Chapter: 1027

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1027 - The Little Venerable of Diamond Sect, Diamond Body

When they heard what the fat monk baring his stomach said, the rest of the elders looked toward the Grand Elder, with strange expressions on their faces.. After all, the relationship between their sects was very complicated. While each of them wanted to strive for benefits for their own sect, they still needed to work together with the other sects.

The Grand Elder looked at the Elder who resembled Maitreya. Perhaps due to him being extremely fat and extremely fair, with no hair on his head nor having a beard and only having long snow white eyebrows,he seemed younger than the others and appeared especially benevolent.

Besides the Elder that spoke, there were around ten other Elders who were dressed similarly. They were all from the Joyous Meditation Sect and were extremely strong within the Buddha Sect.

The Grand Elder furrowed his brows. He knew he had reached a point where he had to listen to the suggestions of others. Otherwise, he would risk losing the position of Grand Elder and embarrass the Diamond Sect.

“All of you have my promise on this matter. However, I still need to persuade him. Even though he is a disciple of the Diamond Sect, he is the Diamond Reverend’s sole disciple. In fact, that is just an empty title. All of you know what kind of a person the Diamond Reverend is.” the Grand Elder said helplessly.


Diamond Sect

“Sect Master, I did not think that this matter would end up at the current state either. It seems that my time as Grand Elder has reached its end. However, this matter still has to be settled.” the Grand Elder said to a tall Elder while standing on the peak of the mountain.

Regardless of the height of Diamond Sect, they all looked very strong and had a broad build. The main focus of the Diamond Sect’s martial technique was the refinement of the body and their powerful strength was very terrifying indeed.

“It is a good idea to ask Little Venerable to lend a hand. Little Venerable is very strong and even has a ‘Diamond Body’. However, considering that Qing Shui could break through the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation, the Little Venerable’s odds of victory is not big. By doing so they are just trying to force the Diamond Reverend to act.” The Sect Master of the Diamond Sect said with a sigh.

“Sect Master, Ancestor Diamond Reverend has already stopped getting involved in the Diamond Sect’s matters anymore. What should we do?” the Grand Elder sulked. He was the Sect Master’s Martial Uncle but was two generations beneath the Diamond Reverend.

“What else can we do. I will seek his instruction. No matter what, this is the entire Buddha Sect’s problem. If he does not care then we will resign from the position as Grand Elder and let whoever who wants to torment torment us.”

Within the inner areas of the Diamond Sect, there was practically nobody around. The Diamond Sect’s Sect Master walked in quickly and saw a silhouette shadow boxing in a slow motion from a distance.

If strangers had seen what he was seeing, they would all be shocked. This was a huge fatty that was about two meters and twenty centimeters tall. His body was as wide as two men. He seemed to weigh at least six hundred jin or even more as his entire body was akin to an iron tower. He had a huge head and eyes that seemed honest and simple but not at all dull and even seemed quick-witted, giving others a perception that he was still young.

Both his arms were bigger than the legs of an adult. The strength emitted from his fist strikes seemed to be able to cause a small mountain to collapse. Not far from him was a three meter long golden club forged from otherworldly meteorites which was as wide as an adult’s leg. All of a sudden, he looked into the distance and saw a silhouette walking towards him.

“Grand Martial Uncle!”

The Sect Master of the Diamond Sect greeted the big sized monk with a smile. He didn’t have a choice but to smile as the monk was the Diamond Reverent’s disciple.

“Sect Master, you have come!” His voice was so loud, akin to a thunderclap.

“Where is the Old Ancestor?” The Diamond Sect’s sect Master asked the giant-like monk.

“Master has gone to the back of the mountain, but I reckon that he will be back soon.”

The Sect Master of the Diamond Sect took a seat nearby, pondering how he should broach the matter as he waited for the Diamond Reverend to return. The Diamond Reverend had instructed that nobody was to allowed to order the Little Venerable to do anything. If there was any problem, they would have to look for the Diamond Reverend.

After two hours, a tall and sturdy old man appeared. His build was big as well, comparable to the Little Venerable. Standing there, he also looked like an iron tower.

The old man had a full head of black and white hair, a broad forehead, big eyes, long eyebrows, a wide mouth and was full of power.

“Old Ancestor!”

The Sect Master of the Diamond Sect stood up and greeted the old man with respect.

“Alright, speak. You will not be here if there isn’t a problem.” the old man said while sitting at the side.

After the Sect Master of the Diamond Sect had explained the matter with some exaggeration, the Diamond Reverend couldn’t help but furrow his brows. However, when he saw his disciple practicing diligently in the distance, his face lit up with a smile.

This disciple of his had an affinity with him. The previous time he headed out, he came across this little fat boy with a Diamond body. Presently, this boy had reached a frightening level.

“Alright, I know what to do. I will take a look at it tomorrow.” replied the Diamond Reverend.

The Sect Master of the Diamond Sect left happily. Anything could be settled as long as the Old Ancestor stepped in.


The current Qing Shui was still rather relaxed. Af first, Di Qing had wanted to head home, only to be stopped by Qing Shui who wanted her to wait until the matter was solved.

The two of them stood in a side courtyard which was Di Qing’s personal courtyard. The Ming Clan’s manor was very big and was filled with many smaller courtyards. Currently, Qing Shui and Di Qing were drinking tea within the pavilion that was above a pond. They were able to see all the fishes and prawns within the pond, the environment was clean and quiet.

