Chapter: 1134

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1134 - Blue Clouds Sect, Seal of Xuantian, Heaven Seal of First Wave

“Martial Senior Uncle, Martial Junior Uncle and Martial Brother, this is Qing Shui, whom I have been talking about. This is Miss Ruyan. Brother, these are my martial senior uncle, martial junior uncle and martial brother!” Qiu Feng introduced them with a smile.

“Welcome, young man. We have seen you long ago. We didn’t expect the young man that Qiu Feng has frequently mentioned was actually you. It’s a great fortune to meet you here today. You are a genius from heaven. This is indeed a pleasure,” the refined old man, who was oldest in age among them, laughed to Qing Shui.

“Old man, you are flattering me,” Qing Shui responded with a smile. His understanding of these people from the Formation Immortal Sect was not even the tip of the iceberg, so he didn’t know what to say either. The old man could recognize him probably because they had seen him during his fight with the Beitang Clan.

“Brother, we are part of the Formation Immortal Sect. Wait until we’ve crossed to the other side and I’ll tell you some of the things you want to know. When Brother and Miss Ruyan stay over here for a few days, be cautious of any challenges from other people.” Qiufeng jumped into the conversation with a smile when he noticed Qing Shui’s discomfort.

“Oh? Challenges? Why would they pick a fight?” Qing Shui had heard Qiufeng mentioning that some people would be snatching cores last time. Could it be that it had something to do with these challenges?

“There’s an unwritten rule here. At every teleportation array, the people who are heading towards the other four continents may challenge someone at the other teleportation arrays and start a fight. The loser follows the winner. This is only limited to people from the five continents who are heading towards the other four continents.” Qiufeng sounded pretty glum when he explained this rule.

“There’s still such a rule like this?” Qing Shui was feeling especially glum too. This was completely putting strength above all else. Were they not treating humans as human? Although he knew that the World of the Nine Continents was cruel, he didn’t expect that it would be this downright cruel.

“I know right? So there will definitely be someone who wants to bring you back. I’ve heard about you from Martial Senior and Junior Uncles, so I’m still not that worried.” Qiufeng smiled at Qing Shui.

“Just because I am a little young?” Qing Shui asked with a laugh.

“That’s right. Age reflects the standard of talent.”

“What if the loser doesn’t follow them back?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

“Then the winner has the right to kill the loser…....”

“I understand. It’ll be fine,” Qing Shui chuckled.

Qiufeng brought Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan to greet the rest of the people before they went to search for the cave dwelling. The cave dwellings here were all at about more than ten metres high in the mountain wall. They had already gone into one earlier. This cave dwelling wasn’t too wide and had no pillars in it. The ceiling was dome shaped and the stony surface was smooth, as if it had been peeled by a knife. The interior design however, was about the same as a normal house. The bed, table and chairs were all made of stone. The layers of beast leather cushions on them were very thick and brand new.

“Brother, see if this place is to your liking,” Qiufeng said after bringing Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan to take a look around here.

“It’s great. I have troubled you, Brother,” Qing Shui said happily. He was very satisfied with the place here. The interior design suited his taste very well. It kind of made him feel like picking a place like this to live in the future. It was said that the people who stayed in the big mountains lived in places like this. They were sturdy, waterproof, coldproof and could keep the wild beasts away.

There were two bedrooms, one living room and one kitchen here. It was neither too spacious here nor too narrow. However, there weren’t too many bedrooms so it was best for two people to live in. Most people lived in it alone, since there weren’t too many people coming here and they were not ordinary people either.

“This place is quite decent. We should build this kind of house in the future too.” Qing Shui pulled Yu Ruyan and took a look around here.

“Hehe, it’s not bad. But are you thinking of living in seclusion?” Yu Ruyan chuckled.

“It’s still fine for all of us to live in a place like this for a month or half a year.” Qing Shui pondered and laughed.

“Qing Shui, do you think anyone will come and challenge us?” Yu Ruyan and Qing Shui took a seat on the couch after taking a look around here. Although everything here was made of stone, they had no sharp edges. All of them were rounded and most importantly, they were padded and layered with thick cushions. It was extremely comfortable and fluffy. The weather was extremely frigid around this area so it was quite warm inside the cave dwelling.

“Who knows? Does it make a difference if they come? If they come, I will beat them and chase them away,” Qing Shui said indifferently. He really wasn’t bothered by this.


Before they could realize it, they had already stayed here for a week. Other than cultivating, they explored around. Life was quite peaceful. It was only three days before the Ancient Great Formation activates. Tantai Xuan had yet to show up. This made Qing Shui very depressed.

Tantai Xuan was a very important person in his journey to the other four continents. Having a few more friends over there would be a great advantage.

Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan chatted with some people at the mountain valley today. These people were all from different places in the five continents. All of them were chieftains in their regions. The youngest among them was already 130 years old.

These people would join the Formation Immortal Sect when they reached the other four continents.Qiufeng didn’t directly tell Qing Shui to join, he instead dropped some hints. But Qing Shui didn’t give any response to that. He wasn’t ready to join that sect yet. If he had such intention in the future, he wouldn’t mind joining the Formation Immortal Sect. Since he had been studying formations, the Formation Immortal Sect should have quite a number of formations.

Just at this moment, more than ten silhouettes were sighted in the distance. In the blink of an eye, they were already in the sky right above them. Qing Shui lifted his head to look at them and laughed, “The ones who ought to show up have indeed showed up after all.”

Among this crowd of people, two of those Qing Shui spotted were the old men dressed in crystal blue robes from the other day. The most conspicuous one among the remaining few people was a man that looked like a little giant. He had the appearance of a middle aged man and was as strongly built as a bear.

