Chapter: 1113

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1113 - Lion King Devil Slaying Formation, Is This the Biggest Trump Card of Beitang Clan?

Beitang Clan, including Beitang Yingji were all frightened of what they had just seen. That was a kind of cold feeling that originated deep within one’s heart. Only now did they realize that Qing Shui was actually capable of eliminating the Lion King Devil Slaying Squad so swiftly.

Just how strong did one need to be in order to achieve that? He was all alone, it wasn’t actually a formation!

Beitang Yingji squinted his eyes. He had already begun to feel the crisis they were facing today. Hence, he would need to take desperate action and finish off this very young man as soon as possible. If he failed to do it, everything in Beitang Clan would be destroyed in his hands.

“Seventh Uncle, we need to finish off this damned brat as soon as possible. If we don’t do that, everything in Beitang Clan will be done for,” Beitang Yingji said softly to the old man in white cloth beside him.

“Clan Head, do you intend to do it with hidden arts or Lion King Devil Slaying Formation?” The old man was barely noticeable standing at the side. He was like a pine tree. When he spoke, there was barely any movement of his mouth. Even his drooping long brows had no sign of movement.

There were also a few elderly men with similar attire around the old man. Every single one of them looked like they were near seventy years old, they looked just like ordinary people. But when one paid close attention to them, they would also find them to be somewhat extraordinary. That was because of the aura they emitted.

They were just like those kinds of immovable mountains. When they’re standing there, they’re like pine trees that were ten thousand years old. No matter how much they were swept by wind and battered by rain, even if one day the earth quaked and the mountain shook, they still wouldn’t be affected by it in the least. Through hardships and battles, simply sitting or standing there, just their presence alone was enough to strike fear into the enemy.

“Seventh Uncle, you have also seen it with your own eyes. If we let things continue going on like this, even if eventually, we managed to finish off this little bastard, Beitang Clan might also lose its foundation. If that happened, it would only benefit the people who harbored bad intentions towards the clan.” Beitang Yingji didn’t really wish to see his own force continue to suffer anymore damage.

“It has been a few years since I came back along with grand master. I never expected in my lifetime that I would actually run into yet another prodigy. It is truly a waste that he isn’t someone from Beitang Clan.” Just like before, the old man still kept his eyes low as he spoke slowly. It was as if both of his eyes were shut tight.


“Clan Head Yin, who would have thought that this young man would be so powerful? Do you think that Beitang Clan will be able to make it safely through this time?” an elderly man with grey hair and cloth asked Clan Head Yin beside him.

His face looked just like that of an old god of longevity. He had white hair and the ruddy complexion of a healthy person in old age. He also had high forehead, giving people the impression that he was a friendly person. Additionally, both of his eyes were filled with wisdom and peacefulness.

“Clan Head Yinyue, is this still a question which has to be answered? You’re someone who is well known for being a wise man. In fact, I am really looking forward to hearing your opinion,” Clan Head Yin chuckled. He remained calm and collected.

“I feel that it is very tough for this young man to actually shake up the foundation of the Beitang Clan. What do you think?” The old man chuckled and moved his sight to Clan Head Yin.

“I share exactly the same opinion as you. Beitang Clan has built a really firm foundation. Look at those elderly men in plain clothes, they’re all people who came back from the four continents to enjoy their old age. They are the large pillar supporting Beitang Clan. It’s precisely because of these people that Beitang Clan could manage to stand so proudly and arrogantly for all these years,” Clan Head Yin said while smiling softly.

“Hehe, Clan Head Yin, for some reason, I have a feeling that you didn’t really mean what you said. Frankly speaking, I somehow feel that those old men weren’t a match for the young man.” Clan Head Yinyue squinted his eyes. His face was filled with a smile that looked as bright as a chrysanthemum.

“Hai, do you really have to be like that? You know what I meant deep down, is it really necessary for me to confess how I truly felt?” Clan Head Yin smiled. Deep down, everybody was aware about the cruel truth. It was all for the benefit of their respective clans. Because of how Beitang Clan used to have all the attention for themselves, the two clans shared a pretty good relationship with each other.

