Chapter: 1282

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1282 - The Power of Faith Is A Type of Tyrannical Aura or An Aura

“All False God cultivators have strong power of faith!”

Qing Shui thought about it for a while and understood those words immediately. Even if there were many False God cultivators in the other Three Continents, they were still considered rare and scarce in number - there wouldn’t exist one even among a hundred million people. As each of them were considered to be celebrities, they would naturally be admired by a lot of people, which was why Qing Shui wasn’t surprised when he learned that these people had the power of faith by their side.

“Only those with the power of faith are worthy to be called the gods of Earth. False God cultivators have absolute constraint against those below their level. They are quite formidable even with their auras alone.”

“Does the power of faith have such great impact on others? Is this all because of the power of faith?” Qing Shui realized that he didn’t have any power of faith, so he wanted to understand it fully.

“Not entirely. Like I’ve said before, the power of faith isn’t that fantastic. After all, once you’ve reached the level of False God, your power will be improved drastically. Naturally, your aura will undergo a huge change as well. Think about it, if you are to face a False God cultivator now, you know deep inside that you will grow timid. So if you believe the power of faith to be true, then you will feel it. Otherwise, you will not. This is a type of miraculous power, one that others can give to them, like an awakened potential beyond their own capabilities. This type of power is a bit mysterious. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,” the woman explained with a slight chuckle.

Qing Shui more or less understood her explanation. [1] The power of faith was exactly a name of a person. Of course, if it was used properly, the result produced would be good.

“This type of power is quite profound. It is rumored to be the power of a god. This is why you cannot believe this completely and you cannot also not believe it entirely,” the woman reiterated when she saw Qing Shui’s expression.

Qing Shui shook his head. This woman was quite extraordinary.

“Many thanks for telling me this.” Qing Shui was still grateful to this woman. This information could not be obtained from just anywhere or anyone.

“No need to thank me. However, I have also received news that the geniuses from the Desolate Sect are able to receive the power of faith from some demonic beasts because of their Heart of Demonic Beast. It is rumored that one can receive a bit of power from the demonic beasts they tame. This is also the reason why the Heart of Demonic Beast is considered powerful.”

Qing Shui was shocked when he thought about his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and himself. Could those barbarians have encountered the same situation as him but somehow acquired the power of faith? This type of power could slightly increase their strength and slowly accumulate into something more powerful. Just like the woman said, this was indeed a profounding power as it could sometimes increase the power of their talents. Of course, Qing Shui still felt that nothing could be better than the power he had received from his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

“Can humans acquire the power of faith from demonic beasts?” Qing Shui reignited his curiosity with another question.

“Yes. Generally, tamed demonic beasts will be able to bequeath a certain power of faith to their masters. The greater the scope of changes the owner can provide to their demonic beasts, the more power of faith they will be able to acquire.”

Qing Shui was stunned. He thought about his own demonic beasts and realized that they had already undergone drastic changes themselves. However, he was beginning to wonder why he hadn’t felt any power of faith yet.

“How do you feel the power of faith within yourself?” Qing Shui realized he had asked a very common question.

“Power of faith within oneself can be known as Tyrannical Aura or simply an aura or a King’s Qi or Emperor’s Qi….” The woman listed a few in one go.

Qing Shui finally understood her explanation. His Seven-Colored Pellet and Emperor’s Qi were also known as Forces of Conviction. In a sense, they were exactly the power of faith he had been looking for. Suddenly, Qing Shui was filled with joy. At the very least, he did possess some power of faith. Would the recent upgrade of the Seven-Colored Pellet have something to do with the power of faith?

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had evolved from a Diamond Demonic Boar, so Qing Shui knew right away that the benefits he could reap from it would be the greatest!

However, Qing Shui quickly brushed off his thoughts or in a sense, he didn’t want to think of it anymore. He was still used to the power he currently had and he didn’t like the idea of the profound power of faith added to his power.

After he had thought about it, Qing Shui turned his attention back at the woman. But when he did so, he realized that she had harbored a terrifying power within her because of her enormously strong aura. Moreover, her power was quite alarming as well. He couldn’t get a certain estimation of her actual power.

Half a day had passed. Qing Shui was able to learn quite a lot of things this time, all relating to the knowledge of the other Three Continents and the Western Oxhe Continent.


Around mid afternoon, Qing Shui, Taitai Xuan and Yu Ruyan had already left, except for the woman who continued to remain there. Qing Shui still had no idea what he should address this woman as but he was certain about one thing: This woman had been to the other Three Continents before. This was a woman of adventure.

“Let’s go to the Great Yu Dynasty and play for a few days,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

The two ladies might have been bored out of their minds and wished to go out for some fun, which was why both of them nodded to Qing Shui’s suggestion. However, both of them quickly blushed because they were reminded of the situation from last time.

Qing Shui chuckled and quickly held their hands before using the Nine Continents Steps!

In an instant, they arrived at Yan City. Moreover, they were right at Qing Shui’s manor. The ladies became unnatural once they knew where they were. After all, it was already nighttime. At this moment, Tantai Xuan turned to look at the other two.

“I’m going to the night market!” Tantai Xuan said to Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan.

“Then let’s go together!” Qing Shui looked at Yu Ruyan and said with a smile.

“Ah, both of you are going too. Then tonight, both of you….” Taitai Xuan panicked. She didn’t want to go through that situation again. Her heart was in a mess as she faced Qing Shui, unable to calm her mind down. This wasn’t a strange thing to happen to her, because anyone would panic if happened to them. They weren’t strangers, after all. Even if they were, it was a scene not easily forgotten.

