Chapter: 1111

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1111 - Jiange is Here for Vengeance

The last category of Stone Woman mentioned seem to be the most dangerous to deal with. However, to Qing Shui, it was considered the best one out of the three categories. He already knew that it was impossible for her to be the first category as it was a psychological illness. Even if his medical expertise were greater, he might still not be able to treat it. The second category would cause even more headaches. Not only was a man unable to do anything with her, even if they forced the issue, it would only inflict fatal damage to her.

The second kind was also treatable. It was just a problem with bloodline. If that was the case, Qing Shui would be able to treat her with just Acupuncture. He would just need time to do so. Hence, Qing Shui wasn’t too concerned back when he heard her confessing that she was a Stone Woman as the first kind of problem stated was removed right off the list.

As for the last kind, once a man ran into it, he would have no choice but to escape for good. Qing Shui was an exception as he possessed unique physique. He wasn’t sure if the Golden Needle would be able to stop the Yin Energy Fire in her body, but he felt that doing this would kill off all the fun, let alone he wasn’t in that much of a rush to have intercourse with her.

The wisest choice was to wait for his own Nine Yang Golden Body to go up another level.

“Alright Wu-shuang, you needn’t worry. As long as it’s not because you are cold towards me, I will be able to treat you just fine. And also, my body’s physique is unique. Just wait a little while longer. Soon I will be able to have a good time with you just fine without the need of treating you.” Qing Shui chuckled and looked at Wenren Wu-shuang mischievously.

Wenren Wu-shuang still felt a bit shy when she heard Qing Shui’s explicit words. But she still shook her head, “I have read information about it from books before, lets just wait until after I get my body treated to do it…… If not, we can also keep our relationship like this forever……”

“Foolish brat, I possess the Nine Yang Body. In fact, it has even advanced to Nine Yang Golden Body at small success stage. By the time it reaches large success stage, I’ll be even more certain that you won’t be able to burn me. Also, you won’t have to treat yourself because this way, we will be more comfortable in bed,” Qing Shui laughed.

When Wenren Wu-shuang saw Qing Shui’s uncanny smile, she already knew what he meant. Her face immediately turned red. After seeing Qing Shui’s smile however, she felt a lot more relaxed. Actually, before this, she was worried about Qing Shui more than she was worried about herself.

Now, seeing the way Qing Shui reacted, she felt as if she was relieved of her burden. Staying by his side just like this wasn’t actually that bad. When a man and a woman were together, it was not a must to have `that`...

“Alright, have faith in me, I swear to you that I will have you give birth to our children,” Qing Shui said seriously.

“Alright, I believe in you, what kind of oath are you making?” Wenren Wu-shuang quickly interrupted Qing Shui.

Seeing that she seemed a lot more relaxed, Qing Shui too let out a sigh of relief. Now, he finally understood why she left Qing Clan without saying goodbye. One would need a lot of courage to confess a problem like this.

Qing Shui thought about the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl. Judging from its simple and unadorned medicinal bottle with a flower pattern, this thing must have been something really ancient. Certainly, it wasn’t something that was refined recently. In fact, the pills were discovered within the Interspatial Silk Sachet which belonged to Beitang Demon.

It was very likely that Beitang Demon held an honorable status in Beitang Clan. The only unfortunate thing that happened to him was running into Qing Shui. On top of that, thanks to his carelessness, he was finished before the fight had barely even started. The Interspatial Silk Sachets which he left behind were all of good quality. Among those sachets that Beitang Demon had left behind, even though they all had plentiful stuff stored within, Qing Shui still never expected there to be Violet Golden Bloodline Pearls.

The only thing which he regretted was not being able to find low grade Sacred Beast Pills from them.

Somehow Qing Shui had a feeling that the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl was discovered by accident by Beitang Demon. It was very likely that he didn’t dare to use it because he was unaware of what it was used for. It could also be that he only got them recently. But it all turned out in Qing Shui’s favor instead. It would have been great if these Violet Golden Bloodline Pearls could be condensed into Violet Golden Blood Essence.

