Chapter: 1288

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1288 - Treasure Hunting Pig, Broken Arm, You Cannot Cultivate

Previously when he got locked on by this Spiritual Sense, half of the huge amount of flying beasts were now either gravely injured or dead. At that time, Qing Shui still didn’t know where the Spiritual Sense, that was locked onto him, came from. However, he now finally realized that it actually came from the Poisonous Python King!

As the Poisonous Python King together with the terrifying poisonous whirlwind charged towards him, Qing Shui immediately summoned the Nine Continents Mountain.

Right now, the attacking prowess of the Nine Continents Mountain was already above 4,400 sun. Even though it was still quite a huge gap compared to the current Poisonous Python King, Qing Shui still had other techniques up his sleeve.

He once again swayed his right hand.

Vajra Buddha Devil Rod, Fourth Staff, Five Soaring Waves!

Qing Shui didn’t really panicked as he observed the impact brought upon by the Poisonous Python King. He operated his Area Dominance and Nature Energy all the way to the maximum. Even though the Nature Energy and the Immovable Mountains were all fusing into the Seven-colored Pellet, this didn’t cause any delay in its usage.

At the moment when the Poisonous Python King and the Nine Continents Mountain clashed, Qing Shui’s Vajra Buddha Devil Rod also collided against the Nine Continents Mountain. The enormous, golden rod illuminated and made the entire sky really bright.


Consecutive exploding noises rang forth and Qing Shui backed off. Even though he a had really violent force, he was unable to block against the collision brought upon by the Poisonous Python King. If it wasn’t because of the Nine Continents Mountain being tough enough, it was likely that he would have been crushed to bits and pieces. Or rather, he would have been consumed by the poisonous liquid.

The body of the Poisonous Python King also came to a stop as a result of being obstructed. However, it moved its body once again and charged towards him. It shot out a ray of black, shiny liquid towards Qing Shui like a ray of light.

The terrifying feature of the Poisonous Python King was its poison. However, do not assume that its other features weren’t incredible as its speed and attack prowess were also abnormally powerful. It was a poisonous beast and at the same time, it was the king among huge demonic beasts. On top of its head, there was a black crown which made it looked more incomparably domineering.

Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring!

Heart Follows Intent!

Qing Shui avoided the swift thread of poison. After that, he once again unleashed the Vajra Subdues Demon and his Emperor’s Qi with the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Prior to this, he had already weakened it quite significantly so naturally, the weakening effect this time would be less dramatic. It immediately weakened the strength of the opponent by nearly 2,000 sun. Despite this, it still had strength worth more than 9,000 sun.

Even though the gap in strength was still quite big, Qing Shui felt that he might be able to stand up against it now.


Qing Shui got careless and got struck by it. Luckily, he had the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation and Nature Energy. He dodged it in a hurry and unleashed the Seal of Roc.

Even after all of these, Qing Shui was still surging with Qi and blood. However, he felt a bit dizzy. The golden star within his Sea of Consciousness shone and after that, an unusual energy immediately made him lost his dizziness.

Seal of Xuantian!

The enormous, silver platform immediately landed on the Poisonous Python King’s body. Right at this moment, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant locked onto the Poisonous Python King with its Diamond Sword Qi.

As this happened, it caused the speed which it was proud of to be reduced significantly. The Thunderous Beast picked this moment to unleash a Thunderbolt.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

Water Entanglement!

Qing Shui had already calculated all of these early up in the battle. The Poisonous Python King actually possessed the intelligence of a man, Qing Shui was scared that it would abandon him and deal with his own demonic beasts.

Actually, Lu Zitai could have quickly eliminated Qing Shui once he used his Divine Beast Possession. Naturally, he wouldn’t show any concern to the demonic beasts around him. By the time Qing Shui died, it would be really easy for him to take out those demonic beasts of his.

Seal of Roc!

Seal of Roc!

Qing Shui casted two consecutive Seals of Roc.

The Poisonous Python King, which lost its advantages in speed, had become a smaller threat to Qing Shui. In the meantime, the Thunderous Beast controlled the situation of the battle from far away. It continuously struck its Thunderbolt at the Poisonous Python King.

