Chapter: 1211

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1211 - Immortal Demon, False God Exist? Encounter with a Dragon, Baby Dragon, Danger

“Biao San, can’t you be a bit more ambitious?” The man let out a sigh.

“But it’s a waste if we just let them leave like that. There may be a lot of beautiful women in the Heaven Secrets Academy but those weak and beautiful ones from before are quite rare. Boss, why don’t we make them join us?” Biao San said with a greedy look.

“You will know once you take a look behind.” The man shook his head.

Biao San turned around and saw a group of people that was rushing towards them. They were also wearing attires from the Heaven Secrets Academy. If they had made their move just now, it was very likely that they would have been in trouble. At the very least, they would end up as a topic of gossips for others.

“Let’s go!” The man left when he finished speaking. However, he would look every now and then at the direction where Qing Shui and the others left, his gaze contained a very complex implication in it.

Qing Shui and the others had left, however, he felt really gloomy. Even though running into things like that was perfectly normal, he felt really insecure. That Prince Fu, he was a core disciple and at least from the surface, he seemed to have the upper hand in terms of strength. If they were to start an actual fight, Qing Shui felt that he was capable of slowly playing him to death. It was just that the opponent had a lot of allies with him.

On the other hand,he was happy because his strength was currently increasing rapidly. Provided that he would be given enough time, his strength would continue to increase. Despite so, he still need to make his way up in terms of his status.

The seventh princess had a legendary weapon but normally, she wouldn’t dare to use it. A good weapon was more than enough to attract the eyes of people who harbored bad intentions. Hence, under normal circumstances, the seventh princess wouldn’t dare to use the Nine Yang Sword.

She wanted to wait for her strength to increase. At least, her strength need to be equivalent to an elite disciple or even more. Or maybe, once her sister experienced another breakthrough and gave her enough security, she would be able to use the sword in peace.

Based on its appearance alone, the Nine Yang Sword didn’t look like a special sword. However, to avoid making other people suspicious, it was better if she stayed a bit cautious.

“Be careful, there are demonic beasts flying around here. Remember what I have said before. Let the blood within your body boils.” A murderous aura arose slowly as Qing Shui and the rest stood at their positions that was based on the arrangement of the Four Directional Chu-Song Formation.

Very quickly, more than ten flying beasts appeared far away. Their appearance resembled that of large lions, however, they had a pair of wings and looked fierce and malevolent. As soon as they had seen Qing Shui’s group, they madly rushed towards them with their earth-shattering aura.

“Advance bravely! With your blood boiling, fight with your back against the river!” Qing Shui said slowly. His calm tone made the others felt an enormous pressure on their back. At the same time, it also helped them to be even more brave.




Qing Shui shouted out the word ‘kill’ three times in a row, each of them louder than the previous one. After every shout, everyone felt as if the blood in their body gets constantly heated up as it flow faster and faster. By the time he screamed out the third ‘kill’, the enormous demonic beasts were already near them.

Nine Continents Mountain!

They had long since summoned their Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. The little girl was the only one without it. However, there was a transparent Dark Qi around her at the moment when she went all out.

Qing Shui took out the Big Dipper Sword and used his sword to wound the beast alone. He wanted to improve the joined attacks between themselves. Actually, only two people were required to use this formation but it was also fine if he would add more. However,

Also, all of these demonic beasts weren’t actually that strong or else, Qing Shui wouldn’t have dared to let them practice.

“Sister Yan, three palace steps. Up a little and take a left turn, pierce it with your sword!”

“Little brat, move back by two steps and throw out a slanted punch.”

Qing Shui stayed at the side. From time to time, he would give tips to remind them the natural and smooth feelings when they coordinated their attacks. That was yet another type of slaughtering sensation.

Once the fight was over, they would retrieve the Demon Nucleus. These Demon Nucleuses weren’t that special and could only be exchanged for a very little contribution values. It would be very hard for them to collect sufficient contribution values just by killing these demonic beasts.

Luckily, Qing Shui guided them to find the right sensation. This was a kind of sensation when they coordinated with each other, something that could help them fight extraordinarily better. Having so much synergy that it made one plus one equal more than two.

