Chapter: 1289

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1289- Five Elements Divine Flag, Husband and Wife’s Flag? Treasure

Qing Shui still felt a bit shocked upon hearing the things that the woman said. He had witnessed the formidable feature of the Divine Beast Possession. Most importantly, the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation on his body was the Earth Diamond Bear. If he could cultivate the Beast Divinity Body Possession, the Earth Diamond Bear he summoned would definitely be extremely strong. But now, the things that the woman said felt like cold water poured onto his head. Despite this, he did not give up. He wanted to see if there were any ways he could use it to make amends.

“There are two conditions in cultivating Divine Beast Possession. The first condition, you must have the bloodline from the Beast Blood Tribe. Secondly, your strength cannot be below seven thousand sun.” By the time the woman started speaking, she was already in front of Qing Shui.

A faint fragrance flowed into Qing Shui’s nose. This was not the smell of any ingredients. On the contrary, it was the unique fragrance that came from the woman’s body.

He unconsciously sniffled. He felt a bit infatuated by the smell. He did not really make it that obvious. Despite this, the woman still managed to notice it. She got a little grumpy, but she soon smiled, “Did you hear my words? Would you like to get your nose all the way here to smell me?”

Qing Shui awkwardly rubbed his nose and said with a smile, “I heard you. What would happen if someone without the bloodline from the Beast Blood Tribe cultivated it?”

“The would die as a result of their body bursting,” the woman said gently.

Everything has become clear to Qing Shui. No wonder Lu Zitai would give him the Divine Beast Possession. It was obvious that he was trying to deceive and kill him with this method. After all, people not from the Beast Blood Tribes would not be able to cultivate it. Even if they were from the tribe, they would need to be at least seven thousand sun strong to cultivate it. At least seven thousand sun worth of strength, which one of these people from both the Desolate Sect and Beast Blood Tribe were not well-known figures?

Qing Shui was not really surprised by the answer. However, he did not know if his own bloodline was fit to cultivate it. He did not know if he should try it recklessly. The consequences were too serious. Despite this, the Divine Beast Possession was very tempting. It would be a waste if he gave up on it now.

“Senior, Lu Zitai also mentioned to me before that other people from the Desolate Sect would also head here. I wonder if you have heard about this as well?” Qing Shui asked after thinking a bit.

“Don’t worry, this time, they mainly came to test how deep our water is. I assume that they will make a temporary retreat for now. Even if they really have a plan, they will still need to take their time to come up with a decision,” the woman explained with a smile.

“Oh, that is good too.”

“Qing Shui, just how strong are you? You have indeed made me gain a whole new level of respect for you.” The woman blinked her bright eyes and looked at Qing Shui curiously.

Qing Shui shook his head, “There should still be a small gap between you and I. In fact, it might be even bigger than that. I noticed that you are the most hidden person across the Western Oxhe Continent.

“Oh, you think so highly of me,” the woman expressed with a faint smile on her face.

“It’s the truth!”

“Alright, they should be gone. Do you not welcome me there?”

At this moment, both Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan could be seen flying toward them from far away.

“What do you mean? I can’t wait to welcome you into it.” As Qing Shui finished speaking, both of them approached Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan.

With the addition of one more woman, the manor would be a lot more lively. But they would have to somehow act a bit more reserved. After all, with the woman around, Qing Shui would have to be a bit more tactful when talking to the two girls.

Even though Tantai Xuan and Qing Shui had yet to establish a distinct relationship, in general, their relationship could be considered determined. The woman stayed blank for a while. In just a short moment, she was already able to discern the atmosphere around the three.

“Eh, little lass, so fast?” The woman looked at Tantai Xuan and asked with a smile. Her smile looked a bit teasing.

“Master, what are you saying? I have never done anything with him.” Tantai Xuan said, feeling a bit diffident.

“Yes, I never mentioned that you have done anything with him. Just look at you, you got so anxious, just like you’re about to do something,” the woman chuckled.