Since the beginning, Lu Zitai didn’t really show much concern to the Thunderbolt attacks. However, he finally came to realize its effect as the time passed. Unfortunately, by the time he came to his senses, it was already too late.

Seal of Roc!

Qing Shui finally met the chance to double his attack prowess in the Seal of Roc that he had unleashed this time. It immediately bombarded the Poisonous Python King backward and caused it to let out a blood-curdling screech. Despite this, Qing Shui had already managed to inflict a light injury on it.

After all, even after he doubled in strength, the gap between their strength wasn’t actually that huge. A strength which was worth 9,000 sun and more was something bearable as Qing Shui’s attack was worth roughly around 12,000 sun.

In any case, it was still better if his strength doubled. The formidable power that burst out at that moment made Qing Shui felt especially powerful. He was hoping so badly that he could just unleash this kind of strength without any extra troubles.

The sudden burst of the strength of Qing Shui gave Lu Zitai a big shock and he found it to be totally unbelievable.The Thunderous Beast was very cautious. It chose the moment when he was absent-minded and sent out continuous waves of Thunderbolts which struck the Poisonous Python King.

Qing Shui smiled as he observed the panicked Poisonous Python King. “Even with your Divine Beast Possession, you will still die. But I am really interested in your Divine Beast Possession for a fact. If you are able to give it out, I will let you go.”

It was true that Qing Shui found great interest in the Divine Beast Possession. Of course, he doubted that the enemy would hand it over to him.

“Well, handing it over to you is not a problem. But how shall I believe that you will let me go once you take your stuff?” Lu Zitai spoke an answer which Qing Shui found hard to believe.

“Once you spilled it out, you will at least have a 50% chance to survive. Of course, the precondition for it is that you have to believe in me. The words which I said all had enormous weight. If you don’t believe me, the only option you are left with is to die.” Qing Shui responded with a smile.

“Well then, let’s only talk about this again once you managed to force me to the borderline between life and death!”

Lu Zitai let out a huge scream. After that, the enormous Poisonous Python King began to coil up its body in a strange manner. It abruptly let loose and whipped itself towards Qing Shui. Its thick body was nimble and quick like a light.

Black liquid could be seen bursting out from its body and looked really bright and glistening. Even an ordinary person would be able to tell that it was a fatal existence once he or she got their hands on it. It was a fatal existence colored in black.

Nine Place Step Great Reversal!

Violet Lightning Strike!

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vine!

Qing Shui finished all of these in an instant. Even though for now, he needed a bit of time to activate the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines, but even when under the effect of Violet Lightning Strike, he was still able to unleash it.

The enormous Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines trapped the Poisonous Python King. Meanwhile, for safety purposes, the Seven-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider shot out layers of Corrosive Poison Web and covered it around the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines.


The Poisonous Python King let out a tragic scream. However, the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines wasn’t capable of killing the Poisonous Python King within a short period of time. Nevertheless, the Poisonous Python King was also unable to break free from it. The other old man on the other hand, had also been played to death by the few demonic beasts.

The other old man that had been weakened was totally unable to withstand the combined attacks unleashed by the demonic beasts.

“Can you say it now?” Qing Shui asked while he looked at Lu Zitai that was trapped.

“For now, I still don’t feel any threat of losing my life. At least for now, or for a short period of time, nothing will be able to threaten my well-being. Even though I am unable to break free from this, you are also unable to kill me. I think my savior will come anytime soon.” Lu Zitai saw himself completely covered up. He felt that nothing from outside should be able to harm him.

“It seems that you won’t give up unless you lose something!” Qing Shui smiled and summoned the Treasure Hunting Pig.

As soon as Qing Shui gave out the order, the Treasure Hunting Pig quickly made its way towards the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vine and charged towards the place where Lu Zitai was. It was as if it was biting whatever it was in front as it progressed forward. It didn’t matter whether it was the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines or the Corrosive Poison Web, it was like nothing in front of it.



“Stop!” Lu Zitai let out a tragic scream.

The Treasure Hunting Pig right away broke one of Lu Zitai’s arms. It even created a hole, which was one meter in size, on the body of the Poisonous Python King. If it wasn’t because of the Poisonous Python King’s huge body, it was likely that it would have received a heavy injury from it.

