Chapter: 1305

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1305 - Rise in Strength, Recipe for Golden Fragrant Jade, and the ten million experience requirement Reborn Pellet

When Qing Shui heard the Eldest Princess’ words, he had just put away the last Gold Needle. He extended his hand and slapped her on her well-rounded white butt.


Ying-ning! (SFX)

The sound was so clear it made people shiver. The Eldest Princess even let out a soft moan unintentionally. After all, Qing Shui had slapped down very suddenly and even though it didn't hurt, it was still a form of contact.

“Of course it will be great. In the future, only ask me after I store the needles away when we’re in this kind of situation. You don’t know how much impact it will actually cause me. I almost lost control……” Qing Shui chuckled and carried the Eldest Princess.

“Go to the bathroom!” The Eldest Princess whispered in Qing Shui’s ear. From her voice, she sounded a bit fearful and panicky.

Qing Shui immediately went into the bathroom. Inside, there was a huge bucket-like container for showering. It had a circumference of about a meter and a half. It almost reached Qing Shui’s chest in terms of height. The water inside looked very clear, to the point that he could easily see all the way to the bottom. He immediately took off his clothes and jumped in with the Eldest Princess.

The water in the bucket was from the hot spring in Heaven Secrets Academy. Qing Shui found it unusually comfortable when he jumped in. At that moment, the Eldest Princess saw Qing Shui’s horny look, causing her to feel a bit shy and scared.

The water inside happened to reach only the Eldest Princess’ chest. This way, it made it look like her pair of well-rounded breasts were floating on top of the water for a short while. Coincidentally, her pair of pink nipples were exposed.

The clear water didn’t hinder Qing Shui’s vision in the slightest. She had a pair of long and straight legs and also the mysterious garden below. On top of that, the black patch was particularly seducing. Qing Shui didn’t actually leap onto her like a hungry tiger. In fact, he went forward to hug her.

“Why don’t you help me scrub my back?” Qing Shui smiled by her ear.

The slightly nervous Eldest Princess panicked and quickly acquiesced with his request. Qing Shui let go of her hands and supported himself on the edge of the bucket. He lowered down his body. Soon, a pair of soft palms could already be felt gently rubbing his back.

Since Qing Shui was a bit taller than her, he lowered himself down a little. If the Eldest Princess rubbed the upper part of Qing Shui’s back, she would have to extend her body. This way, her pair of well-rounded breasts would naturally make its way toward Qing Shui’s back. It swiftly rubbed against him twice.

The Eldest Princess became so panicked that she was about to retreat. Previously, she didn’t really do it on purpose. However, just as she was about to back out, Qing Shui refused to spare her. He extended his hand and grabbed her. He might not have said anything yet but the Eldest Princess was already able to guess what was about to come out of his mouth.

“Sunu, seeing that there is such a nice place on you, can you stop using your hands and use those instead?”

“No!” The Eldest Princess got nervous. She had never expected for this naughty little bad egg to make such a request. This made her feel really awkward.

But now, Qing Shui couldn’t back out. Only by following through would he be able to gain more benefits in the future.

“It’s either we do that now or we do this. Choose one!” Qing Shui chuckled.

After a moment of silence, Qing Shui naturally emerged victorious. The Eldest Princess said embarrassedly, “Close your eyes, if you dare to ever turn around, I will……”

Qing Shui quickly lowered his head. Despite this, how powerful was Qing Shui’s Spiritual Sense? Given this kind of situation, Qing Shui could have immersed himself into his Sea of Consciousness right away. It was not in the least bit inferior to his eyes.

The Eldest Princess’ face felt extremely hot. She gently bent over to press both of her snow white bulging breasts against Qing Shui’s back. After that, she started gently moving up and down against it.

Qing Shui started to moan continuously. Furthermore, he kept on saying that he felt really comfortable.

“You are not allowed to moan……” The Eldest Princess said both with embarrassment and exasperation.

Qing Shui could see that the Eldest Princess was keeping her eyes slightly closed. It was a jerky rub, but it was this kind of motion that made Qing Shui’s blood boil. At the moment that the Eldest Princess had her body slightly up and was about to come down again, Qing Shui quickly turned around. He did all of this in just an instant.

