Chapter: 1099

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1099 - Five Elements Water Force, Another Encounter with the Beast Blood Tribe

The grains of sand sparkled with a pale golden color, especially when looking at it from afar under the sun’s rays. The sand contained many different multicolored seashells and the beach was a magnificent sight.

A long time ago, Qing Shui had come to a similar location to pick up similarly multicolored seashells for his children. Thinking about this memory brought a smile to his face.

There were many people around the seashore and tents were everywhere. Many were canoeing and among these people, most were ordinary civilians, not martial practitioners. Of course, there were certainly also many who were martial artists and this was obvious from one glance.

Martial artists and normal civilians usually segregated themselves, even though there were certainly exceptions, such as family members and friends. Laughter swept across the entire beach and many were enjoying themselves in the waters.

For most seas, the shallow area, as well as the waters that were close to the shoreline were considered safe zones. It was unlikely there would be any appearances of sea beasts. Shark type beasts wandering in the sea did not normally pose a great danger. The real danger tended to be in the depths of the seas.

“While we’re here to enjoy the sea view, let me give you girls a mission!” Qing Shui told the girls as they walked to a secluded part of the beach.

“Oh, mission, Dad brought us here to enjoy ourselves and relax. What other mission do we have?” Luan Luan pouted and said in displeasure.

“This mission is beneficial for you girls. Do you still remember the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal I taught you all?” Qing Shui smiled as he replied.

“Yes yes, I remember. Dad brought us to observe waves, and the purpose is for us to feel the power of the waters” Luan Luan eagerly said.

“That’s right, Water is one of the five elements and source of life. Water exists everywhere and it has life. Water can be heartless, but water can also be sentient. The potential of water all boils down to the word ‘power’. Without power there would only be peaceful water. With power, water can be a dreadful force of nature.”

As Qing Shui continued to speak, the others listened and began to ponder.

At this moment, tremendous waves appeared from afar and swept forth with great violence, penetrating all nooks and crannies. Within a split second, the destruction was immense, the powers of the waves unstoppable, the aggressiveness apparent…

“Water flows downwards; that’s its power source. When it has strength greater than the opponent’s, this battle technique will impose a certain level of destruction. Even if the opponent is stronger, you should unleash the steadfast power of your heart and the water.” Qing Shui said calmly. It seemed like he had gained insights as well.

“Heart of the strong?” Wenren Wu-shuang was puzzled.

“Yes, the heart of the strong. This is the mentality to make one stronger. When faced with any type of difficulty, it is important to stay calm, cool and collected. This is the only way to unleash one’s greatest potential when utilizing the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal,” Qing Shui grinned.

Wenren Wu-shuang gazed at Qing Shui and looked at the waves across the sea. The rest were also paying attention to the tidal waves, feeling the power of the water.

“Look, don’t those few people look like just the ones we are looking for in the drawings?”

These words traveled into the ears of Qing Shui, as he was in deep thought. He looked back and figured out what was happening. The people that were approaching were tall and massive, and emitted a barbarous and threatening aura.

They were members of the Beast Blood Tribe!

Qing Shui was astonished. The power of Beast Blood Tribe was not small. He had heard about their presence in the frigid lands of the North, but he never thought they were also in Northern Sea City.

“It cannot be wrong!” One of them said as he took out a huge beast parchment. On top of the parchment were indeed the drawings of Qing Shui, his women and Little Fatty.

The presence of Qing Shui, his women, and Little Fatty was too dazzling. Moreover, his devastatingly gorgeous women were easy to recognize. Furthermore, there was a fat person wearing a monastic robe. Even if there were other people around them as well, they were still noticeable.

“Let’s head over, defeat them and capture them back to report. Perhaps, we will be able to return to Ice Snow Valley.” One of the older men standing alongside the leader said.

The age of the members of the Beast Blood Tribe could not be accurately read from their appearance. All of them had a tall build, violent look, sharp eyes and an air of unapproachability.

“Fret not, the higher ups did convey the message that these people were powerful. If we find them, we should not act recklessly. We need to report and combine our forces before attacking them.” The leader’s mature and tough voice did not seem old nor young.

“Do we really have to report to Ya Luotuo, that perverted man? Leader, look at how gorgeous these women are. If we report to him, we will not gain any benefits,” one of the younger men said in displeasure.

“Ta Yuan, you’re still young, do not be mesmerized by their beauty. The prettier these women are, the more dangerous they get, especially women of such level. They are definitely vicious beauties. You think you might have a chance to win over them, but what capability do you have to possess them? Don’t talk about martial skills, you cannot even defeat any one of these women.” The leader said slowly.