It was impossible for Tantai Xuan to be a match for this woman. With just a few words, she was already able to put Tantai Xuan into a completely passive position. Perspicacious people would be able to tell that there was something fishy going on between her and Qing Shui.

The woman did not really go any further in teasing Tantai Xuan. Instead, she smiled and gave her some words of motivation. This made Qing Shui once again feel the comfort of having an open-minded master.

Both of the girls went back to their rooms. Previously, Tantai Xuan had run away due to feeling extremely shy. Yu Ruyan, on the other hand, went on to accompany her.

“Qing Shui, have you been planning anything recently?” The woman asked Qing Shui.

“I plan to look for the Demon Lord. I want to ask her how I can head back to the five continents.” Right now, Qing Shui felt really eager to find that woman. It seemed really easy for her to shuttle back and forth across the nine continents.

“Demon Lord? It’s very likely that she’s in the Demon Lord Palace right now.” In the beginning, the woman looked a bit surprised. Nevertheless, she still responded to him while maintaining her composure.

“I know, forget it. Lets only talk about it when we get the chance to do so.” Qing Shui shook his head. In any case, both Canghai Mingyue and Mingyue Gelou would not be able to make it here because they had to look after the children. It was also fine this way as they would be able to temporarily accompany his mother and grandfather. It was just that this would bring a bit of hardship on them. In fact, he actually missed them too.

“Do you want to meet someone on the five continents? Or are you planning to bring someone from there over here?” The woman asked gently when she saw Qing Shui’s furrowed brows.

“It’s best if I could bring them over. Or rather, a good alternative would be letting me be able to see them regularly,” Qing Shui explained slowly. He felt a bit confused everytime he thought about this problem.

“I have something here which may pique your interest but it’s a substandard product. Five Elements Divine Flag. I hope it may be of help to you.” The woman took out a flag with five colors. It was around an inch in size. The colors of the five elements looked complete on top of the flag. A faint spiritual fluctuation could be felt from it as well.

Qing Shui looked at the woman and unconsciously took the small flag. He realized that there was not anything special about it. He tried to fill it in with his own Spirit Energy and Divine Force but to no avail. However, as soon as he filled it with his Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique, a loud exploding noise was heard. The entire world turned quiet.

Suddenly, Qing Shui realized that it was as if he had entered an independent space. This space was not really huge but it contained a weird power. The place around here was filled with blurry white mists. He was unable to progress forward no matter where he went. The only thing here was a map carved out from an enormous stone.


Qing Shui moved his sight toward the map. As he did so, he became stunned because it was a map of the World of the Nine Continents. The more Qing Shui looked at the proportion of the sizes of these continents, the more anxious he felt. The more he looked at it, the more he was able to feel how large the three continents were. Most importantly, Qing Shui now knew how to travel to the five continents.

If Qing Shui kept traveling east after passing through Desolate Mountains Regions and Southern Sea until he reached Western Sea Region, he would be able to arrive on the five continents. Ninety nine percent of this journey was waterway. Once he reached the Southern Sea, if he kept heading south-west would find himself at the other three continents.

Qing Shui looked at these proportions while calculating his own speed. He found that he would still need a long time to travel to the five continents. It was likely to be longer than a few years time. Qing Shui once again remembered the Demon Lord and that old turtle of hers. He felt that she relied precisely on the old turtle to travel back and forth between the continents. If he was not mistaken, the old turtle must have a remarkable ability in water.

After that, Qing Shui looked at his own Nine Continents Map and started contemplating. This should be the internal part of the Five Elements Divine Flag. It should also be a treasure. He had a feeling that this should be something similar to the Shrinking Ruler.

Very quickly, Qing Shui withdrew himself from it. He did not know how long it had been. In any case, the woman was now looking at him curiously. After that, he looked toward the flag with his Heavenly Vision Technique.

Five Elements Divine Flag!

