Chapter: 1306

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1306 - The Spirit Gathering Lamp at Sixth Grade. Heading off to Formation Immortal Sect, The shock of the Elder Hei and Elder Bai

Reborn Pellets, Qing Shui remembered that he had ten of them. It was just that he didn’t know if they were of the same type. Other than that, he also didn’t know if it really had the effect of granting rebirth. But as soon as he thought about the frightening amount of experience required, he would get a slight headache. It seemed the only way for him to do it would be to gather experience slowly.

After tiring himself for a few days, Qing Shui immediately laid down and rested for a bit. He refined magic weapons as soon as he woke up. In any case, he wasn’t able to find the ingredients for the Golden Fragrance Jade yet.

It might be that good things come in pairs. The grade of the Spirit Gathering Lamp that had been stuck actually ascended.

As this happened, Qing Shui became really excited. Even though his current strength had greatly exceeded the power of demonic beasts, his actual strength was below eight thousand sun. Even if he used the Seal of Roc, he would only have strength worth thirteen thousand sun. In comparison, there was a bit of restriction to it because he needed some time to ready the Seal of Roc. In a battle between experts, this little time would play a crucial role in deciding the ultimate victor. Luckily, he had the Nine Palace Steps to help make up for this flaw. Or else, it would have been very easy for him to get interrupted while unleashing the Seal of Roc.

The Spirit Gathering Lamp had now achieved the Sixth Grade. It had went up by one grade. With excitement in his heart, he tried to sense the strength of the Fire Bird that was not far away from himself. He summoned it and started to communicate with it. In the end, he revealed a happy smile. As he thought, its strength had really doubled. It would only be effective against demonic beasts that attacked with spirit energy.

Qing Shui liked this type of passive magic weapon the most. They consumed nothing and they tended to permanently stay in effect under specific conditions. In the past, he used to think that they would always stay effective. However, he now realized that once its grade was unable to catch up to the strength of the demonic beasts, it would lose its effects. But now it had achieved its crucial sixth grade. At least in the future, it would still be effective even after the demonic beast had reached a terrifying height in their attack prowess.

The Spirit Gathering Lamp might have been the earliest one to achieve the fifth grade but the Coiled Dragon Stone was the first one to reach sixth grade. But now, the Spirit Gathering Lamp had also achieved its sixth grade. Hence, Qing Shui was fairly certain that it wouldn’t be long until the same thing happened with the Heaven Shaking Drums.

The attacking prowess of the Fire Bird went up to eight thousand sun right away. This was still really terrifying. Following this, Qing Shui really looked forward to the ascension in grade of the Heaven Shaking Drums. That way, the strength of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant would also increase.

Nothing would make him feel happier than having good things coming in pairs.

By the time he exited the realm, it was already the later part of the afternoon. The girls were already used to this habit of Qing Shui. Normally, they wouldn’t go on to call him. Instead, they would wait for him to come out himself.

As soon as Qing Shui came out of his bedroom, he was stunned because he saw the Eldest Princess sitting on a sofa in the living room. When she saw Qing Shui exit his room, she stood up, “Are you hungry? Let me go and heat up the food for you!”

Looking at the how the Eldest Princess had changed, Qing Shui felt really satisfied. That was a satisfaction he felt as a man. He first saw her along a street. Across the crowds, she was as bright as the moon in the sky. Even though she was conservative with the way she dressed up and also wore a conical bamboo hat, she still managed to attract the eyes of the people around her.

Yet now, she had already become someone’s wife. Back then, he felt he was unable to catch up to her even if he spurred on a horse by patting its bottom. But now, she had already become his woman. The feelings between men and women were a beautiful thing that words alone couldn’t describe. Of course, at times, it would also be a double-edged sword. There were still a lot of examples of people who got stabbed by it and experienced a living hell due to these feelings. It was a no-no for the feelings between men and women to be mixed with other things. Or else, it would be really difficult for them to find happiness.

“I’m not hungry. I am not that delicate. Besides, you need to rest more for your body to recover to its previous condition.” Qing Shui smiled and sat down with his hands around her waist.

The moment Qing Shui mentioned her body, the Eldest Princess blushed. She shot him a glare. There was a sweet and charming look on her face that words alone couldn’t really describe.


Qing Shui was reminded of Qiu Feng. He was someone from Formation Immortal Sect. He felt that they would more or less know about Buddha Sect and Beitang Clan. He thought about this and departed from home after staying there for a day and a bit more.