Qing Shui sat opposite Di Qing and played with one of her hands. Di Qing’s hands were like sparkling jade, her fingers slim and slender. Holding her soft hands in his palms made his heart itch.

Di Qing let him play with her hands however he wanted. Although the both of them were currently not husband and wife and neither were they overly intimate, they both understood each other’s heart. Di Qing knew that in this lifetime, the both of them would no longer be apart.

“Have you played enough?” Di Qing exasperatedly asked Qing Shui after a long while.

“Even a lifetime isn’t enough. Come, give your husband a kiss!” Qing Shui directly moved over and embraced Di Qing’s slender waist.

Di Qing stared blankly. All along, she was the one who teased Qing Shui. In the past, he had always seeked to avoid her. However, now that they had cleared the air on their relationship, he had become even more thick skinned and would even take advantage of her during the day.

“Ah, scoundred. Why are you in heat during the day!” Di Qing cried out in surprise but was bitten by Qing Shui on the lips.

This startled Di Qing. She didn’t know what happened to Qing Shui today that made him act this way. Although she was still as flustered, she was able to give a response quickly.

Qing Shui sucked her lips a little at a time. Di Qing had unknowingly been carried into his embrace with one of his hands already climbed up her firm and full bosom as he grabbed a handful of her well-rounded peaks.

Qing Di trembled, using her hand to grab and hold onto Qing Shui’s arm. Her peaceful and clear eyes were currently misted and she faintly gasped for breath. Her lovable face was blushed red as looked at Qing Shui, conflicted if she should be pleased or annoyed.

Qing Shui licked his lips, causing Di Qing to be even more embarrassed. She lightly hit him while exclaiming, “Rogue!”

Qing Shui’s hand was still on her bosom. Her white clothes made her seem like an immortal. As she was extremely closeby, it caused him to be somewhat unable to differentiate if she was Di Chen or Di Qing. Her snow-soft skin had a trace of blush, her long and slender neck leading to an impressive cleavage formed by her soft peaks.

The massacre earlier on had caused him to have a strange desire. At first, he did not want to devour Di Qing before Di Chen returned. However, now that he had already decided to go to the other four continents, he was afraid that if he couldn’t control himself and ended up with a child. That would mean that if he wanted to head to the other four continents, he could only do so after ten years unless there was another way to enter the other four continents.

Qing Shui grabbed her soft yet elastic full peaks while looking at Di Qing’s shy and delicate face. She had no strength to stop Qing Shui and could only hug him tightly so that he was unable to move about excessively.

The lower part of Qing Shui was already like to a javelin pushing against Di Qing’s well-rounded bottom, making her even more flustered than before.

His hand was already not satisfied being separated by Di Qing’s clothing. He then extended his hand into her clothing, directly grabbing the soft lump of snow which was bigger than his palm, it was smooth and full …...

“Qing Shui, not here ……”

Di Qing said while pressing anxiously on Qing Shui’s hand that was undoing her clothes.

Qing Shui paused, looking at the bashful woman: “Qing'er has bewitched me, I’m too impulsive.”

He helped Di Qing tie up her clothes before giving her a tight hug.

Seeing that Qing Shui had calmed down, Di Qing didn’t know what to feel. She longed to be in close contact with Qing Shui, yet she panicked, her thoughts in a whirl.

“Are you wishing that your husband devoured you now,” Qing Shui asked Di Qing playfully as he read her expression.

“I’m ignoring you, you rogue.” Di Qing buried her head in Qing Shui’s bosom immediately after replying.

“Sooner or later you will be my woman, nobody can steal you away. You can’t run away either. If you feel repressed, your husband...”

“Ah, go to hell. Only you will feel repressed...” Di Qing rebutted and pinched Qing Shui at the waist.

“Alright, alright. I feel repressed. Let me suck here then!” Qing Shui nibbled Di Qing’s ear, his hands stroking her stiff peaks.

Di Qing’s body trembled violently. What he said caused her to panic. She had once accidentally saw Qing Shui sucking on Huoyun Liu-Li’s breast once and thought he was drinking her milk. Even now she could not get that image out of her head. He wanted to suck her...

Qing Shui didn’t think that she would have such a big reaction. He thought about how a few of his other women and even Di Qing caught him in action, realising that she was thinking about those incidents. He stuck out his tongue and circled it around her jade-like ears. Di Qing suddenly found the strength to struggle free from Qing Shui. She gave Qing Shui a look of displeasure before walking toward the small house. After walking a few steps, she turned back and said, “I will not lock the doors tonight.”

She ran off as soon as she had finished her sentence.

Qing Shui smiled, watching the captivating beauty disappear before sighing. Looking down, although his body was ready, he still couldn’t afford to be absorbed into relationship matters as it would hinder his progress in the long run.

While the Qing Clan was cultivating, Qing Shui had already rode the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and flown into the skies away from the Qing Clan. In the battle that went on during the day, he used the State of One with Elephant that he had not used for a long time.

As the strength of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was insufficient in the past, there wasn’t much effect when using the State of One with Elephant and it even restricted his strength. It was different now as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was much more powerful and thus he could continue using the State of One with Elephant. Furthermore, the resulting strength was still acceptable.

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