Chapter: 1209

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1209 - Arrived in Heaven Secrets Academy. Yu Sunu. Breezing Wind Veranda, Normal Disciple

The new year passed very quickly. Qing Shui, Yan Jinyu, seventh princess and the little girl set off for Heaven Secrets Academy.

The Heaven Secrets Academy was located at the most north-west area in Western Oxhe Continent. It was one of the strongest existence in north west. It also had Great Yu Dynasty, Great Virtue Dynasty and a lot other dynasties to be their supporters.

There was an unofficial rule between dynasties. This was, dynasties at the same level could try to kill each other. The low grade dynasties could challenge the higher grade dynasties. High grade dynasties however, could not randomly topple over low grades, Generally, this was the rule.

Heaven Secrets Academy had teamed up as well as fought against two of the fourth grade dynasties before. The fight between dynasties were suitable for all the dynasties in Western Oxhe Continent. Actually as fourth grade dynasties or Heaven Secrets Academy, they wouldn’t really have time to intervene in the war between dynasties below them.

Great Yu Dynasty was extremely far away from Heaven Secrets Academy. Even if Qing Shui and the groups used the Nine Continent Step Effect together, it would still take them half a month to get there. If he had relied only on himself for that, it would take him even longer to reach there.

But other than resting at night, they would ride on their flying beasts to rush through their journey in daytime. The two girls also had to go back to Heaven Secrets Academy to report there.

After a month!

Along the way, they passed through countless dynasties. Mountains, rivers and earth. This was the first time Qing Shui saw them. Qing Shui was intoxicated with its magnificent and aggressive scene.

Compared to back in the five continents, the spiritual qi here was a lot more abundant. The journey was also very peaceful. Basically, most of the time they would pass through areas belonging to dynasties. Along the way, while listening to the two girl’s introductions, he also hear a thing or two about some other dynasties. Among them, there were a few third grade, some would also be in second grade but the majority was in first grade.

Qing Shui stunned upon seeing Heaven Secrets Academy.

Who said that there were no tall buildings across the continent!

Qing Shui observed the sky-penetrating buildings… For example, the pavilion in the air, the courtyard in the air. They were all indescribably wide. These were all the work of a god. This was a kind of amazement.

The buildings here were made of extremely special materials. They were also built up using some restrictions and remarkable abilities. Even third and fourth grade State Masters were unable to destroy it within a short period of time. In the sky, at different levels of heights, there were figures of humans crossing through it.

There were three large words in the sky. Heaven Secrets Academy. Each of the words were like a small mountain top. This was also a place with groups of mountains. But if one didn’t pay attention while looking at it, they wouldn’t be able to tell. These buildings needed the mountains to support them whereas some just immediately opened up a way through the mountainside.

Qing Shui only came back to his senses after looking for quite a while. After that, the group dropped down and walked towards the gate of Heaven Secrets Academy. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, even if they were able to fly around, they would still have to go through the gate unless their status was very high.

This should be the gate. It was too large, so large to the point it made Qing Shui felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Show your badge!”

As he reached the entrance, he got stopped by a few people. There were about more than a hundred guards here. Each of the disciples from Heaven Secrets Academy had badges to prove their identity.

Both Yan Jinyu and seventh princess also had badges for themselves. Qing Shui on the other hand, he was holding the eldest princess’ letter. At the moment the person saw the eldest princess’ letter, he politely told Qing Shui to wait for a while.

Qing Shui observed the watchguards here. All of them looked quite young. It’s very unlikely for the people here to be older than a hundred years old, or rather, they might be slightly younger than that. They should be around their seventies. However, just these watchguards already possessed the strength of a first grade State Master.

This was too shocking… To think that a first grade state master would just be a guard in Heaven Secrets Academy.

Very quickly, the person already came back: “Mister, and miss, Teacher Sunu wants you guys to look for her in Breezing Wind Veranda.”

“Teacher Sunu?” Qing Shui was confused.

