Chapter: 1114

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1114 - Killing People Like Flies, Mass Murder……

Primordial Flame Whip!

Seven Star Steps!

Qing Shui’s body was shuttling back and forth between the enemies like it wasn’t being influenced by the enemies’ spiritual sense. The Primordial Flame Whip in his hand was like an agile spiritual snake, constantly banging on those enormous Lion King Swords.

Both his miraculous speed and footwork have given rise to a magical effect in the battle. His speed in particular, was more important than strength alone. Up to a certain extent, the unusual features about his footwork could also be said to have helped make his speed unusually fast.

The fact that Qing Shui was not suppressed by the enemies’ formidable spiritual pressure had certainly gone against the enemies’ expectations. Seeing as Qing Shui was still lively and vigorous, they could not help but share gazes with each other.

Devil Slaying Sword!

A snow white long sword appeared in front of the old men. The long sword was slanted in the air and had its tip pointed towards the sky. Compared to the previous Lion King’s Sword, it was about twice as big. The large sword was giving off a strong ancient feeling.

Qing Shui swung his hand. He couldn’t afford to slow down, hence, he quickly formed a seal with his hands. Soon, an enormous golden rod appeared in the sky. The golden rod this time was a few times thicker than the previous ones. It was at least a hundred meters long and tens of meters thick. In addition to that, it was shining with a gold color. It formed a contrast together with the Golden Buddha Statue at the back and outshone it in radiance. Surprisingly, they formed a very harmonious mix with each other. It looked as if the enormous Buddha figure was commanding the huge golden rod.

Vajra Buddha Devil Rod, Fourth Staff, Five Soaring Waves!

At this moment, the huge snow white blade smashed towards Qing Shui like a toppling mountain. As this was happening, Qing Shui realized his body had become unusually stiff. At least in this instant, it was incomparably stiff.

His facial expression changed. Without further delay, he let out his right hand, released a Golden Buddha Palm and smashed it directly against the golden rod. Right now, the rod was just like a pillar that was pushing against the sky, almost as tall as the snow white blade on the opposite side. Similarly, it was a hundred meters long and tens of meters thick. Even an enormous ancient beast would end up scattered in pieces if smashed by it.

The air itself felt as if it was under the pressure of dark black clouds. It was so oppressive that it made people felt nauseous. Upon feeling this, a lot of people chose to quickly retreat. Merely the air pressure alone was already able to make people feel uncomfortable. In a while, if was destroyed, its power…...

The snow white blade chopped towards Qing Shui. It might not be fast, yet it carried along a heaven splitting aura with it. Qing Shui’s golden rod on the other hand, was like a toppling mountain. It emitted an aura which resembled that of one that would stir up the seas.


As the huge blade and rod clashed, they gave off a dull noise. A whirlwind visible with the naked eyes spread out into the surroundings. The air itself was as if it had been split open.

A formless force scattered into the surroundings like waves. A lot of the demonic beasts close to it immediately flew up in the air, covered in blood. In just a while, the sky was filled with countless drops of blood.

Upon seeing this happen, the people in the surroundings retreated even faster. However, some of the people at the front managed to counter the approaching wave by letting out powerful aura. Some of the people who weren’t protected by the highly-skilled warriors and didn’t manage to retreat in time either died or received minor to severe injuries.

After the first clash, both the huge blade and rod moved away from each other and immediately bumped into each other for a second time. The collision this time let out continuous high pitch noises. By the look of things, Qing Shui’s rod seemed to have the upper hand. It managed to barely push back against the huge blade that was trying to push it down and straightened up. While this was happening, Qing Shui was also constantly bombarding the rod with the seals he formed with his hand.

Ten Thousand Flows Convergence!

In the next moment, he only observed ten or more old men each condensing a relatively smaller blade and guiding the blades towards the large one through some kind of bizarre route. After that, the smaller blades together combined into an incomparably large blade and smashed itself towards the previous blade.

Even though Qing Shui had always been really confident with himself, he was still stunned upon seeing what was in front of him. He quickly let out his hand and condensed a round-shaped golden energy. After that, he immediately pointed it towards the Nine Continents Mountain in the sky. As that happened, the originally simple-looking Nine Continents Mountain immediately began to look like it was plated with a layer of gold.

