Chapter: 1112

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1112 - The Sky Lion Killing Formation Unsettlement, Vicious and Merciless, Killing People as if Chopping Cabbage

“Those who have nothing to do with Beitang Clan, I hope that none of you will interfere in this fight. I’m here mainly to apologize as well as greet all of you. Of course, if any of you still intend to interfere, I will just treat you the same way I will treat Beitang Clan.” When Qing Shui finished speaking, he cupped his hands together.

Qing Shui stood out and said this to the people in the surroundings. His voice could be heard very clearly, even far away. Furthermore, he also used his mighty spirit energy. He did so to show off his strength to the people around him. Everything in the World of the Nine Continents was decided by strength. No matter how reasonable one has been with his words, it would still be less convincing than strength alone.

No one intended to refute Qing Shui’s statement right away. Certainly, there were a lot of them who felt disdain listening to him. They seemed like they were ridiculing Qing Shui for being ignorant. Frankly speaking, only people who were truly ignorant would go and mock someone for being ignorant.

Throughout Qing Shui’s entire journey, he had made it this far by constantly moving forward and killing people at the same time. But there were very few witnesses, it was mostly only passed on through rumors. Now however, when they realized that Qing Shui wasn’t as the rumors said, a tall person with formidable abilities but only a handsome young man, a lot of them instead began to lose respect for him. How powerful can a person be at his age? The rumor was truly unreliable.

Qing Shui never thought that he would be able to meet the clan head so soon. In fact, he kind of assumed that he would only meet clan head of the Beitang Clan at the time he reached Lion King’s Ridge. Meeting him here was just right in his favor as it would save him a lot of trouble.

As Qing Shui swung his hand, a bunch of flags appeared in his hands. After that, he started arranging them in the surroundings. He was preparing a safe zone for his women in case anything happened.

They all had the Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring. Hence, it would be easy for them to hide themselves within the Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formation. It’s just that even though he wanted to set up the formation, the people weren’t letting him do it.

“Lion King Devil Slaying Squad, go!” Beitang Yingji immediately dropped down the order to start the massacre as soon as he saw Qing Shui’s movement.

Qing Shui revealed a cold smile at the corners of his mouth. He swung his hands and summoned out his own demonic beasts. The girls also followed along and called upon their respective beasts. They quickly set up their formation and kept it heavily guarded.


Roars that shook heaven resounded. On the opposite side, there were as many as a hundred beasts charging towards them from all directions. They were all heading towards where Qing Shui and crew were. In actuality, a hundred beasts were already the maximum number that could fit, as the space was quite limited. If there had been more, they wouldn’t have managed to squeeze in together.

At the moment when the demonic beasts approached them, Qing Shui lifted up his leg and violently stomped on the ground.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Simultaneously, the demonic beasts around him quickly attacked.

Even though Qing Shui’s Mighty Elephant Stomp was no longer his major killer move with its current strength, there was still a chance for it to cause dizziness in his enemies. Particularly when it was used against demonic beasts with around ten thousand stars worth of strength, it was very useful.



For a moment, the entire place looked as if a grand firework just exploded. It looked so beautiful that even words couldn’t describe it. The only thing was that it was formed by the blood splatter of the demonic beasts.


Qing Shui opened his mouth and immediately let out the Lion King’s Roar.

The demonic beasts which originally planned to charge towards them were annihilated by Qing Shui’s Lion King’s Roar. The sound wave penetrated right through the huge beasts’ heads causing fatal brain damage resulting in their immediate death. Even though they looked the same from the outside, their brains had been destroyed.

A few hundred of the enormous demonic beasts immediately dropped down towards the ground.

“Oh god, he actually knew how to use the Lion King’s Roar that’s originated from our Lion King’s Ridge.”

“He actually managed to cultivate all the way up to this level.”


For a moment, a lot of the people from Lion King’s Ridge were shocked. Lion King’s Roar was Lion King’s Ridge’s Spiritual Battle Technique. On top of that, it was considered quite a high level battle technique. A lot of people were aware that this battle technique might have had something to do with Beitang Lie. But how could he possibly train up to this extent within such a short span of time?

Qing Shui didn’t even look. He was doing all of this casually. The flags could be seen constantly flying off his hands and sticking itself into the ground in perfect order. At this moment, a lot of the crowd was finally able to witness how extraordinary this handsome young man was.

