. However they realized he could easily escape and he was holding a long sword charging towards the light emitted from the formation. at this very m

Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation is very powerful and could quickly drain one’s energy but Qing Shui could actually evade it. This made the formation’s potential to kill drop by 30%, if the opponent used speed to escape and not launch an attack on them, they would not even drain his energy.

Combination Sword Technique!

Four Moves Combination Technique!



Qing Shui’s Big Dipper Sword and the opponent’s crimson sabre met, the immense power threw him away and using Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation once again launched an against Qing Shui.

He had already put away the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, firstly formidable Qing Shui used Taichi Diversion technique as well as State of Immovable as Mountains technique to let his physical body become formidable.

Qing Shui cursed in his heart, up to this stage the effect of the formation was intense. Combining people’s power together would result in a more than proportionate increase in power.

Of course, it was impossible to channel everyone’s strength into one person, a combination could only increase everyone’s powers as a whole.

One of the many aspects was that several people’s strength were rapidly increased, just like the old man in the eye of the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation, his strength increased dramatically, the rest were only helping to sustain the operation of the formation.

The moment Qing Shui retreated, the opponent caught up. Looking at the golden light forming, he took a deep breath, if not for Nine Palace Steps, he could have been injured already…...

Nine Palace Shift!

Qing Shui took a step forward and waved his Big Dipper Sword.

Sword of Sixth Wave!

Bang bang… ...

An alarming string of explosions rang out, Qing Shui felt better. Even though he retreated, his opponent also withdrew a little. The thing that cheered Qing Shui up was that his Sword of Sixth Wave did not manage a doubled effect.

Next step would be easier, just endlessly bombard. To sustain the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation would drain a large amount of energy and as his own strength improved, the energy consumption would increase as well, especially for such a robust formation.


Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation dispersed, the faces of the people inside the formation turned pale, the corner of their mouths had blood. The previous Sword of Sixth Wave showed amplification of effect once again, furthermore, the people in the formation were trying to forcefully hang on.

Qing Shui commanded the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant once again!

Even though the opponent’s faces were deathly pale, they were not careless, the elder screamed “Old Seventh, we stay, the rest leave!”

Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp!

With one loud screech, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant ducked out of the way immediately and Qing Shui flashed out his Big Dipper Sword, the Sword of Sixth Wave.

Without the formation and with the debuff from Emperor’s Qi, Qing Shui and his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant appeared among them, he swung the Big Dipper Sword. Within a moment, his opponents suffered a crushing defeat.

One even died on the spot!


The elder screamed and charged straight at Qing Shui. He was the leader, even if he had to sacrifice his life, he wished for the people around him to be able to escape in time. As the Grand Elder was part of the Diamond Sect, if these people all lost their lives, he could predict that he would have to step down from his role.

Qing Shui glanced at the old man who reeked of blood, perhaps they had their reasons but he knew he couldn’t be soft hearted. It was kill or be killed, Qing Shui had no intention of letting any of them leave.

Nine Palace Steps. Within the Nine Palace, he was the Master!

The powers of these people were weakened greatly to the point where it was a fraction of the original strength. Qing Shui continued to combat while using Nine Palace Steps. Every attack was able to inflict serious injury, furthermore, he had the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Using Emperor Qi and Vajra Subdues Demons, these people were easy to defeat. However, Qing Shui had a heavy heart, which was the appearance of Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation.

This formation is very powerful, if not for the tyranny of Emperor Qi’s, he would have released his trump card earlier. At the same time, this would increase his burden, since weakening the opponent by 20% was very scary.

One didn’t run away, this time he completely fell out with the Buddha Sect. Qing Shui did not feel discomfort, they brought it upon themselves. Next, no matter what they prepared, even if they did not come after him, Qing Shui would go find them.

The corpses were handled by the city officials and sent to Buddha Sect. Of course, it was done with Qing Shui’s consent. He kept the Interspatial Silk Sachets as his spoils of war.

Qing Shui went back to Qing residence, he did not let his kids know about his battles previously, this time he won the battle. His family members were happy for him, however at the same time they were nervous because they knew Buddha Sect’s power.

Huoyun Liuli was hugging Qing Yu as they walked out, covering her daughter’s eyes. Besides the kids couldn’t see clearly either, they weren’t tall enough.

After simple greetings, they left for the lounge!


The news was spread at lightning speed, ten men of at least Grade Five Martial Emperor were gone just like that, how can it not be stunning?

After learning this news, Demon Gate was incomparably excited, the elder felt that this decision was right. He felt that Qing Shui alone will be able to cause havoc in Buddha Sect, so much so that their ability was dramatically weakened.

“Dad, Qing Shui’s ability is really beyond expectations,” Mo Hongluo looked at the elder and said casually, with noticeable anticipation in his eyes.

“Hong Luo, your wishes are going to be fulfilled, you have given birth to a great daughter,” the elder laughed.

Mo Hongluo looked out of the window, with a hopeful state of mind, he seemed to have seen a familiar silhouette.

“Is he alright, did he remarry again…”

She was isolated here. All these years she never questioned the outside world. In her life, she held the last bit of hope that she would one day see her daughter. This had rekindled her will to live.

In any case, she felt satisfied, she knew she finally had the will to live once again.


Buddha Sect Elder Association!

One of the elders among the seats had an ashen face, the elder looked as pale as ever. He was wearing a dazzling golden gown, his white hair was a little messy. He had a pair of eyes that had witness far too much. However, currently he was trembling in anger.

“Grand Elder! That lad went overboard, he killed ten of our Buddha Sect Elders… …” One of the elders said in an indignant manner.

Even though everyone was angered, it was still acceptable. Among those ten who were killed, two of them were from Diamond Sect, one of each from the other Sects. The elder who spoke up was also from Diamond Sect.

Even though the Elder was angry, he considered the Grand Elder and the elder from Buddha Sword Sect.

If anyone had seen the numbers of elders that were present, they would definitely be astonished by the presence of nearly a hundred of them. Everyone that was present had at least a strength of five thousand stars. If any of them travelled to any cities, they would be an existence similar to a lord of the place. This was some of Buddha Sect’s insider information.

“Grand Elder, we should hurry up and kill that lad, if not our Buddha Sect’s reputation will be tarnished,” one elder, wearing a golden monastery robe and carrying a long sword, said cautiously.

Grand Elder harboured hatred against Buddha Sword Sect, if this issue could not be settled, not only would he have to lose his Grand Elder position, Diamond Sect would also be greatly affected.

Since he took up the responsibility of this mess that Buddha Sword Sect had caused, he looked at the rest of the elders and said, “ Do you elders have any advice to offer?”

“Grand Elder, I’ve heard about Diamond Sect having an outsider disciple named Yao Seng. After his transformation, he could neglect the rules of heaven and earth for a short period of time, I’m sure he has the ability to kill that Qing Shui,” an elder laughed, exposing his big belly.

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