Chapter: 1139

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1139 - Break an Arm, Too Lonely at Night..

This voice stood out particularly well in this relatively quiet place. Qing Shui knew that the voice was directed at the two women by his side. He lifted his head up to look at the man who spoke.

The man had sideburns and his hair was as thick as a lion’s mane. His figure was quite tall and burly. The front of his clothes was left unbuttoned, exposing his steel-like muscles. He was exuding a wave of manly, coarse and violent aura.

He wasn’t too bad looking. Although he had sideburns and thick hair, he had prominent facial features. His eyes in particular were beast-like, causing him to look very wild and aggressive. This type of men was deadly poison to some women.

“Young Master Ma, I didn’t expect you could actually use words other than ‘hot’ to describe women. Your description fits too well this time. How can there be such beautiful women in this area that we have never seen?”

The person who spoke was a man beside the person who was addressed as Young Master Ma earlier on. This man was well-dressed and seemed to be a young lord from some aristocrat clan. He was handsome and had a slender figure. His every movement was graceful, with an air of nobility.

This man flattered this Young Master Ma and put him on a pedestal. This was why Qing Shui could sense that this Young Master Ma was probably the leader here.

The group of people had already reached not too far from Qing Shui while they were talking, but they didn’t do anything reckless yet. Qing Shui only gave them a single glance before he went back to eating.

The two ladies didn’t even lift their heads to look at them, from the start to the end. Tantai Xuan wasn’t wearing a veil today, but she wore a small and exquisite mask that revealed only her eyes and below her nose. Even so, just her chin, lips and her amazing physique could make one stare and be unable to break their gaze. This figure of her was already enough for men to not be bothered by how she looked. They probably wouldn’t mind even if her face wasn’t beautiful at all.

Yu Ruyan, on the other hand, didn’t only have a gorgeous figure, she was also mature and charming. This type of woman was a killer to men of any age group. Qing Shui had a hunch that this group of people should be one of the more powerful groups around here. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be this domineering here. They probably had some profound background.

“Liang Qi, how high is the flow of visitors this generation? You think beauties of such caliber will always appear before us? We should be grateful to our ancestors for being able to see them today. I want these two women. The ones in our clan are merely soy pulps compared to both of them,” Young Master Ma exclaimed in excitement.

“Young Master Ma, we should be a little more prudent. These people don’t look like ordinary people either,” Liang Qi said softly to Young Master Ma.

His voice wasn’t loud but Qing Shui and the rest heard it very clearly. The two ladies raised their heads to look at Qing Shui. Qing Shui continued savoring his meal, pretending as if he didn’t hear anything.

“Let’s go over there. We were very loud just now, it’s impossible they didn’t hear us. Yet they are not uttering a single word. You know what this means?”

“Brother Ma, what does this mean?” a young man from behind asked in a flattering voice.

“This means that they know they cannot afford to offend us. Since they can’t offend us, you think we are going to let such a nice fat chance slip away?” Young Master Ma’s personality was crude too. If he didn’t have his clan behind him, he would have been hacked to death by others countless times.

Liang Qi was about to say something else but Young Master Ma had already led everyone else towards Qing Shui. When he was right behind Qing Shui, he extended his arm with his hand in a claw form and directly slapped on Qing Shui’s head.

Qing Shui cursed inwardly. This dumb shit was really too straightforward. It was a pity that Qing Shui didn’t put the strength of these people in his eyes. If these people were indeed very influential in this region, then that would be due to the power behind their backs, their clans for instance.

Qing Shui randomly picked one of the chopsticks that he used to pick up his food and sent one of them flying out!


A very soft noise was heard and at the same time, Young Master Ma’s blood-curdling scream. The chopstick had penetrated through his palm and was still embedded in his hand. Qing Shui reckoned that he’d be in more pain when he extracted it.

Furthermore, Young Master Ma was sent flying from Qing Shui’s single chopstick. Just then, Qing Shui rose up from his seat and looked at them. Although the Yan City was bustling, the influential parties were complicated and tricky. Not every power had a State Master. There were only a handful of State Masters in the entire Great Yu Dynasty.

To be honest, even cultivators with the strength of one nimbus couldn’t be easily met. Just like these people, the leading few people only had about ten stars of strength. That was considered to be very powerful as it was the strength of a peak Martial Saint. Although they were not young in age, they weren’t that old in age either. Hence, Qing Shui didn’t intend to kill them.

It wasn’t that he didn’t dare to kill. This guy was really trying to kill him just now but Qing Shui wasn’t that mad about it. This kind of trash was a mere ant in his eyes. Would anyone throw a fit with an ant? No!

If Qing Shui was going to actually flee, no one would be able to catch him. He simply didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself earlier on.

“You are Young Master Ma, right? You dare to snatch my women?” Qing Shui asked calmly. However, his tremendous Qi aura instantly pressed down on these people to the point that it was smothering.

Yu Ruyan didn’t feel bothered when she heard his words. Tantai Xuan, on the other hand, was extremely upset. Although he was just saying it, she felt displeased in her heart. Since when had she become his woman……?