Upon taking in the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl this time, it was unknown if it would help Wenren Wu-shuang change her body’s physique. He felt that there wouldn’t be any bad influence to her body. Since that was the case, he stopped thinking about it. But he still chose to talk about it briefly with Wenren Wu-shuang as he was aware that deep down, she was still finding it a bit hard to let go of the matter.

“Wu-shuang, the thing that you took in previously was the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl. By using your Inner Sight, you will notice a few of the powerful purple blood droplets within your bloodstream. There is formidable energy within them which will possibly change your body’s physique.”

“This is great, tell me, will my body’s physique revert back to normal?” Wenren Wu-shuang looked at Qing Shui in surprise.


After a night of being constantly on the move, Qing Shui, Lin Zhanhan, Little Fattie, Yiye Tian and the girls all felt especially good. Furthermore, Qing Shui noticed that Lin Zhanhan seemed to have become a lot younger overnight. The girls seemed to have become even more beautiful as well. That was a kind of feeling, a kind of charm emitted from one’s body.

There were roughly eighty one Violet Golden Bloodline Pearls here. Qing Shui didn’t count through them very carefully. He felt quite good about them. Other than that, the only thing that he knew about them was that they were things from ancient times, he didn’t actually know how to make them. Furthermore, they were really rare items.

Breakfast was really splendid. Everyone had a good time eating it. None of them intentionally talked about the things that they needed to do today. Despite this, each and every one of them were aware that today was a very important day.

“Since everyone is done eating, let’s continue on with our journey!” Qing Shui stood up and smiled



Qing Shui and the others made their way to the top of the building. At the time when they arrived, Qing Shui quickly summoned his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Yiye Jiange summoned her Seven-headed Crystal Beast.

Qing Shui and the group became more and more distant away from Northern Sacred Country. Meanwhile, they were also getting closer and closer to Lion King’s Mountain. When they saw the enormous Lion King’s Mountain from the sky, they were all stunned with shock.

In the past, they had only heard a thing or two about it. This was the first time that they saw the actual mountain. This was an enormous mountain area or rather, group of mountains. A lot of the mountain peaks were in the shape of lions. They were of unequal size and all came with different appearances. It might have looked really similar from far away but when one looked at it up close, they would notice that they were actually all different.

Among the group of numerous mountains, there were a few that looked unusually large. They were emitting a tremendous and arrogant aura. Additionally, there was also an ancient feel to it.

“Some of the largest mountains already have formidable warriors in them. Most importantly, the Ancient Teleportation Array is in one of them.” Qing Shui was pondering over these. These were all things that Qiu Feng had told him about.

Suddenly, Qing Shui, who was in the middle of his flight, felt that he entered an area with unusual airflow. That was a feeling that couldn’t be described in words. He looked towards the girls and Lin Zhanhan.

“How are you guys feeling?” Qing Shui asked softly.

“A bit panicked!

Lin Zhanhan responded. He was the weakest out of all of them, meaning that he could feel it the most clearly.

Qing Shui’s Nature Energy and some other stuff immediately helped neutralize those feelings. This was most likely the Spiritual Pressure of Lion King Mountain.

After an hour of flight, they were already quite close to the front. Also, people could already be seen. To think that this time they had actually called upon a few thousand people…...

Even though there was still quite some distance between them, Qing Shui could already see them really clearly. It seemed like his strength once again took a big step forward.

Other than just people, there were also demonic beasts across the sky. Qing Shui smiled, they’re obviously trying to show off just how strong they were.

This was already considered half of the force of Lion King’s Ridge. Looking from far away, Qing Shui noticed that the people were divided into separate waves. Among them, there were a lot of warriors who weren’t in Lion King’s Ridge attire.

Qing Shui remembered the things that Du Yannian said. Even though Beitang Clan was considered the most formidable in Lion King’s Ridge, not all of the people within Lion King’s Ridge supported them. Since now, the people from Lion King’s Ridge hadn’t made their move, it was very likely they would only take action once Qing Shui laid a finger on Lion King’s Ridge.