Even if they were to run into a powerful demonic beasts, they could kill it with the same method. Qing Shui would only use his Emperor’s Qi to weaken it and simultaneously increase his strength. This was only to make the girls sense the powerful murderous aura.

Even though the two girls had also fought a lot of battles, the reason why they could achieve so much today, other than their family inheritance, was also because of their own capabilities. However, they hadn’t yet to experience many battles where there was a huge gap between them and their opponent’s strength, hence, they were rarely exposed to those moments between life and death. Although, one of the reason was also because there were only very few people who could survive those kind of moments.

Just like that, the four advanced on their way forward while they killed beasts along the way. They would also conveniently observe their surroundings and Qing Shui would occasionally release his Spiritual Sense. If he noticed that there was a great danger, he would leave with them in advance.

Three days had passed and now, it could be considered that they have reached the center of the Huge Desolated City. They had already killed quite a few demonic beasts with strength worth 100 nimbus, however, they had managed to kill more low grade ones.

“What place is the Huge Desolated Mountain? Is it scary?” Qing Shui’s interest was piqued. He wanted to know just how strong the demonic beasts here were.

“The Desolate Mountain Regions were considered as one of the few dangerous lands in the Western Oxhe Continent. It’s said that no one has ever passed through the said mountain. There are also people who said that it leads to the five continents”.

“It leads to the five continents?” Qing Shui’s expression changed.

He had already heard some legends when he was still in the five continents. Giant Beasts Mountains, Sky Penetrating Mountains, Eastern Sea, Southern Sea, Arctic Plains. If he managed to pass through all of these places, he would be able to arrive in the four continents.

Ever since he arrived in the four continents, it was his first time he heard that this place could lead to the five continents. In any case, this could be considered as an evidence and he need to check if it was real.

“Qing Shui, can you forget about going beyond the Desolate Mountain Regions? It’s said that there are existences beyond that of a fourth grade State Masters in there. To top it all off, it’s said to even contain the legendary Immortal Demons.” Yan Jinyu looked at Qing Shui and said hurriedly.

“Immortal Demons?” Qing Shui was shocked.

“Immortal Demons are just like demons. Their intelligence are higher than that of demonic beasts. But legends says that only demons that achieved a False God state could be known as Immortal Demons.” Yan Jinyu explained with her brows knitted.

False God, Qing Shui has finally came across a False God. Last time, he also managed to hear something about a False God at one point. A False God was a god across the continent, as it swung its hand, it could pluck stars and ravaged the land. It possessed terrifyingly remarkable abilities. Unfortunately, breaking through to become a False God was something that was hard to do. It was said that it would trigger a disaster and this kind of catastrophe tribulation would only be directed against the one who broke through to being a False God. The reason was that this alone was already going against the Law in Heaven and Earth. Naturally, it would be limited by the laws themselves. Once the person succeeded to withstand the tribulations, they would be able to achieve the False God Level. From then on, they would have fewer restrictions from the Laws in Heaven and Earth. However, if they failed in doing so, their body and soul would be eliminated.”

After he thought for awhile, Qing Shui came back to his senses and smiled. “I haven’t lived long enough yet. I wouldn’t dare to die recklessly.”

As Qing Shui finished speaking, faint groans could be heard from afar. It sounded deep and appeared to come from far away. It was as if sound waves constantly struck their hearts.

Qing Shui’s expression changed. He looked at the girls and could see both of Yan Jinyu’s and the seventh princess’ faces turning pale as well. He could tell that the demonic beast which gave out this cry must definitely be very powerful.

It seemed like the girls could recognize the cry.

“What’s wrong? Do you think that we should hide?” Qing Shui asked after he thought for a while.

“I think it’s too late now.”

As she finished speaking, the red shadow in the distance got larger and larger.


Qing Shui was stunned. This was a demonic beast which looked just like a dragon. At the moment when they exchanged thoughts, he had already seen it before. Hence, he was able to recognize it upon seeing it this time.

However, this dragon was really small and was only around 100 meters. Compared to the green dragon which he had seen in his consciousness, it was a lot more smaller. However, it was still a dragon despite its size. It had flames all over its body, with a body of a python and the head of a jiao. Unfortunately, it didn’t have claws, which also made Qing Shui felt relieved.