Qing Shui condensed the power of the Vajra Buddha Devil Rod on the Nine Continents Mountain. After that, he controlled the mountain with his mind and immediately sent it towards the golden rod.

Buddha’s Piercing Eyes!

This time, Qing Shui didn’t hold back any of his power. He used the Buddha’s Piercing Eyes of the Buddha’s True Eyes to counter against the elders’ Lion King Devil Slaying Formation. However, whether it would work was an uncertainty to Qing Shui.

This action caused the people in the surroundings to retreat even faster. Except for a few of the stronger warriors, they hardly batted an eye towards it. At most, they only knitted their brows. The people from Beitang Clan didn’t retreat, instead, they formed a faint halo layer.


As the loud noise resounded, everything around where the collision took place immediately turned into ruins. Waves after waves of tornadoes clashed into the surroundings like a huge air wave. This was an actual tornado…...

Qing Shui’s Buddha’s Piercing Eyes actually worked…. Or rather, it could be said to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The collisions had already pushed their strength to a critical point. They had already been holding on to the Lion King Devil Slaying Formation for such a long period of time. And on top of that, they had also consumed a lot of spirit energy in the first few collisions just now. Right at this moment, Qing Shui penetrated through the halo of the formation with his Buddha’s Piercing Eyes.

In an instant, the formation diminished. The people bearing the brunt were precisely these already injured elderly men. They were immediately attacked by the shattered spirit energy. Everything had been decided judging from the lack of protection provided by the formation as well as the severely injured wounds.


Even though Qing Shui also suffered injuries, things were completely different for him.

Unlike Qing Shui, the people in Beitang Clan were not capable of holding their own against approximately 70% of spirit energy attacks. Let alone right now, his total strength had already exceeded two million five hundred thousand stars. It was not something that they could compare themselves to.

More than ten of the powerful elderly men faded away. In just a short while, the entire area turned quiet.

It was quiet, dead quiet. It was a scene that no one in the area had expected to see. Or rather, they never expected that people from Beitang Clan would die so quickly.

“There’s no way my eyes would deceive me! Would they?” Someone spoke as if he was crazy.

“This is too terrifying, whose clan does this young one belong to? Exactly who is capable of nurturing such a demon?”

“Beitang Clan is finished. All of those elders are the main pillars of Beitang Clan. They are precisely what makes Beitang Clan so powerful on the Lion King’s Ridge. But now, they’re all gone.”


Clan Head Yin and Clan Head Yinyue were standing together watching from afar. They could only glance at each other. Neither smiled nor said anything. The two looked as calm as water. Despite this, only they themselves were aware of how agitated they felt deep inside.

In comparison to their excitement as well as the others’ astonishment, Beitang Clan felt thunderstruck and devastated. Those elders had been the guardians of Beitang Clan for a long time. Even though they were said to be back to live out their old life, they still had quite a long time to live.

But now, they were all gone, meaning that everything was gone for them. In the past, Beitang Clan was an unbeatable existence. With them around, Beitang Clan was unstoppable. But now, they were gone. This was not the only problem; the devil was still around.

Beitang Yingji’s expression looked so gloomy that it felt as if water could have dropped out of it. With his sharp eyes, he glared at Qing Shui. If people could be killed with the emotions shown in one’s eyes, Qing Shui would have most likely died with cuts and bruises all over his body.

There were still a lot of people in Beitang Clan. Nevertheless, all of them felt a chill down their spines and deep in their hearts, as they looked at Qing Shui from far away, causing their entire bodies to feel cold.

Not knowing when, snowflakes began falling down from the sky. It all happened so suddenly. Qing Shui at this moment however, lifted up his leg and advanced towards Beitang Clan, making his way to Lion King’s Ridge.

“Beitang Clan Head, have you finally decided to pay back the debt of blood that you have owed for many years? Let’s put aside pushing you for the loan itself first, I think we have already given you quite a sufficient amount of bonus by letting you live peacefully for so many years.” Qing Shui was smiling while he made his way towards Beitang Clan. However, in a lot of people’s eyes, his smile was like a demon’s smile.