As this happened, it switched from rubbing against his back to rubbing against his chest. It’s just that Qing Shui had failed because the spear below him was already pressing against the Eldest Princess. Hence, she opened her eyes and saw Qing Shui facing her directly. For a moment, she got embarrassed to the point that she hit Qing Shui twice.

Qing Shui immediately hugged her and made her leaned backward. The Eldest Princess instinctively used her hands to support herself against the edge of the bucket. This way, she had already stuck out her well-rounded breasts. Right at this moment, Qing Shui stuck his face into them and started greedily nibbling.

Slowly, the Eldest Princess began to relax herself. She started to gradually respond to Qing Shui while hugging him. Qing Shui unleashed the Soul-Charming Soft Tendon Hands on the Eldest Princess’ body with both of his hands. Very quickly, she was touched by Qing Shui to the point that she was only able to keep herself from falling down.

“Sunu, are you ready?”

Qing Shui had made her climax once while they were still in the water.

“En!” A soft noise came through from her nose.

Qing Shui slowly squeezed his tool into a wet and warm spot of the Eldest Princess inside the water. The Eldest Princess clenched her teeth while looking at Qing Shui. For cultivators, this bit of pain was something that they could still bear.

A thread of red-colored substance floated out of the jointed part within her body.

Qing Shui didn’t move. After that, he used his Divine Force to help her recover. After that, Qing Shui told her about a martial technique. It was a martial technique that could be learned easily. In just a while, she would be able to do it.

Time went on little by little. An aura was constantly being passed between the two. And all of a sudden to his surprised, he discovered that she had a Heavenly Meridian!

Qing Shui was stunned, were the Twelve Heavenly Meridians possessed by the women of twelves Portraits of Beauty?

After that, the Seven-Colored Pellet also shone with a brilliant light. At the same time, a formidable aura also came out of the Eldest Princess’ body.

The Eldest Princess was aware that even if the Supreme Old Ancestor infused strength in her, she still wouldn’t be able to increase her strength by a thousand sun.

“Sunu, it’s time we have fun with each other. I am going to let you know how a man tastes like.”

“I hate you!”

Qing Shui started slowly thrusting in and out in rhythm. The Eldest Princess had both her arms around his neck and she let out a sexy moan. Qing Shui became agitated and couldn’t stop himself from thrusting inside her. Her smooth garden tightly enveloped Qing Shui’s lethal weapon. Together, they paired up perfectly with each other.

Qing Shui was looking at her attractive face. Despite the mistiness in her eyes, she still gave off a fatal seduction. Unconsciously, Qing Shui started to thrust against her with even more energy. Each time he did entered, he would penetrate her deeper.

It went on from the bathroom all the way to the bedroom.

By the time the room quieted down, it was already late in the night. The Eldest Princess was clung onto Qing Shui’s body like an octopus. She was already really exhausted as she lazily clung to Qing Shui.

“Sunu, are you happy?” Qing Shui whispered in her ear.

“I don’t know!”

“Then lets go at it one more time! It seems I haven’t filled you up yet.” Qing Shui was still connected to her. Hence, by merely moving a little, the Eldest Princess that already clung tightly to him let out a soft moan.

“Happy, I am really happy. Stop moving, I am very tired. I don’t want anything anymore.”

“Then tell me, do you feel comfortable?” QIng Shui smiled and said.



The Eldest Princess was forced by Qing Shui to say a lot of embarrassing things.

Qing Shui felt really satisfied looking at the woman who was already fast asleep. The Eldest Princess was really quiet when she slept. It was to the point that a faint smile could be seen on her face. It was a kind of satisfied look.

Now, Qing Shui was laying down on the bed. He immersed himself within his Dantian and tried to sense the changes in the Seven-Colored Pellet.

There were no changes to his raw strength. However, the amount of raw prowess his Seven-Colored Pellet possessed had increased from the original twenty times to twenty five times. This made Qing Shui really happy.

The strength a male and a female earned through Duo Cultivation was the purest. It was the strength from spiritual energy, spiritual Qi as well as vitality itself. The increase in strength this time was still fairly enormous. His physical strength had immediately increased to about 4,500 sun. If the chance to double his attacks happened, the strength of his Immovable Mountains would reach nine thousand sun or a more.

