Chapter: 1210

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1210 - Beast Tide, Wavemoon Dynasty, Huge Desolated City, Core Disciple Prince Fu

It was already the third day since Qing Shui arrived. Throughout these three days, Qing Shui didn’t take even a step away from the yard. He also didn’t talk to the people around him much. Qing Shui was someone who just came by recently. Since he didn’t interact with them, naturally, people wouldn’t try to go near him.

The reason why Qing Shui didn’t interact with them was that he knew that he would be leaving soon. With his strength, it’s no problem for him to be an elite disciple. The only problem was the contribution value. But he had already gotten help from Yan Qingyu and Seventh Princess. As long as there were suitable missions for him, they would inform him about it.

Both Yan Qingyu and Seventh Princess were high-grade disciples from Heaven Secrets Academy; their strength wasn't sufficient to be elite disciples. Talking about elite disciples, Qing Shui thought about Tian Jiange.

He should be able to see him soon. The next time they met each other, they would meet as friends. They should be able to do just that. He was an elite disciple of Heaven Secrets Academy. But Qing Shui didn’t know which Dynasty he was from. He most likely had his own background except it was a huge gap away compared to the Eldest Princess. He was already a hundred years old, older than the Eldest Princess herself. It’s impossible for him to catch up to the Eldest Princess in terms of how much they accomplished.

Originally, Qing Shui still intended to walk around. But seeing that he knew no one here, he threw away that idea from his mind. He would rather cultivate. Throughout these six months when his strength was improving rapidly, he felt as if his body has opened up. His bones and meridians, Dantian and golden pellet were able to withstand even more Origin Qi.

“Qing Shui, there is a mission now. This time, you only have to earn contribution value and pass your exam. Then you will be promoted to be a high grade disciple, heck, maybe even an elite disciple.” Yan Qingyu and Seventh Princess approached Qing Shui and said.

Qing Shui got excited and asked hurriedly: “What mission?”

“Wavemoon Dynasty has been intruded by a huge wave of demonic beasts. The reason why Heaven Secret Academy issued the mission was for us to help Wavemoon Dynasty defeat those beasts. They will calculate our contribution value by the grade of Demon Nucleus we've received.”

The Demon Nucleus would only be very useful for demonic beasts that achieved the strength of Grade One State Master. They were more precious compared to the demonic beast’s cores. The contribution value would vary based on the strength of the demonic beasts where you got the Demon Nucleus from.

“How many of the people from Heaven Secrets Academy are going there?” Qing Shui asked after thinking for a while.

“A lot, normal disciples, high grade disciples, elite ones, even the core disciples, and masters would also go there. The beast tide in Wavemoon Dynasty this time was really terrifying.” Seventh Princess looked a bit concerned as she spoke up to this point.

“What grade is Wavemoon Dynasty?” This question seemed to only hit Qing Shui now.

“Peak Grade Three dynasty. It’s a very powerful dynasty. It’s not far away from Desolate Mountain Regions. This time, the beast tide originated exactly from there.” Yan Qingyu looked at Qing Shui and explained.

In reality, a Peak Grade Three Dynasty was already very powerful. Compared to Great Yu Dynasty, it was one whole grade above it. But this grade was very important, the reason being, a Peak Grade Three Dynasty would already have a lot of Grade Four State Masters in it.

In Western Oxhe Continent, Grade Four State Master, especially those high grade ones, were already the top existence at the peak of the pyramid in the continent. If Great Yu Dynasty had only been a peak Grade Two dynasty, it’s very likely that the Eldest Princess was also a supreme character.

But there should be quite a few people with strength like the Eldest Princess’ in Peak Grade Three Dynasties. But at the moment, Qing Shui himself was also unclear about her exact strength. So he was also only making assumptions.

“Sister Yan, when do we make our move?” Qing Shui asked after thinking for a while.

“Tomorrow. But now, a lot of people are already heading there. Tomorrow, Heaven Secrets Academy will announce the missions. People will either go there alone or look for a partner,” Yan Qingyu explained after thinking for a while.