It did not have a grade. For now, zero checkpoints could be placed on the map. The amounts of checkpoints allowed could increase as the ascension in grades. The user could travel back and forth between these places. The time needed and its grade had a bit of limitation.

State: Yet to recognize an owner.

Method to recognize its owner: Has to offer a blood sacrifice with the user’s own Blood Essence until the owner recognizing process succeeds.

It needed to be refined with Blood Essence for it to ascend a grade.

Right now, Qing Shui felt really agitated. The reason being that he knew what this was now. This was the flying flag from the Odd Evasion Door Cycle. To think that something like this would truly exist across the continents.

He used his Heavenly Vision Technique to learn the refining method. It was likely that the woman did not know how to use this.

“Senior, I know the way to use this thing. It’s too precious. Let me tell you the way to use it.” Qing Shui handed it back to her after thinking for a while. He really wanted to have it though.

The woman smiled, “There was no error in my judgment. Stop addressing me as senior. If you don’t mind, you can call me Martial Aunt.” The woman did not really catch a hold of the Five Elements Divine Flag.

“Martial Aunt!” Qing Shui called out to her in a strange tone.

“Hello Martial Nephew, I’ll treat this as a meeting present for you. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do……” Qing Shui had a feeling that this woman was like a fox. The kind of fox with a dignified appearance. She was a mature and pure enchantress with an alluring and extremely attractive body.

“But this is too precious.” Qing Shui once again emphasized this.

“I have one more of the same thing. Yours is the male version, mine is the female……”

Qing Shui, “.......”

After that, the woman took out yet another Five Elements Divine Flag. Compared to Qing Shui’s one, this flag was a bit smaller. Qing Shui once again looked into it with his Heavenly Vision Technique and noticed a change happening on top of the flag. This change made Qing Shui’s eyes go bright.

Five Elements Divine Flag (Wife)......

The one that Qing Shui had first set his sights on was the small one. In other words, the Five Elements Divine Flag that the woman held.

Qing Shui sweated a little when he saw the word ‘wife’. Nevertheless, he continued looking down after shaking his head.

It did not have a grade for now, there were zero checkpoints that could be set within the map of the Five Elements Divine Flag. Following the ascensions in grade, the amount of checkpoints that can be set would increase. The user can travel back and forth around these places. Its grade and time had a bit of a limitation.

State: Yet to recognize an owner!

The method to recognize an owner: Offer sacrifice to it with one’s Blood Essence until it succeeds in recognizing its owner.

Blood Essence was needed to refine it in order for it to ascend a grade.

It could teleport the person with the Five Elements Divine Flag (Husband) to the other’s side.There were no limitations apart from the fact that only the two people with the flags could use them.

The final attribute was extremely powerful. For example, when one was running for their life or when one was coming back from another continent in a hurry to provide aid. But this was a bit difficult. The reason being that they would not know when the other person was in danger. Hence, it would be more realistic to use it to escape with one’s life.

“These flags are husband and wife’s Five Elements Divine Flag. It’s inappropriate for me to have it. You should return this to your husband.” Qing Shui felt a bit reluctant when he passed it back to the woman.

“I don’t have a husband nor do I plan to look for one. Take it. You’ve already called me Martial Aunt. You are a man, it will look a bit fake if you keep on being so wordy.” The response the woman gave him made Qing Shui immediately keep the flags.

“This flag can enable the two owners to teleport themselves to each other’s side. There were no other limitations to it. It would be quite nice to use it to teleport to another place if you were in danger,” Qing Shui explained to the woman about the Five Elements Divine Flag.

“Well, that is not bad. It’s quite good at keeping yourself alive. For example, it would have been easy if you want to head back to the five continents.” the woman explained with a smile.

“The more significant uses of the Five Elements Divine Flag is that it can be used to teleport yourself to many places. Martial Aunt, to do this, you need to first let it recognize its owner with your Blood Essence.”

“I have dripped my Blood Essence on top of it before but I received no response at all,” the woman said in an upset tone.

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