Chapter: 1084

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1084 - Beitang Lie, Bewitching Flower Wave

The girls who heard the noise were all startled. Both Yu He and Di Qing hid Yiye Jiange behind them. Right at this moment, Fattie went ahead of them and immediately stood in between the girls and Lion King’s Ridge.

Now, Yiye Jiange’s heart was thumping. The reason why she asked Yu He and Di Qing to stand in front of her was because she recognized this middle-aged man. At that time, the man who was about to get married to her was also the young master of Lion King’s Ridge.

The young master of Lion King’s Ridge at that time, whether he was still the young master now was unclear, the reason being that this person caused the death of her family, hence Yiye Jiange could recognize this man with one glance. He looked exactly the same as himself many years ago.

She wasn’t scared, she was only worried for Luan Luan. Luan Luan was the hope of Yiye Clan. The reason she was the way she was now because she was worried of Luan Luan, also, the life of herself and her brother were all in exchange for their parents very life. Hence, for her dead parents, she had to appreciate her own life too.

“May I help you?”

Fattie stood up and questioned the middle-aged man in golden gown who was approaching them.

The middle-aged man in golden gown knitted his brows when he saw Fattie. He seemed to be unsatisfied with the fat person who blocked his path and responded in an upset tone: “I have some things that I would like to talk to the ladies about, please move aside.”

The man had a honorable status, never has he ever been stopped so forcefully by someone before. Especially at times when he was talking to women, no one would dare to stand in his path, nor would they even dare to interrupt him.

“If you have anything you would like to talk about, just talk about it here!”


As soon as Fattie finished speaking, his entire body got thrown out vigorously. His giant body scratched through the surface of the ground and formed a deep trench on the ground. It continued on until when it was about a hundred meters long.

“If you try to stop me again, you will die!” The man in golden gown looked at Fattie who was not far away from him and said. He once again moved his sight to the girls and made his way towards them.

“Fattie, are you alright?”

Wenren Wushuang and Hai Dongqing asked in a worried tone as they looked at Fattie stood back up. Simultaneously, they also looked at the approaching man furiously.

“Set up the formation!”

Yiye Jiange grinned her teeth and said.

Including Fattie, they swiftly went on to set up formation, the one that they’re trying to set up was the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation.

“Haha, even you guys are capable of setting up formations, why set up formation? Do you really think that one small formation is capable of stopping me? Yiye Jiange, you have given me quite the trouble trying to look for you!”

The man laughed really loudly. The things which he said gave the girls quite a shock. About Yiye Jiange’s past life, a few of them were aware of it. As Yiye Jiange heard that voice, she walked up to the front and coldly looked at the middle-aged man in golden gown with her beautiful pupils.

“Beitang Lie, you no longer need to look for me, the reason why I’m here right now is precisely to fight justice for Yiye Clan. And you Beitang Clan, you will have to pay back all of it in blood” Yiye Jiange said calmly.

Since Yiye Jiange could recognize Beitang Lie with one glance, it’s not weird that Beitang Lie could recognize her either.

“Hahaha! I admired what you said! But do you truly believe that you can get me to pay you back full in blood with your current strength? Stop joking! Do you not know the trouble I have to go through to find you? The trip to the Ancient Ruins this time has truly been worth it! Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, I will make you marry me in a grand way. This way, without saying anything, the grudges our family hold against each other will be resolved.” Beitang Lie once again broke out in laughter. He seemed to be in a lot of joy.

“Don’t you think what you said sounded really funny?” Yiye Jiange knitted her brows and asked.

“Funny? There is nothing that I Beitang Lie haven’t managed to do once I have said it. I am aware that you will never do as I wish even if it means death. But let me tell you this, even if you are dead, I will still marry you. Not only so, I will even touch you at night.” When Beitang Lie was almost about to finish his sentence, he sounded a bit cold.

“Hey, you, the guy with aquiline nose, you want to marry my auntie with that disgusting face of yours? In the past, I have only heard before that you have disgusting nose, but today when I finally get to see it, I think that’s just an understatement, it’s even worse than a dog’s nose!” Luan Luan couldn’t hold her anger and spoke up.

“You actually called her aunt? Are you the daughter of Yiye Tian? Well said!” Beitang Lie said furiously. There were seemingly flames in his eyes, causing him to look especially furious. There was also a kind of madness and fiery expression that couldn’t be described in words.

He hated people talking about his nose the most. This time, Luan Luan actually pointed right at it and criticized it. For a moment, he got triggered by it and was almost unable to control his anger. He was really powerful, additionally, he also thought himself as someone who has really great self-control. Despite so, even he who has lived like a prince for many years was for a moment unable to restrain himself.

“Isn’t she….?”

“Precisely, I am Yiye Tian’s daughter. Today, I’ll first kill you to avenge Yiye Clan!” As Luan Luan finished speaking, she immediately swung her hand and summoned her own Demonic Beast. About ten of them appeared all at once.

“Luan Luan!”

“Things have already turned out this way. Auntie, we have no choice but to give it a try, besides, it’s not like we don’t have any chance of winning.” Luan Luan looked at Yiye Jiange and said.

Yiye Jiange summoned the Seven-headed Crystal Beast. They were all within the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation.

All the old men were already gathered behind Beitang Lie. Both sides had powerful demonic beasts. In fact, there were as many as a hundred of them. For a moment, it felt as if the aura in the air has formed a vortex.

“Young master, look at that, that’s the Seven-headed Crystal Beast, don’t make any reckless moves.”

An old man knitted his brows and said.

“Elder Xi, in a while, go look for a few other elders and form a formation to keep that beast distracted. Then you can leave the rest to me.” Beitang Lie smiled and said.


