Chapter: 1135

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1135 - Tantai Xuan Appeared, Arriving At The Four Continents

The scene that suddenly unfolded before them shocked everyone. An instant kill. It was the most straightforward, nimble and most simple instant kill. This caused the two old men in blue robe to be in a stunned for so long before they recovered.

Qing Shui hadn’t planned to kill anyone earlier but this big man went on having some idea about his woman instead. Qing Shui wouldn’t even fear if it was a powerful cultivator from the other four continents, much less this kind of thrash. His women were also his untouchables. This was because his women were also his kin.

“The weather today is great. We shall take our leave now, Brother Li. Let’s go!” The old man in blue robe that had been quiet all this time laughed embarrassingly. He then grabbed the other old man in blue robe, who still seemed to be unable to wrap his head around what had happened and quickly left after ordering the rest.

“Take care, everyone. We shall return your visit over there in a bit,” Li Yifeng said to the people of the Blue Clouds Sect who were about to leave.

Although they were very far, they staggered in midair when they heard Li Yifeng’s words and disappeared into the distant mountain without even turning their heads around.

Qing Shui didn’t really feel much about it, he only smiled. He still wasn’t strong enough right now to pit himself against the Blue Clouds Sect. Besides, it wasn’t necessary for him to do so over small matter like that. Overall, he still had the upper hand in this.

“Little Brother, with this, there will be no one bothering you again. Although it’s the rules here, there are always people who overestimate their own capabilities and embarrass themselves,” Li Yifeng sighed and told Qing Shui smilingly.

“Then Senior, do we have to pay a visit to the Blue Clouds Sect?” he asked that because of Li Yifeng’s words earlier.

“Hehe, I was only trying to scare them just now,” Li Yifeng shook his head and said. It was meaningless even if they went over there to eliminate a few people who were from the five continents.

This was for the best. Qing Shui actually didn’t want to go either, so he only nodded without saying anything. After they bid their farewell to Li Yifeng and Qiu Feng, Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan made their way towards the cave dwelling that they lived in together.

“Qiu Feng, do you know what the strength of this Qing Shui is?” Li Yifeng asked Qiu Feng with a smile. Qiu Feng was one of the geniuses of their branch.

“Martial Senior Uncle, I don’t. He’s too absurd.” Qiu Feng had never felt this defeated before, yet this young man made him felt deeply helpless. Not only he felt like this, the others felt the same too.

“I can’t see through him with my strength. Qiu Feng, he isn’t someone who can be bound by any power. Build your friendship with him and treat each other sincerely. Stop thinking about getting him to join the Formation Immortal Sect. Even if he really joined the Formation Immortal Sect right now, he wouldn't stay long. Something may even happen and turn things sour,” Li Yifeng said with a smile.

“I understand, Martial Senior Uncle!” Qiu Feng responded with a smile.

The next day, Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan saw a familiar person outside as soon as they came out.

Tantai Xuan!

She was fully dressed in snowy white plain clothes as usual, her figure wonderfully slender. She exuded a sacred aura that was like an immortal, especially her eyes. It was a pair of eyes that were so enchantingly pure and holy, somewhat graceful, refined, sacred and deeply noble.

Her face was still veiled like usual. Even so, the aura that she exuded alone was enough to captivate one.

“Miss Tantai, we meet again.” Qing Shui went up to her with Yu Ruyan to greet her.

Tantai Xuan’s beautiful eyes that were uncovered crinkled slightly. “I’ve promised that I’d come to find you before you go over to that side.” She smiled.

Just then, Qiu Feng and a few people came out. When they saw Tantai Xuan, all of them greeted her courteously. Tantai Xuan did the same to them too.

“Miss Tantai, the teleportation array will be activated as soon as tomorrow. Are we going to stick together or……” Qing Shui asked casually.

Back then, she didn’t mention anything about that either. He had also forgotten now if he had suggested to go over there together at that time too. He only remembered that Tantai Xuan said she would find him before he went over there.

“Let’s go over there together then!” Tantai Xuan said serenely. Her voice was soft and gentle, with a faint air of a sacred immortal.


The remaining time was very peaceful but Qing Shui was a little restless. He was going to go the other four continents soon. Once he left here, he’d have to wait for another five years if he wished to return again.

Although five years time was only a snap of the fingers to cultivators, it wasn’t short either. It was long enough for many, many things to happen. In these five years, he would be able to cultivate to a better level over on the other side.

He had a decent background and great foundation. With his current strength, he could still be considered an expert over on that side. However, the other side was much more vast. This meant that there would be a lot more cultivators, even powerful cultivators and strength was supreme.

Women are very strange sometimes. Just like now, Yu Ruyan became familiar with Tantai Xuan very quickly and soon were very close to each other. This greatly bewildered Qing Shui. Guess it was true when they said that the thoughts of women were the most difficult thing to fathom in world.

This instead caused Qing Shui to end up in peaceful silence. He was clueless as to what the two ladies were talking about. He just felt strange about the way he felt just now. Why did he feel so bewildered when he saw the two ladies hitting it off with each other…….

Ruyan was his wife. Tantai Xuan could be considered an acquaintance, just barely enough to be considered a friend. They were both women so this wasn’t too bad either.

The day for the Ancient Great Formation to activate had finally arrived!

The activation of the Ancient Great Formation required some powerful demonic beast cores. By late morning, a huge hole opened on the pillar of the Ancient Teleportation Array. It was filled with smoke and a terrifying wave of engulfing aura spread out.

Li Yifeng quickly tossed many powerful cores inside there. Within an instant, the Ancient Teleportation Array shone brilliantly, especially the pictures of demonic beasts on the pillar that had seemingly come alive. The faint roaring of beasts could be heard. It was muffled but loud enough to be heard from very, very far away.