The Treasure Hunting Pig was a Spiritual Medicinal Beast. It was a Spiritual Beast as well as a Treasure Beast. It was immune to all sorts of poison. Nor did it fear blades and swords. It’s very difficult for warriors below False God Realm to injure it. Hence, once a person got trapped by it, this tiny little thing would turn out to be one of Qing Shui’s terrifying weapon.

“Say it. Actually, I’m quite interested in it but I have very little patience.” Qing Shui said calmly.

“Let go of me. The duration of my Beast Divinity Body Possession is almost up. If not, I will die right away.” Lu Zitai said anxiously with his face looking extremely pale.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die.”

Very quickly, the old man left the state of Beast Divinity Body Possession. The Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines didn’t actually initiate any attacks on him. Despite this, he was unable to get himself away from the restraint of the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines.

A Beast Leather Book flew out and Qing Shui grabbed it. On top of it, there were the words Divine Beast Possession. However, the one he got was a handwritten one. This wasn’t all that surprising, it’s most likely also because the old man held quite a honorable position that he had a handwritten copy of the book. There were only very few people among the barbarians as well as Desolate Sect who were able to cultivate it.

Qing Shui read through it very briefly. It was in perfect condition and haven’t really been damaged. As a matter of fact, he also felt that the book has been around for quite some time. Hence, he thought that the book should be real.

The Divine Beast Possession Lu Zitai gave Qing Shui was real. It’s just that he didn’t mention the most crucial thing about it, which was that if a person without the blood of Beast Blood Tribe flowing in them was to cultivate it, their body would burst and as a result, they would die.

Only people with blood of Beast Blood Tribe was able to cultivate it. Even if they only possessed a little bit of it. There were a lot of people from Desolate Sect who possessed the blood of Beast Blood Tribe. But only a minority of them possessed more of it than average.

This wasn’t always a good thing. The more blood a person contained, the more powerful he would be. But at the same time, they would think more differently compared to ordinary people. The Beast Blood Tribe was also vanishing slowly. This kind of disappearance didn’t result from death, it was due to the fact that their later generations were having lesser and lesser blood belonging to that of Beast Blood Tribe flowing in them. It’s likely that after a certain period of time, they would disappear. Even if they didn’t, only very few would remain. They would then be not much different from ordinary people.

Lu Zitai had long since planned everything in his mind. Prior to this, he got really happy when he saw Qing Shui showing interest towards Divine Beast Possession. The reason being that he was aware that even if he died, Qing Shui would still end up getting the book. In fact, he had hoped that this very young man would cultivate the Divine Beast Possession. It would be best if he cultivated it until his body bursted.

However, he couldn’t make it too obvious. Actually, he had never once thought that Qing Shui would show him mercy. Right now, the only thing in his mind was to choke this very young man to death.

“Leave, I mean what I say. But next time, if you are to ever run into me again, I will not let you go.” Qing Shui was someone who wouldn’t back out on his promise. Besides, he also got the Beast Divinity Body Possession. It should be considered as a quite a terrifying battle technique.

“Are you really going to let me go?” Lu Zitai found it hard to believe.

“If you don’t leave, I won’t mind leaving you here forever.” Qing Shui didn’t even bother to look at Lu Zitai.

Lu Zitai left. Qing Shui proceeded to sabotage the entire area and collected a few Interspatial Silk Sachets. Right before he was about to leave, a woman appeared.

It was Tantai Xuan’s master.

That old fairy, the fatally attractive woman.The woman who had eyes that were bright like the moon in the night sky and the woman who was mature all the way to her bone marrow.

“Senior, why are you here?” Qing Shui was really surprised to see such a beautiful woman here.

“I’m here to tell you that the Beast Divinity Body Possession was something which cannot be cultivated.” The woman explained with a faint smile.

Actually, Qing Shui had already sensed something from her. Naturally, this woman was already aware of what these people were up to. It was just that he didn’t know if she came here because she was worried about him.

“Cannot be cultivated? Why?” Qing Shui asked in suspicion.

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