Chapter: 1100

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1100 - Tidal Cloud Waves Seal, News about Di Chen

Ya Luotuo was extremely fluent and he sounded quite intimidating. At least, that was what the people around him thought as they gave Qing Shui a look of pity. However, Qing Shui found Ya Luotuo rather hilarious.

Would anyone be afraid if a tiny Pekingese dog barked in front of them? Perhaps, they might not even feel a thing. This was the feeling he got as a martial expert. Maybe it would better to even call this a type of mentality.

Qing Shui felt that he had gotten a better understanding about being powerful. In an instant, his aura seemed to change slightly, become denser and more pressurizing.

“Do you have the courage to say that again? I didn’t hear you clearly.” Qing Shui said as he smiled.

Ya Luotuo hesitated for a second before as a viciousness flashed in his eyes. “You really don’t know your place. If you break one of your own arms and come with me, I will let you have a quick death. If I have to take action, I will grant you a fate worse than death.”

After Ya Luotuo uttered his last word, Qing Shui raised his hand and shot out a Coldsteel Bead. This scenario felt very familiar to him, he remembered that he had also fed that young master of Lion King's Ridge—Bei Tanglie—one of these.

In a similar fashion, the bead broke all of Ya Luotuo’s teeth and forced its way into his throat, so he couldn’t help but swallow it. However, he didn’t show as much pain as Bei Tanglie as blood spilled from his mouth.

Qing Shui had no intentions of killing him, he only wanted Ya Luotuo to suffer a little. A normal person would never be able to withstand the pain of having all their teeth smashed in and their mouth filled with blood, let alone swallowing the Coldsteel Bead which was the size of an egg.

A normal person would definitely choke on that bead but Ya Luotuo was a cultivator of some standard, so he only felt a strong discomfort. It was not life threatening. However, the Coldsteel Bead was cool in nature and was slightly poisonous. Swallowing it or passing it out would definitely be a problem. Besides, who knew if that man would even have the chance to pass it out of his body.

“I wonder if you can even say that again!” Qing Shui said with a smile still plastered on his face.

The people standing around Ya Luotuo were shocked. They clearly saw the Coldsteel Bead—it was not that fast—yet Ya Luotuo was unable to dodge it. He could only stare at it blankly as it destroyed his teeth and plunged into his stomach. Tears and blood continued to drip from his face.

But there was a real benefit of having a big build, the man only needed a short time to recover from swallowing that egg-size Coldsteel Bead. After that, he stared furiously at Qing Shui.

Since Qing Shui had immobilized the man using his spirit energy just now, there was no way the man could ever dodge that attack even if the Coldsteel Bead was moving slowly. People from the Beast Blood Tribe were all very hot-headed and impulsive. Even if they were not stupid, once blood rushed into their head, they would disregard any consequences.

“Kill! Kill him! Catch all the rest and do what you want with them…”

Hearing their leader shouting almost incomprehensibly, the rest of the men leered at the women standing behind Qing Shui. Once they set their eyes on them, their eyes shined and they all lunged at Qing Shui, forgetting everything.

Originally, there were a few of them who could sense that there was something off but they were all tempted by those words. After all, cultivators were usually full of themselves. Even if there was a chance that they might not be as strong as their opponents, they would find a lot of excuses for themselves or convince themselves that there was only a small difference in power. Anyways, they had so many men, so they should not need to fear anything.

Ya Luotuo wasn’t brainless but swallowing that Coldsteel Bead Qing Shui made him act as if he had eaten explosives. This was a great insult to him as he had never been this humiliated. This made him totally lose his cool and rationality.

When Qing Shui saw the men rushing towards him, he made a gesture.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

As Qing Shui moved his hand, a hundred meter tall tidal wave imbued with Qi went rushing towards the men.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal, Water Entanglement.

Simultaneously, the people in front of him were swallowed by a watery quagmire. Qing Shui was using the new skill that he had just learned and he found that it was a type of technique which he could use to control others.

Thousand Li Flow!

Qing Shui gestured once again and the huge a hundred meter tall tidal wave poured down like a raging mountain torrent. It seethed and surged like a vicious beast, crashing down upon the men!

Water Confinement!

Qing Shui was quite amazed by the impact of the crashing waters. Most compounds would reduce in volume when they solidified but water would increase in volume when it becomes ice. This impact of liquid water was stronger as it was denser than ice. As it was imbued with his spirit energy, that impact easily sent the men unconscious. But that was not the end of it, because Qing Shui controlled the water and confined the men in it.

Unless they had enough spirit energy, it was difficult to escape. If Qing Shui wanted, he could drown these people who were less skilled in spirit energy but that would take too much time. All cultivators know how to channel inner breathing techniques, so it takes a long time to drown a cultivator.

Raging Tides!

Qing Shui controlled the waters again. Suddenly, the water turned choppy with huge waves and a terrifying whirlpool appeared. The scary speed of the vortex sucked all the men in. It was like a merciless mouth which could swallow up everything.

Qing Shui was shocked as he saw the people disappear into the whirlpool one after the other. Even Ya Luotuo only managed to struggle for a while before he was sucked into the whirlpool and disappeared.