HIs Spirit Energy attack was now almost seven thousand sun. If the chance to double his attack prowess happened or if he used the Seals of Roc, his strength would reach up to thirteen thousand sun. If the Seal of Roc doubled his prowess once again, its strength would be even more terrifying.

Qing Shui was a person who had already stepped into the huge gate of Heavenly Dao. Moreover, he had the Nine Palace Steps. If he paired this up with Emperor’s Qi and Vajra Subdues Demon, his actual combat ability should be really terrifying.

Qing Shui had now once again passed another Heavenly Meridian. This made him feel a bit confused. Maybe it wasn’t just the women from Portraits of Beauty that could open access to the Twelve Heavenly Meridians. The Portraits of Beauty might not be able to include all these kinds of girls.

After thinking for a while, Qing Shui immediately threw away this thought. He felt it was best if he just went with the flow and let the canal form by itself own.

Qing Shui continued to hug the Eldest Princess until the sky turned bright. In the morning, a ray of sunlight shone into the room. Qing Shui had woken up long ago. However, the Eldest Princess had just woken up. As soon as she saw Qing Shui’s snow white face, her face immediately flushed red. Morning was the best time for men to battle. Naturally, Qing Shui wouldn’t miss out on his morning practice.

When Qing Shui and the Eldest Princess arrived at the dining place in the living room, the indolent look of her face somehow still looked a bit flirtatious. Seeing that, the two girls automatically knew what had happened. This was an instinct that belonged to women. Additionally, the Eldest Princess also tried to avoid him with a bit of embarrassment, it just helped to all the more confirm their guesses.

Qing Sha was the only one who was really calm like she didn’t see anything.

After having their meal, Qing Shui informed them that he was going to head to Heaven Secrets Courtyard and left.

Heaven Secrets Courtyard!

“Greetings, both seniors, can the Heaven Secrets Academy control the Ancient Teleportation Array?” Qing Shui was straightforward with his question. He didn’t thank them for helping the Eldest Princess. In fact, it was no longer necessary now to thank them as it would make them seem distant from each other if he did so.

“Of course, it’s not really useful merely controlling the Ancient Teleportation Array. The so-called geniuses from the five continents are also no good. There were little to no warriors on the level that were rarely seen even in a hundred years time. Hence, large sects wouldn’t bother to look after it.”

As Qing Shui thought about it, he felt that it somehow made sense. Small sects wouldn’t be able to keep the super geniuses. Normally, the so-called geniuses, especially those from the five continents, were not able to even attract the eyes of these fourth grade forces.

“Old man, I wish to make the Ancient Teleportation Array only allow the entrance of people from the five continents for twenty years. I hope that the people from Western Oxhe Continent won’t be able to travel there,” Qing Shui said to the two old men after careful thinking for a bit.

“This is easy, I will let someone take over the Ancient Teleportation Array right away.


Qing Shui returned immediately and entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to cultivate. After refining his magic weapons once, he began to refine medicines. This was because the prescription recipe for Golden Fragrance Jade was about to come out.

Qing Shui had been constantly refining it for three days. In the time in between, other than refining his magic weapons, he spent the rest of his time refining medicines.


When Qing Shui heard that beautiful sound, he felt really happy. He came to a stop and immediately looked toward the medicinal prescription that just got released.

Golden Fragrance Jade!

Prescription: Starfish, Demonic Crystals, Small Revitalizing Pellet, Golden Fragrance Flower Feather.

Effect: significantly helps to cure wounds and replenish blood. Helps retain a youthful look and improves the quality of one’s face.

He was still ten million experience from the next prescription, Reborn Pellet.

Originally, Qing Shui felt a bit disappointed by the effects of Golden Fragrance Jade. It was a really good wound healing medicine. In fact, it could also help keep one’s youthful look. It was not that he was entirely disappointed but it could be said that he wasn’t entirely happy either. But the Reborn Pellet below it actually managed to brighten up Qing Shui’s mood. Also, the enormous amount of experience required also hinted to Qing Shui how powerful the Reborn Pellet was.

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