It was as people said “Once the pro makes a move, real experts would be able to tell the truth”. Even low grade warriors would know how strong Qing Shui was and what kind of formidable strength he possessed. In addition to that, these formidable warriors finally sensed how frightening the latent spirit energy prowess that Qing Shui possessed was.

At this moment, the Lion King Devil Slaying Team also appeared not far away from Qing Shui. There were about a hundred people in this small team.

By the time Qing Shui threw down the last flag, the Nine Palace Eight Trigram Formation has already been set up. He signalled the girls and Little Fattie. Lin Zhanhan on the other hand, entered the formation directly.

Lion King’s Ridge or rather, Beitang Clan had truly spent a lot on this plan. Not only a hundred people but they were warriors with quite formidable strength. Around a hundred thousand stars… And this was in the five continents, a hundred thousand stars…… It seemed as if they might still have some things which was capable of ignoring the laws of heaven and earth.

They appeared immediately after setting up their formation.

Their formation was really unique. Nine people at both the front and the back, with seven in the middle. However, they stood in a five tier crisscrossing pattern. A layer of faint light enveloped them within the formation. Additionally, there was a line connecting them together. Lastly, the convergence point was focused onto the three elderly men in the very front of the formation.

The three men’s attire consisted of silver colored gowns with a golden lion pattern each. Through the color of their gowns, Qing Shui was able to tell that they held honorable positions within Lion King’s Ridge.

After sensing his opponents’ strengths, Qing Shui didn’t express much surprise. However, it somehow made him feel a bit stressed as the hundreds of warriors were able to draw out strength that was worth roughly a million three hundred thousand stars through the formation.

If it wasn’t because of the Dragon’s Qi which he had absorbed, things would have very likely turned out tragically here. He thought about back when he got full of himself thinking he could step on top of Lion King’s Ridge with his strength that was worth a hundred thousand stars and blushed. Indeed, the ignorant person feared nothing.

The opponents had basically used the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation in their formation. There was quite a huge variety of manifested demons from the Demonic Beast Armors Manifestation but most of them were mainly lions. At this moment, about a hundred of them had already formed an enormous formation, giving off an earth-shattering aura.

Qing Shui smiled. Ever since he got stronger, his spirit energy has become his main arsenal. When in the five continents, if one was to continue getting stronger, they could only do it by strengthening spirit energy. Hence, the only powerful thing about them was their spirit energy attacks. But now, in addition to that, Qing Shui also had the most powerful barrier with him which could help him negate almost 70% of spirit energy attacks.

This was also the biggest benefit and security that the Arhat Rosary Beads and Spirited Snake Turtle brought to him. For people with the same strength as Qing Shui, Qing Shui’s endurance and resistance were heaven defying.

“Young man, you’re really powerful. However, the only thing bad about you is that you’re too arrogant. Do you seriously think that you can stomp over Lion King’s Ridge by yourself? Don’t see yourself so highly! Today, I will show you the true nature of a Supreme Sect!” Out of the three old men taking the lead, the elderly man in the center said. He sounded really calm and confident when he said it.

If the situation hadn’t been special and if it weren’t because Qing Shui was really formidable, making so many old men form formations to battle a young man, they wouldn’t have done it. The reason being that they couldn’t afford to lose face in front of that man.

“It has been so many years, to think that the next time we used the Sky Lion Killing Formation would actually be against a young man… You young man, you can die without any regrets now,” an elderly man on the left hand side smiled and said. He had white hair but no beard, making him look a bit younger.

“Go into the formation!” Qing Shui turned around and told the girls with a smile.

“Alright! You have to be careful!” Yu He smiled and said. After that, she followed the others and entered the formation together. When inside the formation, they could see the scenes outside from specific positions.

They all knew that them being here would only distract him. It wasn’t really time for them to make their moves yet, at least the time was yet to be nigh for them to take action.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

The Earth Diamond Bear let out a huge shriek and enveloped Qing Shui. After Qing Shui had absorbed the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl, slight changes seemed to also have taken place in the Earth Diamond Bear.

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui summoned the Nine Continents Mountain. The reason he summoned it now was just to use it as a shield. Occasionally, it could help defend against incoming attacks. At other times, it could also be used to defend against sneak attacks. Other than that, it also had some unique abilities.