This was the debt that Beitang Clan owed back then. Hence, it would naturally require Beitang Clan themselves to pay it back in full. At least these were the things that a few of the most influential people from Lion King’s Ridge agreed with. Today, they were still here prepared for battle. Just in case anything happened, they could adapt according to the situation.

For example, if Beitang Clan managed to emerge victorious, at least they would still be able to do something about it in time.

Qing Shui still slightly knitted his brows looking at the numerous beasts across the sky. Even though he had the Soulshake Bell with him, it was not as if it would be effective all the time. It was already quite splendid to be able to cause problems for hundreds of the beasts but now, there were definitely more than ten thousand of them here.

It seemed like his actions had already managed to gain attention from them and caused them to regard him as someone important. No matter how the fight turned out today, Lion King’s Ridge was already considered to have already lost all of their face and this wasn’t even Qing Shui’s true goal, his true goal was to have them lose their lives.

Standing at a distance, with both side’s strengths, they were already able to look at each other very clearly. There were many people on the opposite side. Qing Shui swept over all of them with a glance and through their aura, caught all of the key people in the fight. Additionally, he even managed to notice a few powerful warriors not from Lion King’s Ridge, so much so that there were a few auras that were particularly familiar. Back when he was in Northern Sacred Continent, they must have been watching him from far away.

Qing Shui locked his sight on some of the men in front. Through their resentful aura, Qing Shui could tell that they were the clan leaders he was looking for, people he should demand payment from.

The old man in the center of the front had quite a tall and sturdy body. He might not be overly tall physically, but he gave off a towering aura. From his appearance, he didn’t seem that old. He had both black and white hair with a stubborn-looking face. Both of his eyes looked sharp and contained a type of aggressiveness like that of eagles or vultures, making people not dare to share gazes with him.

His gown was colored silver. However, his silver looked a bit different from other kinds of silver. It was a shinier and deeper kind of silver. The golden mythical lion on top of it also looked more splendid and dazzling.

Beitang Yingji!

Qing Shui also noticed that middle-aged old man. After that, he pulled Yiye Jiange who was beside him, Luan Luan and Lin Zhanhan, they slowly proceeded forward.

“Are you regretting your decision for not totally wiping us out at that time?” Yiye Jiange said softly looking at Beitang Yingji on the opposite side. She sounded a bit agitated when she said this.

She had never thought that she would actually talk to this man again in her lifetime.

She had wanted to destroy the Lion King’s Ridge in her dreams and avenge her dead father and mother. But often, she would end up remembering what her dad said about never doing that. This caused her to be in agony. She didn’t want her father and mother to be unable to rest in peace in the afterlife, hence, she thought to herself that even if she had no reason to live, she would still hold onto and move forward with her life. She couldn’t afford to let their deaths be for naught.

“This day has finally come… Father, mother, uncle… Do you all see this? Jiange is here to avenge you… Avenge the entire Yiye Clan…” Yiye Jiange raised her head. As she did that, tears started streaming down her face like small rivers.

Both Yiye Tian and Luan Luan were also looking into the sky in tears.

“Father, mother, we’re all living happy lives. Take a look at her, she is Luan Luan, your granddaughter. She is all grown up. Not only that, she is the precious bloodline of the Yiye Clan… Father, mother, please protect us up in heaven and help make sure we succeed in avenging you...” Yiye Tian said gently.

“Grandpa, grandma, I am Luan Luan. Me, daddy, aunt as well as my aunties have finally avenged you guys. He is also my daddy and aunt’s husband……” Luan Luan explained it in a very confusing way. Despite this, she sounded really clear with what she said.

The other girls all remained silent, however, there were tears in their eyes.


“Haha, you must be Jiange, you’re still as beautiful as ever, even though we haven’t seen each other in a long time. No wonder that foolish son of mine would feel reluctant to make his move. After so many years, he still ended up giving away his life to you.” Even though Beitang Yingji seemed like he was laughing, there was no trace of a smile on his face.

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