As soon as Elder Xi finished speaking, he started whispering to the ten elderly men around him.

“Set up the Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formation!”

Yiye Jiange could tell that the enemies opposite them were yet to make their moves. Obviously, they weren’t really see them as a problem. Frankly speaking, the situation was precisely as she thought, the reason being that the elderly men opposite were all people with more than ten hundred thousand stars worth of strength. In this Ancient Ruin, they really didn’t see the girls as too much of a problem. But there were still a few demonic beasts that they saw as a threat. The Seven-headed Crystal Beast as well as the Six-headed Windfire Wolves, when they’re here in particular, had quite a huge contrast in strength. The maximum strength that they possessed here were only barely worth around three hundred thousand stars.

The girls took this opportunity to swiftly set up the Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formation while the people opposite them were getting closer and closer to them. Beitang Lie waved his hand: “Do it!”

Among those old men, some clapped their hands whereas some screamed: “Surround them!”

“Luan Luan, we should first try to hold them back with the demonic beasts and wait for them to set up the Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formation. By doing so, we would have built up a good foundation for ourself. They wouldn’t be able to do anything to us. By then, we might have a chance of turning the tide of the battle.” Yiye Jiange said to Luan Luan while looking at the people surrounding them.


The Seven-headed Crystal Beast opened its mouth and spat out an icy flame towards a demonic beast closest to it.

Instant kill!

The other three Windfire Wolves similarly charged towards the demonic beasts closest to them. Even though the Windfire Wolves weren’t as strong as the Seven-headed Crystal Beast, they’re still significantly stronger when compared to those opposite it. They could also manage to instant kill their enemies.

“Eight Directional Sky Net Formation!”

Elder Xi from before let out a huge scream. At the same time, he along with seven other elders each ran into one direction, with the eight of them in eight different directions, they managed to surround the Seven-headed Crystal Beast and left it in the center. Powerful aura started flowing in their body, instantly connecting all of them together, just like an enormous net.

This was the Eight Directional Sky Net Formation. It could only be used when there were eight people. It helped significantly boost their strength. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be used for offensive attacks, it could only be used to trap enemies. Making use of their pressure to trap their opponents from all eight directions.

Even though the Seven-headed Crystal Beast was formidable, when standing in front eight old men trapping it, with two being more than two hundred thousand stars and one being three hundred thousand stars strong, it couldn’t break through it for a moment. Nevertheless, it still managed to fluster the enemies.

The strongest person from Lion King’s Ridge who entered the Ancient Ruin this time was only worth three hundred thousand stars. Furthermore, most of the people in Lion King’s Ridge consisted of people near the level of being elders. Even around Beitang Lie, there were less than three elder with three hundred thousand stars worth of strength. Of course, this was their strength when they’re in Ancient Ruin. When they were outside and bound by the Laws in Heaven and Earth, their strength would have been decreased significantly.

When Luan Luan saw the Seven-headed Crystal Beast trapped, she hurriedly made the Windfire Wolves and Earth Devouring Mice to go support it. But at this moment, two elderly men in red gowns immediately stopped two of the Six-headed Windfire Wolves. They both had two blue lion heads imprinted in front of their chest.

“There is no need for any more resistance, even though your demonic beast is powerful, you should remember what kind of a sect Lion King’s Ridge is and what they specialize in. The thing that a tamer specialized most in is dealing with demonic beasts.”

Looking at all of these, Yu He knitted her brows. Looking at the girls as well as Fattie who were forced to act passively, she said: “The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable is here, we should try our best to hold on, for all you know, Qing Shui will be here any minute now.”

“Considering the circumstance we’re in, I kind of hope that he won’t be here…..” Yiye Jiange said bitterly.

Her expression looked indifferent. No one has ever seen Yiye Jiange furious, nor have they ever seen her particularly happy… They have also not seen her broke down in tears.

Yu He smiled and remained silent. She took two steps forward and unsheathed a long sword.

She looked really outstandingly beautiful. As she took a step forward, the rhythm across the heaven and earth also seemingly changed. Everyone who was present were all attracted by Yu He’s graceful look. Yu He gave a faint smile and once again swung the long sword in her hand.

Suddenly, a faint sweet scent appeared. After that, petals started to appear one after another in the air. They consisted of a variety of colors and looked really stunning. It almost felt like an illusion.

Sea of flowers!

Her movement wasn’t actually that fast, but the flower petals in the air was gradually increasing. Yu He’s body slowly emerged within the sea of flowers in the sky. The movement of the petals in the air was influenced by her body and followed along it.

Bewitching Flower Wave!

Yu He let out a scream. Next, the things around her all sunk into seas of flowers. After that, she quickly told Yiye Jiange and the others: “Set up the formation quickly, I can’t hold on for too long.”

Yu He had the physique of hundred blossoms. She already had quite a splendid achievement with the Secret Art of Hundred Blossoms which she cultivated. But this also relied on spirit energy, hence, she could only forcefully use the mighty of the Hundred Blossoms Secret Technique. This was also only for temporarily trapping the enemies.

By the time the sea of flowers disappeared, the girls disappeared too, the only things left behind were a few flags on the ground.

“Damn, what kind of a spell is this?” Bei Tanglie screamed out in anger while staring at the formation with his eyes.

The Lion King’s Ridge was considered a supreme sect in the five continents. They possessed abundant knowledge about casting spells. A lot of people already felt that something was special with the seal, so for a moment, they all looked at the flag tin the center in silent.

The women in the spell all looked at the spell opening with caution while the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable made creaking noises. It sounded ear-piercingly sharp. Not knowing what happened, the women looked at it in confusion.

Could it be that Qing Shui was here?

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