“What kind of benefit has Yiye Clan offered you? I will pay you back ten or a hundred times! Join Beitang Clan, I can make you reach even greater heights!” Beitang Yingji stared at Qing Shui and said something which really shocked Qing Shui.

“Yiye Clan didn’t give me any benefit. The daughter of Yiye Clan is my wife. The granddaughter of Yiye Clan is my adopted daughter. She has been brought up by my wife and I, in other words, she is also my blood-related daughter. So, what do you think Yiye Clan gave me?” Qing Shui continued smiling as he advanced forward.

“Is there no room for negotiation? I consider you a genius, joining Beitang Clan will definitely help you soar up into the sky at one go,” Beitang Yingji said. Like before, he still sounded a bit stiff while saying it.

“Everything that Beitang Clan has? In the moment after I eliminate all of you, I can just take it right away without the need to ask for your permission. It’s not like you guys will be able to take all of this stuff with you after you die.”

“Do you really think that you can eliminate Beitang Clan?” Beitang Yingji once again glared at Qing Shui with his sharp eyes. The thing which he mentioned about making Qing Shui join him was only a thought. If it really turned out successfully, considering how powerful this little brat was, he would be more than enough to fill up what Beitang Clan lost by just using a few tricks.

But he was also aware that it was basically impossible to make him surrender. Hence, the only way to finish this was to eliminate him.

“Then try it!”

While speaking, Qing Shui immediately thrust out the Nine Continents Mountain. Furthermore, he bestowed the strength of the Vajra Buddha Devil Rod upon it.

The enormous gold Nine Continents Mountain clashed towards the place where Beitang Clan was. At this moment, Beitang Clan was already on its own, perhaps there might be still people not from Beitang Clan among the crowd. But the majority of the people wearing Lion King’s Ridge’s attire were already standing really far away from them.


Primordial Flame Dragon Drill!

Qing Shui used his hands and unleashed the Double Dragon Drill with all his might. On top of that, it was used with all his strength. With strength which exceeded two million five hundred thousand stars, it caused havoc in the area where Beitang Clan was in just a short while.

From there, countless blood-curdling screeches could be heard. Each of them tried to run away like stray dogs.

“Set up formations, set up formations……”

Beitang Yingji couldn’t afford to act recklessly. After dodging Qing Shui’s blows, he shouted loudly.

A lot of the demonic beasts in the surroundings rushed towards Qing Shui. There were countless numbers of them. Together, they managed to cover up both the sky and earth.

Lion King’s Roar!

Nine Continent’s Mountain!

Primordial Flame Whip!

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

At this moment, the girls also rushed out and attacked into the demonic beasts. This made Qing Shui knit his brows. But soon, he remembered that they had Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring with them and felt relieved.

Soulshake Bell!


A lot of the demonic beasts all turned mad. Six-Headed Demonic Spider summoned a large group of demonic spiders and in an instant, covered themselves within spiderwebs. At this moment however, Qing Shui didn’t stop. With his hidden weapons and Primordial Flame Balls, he specifically targeted people and demonic beasts to kill.

All of Qing Shui’s demonic beasts were with the girls. Qing Shui on the other hand, let out his spiritual sense and stared at Beitang Yingji and the people around him. The people there possessed the most powerful strength. On top of that, they had already set up a formation as well.

Sky Lionturtle Formation!

This was Lion King’s Ridge most powerful yet temporary life-saving formation. This formation possessed extremely powerful defensive ability. The people within the formation were incapable of initiating attacks. As Beitang Yingji observed the Beitang clan members outside the formation not capable of even fleeing, he felt as though blood dripped down from his heart. Beitang Clan’s dynasty was finished.

Some of the demonic beasts had long since run away. In the past years, Beitang Clan killed countless innocent people. Today, however, they were being massacred by other people… That feeling…...

“Beitang Clan, when you guys did all that stuff a long time ago, you guys should have expected this day to come. People who kill will often be killed. In life, karma works in a cycle. Don’t be afraid, just make sure to be good people in your next incarnation.” Qing Shui’s calm voice spread out into the surroundings. Meanwhile, he was also taking away one after another of the lives in his hand, causing a lot of people in the surroundings to feel chills all over their body.

Killing people like flies…… Mass Murder…….

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