“Leader, I’ll report to Ya Luotuo right away!” After finishing his sentence, Ta Yuan swept off his cold sweat and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Qing Shui only took a glance at the members of Beast Blood Tribe as they disappeared. Besides, he would never be able to be harmonious with the people from the Beast Blood Tribe. The news about those people he killed at the Ancient Ruins would have already spread to the higher levels of their tribe. If he had let them off and not killed them as a rude awakening, they would never give up.

His women had also seen the people from Beast Blood Tribe, since they were too noticeable. They had come as a group with more than ten people, it was hard to not notice.

“What should we do now, Qing Shui? They seemed to have called for more help.” Yu He approached Qing Shui and said.

“Haha, what’s there to be afraid of? This way, if all of them come for us, we can get rid of all of them in one go. They can save us a whole lot of trouble as well.” Qing Shui replied nonchalantly.

Yu He smiled and did not probe further. She glanced at the man that she had fallen for, an unruly man full of mettle. She felt content; after all these years, wasn’t this outcome what she had always wished for?

“Look at the cloud waves in the sky!”

At this moment, sea breeze from afar swept across. The cloud waves in the sky approached like thick smoke, as though the world was going to be swallowed up.

“Take a look at the grandeur, feel the situation, and use your heart to feel. The Tidal Cloud Waves Seal is a perfect example of the Water Force and Water Power, as well as the destructive aura from the cloud waves……”

Qing Shui could see that the rest were observing seriously, and some of his women were so engrossed that they seemed to have entered a mysterious realm. They were now within the state of Realm Entry. Though it was not equivalent to the level of enlightenment, being able to reach that state was indeed rare.

Yiye Tian was observing seriously. He had never cultivated the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal and could only watch.

“Brother Yiye, look at it now and feel the presence. In the future, it will be easier when you cultivate and practice the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal.” Qing Shui walked towards the side where Yiye Tian was standing at.

“No problem, that’s right Qing Shui, thank you!” Yiye Tian glanced at the surroundings and replied sincerely, his hand still on the Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring.

“We’re a family so there’s no need to be that courteous. Isn’t it awkward if we get too formal?” Qing Shui grinned and shook his head.

After half an hour, his women’s consciousness returned to reality. Even though the rewards were great, Qing Shui laughed when he saw them, “It is a peaceful place there, you could go try and explore more there.”

His women left gleefully, Qing Shui knew they needed to try to cultivate their mastery of the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal. It was only through numerous training that one could figure out which part one was lacking in.

Once in awhile, Qing Shui would still take a glance at the people from the Beast Blood Tribe from afar. There seemed to be no activity, as they appeared to be just enjoying the sea view and talking amongst themselves. Looking at this scene, Qing Shui felt amused.

It wasn’t long before his women came back with smiles on their faces.

“Have you cultivated successfully?” Qing Shui asked, looking delighted.

“Not yet, but we’re close. We are going to observe further.” Di Qing replied.

It was during this time that a couple giant sangria colored beasts appeared. Even Qing Shui was unsure of what beast they were, but they looked malevolent and on top of them were people from the Beast Blood Tribe.

Looks like their reinforcements had arrived!

Their reinforcements met up with the people that were there previously. Coming down from the three huge beasts were hundreds of people. These numbers scared the crowd and the people on the beach fled for their lives.

A lean and tall silhouette appeared from the celestial residence and he smiled as he looked afar, before shaking his head and turned back.

Qing Shui gathered his women and together, they observed the approaching crowd from the Beast Blood Tribe. The leader astonished Qing Shui; he was an exceptionally tall man and had a sturdy-looking build. Most importantly, his strength was comparable to Qiu Feng. However, the Beast Blood Tribe was rather weak in terms of spirit energy.

Hundreds of them, it was this strength that was a scary presence on the five continents. Wherever they were, they would be at the peak of the power hierarchy.

“Are you people going to leave on your own accord or shall we tie you up first?”

The leader’s voice was thunderous. He was mumbling his words, but it was enough to understand what he was trying to convey.

Qing Shui listened and he could observe that this man was a complacent and conceited person. It was probably because few would have dared to go against his wishes. With his current strength, only idiots would do so.

“Who are you? Why should we go?” Qing Shui smiled and replied. He was not angered at all. To Qing Shui, these people were just like contemptible rebels performing antics.

“Oh, because I am Ya Luotuo.” The leader replied in a serious tone.

Qing Shui was stunned. Apparently, Ya Luotuo was a notorious man, just one he had never heard of before. He said nonchalantly, “Ya Luotuo? Who are you, I’ve never heard of you before.”

Qing Shui was trying to agitate him.

“How reckless, break an arm and leave with me, I’ll grant you a quick death. Otherwise, if you force my hand, I’ll make sure it becomes a living hell for you.” Ya Luotuo gritted his teeth and replied. His teeth were white and abnormally sharp, just like those of a wild beast, sending shivers down one’s spine.

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