“Li Yifeng, come out and have some fun.”

Qing Shui smiled when he heard the old man’s word. He had been guessing that the Formation Immortal Sect probably didn’t get along well with the sect that this old man in a blue robe was in, though they didn’t seem to have any deep hatred between them. They might have been competing with each other all this while. He could tell that they should be very familiar with each other from their attitude towards each other.

“Haha, Lan Dachong, I knew you’d come. What fun are you talking about?” The one who stepped forward to speak was the oldest man among the Formation Immortal Sect.

To be honest, Qing Shui couldn’t wrap his head around one fact. After such a big incident last time, it was impossible that with the strength ofthis old man in a blue robe not to know about it. If he was still going to challenge Qing Shui, would he succeed? Never mind that if they were in the other four continents but they were in the five continents. Or perhaps these people didn’t put the Beitang Clan in their eyes at all…....

Qing Shui sensed the man who was like a bear too. Although he was very powerful, Qing Shui was confident that he could kill him in a flash. He even asked Qiufeng, who was just beside him. “It seems like they don’t know me?”

Qing Shui wasn’t talking about how famous he was. He was instead referring to the previous incident that had just taken place recently. There were quite many people who knew of this incident but they couldn’t match things up because the number of people who saw it with their own eyes was too few. Most of them had only heard about it and spread it around. Hence, they couldn’t recognize the real person even when Qing Shui was brought face to face with them.

“Hehe, doesn’t seem like they do. I heard that the people here from the Blue Clouds Sect weren’t here at that time so they had only heard a little about the story. They can’t recognize you. The people from the four continents live in seclusion here. They don’t really care much about the matters of the five continents and will very rarely participate in anything. So most of the people who guard the Ancient Teleportation Arrays here don’t know you,” Qiufeng chuckled.

“One of my men heard that there are two young experts here and he couldn’t help wishing to have a friendly match with them,” one of the old men with long eyebrows told Li Yifeng with a smile.

Qing Shui felt a little amused right now. Sometimes, even the most childish lie still had to be told. Anyone could tell that this was a lie but still, it had to be said out loud. Humanity was already an actor on the stage called life. In their performance, they still had to wear two or three layers of masks. Sometimes, even some of the masks were an extra layer of skin of their face.

“A match? If we are going to have a friendly match, let’s have some prizes. Otherwise, there’s really no point in doing this,” Qing Shui knew that it was time for him to speak up so he stood up and told the few people across them with a smile.

“Prizes? That’s fine. What kind of prizes?” The man, who looked exceptionally strong, across him asked. He seemed to be even more powerful looking than Little Fatty. His voice sounded like a cracked gong, loud and extremely unpleasant.

“I want your Interspatial Silk Sachet as my prize,” Qing Shui declared with a smile.

The powerful man was taken aback and looked at Qing Shui. “I’ll agree to that. But I have something in mind for my prize too.”


“I want your Interspatial Silk Sachet too. Other than that, there’s another thing I want too.” The powerful man was looking at Qing Shui but the gaze of his squinty eyes that looked like two bronze bells, fell on Yu Ruyan at the end of his sentence.

“Let’s hear it.” Qing Shui’s voice was very calm. It was so calm that it was flat, almost monotonous.

“If I win, your woman will be mine.”

That voice was initially unpleasant enough to listen to but now, it was more than being just simply unpleasant to Qing Shui . He shook his head. It seemed like he was still not famous enough. The world was indeed too vast. It was simply too difficult to be world renowned. Martial power alone wasn’t enough, it was even harder without any martial power…… One could only be famous within the corresponding circle of their strength at most. Not only that, their fame would also limited by region. After all, the vast land under this sky was boundless.

“Indulging on your lust is as good as hanging a knife upon your head. I’m not too sure if you’ll be alive to see that happen,” Qing Shui told that big man with a fake smile.

“I can’t agree to that as long as I am alive.” Qing Shui shook his head when he finished speaking.

“Alright then, I shall kill you!”

The big man waved both of his arms. A pair of gigantic earthly yellow Ringed Hammer materialized in both of his hands. Each of the hammers was about the size of an adult. It was flickering with earthly yellow Qi on it.

The thick halos flickering around the twin hammers formed another layer of larger earthly yellow ring on the surface. It exuded a wave of fleeting but powerful spirit energy Qi aura that pressed towards Qing Shui.

This kind of strength was quite decent among the five continents. It was quite impressive enough already. It was unfortunate that he met Qing Shui. To Qing Shui, this powerful attack was full of holes.

Seal of Xuantian, Heaven Seal of First Wave!

Qing Shui immediately formed the seal with his right hand and flung his hand out at a seemingly slow yet fast speed.

All of a sudden, the clouds in the sky above Qing Shui churned and swirled. Something akin to the Heaven Defying Seal of the ancient legend in his previous world appeared in the sky. It wasn’t huge but the Qi aura it exuded felt as if it was enough to shatter the earth.

A ray of faint silver light shone down on the bear-like man that was dashing towards him. At this moment, Qing Shui felt as if it had slowed his opponent down. His movements were slowed down by a lot. The light shrouded the target and the ground beneath the target’s feet. It then smashed down with a loud bang.


The whole world fell into silence. This was Qing Shui’s first time using the Seal of Xuantian against his opponent and he had only cultivated the Heaven’s Seal of First Wave** in the Seal of Xuantian, from the first part. The outcome seemed to have exceeded Qing Shui’s expectation. He had yet to fully understand the wonders of the Seal of Xuantian but this attack was already very powerful to him.

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