“Well then, I am really looking forward to seeing if you guys can really use the Sky Lion Killing Formation today.”

Qing Shui smiled at them. Soon, he disappeared from the ground along with the Nine Continents Mountain.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

As soon as Qing Shui’s body appeared, the Nine Continents Mountain shot towards the opposite side by Qing Shui’s formidable thrusting force. As this happened, Qing Shui lifted up his hands and used the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal.

In an instant, an enormous wave of water appeared and drowned all of the people near it.


Sky Lion’s Rage!

It might be that Qing Shui’s current strength was not enough or it could also be that the elderly men were all quite strong but they somehow managed to dispel Qing Shui’s Waves Seal.

Sky Lion Consuming Sun!

The three old men taking the lead worked together and cast out a flame lion. This lion looked really real, compared to those before, it seemed to be a lot more powerful. Even though this somehow had to do with the techniques used, it also depended heavily on the caster’s strength.

Legend has it that the Sky Lion was a being that was at the same grade as the Golden Ni Lion . At this very moment, it had its mouth wide open and was letting out loud shrieks while leaping towards Qing Shui. From its large mouth, raging flame could be seen inside it. It was exactly like a huge stovepipe. If one was swallowed by it, they would most likely be burnt to death. Additionally, there was a high chance that it still had even stronger moves up its sleeves.

Looking on as the enormous Sky Lion approached him, Qing Shui still retained the smile on his face. He quickly condensed an enormous Primordial Flame Ball on the palm of his hand. He waited for the critical time and tossed it into the mouth of the Sky Lion.

Primordial Flame Explosion!

This was considered a tremendously destructive battle technique, particularly when it was used under this kind of circumstances. By bursting it within the Sky Lion’s stomach, it would help raise the destructive capability of it to its maximum potential. Conserving every single bit of its power.


The enormous explosion immediately caused the Sky Lion to turn red and disappear into the air. Standing against the shock and astonished faces, Qing Shui’s body could be seen once again making his way towards them.

Primordial Flame Dragon Drill!

Qing Shui charged towards the old man who was standing guard at the center of the formation with his enormous Primordial Flame Dragon. The spinning Primordial Flame Dragon rotated fast like a huge drill. As a result, black airstreams were generated from the powerful rotations produced by the Primordial Flame Dragon, forming a black vortex in the air. It was so terrifying that people would be frightened stiff just by taking one glance at it.

Demon Binding Ropes!

Qing Shui took advantage of the time when the enemy was in shock and tossed out the Demon Binding Ropes. An instant was already sufficient for him to bind his enemies together. He didn’t use the Buddha’s Manifestation. Even if the Primordial Flame Drill had been stronger, it wouldn’t be able to instantly penetrate through the enemies’ Sky Lion Killing Formation.

The old man in the middle was unable to resist against it and was unable to display his strength. Considering that his position was the most important, without him, the strength of the formation was cut in half. With half of its strength reduced, Qing Shui’s Primordial Flame Dragon Drill was able to pierce through the formation.

With one of the elder’s presences gone, the line connecting their formation was broken. The people in the surroundings got blown away by the powerful and brutal attacks. As a result, they each inflicted damage to different extents. The Primordial Flame Dragon Drill in Qing Shui’s hand immediately turned into a huge Primordial Flame Whip and drew itself towards the people in the surroundings with agile movements.

In just a short while, the entire place turned silent. Qing Shui was ruthless. He didn’t leave any of them alive. And on top of that, that all happened in the span of three breaths of time.

The people in the surroundings all sucked in cold air as they saw what happened. The more than a hundred people that got killed were no small deal, they were all Martial Emperor grade formidable warriors. Not only that but they were high grade Martial Emperors. But now, they were being killed so easily, just like chopping cabbages.

It was as if the words that a few of the elderly men from the Lion King Devil Slaying Squad mentioned from before were still echoing in the surroundings.

“Young man, you’re really powerful. However, the only thing bad about you was that you are too arrogant. Do you seriously think that you can stomp over Lion King’s Ridge by yourself? Don’t see yourself so highly! Today, I will show you the true nature of a Supreme Sect!”

“It has been so many years, to think that the next time we used the Sky Lion Killing Formation would actually be against a young man… You young man, you can die without any regret now.”

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