“Alright then, we will set off tomorrow,” said Qing Shui.

He had the Nine Continents Step. Hence, he didn’t want to leave too early. For all he knew, if he arrived there and ended up meeting a powerful demonic beast, things would not be in his favor. Hence, he found it unnecessary to rush.

“Could it be that the Heaven Secrets Academy doesn’t organize missions? Instead, they make their disciples finish them themselves?”

Qing Shui was confused. Originally, he thought that Heaven Secrets Academy would try to intervene in these kinds of things to ensure the safety of their disciples. But he never expected them to be completely ignorant towards it.

“Within the academy, there are actually plenty of teams between teachers and disciples. Their numbers may range from a few to over ten to over tens of thousands. In that way, their chances of survival would be better if anything happened.” The seven princess laughed.

“Starting up your team? Does Heaven Secrets Academy not care about this?” Qing Shui felt really weird. This wasn’t how a normal sect should be. But soon after, he too quickly figured it out. People would find their own gang no matter where they were. It’s just that they didn’t do it that obviously, just like some aristocratic clans in other sects.

The strange part about it was that Heaven Secret Academy didn’t seem to care about these. On the contrary, it seemed like they were sort of supporting it.

Since Qing Shui was unable to figure it out, he stopped thinking about that issue. In any case, he only just arrived in Heaven Secrets Academy. What would he understand as merely a normal disciple? If he really planned to learn everything about Heaven Secrets Academy, the only pathway to it was to continue climbing his way up. Maybe only after he reached a similar height as the Eldest Princess would he be able to understand Heaven Secrets Academy.


On the second day, the four of them set off for Wavemoon Dynasty. Qing Shui looked at the two girls and smiled, “Did you guys set up your own gang at Heaven Secrets Academy?”

“The quota last year was for me. Besides, I also have my own gang. My sister is the Head of it. Our gang is known as the Breezing Wind Veranda,” the Seventh Princess smiled and said.

“Oh, I see!”

Qing Shui felt bored along the way. Even though Wavemoon Dynasty wasn’t really far away from here, it would still take them one day to get there. Furthermore, this was something that could only be achieved after his significant increase in speed from before.

Hence, they would chit-chat along the way. Through this, they were able to know each other better.

“Don’t look down on Breezing Wind Veranda. Despite its small amount of members, it’s very powerful. But most of its fame was backed up by my sister.” The Seventh Princess would get unusually happy every time she talked about the Eldest Princess. She really adored her.

“Oh, how many people are in Breezing Wind Veranda?” Qing Shui asked casually.

“There are only a thousand of them. It’s considered a small group.” Seventh Princess said with joy.

“Then am I considered one of them?” Qing Shui asked seriously.

“More or less, yes. My sister brought you here. Also, some of the people from Great Yu Dynasty were in the Breezing Wind Veranda. Of course, if anyone wanted to leave, sister wouldn’t really stop them.” Seventh Princess looked at Qing Shui.

“Is that so? I am considered as someone in an association. That’s good. And I thought I would need to apply and be tested for it. If so, things would have been too troublesome.” Qing Shui said in a relaxed tone.

Wavemoon Dynasty was located in the southwestern direction. Qing Shui rushed all the way into the most southwestern direction only to witness a very battered scene. This was a place most distant southwest of Wavemoon Dynasty.

Huge Desolated City!

Huge Desolated City, a city located at the most corner, very near to Desolate Mountain Region. At this moment, it has the become a desolated city. Ruins were everywhere. The entire area was engulfed in the smell of smoke. From time to time, human corpses could be seen. There were also corpses of some huge demonic beasts.

The place they arrived at wasn’t actually the area near Desolate Mountain Regions; they were still at Huge Desolated City. For now, the city was devastated by demonic beasts. Also, they finally got to meet some people from Heaven Secrets Academy when they reached Huge Desolated City.