“My sister is called Sunu. Let’s go. I know where Breezing Wind Veranda is.”

There was no name mentioned in the letter. The letter only stated that it was from the Eldest Princess. The outside of the letter on the other hand had a special sign which indicated it to be from Heaven Secrets Academy. Hence, Qing Shui only found out that the eldest princess was called Sunu now.

It was such a powerful name!

Qing Shui remembered a powerful woman called Sunu from his previous incarnation. In there, she was a goddess in a legend. She was good in musics and bedroom skills. But Qing Shui was only in awe for a while, the reason being that this was a name with a very heavy meaning.

The surname of the royal family in Great Yu Dynasty went by Yu. Hence, the eldest princess should most likely be called Yu Sunu.

Qing Shui only knew that the fifth princess was called Suya. He heard about it from Yan Yangchi. As for the seventh princess’s name, up until now, he still didn’t know what she was called. But he also wasn’t that eager to know about it.

“What place is Breezing Wind Veranda?” Qing Shui asked while walking.

“Breezing Wind Veranda is a place where the eldest princess lived.” Yan Jinyu answered.

By the time the group arrived at Breezing Wind Veranda, Qing Shui once again felt that the eldest princess held an extraordinary status. This place was located halfway up the mountain. No other buildings were stopped in the surroundings. This was what defined her status.

The Breezing Wind Veranda wasn’t actually that big. But the way it’s designed was very elegantly. Added on that it also had the scenery which was halfway up the mountain, that feeling was made even stronger. There was no guards here.

At the moment when the group stepped out, they could already see the eldest princess drawing something in the pavilion.

It had been six months since they last met, yet this woman was still pretty like usual. Today, she was wearing a snow white cloth. Unconsciously, her natural charm was able to make one’s heart races.

After Qing Shui and the others came in, she lifted her head and smiled. She had beautiful pupils and shiny teeth. When she didn’t have makeup on, she looked like a fairy. Compared to Yiye Jiange, she had an additional unspiritual charm. Despite so, her elegance also gave off a sense of pressure..


“Eldest princess!”


“You guys are quite fast indeed. Let's go. I will bring you guys to his courtyard.” The eldest princess put down her pen and said.

At this moment, Qing Shui saw the eldest princess’ drawings. She was drawing a person, a woman, who looked a bit like her. However, she seemed slightly older.

Just as Qing Shui was thinking about what he hadn’t asked. The seventh princess spoke, “Sister is starting to miss Mother again.”

“Let’s go!” The eldest princess smiled as she led Qing Shui and the others out.

When Qing Shui just came in, he felt that the Heaven Secrets Academy was really disorganized. But now only he was able to sense something. The buildings here were distinguished into different levels and numbers.

The lower he got, the more concentrated it became. Normally, only those who were weaker would live down there. But despite so, each of them would still have their own small courtyard. It was about an acre large. There was a pavilion and two small yards.

Qing Shui’s yard was at the most bottom. The eldest princess said while walking: “Qing Shui, you just came recently. Even though you’re strong, but at the moment, you’re still at the most bottom floor. You would need to go through a few examinations to get promoted. By then, your yard would also be developed wider and higher. They would also become even bigger.”

“I understand!” Qing Shui smiled and responded

Along the way, they ran into quite a few people. A lot of people would know her as master.

Qing Shui’s yard was the the most bottom floor. All around, there were a lot of small yards like these. However, upon seeing his own yard, he was already satisfied with it. It consisted of three small floors. Each floor would have one living room. All around, there were at least eight room. Hence, in terms of only people living in it, this yard could contain more than ten people.

“Look around. Are you satisfied with it? If you are not, wait for two months for the examination. By then, you would be able to move to a new place.” the eldest princess said again.

“Am I considered your student now?” Qing Shui asked and smiled.

