Chapter: 1085

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1085 Danger, Injury, Break his Teeth

Could it be that Qing Shui had come back?

The girls all looked at the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable in shock. Back then, when had Qing Shui left, he had intentionally left behind the sable and informed them that so long as he wasn’t too far away from it, he would be able to sense it.

For now, the strength of the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable could be considered as average and dealing with ordinary elders from Lion King’s Ridge shouldn’t be a problem. Its poison was very strong and it had managed to kill a few demonic beasts previously.

At this time, it let out a sharp cry. For a demonic beast that had reached such a formidable level, its cry could penetrate the clouds. It could be transmitted for a 1000 li or even further.

The girls wanted to stop the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable. Deep down, Yu He wasn’t too sure either. She was unsure if they could beat the people in front of them, but she thought to herself that if Qing Shui did manage to arrive soon, they might really stand a chance.

Yiye Jiange, on the other hand, had witnessed Qing Shui’s strength before. It’s just that the people in Lion King’s Ridge were a bit more powerful without the Laws of Heaven and Earth, she wasn’t really confident in herself either.

“Young master, this is a formation to trap enemies, there might also be killing formations within it. If you really wanted to destroy this formation, you will have to get in from here. Furthermore, it would be the best if a formidable warrior who specializes in all eight positions of Heaven and Earth enters.” Elder Xi said with her brows knitted.

“Hmph! Do they really think that they can defend themselves with a formation? Funny, we don’t have to get in, we can still manage to break the formation.” At this moment, another elderly man in a similar red gown spoke up.

“Elder Chi, have you thought of any ways to counter it? This time, we definitely can’t let them go. You saw it yourself, Yiye Jiange and her niece are already powerful Beast Tamers. If any more powerful warriors from the new generation continue to appear someone with Heart of Seven Orifices might happen to appear. If that happens, our Lion King’s Ridge will definitely be done for.” Beitang Lie looked at the elderly man with the sunken eyes earnestly.

“Young master, I have a Formation Breaking Stone in my hand. It’s just that this one is of a lower grade. However, these people aren’t that strong, it should be able to break their formation. This Formation Breaking Stone is able to absorb the Spiritual Qi emitted from the eye of the formation. It would immediately cripple the formation itself.” Elder Chi said with a smile.

“Elder Chi, if we succeed this time, I will report this to father! I will definitely not let the usage of this Formation Breaking Stone be for naught!” Beitang Lie said seriously looking at the old man.

“It’s alright young master, I will start right away. You guys get ready. The time that the Formation Breaking Stone stays in effect isn’t that long. As such, we have to force the girls out of the formation within a short period of time. You can also try to destroy the eye of the formation.” As soon as Elder Chi finished speaking, he took out the Formation Breaking Stone.

The Formation Breaking Stone was a black stone. It was about a foot in size and it was oval in shape. On top of it flowed a strange energy, or rather, a kind of devilish entity. A lot of people would feel uncomfortable with this kind of strength since it felt a bit gloomy.

“Oh no, they’re about to break the formation!” Yu Ruyan said to the girls who were similarly looking outside.

“Everyone get ready, as soon as the formation loses its effect, we should focus on one direction and run. Don’t turn back, as soon as you get the chance to run, run! I will watch your back.” Yiye Jiange said calmly.

“I will look after you guys too!” Luan Luan said with a smile.

“Sister Jiange, who do you think I am? Today, we either leave together or stay here together.” Wenren Wushuang shook her head and said in an upset tone.

“Let Luan Luan leave, we will stay behind. Whoever gets the chance to run, run. Luan Luan, you leave, we can still succeed in holding them back.” Hai Dongqing said at this moment.

“I’m not leaving, don’t any of you dare to make me go. What face do I have left to meet daddy? I would rather die than let you guys risk your life here. I will not leave.” Luan Luan made her choice clear.

Judging by the situation, it was clear that no one would leave. The girls came to an agreement and charged backwards together. As for whether they could successfully make their way out, it would all be decided by fate.