“Qing Shui, let's go down. Do you think it will be better if we the kill demonic beasts ourselves or if we work together with others to kill them?” Seventh Princess asked while looking around.

“This time, it might last for quite a while. How about this? We have four people right? I have a formation which is made specifically for four people. Why don’t we try practicing it?” Qing Shui asked after thinking for a while.

“Oh, that’s good too!”

The two girls agreed. The little girl, on the other hand, she didn’t say anything. She would listen to whatever Qing Shui said.

Four Directional Chu-Song Formation!

This was a kind of formation which ignites one’s strength within their body. The songs of Chu came from all four directions, it meant one was taking their last bet, in exchange for their own life being at risk.

“Hello sir, why don’t we go together? The four of you seemed to be quite weak, this place is dangerous.”

Right at this moment, a voice which made Qing Shui feel a bit uncomfortable traveled over. That was a voice filled with arrogance and superiority.

Qing Shui turned around and saw a group consisting of no less than two hundred people. The person taking the lead was a man. His body shape told them he seemed gentle. But from time to time, his eyes would start gazing at the girls.

He was still considered to be quite reserved. On the other hand, quite a few of the people around him looked a bit lusty.

Qing Shui could tell that these people didn’t actually recognize his group. Even though he was wearing the Heaven Secrets Academy’s attire, there were too many disciples there. If not a million, there would still at least be eight hundred thousand of them. Hence, it’s perfectly normal that they didn’t know each other. The same also applied even if they didn’t recognize the Eldest Princess.

“Thank you, but my friends are coming really soon. By then, I wouldn’t be able to stick around with you guys.” Qing Shui smiled and responded.

“The reason that Prince Fu invited you guys was because he looked up to you. Do you know who Prince Fu is? He is a core disciple. Very quickly, he will be taken in as a disciple by Elder Tianyi,” said another man with long and sharp eyes who was standing beside the previous one. He resounded with disdain.

“What message are you trying to pass me through these?” Qing Shui looked at the man and asked gently.

That man was obviously choked on Qing Shui’s words. This was his first time seeing such a straightforward person. In just a short while, his expression turned really ugly, “Little brat, are you not afraid of getting eaten by the demonic beasts?”

It was already clear that they’re threatening him from what he said. Qing Shui however, smiled: “What’s wrong? You want to kill us?”

“Kill him and leave the girls behind.” The person at the back yelled out.

The entire place was too quiet. After all, Huge Desolated City was too big. The people from Wavemoon Dynasty and Heaven Secrets Academy were all scattered everywhere. For a moment, the atmosphere in the surroundings felt a bit sophisticated.

So what if they were all from Heaven Secrets Academy? The academy itself had so many people and everyone, there were people constantly dying. In Huge Desolated City, everywhere, there would be skulls and bones. No one would feel suspicious or ask any questions.

Qing Shui looked at the two girls. To think that things like this would happen even in Heaven Secrets Academy. The law of the jungle applied everywhere. However, he wasn’t worried about it. He was observing the opposite side and getting ready to make his moves at any time.

“What are you talking about? We’re all people from Heaven Secrets Academy. Since you guys aren’t willing to be with us. We won't force you any further.” The man who was in the lead said gently. He seemed to be blaming the man talking previously.

This turn of events surprised Qing Shui. However, Qing Shui wouldn’t let down his guard just because of this change. He smiled and nodded before taking the girls to leave.

He wouldn’t initiate the attacks towards his opponents first. After all, his opponents had a lot of people and each of them possessed decent strength. He was afraid that the girls would be put at disadvantages. Hence, unless the situation was really necessary, he wouldn’t make any moves.

Qing Shui and the others left.

“Prince Fu, why didn’t you do anything?” The man who talked from before asked confusingly.

“What do you know? The only thing you’re good at is screaming for nothing. There is some stuff you are meant to not say even after you have done it. Just how many times do I have to tell you for you to grow some brains?”

“Yes yes, I’m just seeing those little girls because they look beautiful. I wouldn’t even mind living ten years less just to have fun with them.”

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