Between cultivators, especially when the weaker ones met the stronger ones, this kind of pressure could smash the guts of the weaker cultivators and even crush their souls or burst their brains. That was why it was said that experts could kill on a whim. To them, ordinary people were really akin to ants which they could kill disdainfully.

“Sir, our damned eyes were blind. We shouldn’t have gotten any ideas on your ladies, sir. Good sir, you have a generous heart. Please spare us this time……”

Young Master Ma crawled on the ground as he spoke while endlessly slapping his own face.

Slapping face was already the greatest humiliation to a cultivator, let alone slapping your own face. If it wasn’t for the sake of survival, no one would do this to themselves. This was already putting one in the lowest position. Without any heinous animosity, one would basically not kill and spare the person instead.

Young Master Ma had chosen to do this because he knew that the women by this powerful cultivator’s side were definitely untouchable subjects. He had actually tried to kill this powerful cultivator earlier, so he knew that they weren’t his match at all. Killing them would be a snap of the fingers to Qing Shui and he was aware that they would possibly lose their lives at any moment now.

From the beginning, Qing Shui didn’t have any intention to kill them. Now that these people had put themselves in such a position, they wouldn’t have too many achievements in Martial Arts. All cultivators, powerful cultivators in particular, should possess one quality and that is self-esteem. People who grovelled like this and still had great achievements in Martial Arts were basically as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin’s horns.

“Each of you break one of your arms and leave. Remember that I will wipe out all of you next time. Do not doubt my words. If anyone who has the slightest relation to one of you comes to find trouble with me, I will take your lives.” There wasn’t even an ounce of emotion in Qing Shui’s voice. People like these had to be threatened to their deaths. He had to make them remember the incident today. Breaking one of their arms should be enough for them to remember this.



The sounds of bone breaking rang out. All of them bowed to Qing Shui and the rest with cold sweat covering their foreheads before they retreated and left. Qing Shui then continued to eat his meal.

“Miss Tantai……”

“Since when have I become your woman?” Tantai Xuan cut him off without even lifting her head.

“Erm, it’s a misunderstanding. I have no such intention.”

“To be saying that without the intention, what will you be saying if you have such intention….”

Tantai Xuan was merely saying that but it ended up coming out a little weird. She didn’t know how to continue all of a sudden, so she could only continue eating.

“I don’t have that intention right now, so I don’t know what I will say when that time comes.” Qing Shui didn’t expect this woman would comment on this kind of thing. This made him felt that women indeed have adaptable personalities.

“Alright, let’s drop it. Remember not to claim that I am your woman in the future, not in front of strangers either.” Tantai Xuan’s voice calmed down.

“I apologize. I definitely won’t do it again.” Qing Shui shook his head. It didn’t really matter to him anyway.

“Miss Tantai, do you know the Ma Clan?”

“A little. They are nothing significant and don’t pose much threat to you. However, it’s better for you to maintain a lower profile. Things are very complicated here. You still have to take care of Sister Ruyan too. Why not let Sister Ruyan return to Putuo Mountain with me? Do you mind if she joins the Putuo Mountain?” Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was taken aback. “No way!”

“Why not?” Tantai Xuan was puzzled. After all, Yu Ruyan would reap great benefits after joining the Putuo Mountain. Among the Great Yu Dynasty, the Putuo Mountain was considered to be a more well-known sect. On top of that, all of its members were female. This made a very big difference. Hence, the Putuo Mountain had a very unique position. She thought that this man should be able to understand the benefits of this.

“Well… I have just arrived here. If Ruyan isn’t by my side, I’d be too lonely at night……”

Yu Ruyan instantly reached out and pinched Qing Shui on his waist. Her jade-like face was so red. She didn’t expect that Qing Shui would say something like this.

Tantai Xuan was taken aback by his answer too and quickly lowered her head, as she cursed this bastard inwardly. No one had ever dared to say something like this in front of her or speak without any restraint. Her heart was beating very fast but she couldn’t say anything either.

“Ruyan, what is your plan?” Qing Shui smiled and asked her.

“I’ll listen to whatever you say!”

“Does that mean you are reluctant to part with me…...?”

“Are you both done?” Tantai Xuan gloomily cut Qing Shui off.

Yu Ruyan gave Tantai Xuan an embarrassed smile and then glared at Qing Shui.

“I would like to cultivate with Sister Xuan at the Southern Sea for a period of time.” Yu Ruyan knew that staying here would only tie Qing Shui down.

“You’ve made up your mind?” Qing Shui continued asking while smiling.

“Yes. If you miss me, you can go there and find me……”

“Fine then, you may go. I’m going to buy a manor here, so that we’ll have a home in Yan City first. If both of you want to find me, you can come here anytime. We’ll go see where we can buy a manor.” Qing Shui agreed with Yu Ruyan after thinking about it.

Tantai Xuan was still a trustworthy individual. Besides, he could send them to the Putuo Mountain. The Putuo Mountain doesn’t restrict the freedom of its disciples. It was still greatly beneficial for Yu Ruyan to join the Putuo Mountain. She was also doing this for herself since Qing Shui knew Yu Ruyan actually had a very strong personality, she wouldn’t want herself to be a decorative vase here.

It was also for this reason that Qing Shui had agreed to her request.

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