Back when they’re in the Five Continents, because of the Laws of Heaven and Earth, Yu He was still considered strong, just like the strong warriors opposite with 300,000 stars of strength, they wouldn’t be able to gain any advantages while battling against Yu He. When they’re here, however, Yu He couldn’t even manage to hold them back.

Elder Chi tossed the Formation Breaking Stone in his hand. It immediately arrived above the Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formation. In an instant, it was as if the spiritual energy across the Heaven and the Earth got split apart. A Qi flow that was visible to the naked eyes came to a stop on the Formation Breaking Stone.

Everything across Heaven and Earth reinforced and counteracted against one another. It was just that there were certain things that were difficult to counteract and the time it stayed in effect would similarly be really short. On top of that, it was also really hard to search for those things. For example, although the Formation Breaking Stone was low grade, it was still quite a rare substance.

Suddenly, the halo of the formation fluctuated.

“Get ready!”

The halo from the formation dispersed after rippling for quite a distance, revealing the women and demonic beasts within the formation.


Both the demonic beasts and the warriors charged towards the broken formation together. There were as many as 100 huge demonic beasts, even though it wasn’t that so numerous that it was able to cover the mountains and plains, it was still a magnificent sight. The roar of the beasts could shake the sky. In between, there were even tremendous energy blasts.

Both the girls and the demonic beasts also didn’t back down and charged towards them. However, they didn’t charge towards them head to head as there was a huge gap in their strength. Both the Seven-headed Crystal Beast and the Six-Headed Windfire Wolf worked together to open up a path for them. They were like a sharp sword and the demonic beasts who got attacked by the Seven-headed Crystal Beast were all instantly killed.

“Eight Directional Sky Net Formation!”

As the Lion King’s Ridge saw this, another eight of their members immediately appeared to surround them. But now, the formation was just about to activate. The girls each tossed out a talisman at the same time.

Heart Toxin Talisman!

The Heart Toxin Talisman was unavoidable and it attacked the heart directly. Hence, it was related to both the user’s and the victim’s spiritual energy. This was also why the girls were scared that it might not take effect. They immediately threw out a few Heart Toxin Talismans.

Two of the enemies present sunk into madness.

“Surround them, don’t give them any openings!”

The girls, as well as Fattie, left the formation. Fattie had a huge rod. Its entire body was flashing with a faint golden light. He was using it to attack the demonic beasts in the surrounding like a mad demon.

There were almost fifty people against them and each of them were powerful warriors. The attacks from the girls were strong, yet they only lasted for a short while. Very quickly, each of them were already occupied by their own enemies and they slowly got separated from each other. The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable constantly shuttled around as it let out ear-piercing cries as if it wanted to rip the sky itself.

Again and again, it let out loud cries. It was as if each of its cries could push forth the previous cries, causing it to be transmitted even further away. It was mournful and sharp.

The Heart Toxin Talisman wasn’t invincible. It could already be considered really powerful to be able to destroy two of the men who were setting up formations. But very quickly, other people took their places. The girls were also quite occupied. If it hadn’t been because of their mystical steps, they would very likely have been defeated.


Fattie got blown away by an elderly man. But because he had a strong physique, he rubbed off the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth and stood back up once again. He again let out the Vajra Frenzied Devilish Rod Technique.

A depressing groan was heard.

Wenren Wu-shuang didn’t manage to dodge in time and her arm was slashed by the two elderly men. Fresh blood started streaming down her hand.


The Earth Devouring Mice suddenly appeared and pushed back the two elderly men.

Luan Luan herself already possessed quite a decent amount of demonic beasts. She could already be considered to have some small achievements. Furthermore, it was currently at a state when it was growing quite quickly. Unfortunately, the reason she was forced into such a difficult situation was not only because she suddenly ran into so many formidable warriors at once but because the place where she met them was the Ancient Ruins.

Beitang Lie slowly approached Yiye Jiange. At this moment, Yiye Jiange was already surrounded by three elderly men. Beitang Lie, on the other hand, was patiently moving towards her like a leopard hunting its prey.