“Hehe, who said so? This young man is really patient. He doesn’t seem like the kind of person with a savage attitude. Naturally, he would have already been confident by the time he dared to step into Lion King’s Ridge. I have a feeling that this time, had both Lion King’s Ridge and Beitang Clan not died, we would still at least have a layer of our skin peeled off.” The old man still retained the warm facial expression he had from before.

“You certainly think quite highly of this young man!” Clan Head Yin looked at the old man in surprise.

“Could Clan Head Yin happen to not be doing the same thing?” Clan Head Yinyue smiled and asked.

“Of course I do… It’s just that I never expected you to think so highly of him as well…”


Looking at the elderly men in plain clothes that came out this time, Qing Shui unconsciously tightened up his fists. These old men’s auras were too obscure. If it had not been because he himself was powerful, he really wouldn’t have been able to sense their strength.

These elderly men’s strengths were surprisingly worth around five hundred thousand stars. Even though they possessed things which were capable of neglecting the laws of heaven and earth, Qing Shui had a feeling that their strength should not be any lower than two million stars in the other four continents.

This was not going to be as easy as the previous one. Qing Shui did not know whether they were Beitang Clan’s trump cards. To think that the five continents would have such powerful beings… Qing Shui remembered the previous things said by the Lion King’s Devil Slaying Squad… To think that Lion King’s Ridge would hide such terrifying things up their sleeves.

He had always had a feeling that Beitang Clan would have people from the other four continents to oversee them. Considering that these people were so formidable, certainly, these people must be people who returned from the four continents. However, their life force didn’t feel so strong, hence, it was very likely that they came back to live out their old age.

“Set up formation!”

One of the old men screamed out loudly.

The speed at which they set up formation was really fast. First off, six people together formed a row in front. After that, another four people rose up high into the sky and stood above the six men below. Then, another two men went forward and rose above the place where the people died before, they were about ten meters away from each other. Lastly, three people at the back divided themselves up into three layers and stood at a slant all the way to the bottom layer.

Lion King’s Spirit! Formation activate!

A transparent hollow shadow appeared and enveloped these people in it. It was just like an enormous shadow, with there being something resembling that of a Demonic Beast Armor within it. It looked just like a large lion.

Lion King Devil Slaying Formation!

It gave off an antique feeling. It was a kind of aura with hidden killing intent. Merely the aura itself was already so sharp that it felt as if it was going to cut apart everything. Feeling this, Qing Shui knitted his brows, such a formidable formation.

Even though the formation was powerful, it wasn’t invincible. The biggest weakness with Death Formations were that they did not last long. Even though it helped amplify the user’s strength, once the opponents found its weakness, it would become really fragile. Once the formation was destroyed, everyone responsible for setting up the formation would be injured.

Furthermore, the formations didn’t necessarily provide one with unlimited strength. Of course, some formations might be capable of that but the condition was that it would need more people in order for a greater strength boost. With more people, it would be harder to coordinate to set up the formation. Furthermore, with more people, there would also be a larger energy consumption. Apparently, for a huge formation that required more than ten thousand people, it could only initiate one attack. If that attack didn’t work, the formation would automatically destroy itself unless there was additional special item that could assist in increasing its duration a bit.


The Earth Diamond Bear Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation could be heard faintly letting out beast cries. This wasn’t fear, it was a kind of blood-thirsty battle intent. The Nine Continents Mountain was on top of Qing Shui ready to be used at anytime. However, the Nine Continents Mountain was now no longer a threat to the enemies.

“Young man, do you know about the other four continents?”

At this moment, an old man on the middle-upper part of the formation asked Qing Shui. He sounded rather amiable. It was just like a senior talking to a junior.

“I have heard a thing or two about it. But it seemed as if the four continents wouldn’t let this place know more things about them than it should have. Hence, my current understanding towards the four is just superficial,” Qing Shui smiled and replied.

“I have a feeling that place suits you really well. I wonder if you will still have the chance to go there. Today, we’re in a war. I am someone from Beitang Clan but I won’t say anything more than that. There are certain things that can never be cleared up with reasons alone. We often choose our own blood over reasons. There is a saying, blood is always thicker than water, there is no such thing as a bad person or a good person. Let’s begin!” The old man slowly lifted up his hand.