His Tidal Cloud Waves Seal quickly disappeared when he withdrew his spirit energy. Qing Shui now knew how powerful the combination of Tidal Cloud Waves Seal and his Nine Continents Mountains was. This was the first time he had used that final killer move from the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal technique set. He did practice all the techniques but his Raging Tides only improved after he observed some huge waves.

Qing Shui only regained his focus after a long time as he was occupied by thoughts about how powerful his Tidal Cloud Waves Seal had become. He actually wanted to try his Lion King's Imprint and Lion King's Roar but he did not expect that his Tidal Cloud Waves Seal could settle the enemies so quickly.

When he noticed the few ladies totally amazed by him, he laughed sheepishly.

“This is how you use Tidal Cloud Waves Seal. Practice well and you’ll be able to use it too! It’s quite powerful!”

The women were hopeful when they looked at Qing Shui. Their faces were beaming. After all, if the techniques they practiced were powerful, it could only be beneficial to them. The people from the Beast Blood Tribe had all disappeared, leaving only a few Interspatial Silk Sachets behind. Qing Shui collected them with a wave of his hand and continued to watch the waves along with the other ladies, Little Fatty, Yiye Tian and Lin Zhanhan. Occasionally, they would also look at the cloud patterns in the sky.

What was a grey cloud like?

Qing Shui realized that he never really noticed that before. Whether it was the grey clouds covering the skies or grey clouds hanging tumultuous before a storm, he had never observed them carefully before. When he thought about this, Qing Shui decided that he would definitely look at them carefully next time. He was sure that it would help him further the potential of his Tidal Cloud Waves Seal.

Qing Shui and the others only returned to Deity's Abode in the afternoon. Qing Shui felt nothing killing off from the Beast Blood Tribe. As those men were very violent, he felt that it was right to use such a forceful method to get rid of them, otherwise, they would not give up and just continue bothering them.

Deity's Abode was a very quiet and peaceful place, it was like beautiful realm that was out of this world. When Qing Shui saw Qiu Feng at the door, he got the others to enter first while he went to sit with Qiu Feng.

After Qing Shui chatted with him for awhile, he found out that Qiu Feng was solely in charge of Deity's Abode. The others were all situated in the cold Northern region and they were in charge of guarding the Ancient Great Formation.

Qing Shui was not sure why the Formation Immortal Sect would send people to protect the Ancient Great Formation. He wondered if they saw any sort of benefit from doing this.

Formation Immortal Sect was a large sect that seemed rather powerful. If there were benefits to be reaped, the other sects would definitely come forward and compete with the Formation Immortal Sect but there wasn’t any?

“Brother Qiu, is the Ancient Great Formation the only passageway?” Qing Shui asked, feeling very curious.

“Of course not. There is more than one Teleportation Array in the Five Continents which will bring a cultivator to the other Four Continents. When you reach the coldest point in the Northern Sacred Lu Continent, you will find that there is Teleportation Array. There are also many powerful guardians protecting those formations.” Qiu Feng laughed.

Qing Shui finally understood their purpose. They were protecting their resources. Even though there were many powerful cultivators in the Four Continents, the people that could travel from the Five Continents over to the Four Continents were also considered experts. Their strength would at least be above 5000 stars so a sect might discover some hidden talents that they could recruit. Most of the people that wanted to travel to the Four Continents from the Five Continents didn’t have any powerful backing. Thus, those Teleportation Array were good places to gain new members to strengthen one’s sect and that was the benefit.

Having the strength of 5000 stars wasn’t something as common as cabbage in the Four Continents. People of that caliber were still considered powerful experts in the Four Continents. The only difference was that the pinnacle in the Four Continents was much higher than that in the Five Continents.

“Oh, I see. But most people who go over from the Five Continents probably also know people from the Four Continents, right?” Qing Shui said, smiling.

“Actually, those are minorities. Previously, I saw an extremely talented woman leaving for the Four Continents before I came here. She was an unworldly beauty, as if she did not belong to this secular world. Many people tried to invite her to join their sects, but she rejected them.” Qiu Feng sighed when he brought this up.

“Did she look like this?” Qing Shui pulled out a usual portrait he drew of Di Chen. Even though it could not be compared to the Portraits of Beauty, it was still very lifelike as Qing Shui’s drawing skills were already above the level of drawing bones.

“That’s her. So you know her?” Qiu Feng was surprised.

“She is my wife. The reason why I want to go to the Four Continents so urgently is because of her. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t rush over.” Qing Shui said a little bitterly.

He did not expect that Di Chen would suddenly appear in this series of events. After she absorbed all the energy from the Sacred Lotus Platform, she had reached an enlightenment beyond the worlds of mortals. Qing Shui found that preposterous. How could a woman like her who had never experienced life, find an enlightenment beyond normal mortal lives?. It was unfair to her and Qing Shui was very worried.

“Brother Qiu, do you know how powerful she was?” Qing Shui asked after he contemplated for a while.

“Brother, you don’t know?” Qiu Feng was shocked. Qing Shui mentioned that the woman was his wife and he wouldn’t doubt Qing Shui. He could clearly judge for himself and there was no reason Qing Shui had to lie about this.

“I once knew how powerful she was. But I left her side for some time and found out that she absorbed an incredible treasure and that she had received a powerful enlightenment which made her disillusioned about the secular world. When I returned, she had already left for the Four Continents.” Qing Shui explained painfully.

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