Chapter: 1138

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1138 - Great Yu Dynasty, Yan City, Cloud Inn

Another thing was that the depletion had been reduced. This was quite a good ability as well and he would be more powerful in a sustained battle. What had made Qing Shui the happiest was the strengthening of the Nine Continents Steps.

The strengthening of the Nine Continents Steps made Qing Shui so happy that he wanted to break out in laughter. Previously, he was only able to use it four times a day, 400,000 Li each time. However, he could now use it for 800,000 Li each time, eight times a day. The two weren't of the same level and it could be considered an overwhelming change. He was even anticipating the further strengthening it would go through next time. It would surely be even more terrifying. Qing Shui shook his head. One who didn’t know how to be content was like a snake trying to swallow up an entire elephant whole.

Of course, the distance for the Nine Continents Steps could be freely adjusted. However, the number of uses wouldn't change even if the distance was adjusted. Even if one were to use the Nine Continents Steps to proceed by ten meters it would also be counted as one use.

This was a great weapon for escaping and saving his own life.

With how vast the Western Oxhe Continent was, it would be much more convenient to be able to travel using the Nine Continents Steps and it wouldn't leave behind too many traces. Maybe in the future, he would really be able to use the Nine Continents Steps to travel across the Southern Sea.

Another thing was the issue of cultivation realm. In the five continents, there were only people with up to Grade Five Martial Emperor who had a strength of 5,000 stars. One would only be considered to have reached Grade Six Martial Emperor after their strength had exceeded one nimbus, Grade Seven Martial Emperor when exceeding ten nimbus, Grade Eight Martial Emperor when exceeding 10,000 nimbus. As for Peak Martial Emperor as well as those in the legendary False God realm, Qiu Feng didn't know about them either. He wasn't even completely sure that the other information he had provided was accurate.

Grade Ten Martial Emperor was considered the highest level of existence in the Western Oxhe Continent. As for how much strength a Peak Grade Ten Martial Emperor had, Qing Shui didn't know. A Grade One State Master would have the strength of a Grade Nine Martial Emperor but it was the same for a Grade Two State Master. It was only when one had attained a breakthrough to become a Grade Three State Master would he be considered a Grade Ten Martial Emperor cultivator.

Qing Shui himself had already attained a physical strength of 2.5 nimbus. Under the effect of the Diamond Qi, Diamond Protection and Diamond Crossing Rivers, his strength would be doubled.

The Nature Energy increased his physical strength by 70%, the Unmoving Like A Mountain increased it by 50%, the Frenzied Bull's Strength increased it by 30%, the Heavenly Thunder Slash increased power by 30%, the Shield attack increased power by 40%, the Heavenly Talisman increased power and defense by 50%, the Five Moves Combination Sword Technique enhanced physical strength by 80%, the high grade Focused Concentration increased physical strength by 20% and the Emperor's Qi increased overall abilities by 20%.

The Big Dipper Sword increased his physical attacks by an additional four times and with the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation increasing his strength by an additional three times, Qing Shui's strength was at 230 nimbus when he was holding onto the Big Dipper Sword.

Without the world's limitations, the prowess of Qing Shui's physical attacks were unleashed. The prowess of his Nine Palace Steps and the Combination Sword Technique could be once again displayed.

However, in terms of physical attacks, Qing Shui's most powerful attack was still the Nine Continents Mountain. It allowed him to attack and defend with two times his strength and speed and his attacks would have the effect of Shield attacks.

The attacking prowess of 460 nimbus was Qing Shui's strongest attacking prowess. Back when he was in the five continents, the spirit energy and the attacking prowess of the Nine Continents Mountain which he had relied on were now very different. However, he now had the Arhat Rosary Beads and his resistance against spirit energy was very high.

Although Qing Shui's current spirit energy attacks were slightly weaker, if he were to not use the Nine Continents Mountain, his spirit energy attacks would be more powerful. With the Heart of Roc increasing his spirit energy by five times, in addition to other factors, Qing Shui's spirit energy reached 17.5 nimbus. With the effect of the Arhat Rosary Beads, it was further raised to be 35 nimbus.

In addition, under the effect of the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Buddha Form Reveal and Angry Gaze of Buddha, his spirit energy attacks could reach 420 nimbus. It was slightly weaker than the attacking prowess of the Nine Continents Mountain but was already pretty good.

After getting out of the mountain, he saw a magnificent city in the distance, with great walls that stretched out very far. All the buildings in the city were tall and upright and the scene was that of great prosperity.

The scene in a dynasty was pretty much similar to what it was like in the five continents. There were not many differences. Cities were still cities, City Lords were still City Lords, aristocratic clans were still aristocratic clans. The only difference was that there was an additional powerful royal clan or rather, a powerful clan was crowned with the title of being the royal family.

The cities here were even larger and more prosperous. Looking down from high up in the air, he could see many luxurious looking horse and beast carriages along the wide streets. The whole city was bustling with activity.

"There are so many people!"

This was what Qing Shui felt. The populations in the cities here were huge and it was extraordinarily lively. However, the land area was also wider and there were also adventurers who would participate in high-risk jobs outside cities.

The trade associations set up many shops. There were also many auction halls as well as underground organizations. However, most of them were either not presentable or were associated with some people from different sects.

This was the northeast area of the Western Oxhe Continent. The Great Yu Dynasty was a Grade Two Dynasty located in the northeast side of the Western Oxhe Continent. It was considered one of the top amongst Grade Two Dynasties and had a wide land area. In the Western Oxhe Continent, it took up a very large land area.