“Sky Lion Sword!”

The old man said slowly. He spoke in a somewhat cold tone. It somehow didn’t feel like it was something that would come out of a human’s mouth.

It was a large and long sword. On the sword hilt was a malevolent lion head.

Buddha Manifestation!

Qing Shui used the Buddha Manifestation without any hesitation. His spirit energy once again increased by one fold. As he swung his hand, an image of a large rod appeared in front of Qing Shui.

Vajra Buddha Devil Rod Technique!

Vajra Buddha Devil Rod Technique, First Style, change in Winds and Clouds!

Ever since he fought with Buddha Sect, Qing Shui learnt about the Vajra Buddha Devil Rod. This was also a spiritual battle technique. It required spirit energy. In the past, both Buddha Sect and Little Fattie had used normal battle rods in their hands to reduce the amount of spirit energy consumption.

Now however, the rod that Qing Shui thrust out had completely relied on his spirit energy. The reason why Qing Shui learned this Rod Technique wasn’t just because it was a spiritual battle technique. Most importantly, it was because of the Buddha Form Reveal behind him. He was particularly interested in all the spiritual battle techniques that had to do with Buddha.

It was a huge, bright gold colored rod. On top of it was spouting enormous spirit pressure. As Qing Shui swung his hand and slapped it towards the huge rod, the color of the entire sky changed. As compared to the Nine Continents Mountain, this enormous force was many times stronger.

Back then, when Qing Shui was battling against Buddha Sect, he had already sensed the formidable feature about the Vajra Buddha Devil Rod Technique. Since then, he had already had this rod technique in his Interspatial Silk Sachet. While practicing it, it could be differentiated into two kinds, one which relied purely on spirit energy whereas the other one borrowed strength from other objects. For example, the object which Fattie relied on was precisely the golden rod.

When borrowing power from an external object, it wouldn’t be considered a pure spiritual attack. Hence, Qing Shui felt that it was unsuitable to do so in the five continents. The enormous rod fell down and immediately crashed into the large blade.


The huge Lion King Sword only managed to block for a second before it broke into pieces. However, quite a lot of the aura of the rod has also been consumed. Very quickly, the enemies lifted up their hands and summoned yet another huge Lion King’s Blade.

The Sky Lion Sword this time was the same size as the previous one. However, the aura on top of it felt more violent. Its speed had also become relatively faster. It immediately clashed against the golden rod.

The enormous rod vibrated for a moment and disappeared into thin air.

Vajra Buddha Devil Rod Technique, Second Style, Crushing Mountain and Rivers!

Qing Shui wasn’t scared. When it came to competing in terms of spirit energy, he didn’t fear anyone. It was yet another enormous golden rod. Compared to the previous one, the new one was even more powerful. With heaven splitting aura, it once again clashed against the blade.

In the past, when he was cultivating, his strength wasn’t actually as powerful as now. He never expected that the strength of the Vajra Buddha Devil Rod that he summoned after his spirit energy strengthened would be this powerful.

Just moments after he broke the enemies’ Lion King’s Sword, they right away summoned another two huge Lion King’s Swords. The two old men had each summoned out one sword. Compared to before, the strength of the blades now was even more powerful.

Two intense vibrating noises resounded. The two huge swords disappeared into thin air! The Vajra Buddha Devil Rod Technique was indeed quite a useful move. Qing Shui thought to himself that he should investigate it more thoroughly in the future.


This time, the four men below also summoned out four enormous Lion King’s Swords. They were not the least bit weaker than the previous ones. They charged towards Qing Shui in crisscrossing patterns. As this was happening, a formidable spiritual pressure completely enveloped the surroundings.

This time, the huge golden rod immediately got blown away. The remaining four Lion King’s Swords continued charging towards Qing Shui just like before.

If it had been someone else, their strength would have been significantly reduced under such spiritual pressure. In addition to that, the four Lion King Swords approaching him were equally as deadly.

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