Chapter: 1283

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1283 - Can I Pursue You?

"Lang Qi, I've never liked you before. Leave, I don't want to meet you ever again." The lady looked at Lang Qi and said heartlessly.

"Tang`er, what did you say? You don't like me? You're my wife. We've pledged to stay together thru life and death." Lang Qi refused to give in. He felt that the world had suddenly turned dark, completely dark.

"Leave. Don't ever come to disturb me in the future." The lady urged Lang Qi to leave.

She then turned, not giving Lang Qi a second look.

Right now, Young Master Zhou's eyes hadn't left Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan. After all, compared to that lady's beauty, these two ladies were more beautiful and had greater disposition. Someone like Young Master Zhou, who was fickle in his affections, would definitely not want to miss them out.

"If you don't stop your perverse gaze, I don't mind getting it back for you." Qing Shui smiled and said.

Young Master Zhou's gaze met Qing Shui's, as viciousness and greed flashed in his eyes. It was a pity that someone like him was foolish and would always act as if they were the most important in the world. "Beat him up! Beat him to his death! Bring back the ladies!" Young Master Zhou bellowed out to the people around him.

Qing Shui and the two ladies came to this place after they used the Nine Continents Steps twice. They didn't know of the Zhou Clan, after all, Qing Shui didn't really even care for the Great Yu Dynasty.

Furthermore, they were at the Yan City. No matter how powerful the Zhou Clan was, could they be more powerful than the Yan Clan?

Qing Shui hadn't been to the Great Yu Dynasty's Imperial City before and had only stayed in the Yan City. This time around, he also stayed in the Yan City. Right now, he didn't have the mood nor energy to go through the entire Great Yu Dynasty.

As for the Yan Clan, Qing Shui's concern was only restricted to Yan Jinyu. After understanding the intentions of the Yan Clan's clan head, Qing Shui didn't do anything on behalf of Yan Yangzhao's and Yan Jinyu's account. However, it was impossible for him to continue to be in friendly terms with them.

In life, he might come across many people. Some would come and leave, while others would appear again. There were too few who would continue to stay by his side from the very beginning till the end other than his family and close friends. As for women, they would all be considered as family eventually.

Looking at the over ten people charging in his direction, Qing Shui waved his hand and sent all of them flying out. They ended up spewing blood and got knocked out unconscious. Then, he looked toward the frightened Young Master Zhou. "I said that I'm going to take away your pair of eyes."

Two streams of essence pierced into Young Master Zhou's eyes and a terrifying cry rang out as he fainted. Most of the people in the crowd around them had already dispersed, and the remaining few started to leave as well. After all, they were all scared of getting into trouble.

"Go get your wife and leave this place." Qing Shui smiled and said to the young man.

"But she said that she no longer likes me..."

"You fool. She said this so that you can keep your life. Can't you even tell something like this?" Yu Ruyan also urged him on. After all, outsiders would have a clearer view of the situation. This showed that Lang Qi really did like his wife a lot.

"Ahhh!" Lang Qi let out a surprised cry as he looked toward the lady. The lady was still a little crestfallen, but she was looking toward Lang Qi.

When Lang Qi saw that familiar gaze, he took the lady's hand and then walked up toward Qing Shui and the two ladies. "Thank you Elder Brother and Sister-in-Laws for helping us out. We don't know how we can repay you."

Qing Shui smiled and handed Lang Qi a medicinal pill which could help to recover his wounds. "This is what you are destined to come across, so there's no need for you to take this to heart. I have only extended out my hand casually earlier. Alright, that is for healing your wounds. Leave this place. If you don't, you might not have enough time anymore."

Lang Qi and the lady looked toward Qing Shui’s group. They then made a deep bow and left. There wasn't any guarantees that they would repay the favor and this made Qing Shui very happy. It was because after this, they would probably not meet again. Saying anything would be futile and it was better to say nothing at all.

As for why Qing Shui had decided to help out this young man, it was nothing much actually. Most people would instinctively take pity on the weak. Humans being evil by nature and humans being good by nature did not clash. For example, some people became thieves, but they only steal from the rich and not the poor. It wasn't because the poor had nothing for them to steal from. Even if a poor family were to have a few hundred Jins of food, they wouldn't go steal the life of the poor.

It was unknown why no one else came forward from the Zhou Clan. Qing Shui wouldn't wipe them out completely, but he had lost the mood to walk around the night market. He went back to the manor with the two ladies. Ignoring Tantai Xuan, he carried Yu Ruyan and disappeared.

Tantai Xuan was a little stunned, but she just smiled bitterly as she shook her head. She then headed for the pavilion building at the side.

The people in-charge of cleaning up were still around. Qing Shui had already given them sufficient payment. These people could be considered honest, staying here even after such a long time.

The room was still the same as when they had left, with no speck of dust on sight.

"Qing Shui, how can you be like this. Didn't we agree earlier that I'll be with Sister Xuan?" Yu Ruyan was really speechless. She spoke as she panted from Qing Shui's kiss.

"No way. Your husband haven’t tasted meat for a very long. You can't keep me holding it in!" Qing Shui grinned and reached his hands under her clothes, having his way.

"Didn't you find Sister Chen?" Yu Ruyan's face flushed red as her beautiful body trembled. Her body was very sensitive now.

"She needs to go into seclusion and can't lose her virginity for now."

"Now isn't good. I've already promised Sister Xuan."