There were the most Grade One Dynasties and sects in the Western Oxhe Continent. For the Great Yu Dynasty to be able to stand in the ranks of the top Grade Two Dynasties was already considered very powerful. The Great Yu Dynasty was surrounded by Grade one Dynasties. This was a kind of regulation and balance of powers.

Yan City!

This was one of the five greatest cities in the Great Yu Dynasty. It was situated in the extreme east of the Great Yu Dynasty and its north side was connected with the Great Virtue Dynasty. To its east was the Eastern Sea and the Yan City was considered the northern gate to the Great Yu Dynasty.

The Yan City wasn't directly connected to the Great Virtue Dynasty. There was actually a large plot of free land between them, the Scarlet Flame Region!

The Scarlet Flame Region was an especially scorching place and the land area was very wide. There were areas with mountains and forests and there were also areas with swamps and deserts. Demonic beasts would roam around the entire place. It was an especially dangerous place.

Qing Shui thought of Tantai Xuan's sect, the Putuo Mountain. It was considered an extraordinary existence in the Great Yu Dynasty but he didn't know where in the Great Yu Dynasty it was located.

Back in the five continents, they were located in the Southern Sea. He didn't know which part of the four continents they would be situated in now. Could it be the Eastern Sea?

The cities here were extremely big and each of them was segregated into many regions. Moreover, Yan City was also one of the five biggest cities in the Great Yu Dynasty. Qing Shui, Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan found a place that wasn't very far away to stop over.

"Yan City is considered a big city in the Great Yu Dynasty which is second to the Imperial City. There are many powerful factions here and it was even rumored that there are some hidden powers in the Scarlet Flame Region. How about it, why don't we stop over here?" Tantai Xuan smiled and looked at Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan.

"Okay. Oh, right, where is your sect? When will you heading back?" Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked.

"Why? Are you finding me a hassle here?" Tantai Xuan asked calmly, as if there were hints of teasing in her voice. However, she still gave off the feeling that it was hard to get close to her.

"Why would I? I'm only afraid that the people from your teacher would miss you," Qing Shui smiled and said.

"My teacher is at the south of Yan City. There's an inner sea there, also known as the Southern Sea," Tantai Xuan smiled and said before looking forward and pointing.

Cloud Inn!

"Let's have some rest here first. If you plan to stay in this area, then just stay here. I feel that it's very suitable," Tantai Xuan turned and said.

Cloud Inn was an inn which incorporated dining and accommodations into one. Of course, one could stay here or choose only to dine. However, this Cloud Inn seemed to be very grand and had 12 stories. Its decorations weren't especially colorful but looked very impressive. In one look, one could tell that it was very high class and tasteful.

It was a feeling it gave off. Just from this feeling alone, one would know that Cloud Inn's business was very good.

When the waiter at the entrance saw Qing Shui and the other two, he attended to them warmly and invited them in. Each waiter here had met many different people and had a good eye.

The interior setup was with the corridors around the outside and with the public dining area in the center. However, the distance between tables was quite far and there were also some seats which were separated. Although they were partitioned simply, the sound-proof effect was considered quite good. In the surroundings, there would be rooms.

The interior area was very big, causing Qing Shui to be astonished. It was impossible for one to be able to see a hotel with such a setup like this in his previous life due to land restrictions.

The three of them took a seat next to a window on the fifth story. It was a relatively secluded spot. They had ordered the food which should be served very soon.

"Miss Tantai, what is the level people in Yan City are at? Are they powerful?" Coming here made Qing Shui feel that everything seemed to be too unfamiliar. It was unlike how it was back in the five continents when he could do as he wished.

Qing Shui knew that he had thought too much about it. Although the Western Oxhe Continent was very powerful and big, Qing Shui's abilities were also something to be reckoned with. A level of over 400 nimbus was terrifying enough. As for State Masters... How many of them could there possibly be in each dynasty? Out of such a great population, there were only so many State Masters. It went to show that Qing Shui was still considered very powerful.

However, Qing Shui must not let down his guard. Having reached his current level, it was possible for him to encounter State Master level people. After all, he wasn't the most ordinary person. An ordinary person who didn't cultivate martial arts would basically not be able to encounter State Masters in their entire lives. It was because even if a State Master were to cross his path, the person wouldn't be able to recognize him. Furthermore, both parties would basically have no interactions.

The food was served very quickly. It might be because the city was situated close to the sea that most of the dishes were seafood. They tasted quite good and were very fresh. These should be the unique characteristics in the area.

"The City Lord of Yan City is from Yan Clan. This city was also named after Yan Clan. They are very well known throughout the entire Great Yu Dynasty. Other than the royal family, Yan Clan and a few other clans and sects make up the strongest factions," after a waitress served the food, Tantai Xuan said slowly.

"Other than Yan Clan, what other factions are considered to be powerful in Yan City?"

"I only know that Yan Clan is very powerful. As for the others, it's a mix of various levels. I've only been here for a few years. There are too many factions here..."

Qing Shui: "..."

Qing Shui thought that it made sense. After all, when Tantai Xuan came to this Cloud Inn, the waiters and waitresses here didn't even recognize her.

At that moment, a group of people came up. They were very loud and chaotic. There were over 30 of them and all of them were strong men with great builds, wearing clothes that cultivators would wear. The group of them walked over to the table Qing Shui and the two ladies were at.

"Hmmm, look. These two ladies are really pretty. No, they can't f*cking be called pretty. Their beauty would cause the downfall of cities and countries," a coarse voice rang out.

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