“I think so. This is because you are someone introduced by me. I need to take responsibility for you. But you don't have to keep this in mind. There is no absolute disciples and masters here. As long as you have the capability, you will end up a teacher in no time.” the eldest princess smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

“I wonder what kind of strength one would need to be a teacher in Heaven Secrets Academy?” Qing Shui asked after thinking for a while.

“It doesn't necessarily depends on one’s strength. But they would at least need to exceed five hundred thousand nimbus. Despite so, they had to be younger than a hundred years old. If they’re older than that, they would need to be even stronger.” the eldest princess smiled and explained to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui felt cold sweat trickling down his back. Looking at the people around Heaven Secrets Academy,it was a place where all the geniuses from Western Oxhe Continent gathered. Even someone who watched guard this place was an opponent who couldn't be looked down upon outside.

Now, he was getting more and more curious about the eldest princess. How did she achieve this kind of strength? He was really keen to know about her strength. She was younger than a hundred years old, however, her strength already easily exceeded five hundred thousand nimbus.

Without much thought, he could already tell that the eldest princess must have had other unusual encounters. Otherwise, it's impossible for her to achieve this strength with merely those inheritance from royal family alone.

He only spotted two sets of Heaven Secrets Academy’s attires by the time he arrived in his room. There were no weapons, but there was a belt. This was the lowest ranked belt for a normal disciple. It represented the status one had in it. Actually, this position was the same as being a guard watching the gate.

Normal disciples, high grade disciples, elite disciples, core disciples. Once they became core disciples, they would be taken in by a few elderly men from Heaven Secrets Academy to be their personal disciples. After that, they would take yet another step up and became the teacher of Heaven Secret Academy.

The teachers were considered the internal manpower of Heaven Secret Academy.

“Qing Shui, the little brat told me that your alcohol tasted really good. I wonder if I can have a taste after it?” The eldest princess smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui stunned: “ I couldn't have asked for more. I will treat you today.”

This time, Qing Shui prepared the food in the kitchen. Of course, he also made some alcohol.

Even for someone like the eldest princess, she couldn’t help but give compliments to Qing Shui’s alcohol. Of course, she also did the same thing to the food he cooked. After they finished eating, Qing Shui brewed a pot of Red Robe (tea).

Before the eldest princess left, Qing Shui gave her quite a lot of it. The eldest princess too happily took it. Among the alcohol Qing Shui gave her, there was also a few Nv`er Hong.

For a disciple from Heaven Secret Academy to change their status, their martial art alone wouldn’t be enough. Other than just their martial art improving, they would also need to have contribution values for Heaven Secrets Academy. The contribution value represented their affiliation and loyalty to Heaven Secrets Academy. Only by achieving both their contribution value and strength would they be able to gain higher status.

Qing Shui thought about it and agreed to it. It’s said that it’s very hard for the contribution value to increase. And the more he progressed, the harder it became. It seemed as though he would need to finish a few of the mission trials given by Heaven Secret Academy.

Qing Shui shook his head. For now, he wouldn’t think about this. He would want to first get used to the environment here before seeing if he had any chances to rank up. At the very least, he has earned himself the title of being an elite disciple.

The contribution for elite disciples and those below that were very small. However, it would be really tough for them if they wanted to be promoted to being core disciples. The capabilities of core disciples compared to elite disciples differed by a number of tens, or rather, hundred times. The core disciples were absolutely loyal to Heaven Secrets Academy.

Qing Shui just came. Hence, there was no need for him to rush things. But he also hoped that he could make his way up in Heaven Secrets Academy. After all, the higher he got, the more things he would be able to access himself to. The eldest princess knew about a lot of things. It’s just that she couldn’t tell him about them.

Upon entering his bedroom, Qing Shui realized that there was a simple Spirit Gathering Formation here. It was almost as strong as the one which Qing Shui set up. However, the Spirit Gathering Formation seemed to be unlimited. It should be connected to something like spiritual meridians.

Qing Shui gave the room to the little girl. For now, he didn’t really need it.

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