Before Yu Ruyan finished her words, Qing Shui once again blocked her mouth. Then, their clothes dropped off and Qing Shui's bulge was quickly surrounded by an area of moisture and warmth. He let out a low, comfortable cry.

This time around, Qing Shui didn't see Tantai Xuan's appearance nor did he entered that consciousness like the other time. Yu Ruyan was a little worried at the beginning, but she gradually relaxed.

In the other building, Tantai Xuan was actually not in a good state as what Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan had imagined her to be. Right now, she could still hear and see them. However, it was unlike the other time where all three of them could see but this didn't let her feel at ease at all. It was because she realized that she felt very hot and her lower body was moist and warm.

As the time passed, she suddenly felt as if there was some other things at her lower body. It felt very strong and she felt scared. She opened her eyes and sat up to see that she was still in her own room. She had thought that it was just her own illusion, but she could still sense that mysterious feeling at her lower body. It felt very comfortable, as if a person who was going to die of thirst had suddenly drank some sweet spring water.

Sometimes, she could even see an image on top of her body. It was Qing Shui on her, embracing her. It was just like the scene that she saw before, but this time, she was on Yu Ruyan’s place.

She felt embarrassed and angry, but yet conflicted at that comfortable feeling. She knew that it was something like an illusion which came from that strange feeling, but that illusion felt so real.

Suddenly, she felt weak all over and was stunned. In that moment, she felt as if her soul was flying out from her body but that strange feeling didn't end. It was still moving, continuing on with a second time, a third time...


Early next morning, Yu Ruyan went to look for Tantai Xuan at her place, feeling embarrassed. However, Yu Ruyan was shocked when she saw Tantai Xuan’s very weak appearance. Yu Ruyan was someone with experience and when she saw Tantai Xuan, who seemed to be still wearing an amorous expression and appeared a little pale faced, Yu Ruyan didn't understand.

Tantai Xuan's face was flushed red.

"Sister Xuan, what's wrong?" Yu Ruyan asked, worried.

"It's all that rascal's fault. There's no end to it when he starts to embrace you."

"Even if you didn't sleep for the entire night, you shouldn't be so pale-looking!" Yu Ruyan couldn't understand.

"Ahh, I got it. You used..." Yu Ruyan looked at Tantai Xuan with a weird expression.

"Sister Yan, what rubbish are you talking about? If I did, would I be in this state? I don't understand. After you've been doing that with him the entire night, how can you possibly still be so energized? And you even look even more beautiful and feminine." Tantai Xuan blushed and said.

Yu Ruyan understood now, but was still beyond surprised. To think that things had came down to this stage. She didn't know the details, but she knew that Tantai Xuan was going to fall into this.

"Sister Xuan, this is because Qing Shui and I would apply the Duo Cultivation Technique. Although you don't have any actual relationship with Qing Shui, now that things have come to this, what are your plans? Do you like him? Do you want to try going out with him?" Yu Ruyan was a very traditional lady. She was afraid that Tantai Xuan would feel embarrassed to have any contact with Qing Shui for her sake, and thus, she could only be the one to bring this up.

Tantai Xuan shook her head. "I have never thought of getting married!"

However, after she said this, she recalled that strange feeling. For so many years, she had never felt something so strong that would go down right to her bones. It felt very comfortable, as if her soul had been released. Was this the feeling of having sex? It was no wonder that so many people would crave for more and even a dignified lady like Sister Yan would enjoy it as well.

"Sister Xuan, are you not feeling well?" Yu Ruyan spoke softly next to Tantai Xuan's ears.

"Ah! Sister Yan, you're being so bad now!"

"Alright, I won't force you. After all, this rascal already have a quite number of wives, so it's better for you to decide for yourself. However, I'll have to teach you the Duo Cultivation Technique, otherwise, it'll be very harmful to the body. If you were to encounter such a situation again, then apply this technique." After Yu Ruyan said that, she gave her the incantation.

During breakfast, Qing Shui also noticed the changes to Tantai Xuan. He looked at her with a strange expression. "You've lost a lot of your yin energy. Even if you were to play by yourself, you must know your limits."

Before Yu Ruyan could say anything, Tantai Xuan spoke up, both embarrassed and angry, "It's all because of you, you rascal..."

After Tantai Xuan said that, she started to tear up and Qing Shui knew that he had went overboard.


Thereafter, Qing Shui realized what was wrong. When he saw Tantai Xuan, he had a strange feeling. Could this be considered that they had a relationship now?

He had been seen naked but it seemed that he didn't suffer from a loss either.

"Miss Tantai, I didn't know that you are a person who will also cry your eyes out!"

Yu Ruyan also knew that matters of the heart must be resolved by the persons involved, and thus, she got Qing Shui to go pacify Tantai Xuan while she returned to her room.

"You're the one who'll cry your eyes out!"

Tantai Xuan turned to look at Qing Shui.

She was wearing a snow-white plain clothes. She had a wonderful figure that exuded a pure and celestial aura, and a pair of holy eyes that would drive one crazy. She was graceful, transcendence, pure, and also had a hint of magnanimity.

However right now, this pair of eyes appeared a little aggrieved and complicated.

"Alright, alright, I'm the one crying my eyes out. Erm... Can I pursue you?" After giving it some thought, Qing Shui said directly.

Ever since he knew that she saw him naked, he had thought about it. He like beautiful ladies and she was also one of the ladies in the Portrait of Beauty. He had the feeling that he wouldn't be able to draw a clear line between himself and them.

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