He didn’t know if this dragon was the result of an evolution or it was just a baby dragon. In any case, it was yet to grow any claws at the moment. Even though it appeared to be really powerful, it wasn’t enough to make Qing Shui felt powerless.

Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui stepped forward and just in an instant, he casted the Emperor’s Qi!

What made Qing Shui felt somewhat safe was that this was a fire-type dragon, or rather, a baby dragon and one that haven’t managed to fully evolve yet. It already had its bloodline, it was just that its strength hadn’t flourish yet.

This was a fortune!

It was just that he would need to kill his opponent in advance.

As for taming it, Qing Shui didn’t have the intention to do so. Unless he had the dragon taming methods written in legends or some sort of ultra marionette medicines, it was impossible to completely tame dragons.

Hence, Qing Shui thought of killing this fire dragon which didn’t have claws yet.

Seal of Xuantian!

Nine Continents Mountain!

Within an instant, Qing Shui had already adapted to it. Simultaneously, he also reminded the three girls to be careful.


The fire dragon, together with its enormous tail, was 100 meters long. Qing Shui was just like a tiny dot in front of it. Only the Nine Continents Mountain looked relatively big against it. But with just a whip of its tail, the dragon had already managed to blow away the Nine Continents Mountain.

What kind of strength was this?

Previously, when the Emperor’s Qi weakened it, Qing Shui already had the intention to run away. This was because the Emperor’s Qi helped weaken the strength of the dragon by 20%. Qing Shui also tried to sense it and he was able to predict that the decreased on its strength was around 15 nimbus.

This just showed that the fire dragon from before had strength worth almost 700,000 nimbus of strength and now, it still had at least 550,000 nimbus of strength left.

This was a baby dragon which didn’t even have claws.

How was he supposed to fight this? Even after he got his strength doubled, he still only had nearly a 170,000 nimbus worth of strength.

As of now, it was already impossible to stop halfway. Qing Shui would have already felt incomparably happy if they had managed to run away.

“Sister Yan, seventh princess and little brat, leave quickly.” After Qing Shui’s Nine Continents Mountain got blown away, he used the Nine Palace Steps and evaded the attacks rapidly while he shouted loudly.

“We are not leaving. We will help you.” Yan Jinyu’s face looked pale as she was about to rush forward.

“Sister Yan, listen to me. I can escape and will only be able to do so once you guys leave. Believe in me. How am I supposed to run with you guys here?” Qing Shui said in a hurry.

“Little brat, seventh princess, run away now! Do you guys really want everyone to die together here? I have my own means of escaping once you guys leave. Sister Yan, have you forgotten about the ring?” As Qing Shui spoke, he got slapped by the dragon’s large tail. Despite his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation helping him blocked it, he still spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Run away quickly! I am not that kind to help you guys hold it back and give away my own life as a result.” Qing Shui shouted.

Yan Jinyu’s eyes turned bright. She grabbed the seventh princess and the little girl. “We need to go, now! Or else, bad things will really happen to him!”

“I am not leaving!” The little girl clenched her teeth and said.

“Little brat, are you not going to listen to me?” Said Qing Shui who used the Earth Mountain to momentarily hold back the fire dragon. He sounded really gentle.

Two drops of tears came down from the girl’s eyes. It has been so long since she last shed tears, heck, she didn’t even remember when it last happened. She clenched her teeth and shouted: “I’ll listen to you!”

Yan Jinyu grabbed the two girls and left. She knew that the faster they escaped, the higher the chance that Qing Shui would be able to survive.

Maybe because the fire dragon, or rather, the red dragon got furious from being assaulted by Qing Shui’s Emperor’s Qi that it didn’t really pay attention to the girls as they left. It seemed to have the intention of eating the person in front of it, or it could also be that baby dragons possessed relatively low intelligence.


A sea of fire spread out around the area within 100 meters radius. The cluster of jumping flames carried a kind of brilliant hotness with it and felt as if they were capable of directly burning one’s soul. Qing Shui neglected the 70% spiritual damage of the attack. Despite so, the remaining damage still made him a bit flustered. If he didn’t cultivated the Primordial Flame, he wouldn’t have been able to take it even if he had neglected the 70% spiritual damage. Their difference in strength was too obvious.

Area Dominance!

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

Toppling Mountains and Oceans!


The ocean brought by the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal got vaporized immediately.

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