Yiye Jiange, who was surrounded by three elderly men, already had her hands occupied. Her calm and extraordinary eyes made Beitang Lie feel absent-minded. Many years ago, it was precisely those eyes that had attracted him. Many years after, he still didn’t dare to look directly into her eyes.

“You are mine! My woman can never run away from me!”

Yiye Jiange was once again forced to a corner. The direction in which she was blown to was precisely Beitang Lie’s position. Beitang Lie stood still at the spot and didn’t move, there was even a trace of a proud look on his face.

Three meters!

Right at the moment that Yiye Jiange was blown to about three meters from Beitang Lie, she suddenly turned around with the Violet Jade Sword in her hand.

Nine Palace Steps!

Suddenly, her sword was aimed right towards Beitang Lie’s chest.


It managed to pierce through his heart. However, the sharp and clear noise produced from the collision caused Yiye Jiange to feel insecure. At this moment, Beitang Lie extended his hand and grabbed onto the Violet Jade Sword. There was a thin glove on his hand.

“Haha, you’re too weak.”

“Oh yeah?”

Yiye Jiange swung her other hand and swiftly shot out a Willow Knife. It flew towards Beitang Lie’s left eye at a fast speed.

Beitang Lie instinctively dodged it. However, it still left a wound on his face. In an instant, half of his face was dyed red.

“Fucking bitch! You are challenging death itself!”

He pushed forward with the hand which he was using to grab the Violet Jade Sword and thrust the sword handle towards Yiye Jiange’s chest. He used so much force that it immediately pushed her back and caused her to spit out fresh blood in mid-air.


“You are dead!”

Di Qing pulled Luan Luan.

Suddenly, a fluctuation could be felt in the air. A human figure appeared in the distance. However, this human figure once quickly flashed at lightning speed and appeared in mid-air. The figure extended its hand and grabbed Yiye Jiange who was dropping down from the sky.

“Daddy, daddy……”

“Qing Shui!”


The person who came was precisely Qing Shui. He came with his Nine Continents Steps after hearing the cries let out by the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable. Nine Continents Step could be used four times every day. Every time it was used, it couldn’t be used for more than 400,000 li. Even if a person only used it to travel a li, it was still considered as using it once.

Coincidentally, the instant he appeared happened to be the instant that Yiye Jiange got blown away. As Qing Shui looked at the veil that was dyed red with a blood stain and the indifferent eyes, Qing Shui felt an excruciating pain in his heart.

Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring!

In an instant, he appeared in the sky and grabbed Yiye Jiange. His hands were trembling. Only now did he recognize the enemies as people from Lion King’s Ridge.

As for the three old men who were originally only surrounding Yiye Jiange, they had now turned and surrounded both Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange instead.

Mind Transfer!

Nine Continents Mountain!

In an instant, a one hundred meters huge mountain appeared in front of Qing Shui!


Spiritual Confinement!

Qing Shui immediately spiritually confined the three old men from below.


The people who were originally still moving were now all frozen in shock. All of this had happened too quickly, it was to the extent that a few of them only began to notice that there was one more person in the sky now.


The Nine Continents Mountain emerged once again. On the other hand, there was a bottomless pit on the ground. The smash from before caused the entire earth to tremble. Qing Shui was extremely furious. With Yiye Jiange in his hands, he didn’t want her to feel any of the quakes. As such, he used the most powerful Nine Continents Mountain right away.

“Daddy, kill these inhuman beasts. Not only has that man hurt mommy, he even scolded her.” Luan Luan screamed loudly.

Deep down, she had always seen Qing Shui as an unbeatable god. As long as her daddy was here, there’s nothing that couldn’t be solved. Every father was their daughter’s heroes.

Qing Shui’s eyes turned cold.

Buddha’s True Eyes!

Qing Shui swiftly flicked his right hand and instantly shot out a Coldsteel Bead the size of an egg.

It was directed precisely towards Beitang Lie who was frozen in shock.


Fresh blood could be seen spurting out of the man’s mouth along with a few whimpering noises.

As a result, all of his teeth were broken. A few Coldsteel Beads had also managed to make its way into his throat.

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