“Well then, this is indeed a problem. I don’t think we can do this all the time. The first two times were a coincidence. After all, Yu Ruyan and I have done it so many times and you’ve only seen it twice…. Moreover, you have seen it already, so we aren’t afraid that you will see accidentally see it again….” Qing Shui was telling the truth. They were caught doing it twice already, so the chances of being caught again was quite impossible. The first two times were quite the coincidence, however his words came out a bit strange to the ladies.

“Qing Shui, what nonsense are you talking about.” Yu Ruyan spoke up and then pulled Taitai Xuan to her side before she continued, “We are going for a stroll. Tonight, we'll sleep together.”

“Do not say ‘no’!” Yu Ruyan quickly interrupted when she saw Qing Shui almost opening his mouth to say something.

Qing Shui could only close his mouth obediently. However, he took out two Puppet Marionettes and gave them to each of the ladies, “These are for you two!”

After that, he explained their uses to them and taught them the method of tempering the Puppet Marionettes. This was a lesson that could be learned through sight. They were able to understand his method after he had explained it once.

After dripping blood onto the Puppet Marionette, they would become lively. Even though their complexions weren’t as fresh or vibrant as he imagined, their appearances were still pretty. The pure and life-like color on their complexion was quite unique in a good way.

“This Puppet Marionette is quite good!” Tantai Xuan exclaimed happily.

“Here are some accessories too. See which one you like and you can place them in your room.” Qing Shui took out about a hundred pieces of Puppet Marionettes and showed them to the ladies. These were all beautiful and delicate Puppet Marionettes.

Taitai Xuan and Yu Ruyan each chose a few before they departed from the manor. The streets were already brightened with lamps. All in all, they were still familiar with streets of this area.

After all, he had been living here for a period of time. However, Qing Shui was used to walking along the streets that he may have possibly not been on before. His goal was to leave footprints on every inch of the surface in the World of the Nine Continents. Unfortunately for him, he realized that this could only be a dream that he would not be able to achieve.

The three of them had the same feeling when they strolled along the night markets. Everyone came from different walks of life and they all liked looking at the same structure of life - whether they were the same as their own or not. Qing Shui was not an exception as he continued to observe various types of people around him.

“Mother, I want that one!” A young voice rang out.

Qing Shui saw a young woman holding a cute little girl in her arms. The woman wasn’t that pretty and she was quite plain. However, she had a colorful expression of a motherly love painted on her face.

The little girl was only about two or three years old. She was talking to her mother while pointing at the direction of a barbecue stall.

“You greedy girl. If you eat that again, you will have a stomachache. This will be the last, alright?” The woman smirked.

“Okay okay….”

Looking at this situation, Qing Shui though of his own children. People were either rich or poor and their social status would be different as well. But happiness would remain the same, like one’s personality too. Love would fall into the same category as these things could never be differentiated with grades or classes.

While following the movement of the crowd, Qing Shui continued to observe the diverse lives of the individuals in the street. He noticed one common thing, however and that was the continuous effort of the individuals in climbing the stairs as they ascended to the higher point of the street. This was the definition of an individual’s ambition to rise towards the higher part of the society.

Qing Shui thought about the path he had walked from when he was young before turning his head to look at the surroundings. In that moment of thought, a strong feeling developed in his heart. The ladies looked at the aimless Qing Shui who was dragging his feet along the streets while at times looking at random strangers dumbfoundedly. Despite this odd behavior, they decided not to disturb him and his thoughts.

All of a sudden, there was a commotion ahead of them. The next thing they could see was a silhouette staggering towards them that bumped into Qing Shui who was in a state of daze. Qing Shui was fine but that person was going to stumble onto the ground after bumping into him. However, Qing Shui quickly extended his hand and grabbed that person’s wrist. “Make way, make way. Don’t interrupt our Young Master Zhou in pursuit of capturing someone!”

In the midst of the commotion, a towering voice reverberated in the streets.

At that moment, Qing Shui noticed that the person he was grabbing was a young man. His body was stained in blood and all he had left to support himself was a draught of air in his lungs.

Qing Shui didn’t ask anything of him and immediately tapped a few points on the man’s body to stop his blood from draining. It was at this point that several dozen men began to surround them in a circle.

“Lang Qi, run while you can. Let’s see how far you can run after you have seduced my woman,” a sharp voice wailed out.

“Haha, your woman? That is my wife. You were the one who forcibly stole my wife from me and now you‘re making ridiculous slander against me.”

“Your wife? Whatever woman that I, Young Master Zhou, fancies will become mine. Who are you to compete with me?” A man in white clothes walked out as he spoke with a sharp tone. He had a slender face and narrow thin eyes. This man had an average appearance, yet he wasn’t that good-looking either.

“Without the Zhou Clan, you are nothing. Since I have rescued Tang ‘er, I can die willingly and in peace.” Lang Qi burst into laughter.

“I say, you’re a fool. Do you think Tang ‘er will like you? I will make you suffer even in death.” Young Master Zhou let out sinister laughter. When he was done, a young beautiful lady appeared behind him and walked over.

The lady had a seductive silhouette that could rouse the hearts of men. Any woman who could pique Young Master Zhou’s interest would naturally be someone extraordinary. Her face was flawless like white jade and most importantly, she seemed quite delicate - a characteristic that would make everyone pity and love her, even to the point of protecting her from any harm.

“Tang ‘er, tell him. Which of us do you like?” Young Master Zhou gripped her wrist and said arrogantly.

“Tang ‘er…. Didn’t I tell you to run away? You should be able to run……”

When Lang Qi saw her in person, his heart was beginning to sink slowly.


[1] The author was trying to compare the power of faith to a person’s name. The Chinese have strong belief that a person's name could affect his/her fate, and even change their fortune. An auspicious name will lead to an auspicious life, thus those with strong power of faith will have greater power against others.

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