A wave of solemn Qi aura spreaded out. At the same time, tens of similar auras could be felt in the distance. These were all the Qi auras from the activation of the other teleportation arrays.

The entire Ancient Teleportation Array was shrouded by iridescent colors, just like a gigantic cocoon. It was impossible to see what was going on inside from the outside. This halo lasted for about fifteen minutes before it gradually faded away. Everyone was shocked to discover that there were fifteen people standing around the gigantic stone pillar.

They were from the Formation Immortal Sect. These people were here to replace Qiu Feng and the rest.

“Haha, I have a feeling that it was you guys who would come and replace us. We have been taking turns for almost a hundred years now!” Li Yifeng spoke warmly to one of the old men among them while walking towards him.

“That’s right. It’s been a hundred years. Hopefully the next one that come to replace us won’t be you.” The old man had an amiable appearance. His face was full of smiles while he shook hands with Li Yifeng.

“How many are joining the Formation Immortal Sect this time?” The old man asked Li Yifeng, still smiling.

“Twenty one of them.”

“Hoho. Excluding those two young uns, right?” It was evident that the old man was acquainted with Tantai Xuan.

“That’s right. Qiu Feng is good friends with him.” Li Yifeng didn’t say much. The old man across from him seemed to be nodding his head very understandably.

“Well then, Brother Li, all of you should go over there!”

“Alright!” Li Yifeng nodded while smiling and turned his head around to see that everything was ready.

“Everyone, do not put up any resistance when you go in.”

Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan followed the people of Formation Immortal Sect inside along with the crowd. Tantai Xuan was on the other side of Qing Shui. As soon as they entered this Ancient Teleportation Array, a terrifying confining energy instantly spread across their entire bodies. Just when he was about to resist it, Tantai Xuan’s voice rang out.

“Don’t oppose it. It’ll be fine!”

Qing Shui relaxed and let that wave of energy spread across his entire body as it wished. It felt as if his whole body was going to be rooted to that simple diagram beneath his feet.

Qing Shui was still clueless about the miracles of this Ancient Teleportation Array, much like the Nine Continents Steps and the Sacred Jade Divine Stone ring. He was guessing that this Ancient Teleportation Array was probably similar to the Nine Continents Steps, except that it was much more powerful.

All of a sudden, a strange energy was channeled into his body and went inside the Nine Continents Boots. Within that instant, Qing Shui felt a subtle change in his boots. Before he even had the time to check, a layer of iridescence rose up and enveloped them. Now, even the inside couldn’t see what was going on outside.

In the next moment, Qing Shui felt that his spiritual sense and all sensory organs went still. He only felt as if he was flying in an extremely high velocity. It also felt as if they were passing through layers and layers of water waves.

This moment felt extremely long. He couldn’t speak right now. The only thing running was the thoughts in his brain. He grasped Yu Ruyan’s hand tightly. Tantai Xuan, who was on his other side, was very serene and her eyes were shut. The proximity between Qing Shui and her was very close. He could see the gorgeous profile of her face just by shifting his gaze to the side. Faint fragrances of both Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan wafted into his nostrils.

This moment felt like a hundred years but also like a brief moment. Qing Shui felt as if everything stopped. The iridescent halo that surrounded them was also fading away slowly. Boundless of spiritual Qi suddenly came through. At the same time, his heart and mind suddenly felt clear.

The spiritual Qi was abundant and the laws of heaven and earth vanished!

From this moment onwards, he had lost the advantages he had in the five continents. But now, he could really use the Nine Continents Mountain to its best potential. He lifted his head to look around here. The sky felt higher here but that was merely a feeling.

The four continents were similarly mountain valleys and looked a little similar to the Lion King’s Mountain. The mountains here were much more lofty and majestic. There were also some people here. He could tell that they were from the Formation Immortal Sect from the way they dressed.

Qing Shui’s spirit energy and strength had returned to normal. He felt great right at this very moment because he felt just like the walking dead within the formation just now.

“Brother, let’s go. We are going to stay here up to half a day. I’ll tell you about the situation here.” Qiu Feng was taking care of Qing Shui warmly.

“Sister Xuan, shall we stay here half a day?” Yu Ruyan asked Tantai Xuan after looking at Qing Shui.

“Sure. Then let me explain to you about the situation here, Sister Ruyan!” Tantai Xuan pulled Yu Ruyan towards Qing Shui and informed him before they went off to search for a cave dwelling.

Qing Shui and Qiu Feng also made their way to a cave dwelling while Li Yifeng talked to those people from the Formation Immortal Sect.

The cave dwellings here weren’t much different from the ones in the Lion King’s Mountain. They were almost exactly the same. Qing Shui and Qiu Feng sat across from each other after they entered the cave dwelling. Qing Shui had many questions to ask right now. He felt very smothered by them.

“Brother, I know you have many questions in your head. Ask away. There’s nothing to worry about, now that we are here. Only the people who have entered here can know about the four continents’ situation. But the information must not be leaked to the other five continents. This is a rule. The rulebreakers will be punished, including the person who leaked it and the person who led them here.”

Qiu Feng explained to Qing Shui while looking at him.

“Who will be punishing the person who leaked the information?” Qing Shui was very curious. No wonder why no one would leak the information. They were not the only person who would be punished but the power or person who led the said person into the four continents would also be punished.

“I’m not sure about that but someone will definitely come to carry out the punishment. They are rumored to be the people from Myriad Dynasties and Myriad Sects.” Qing Feng shook his head and seemed very worried.

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