QIng Shui flew in the direction of the Ancient Teleportation Array. In the past, he was unable to pick on sects like Formation Immortal Sect and Blue Sky Sect. But now, they were nothing in his eyes.

In fact, back then, he was scared of getting himself involved in the civil war of the Formation Immortal Sect. Now, as he went back and thought about it, he couldn’t help but think of them as children’s play thing. But back then, it’s true that he felt that they’re extremely terrifying existences.

Very quickly, he already arrived in Great Yu Dynasty within two to three days. Qing Shui immediately flew into the direction towards Formation Immortal Sect. Previously, he roughly knew the place it was located at but the Eldest Princess gave him its precise location.

Qing Shui shared quite a decent relationship with Qiu Feng. It’s not that he has started looking down on people with lower strength after he became strong. But in actuality, they’re already at a totally different level from each other. With this happening, it would mean that the time they could be together would also have to be restricted. Despite this, Qing Shui wouldn’t mind helping him. He still had quite decent innate skills and abilities.

Qing Shui followed the location and very quickly managed to find the Formation Immortal Sect. He was at a place with groups of mountains. All of these mountains were natural formations. Qing Shui took a peek at it only to be surprised that they’re similar to the Nine Palace Positions.

The huge gate of Formation Immortal Sect seemed really domineering and spectacular. The door was modified from what was originally a mountain peak. The middle part of it was opened up and made into a huge gate. On top of it, there were the words “Formation Immortal Sect” written and whereas behind it, there was a set of winding staircases made of stone.

The groups of mountains in the distance was covered up in mist. It was quite a blurry sight. There were around ten or more guards at the entrance. They were all in the Formation Immortal Sect’s attire. They all seemed like they’re dispirited and tired. But at the moment when they saw QIng Shui appeared, each and everyone of them bucked up their energy.

“Who are you? What business do you have with Formation Immortal Sect?”

A middle-aged man looked at Qing Shui with a disdained look and asked. He sounded really bossy.

The man is called Hong Guang. He was the leader among the guards. Normally, he would find doing things which deliberately make things difficult for others something really enjoyable. Of course, usually, he would only make things difficult for normal warriors who came here to look for masters. He has a considerably good eyesight as well. Whenever he met normal people, he would make things difficult for them and try to show himself off. Whereas if he met someone whom he thought has quite a bit of strength, he would try his best to think of a way to gain benefits from them.

The Formation Immortal Sect was still considered to be quite strong around this area. Hence, a lot of people would be aware of some of their rules. Whenever they ran into this kind of situations, they would try to give him some advantages. But obviously, Qing Shui didn’t have the intention to do so.

Hong Guang could tell that Qing Shui was no ordinary person, hence, he felt that he could gain a bit more benefit from him. He couldn’t help but straighten up his back a bit more.

“I am here to look for someone.” Qing Shui said with a faint smile.

“Look for someone? Who?”

“Qiu Feng, or Elder Hei or Elder Bai will do.” Qing Shui looked at Hong Guang and smiled.

“They don’t meet outsiders, please go back!” Hong Guang said very straightforwardly.

“So, does that mean you are not going to allow me to pass on my message?” Qing Shui’s face expression remained the same.

“Do you not understand what i am saying? They don’t meet outsiders.”

Qing Shui shook his head and casually thrusted out his palm and pushed Hong Guang backwards. Before he came, he was already aware of what kind of a person the person guarding the gate was. Hong Guang was the relative of one of the elders in Formation Immortal Sect. This was why he dared to be so rude to people.

“You bold freak, you actually dared to seek trouble in Formation Immortal Sect! Capture him!”

“Kill him!”

There were also people who went in to report about the situation. This was what Qing Shui wanted.

Looking at the people who were charging towards him, QIng Shui didn’t really panic. He immediately confined them with his Spirit Energy. Very quickly, a few huge beasts could already be seen flying here from far away. At the moment when Qing Shui saw the two eagles type flying beasts among them, he cheered up.

The two elders from Formation Immortal Sect had also made their way here. Qing Shui remembered clearly back then when Elder Hei wanted to take himself as his own disciple. It had only been merely two years since they last met, and there was already an enormous gap in strength between them.

Qing Shui didn’t see Qiu Feng. Hence, in the end, he settled his sight at Elder Hei and Elder Bai. Even after two years, they’re still first grade State Masters. They could be said to have only improved very slightly.

Maybe because the aura Qing Shui emitted has changed and Qing Shui also summoned the Fire Bird just now. The strength of the Fire Bird gave them the impression that it was an existence equivalent to a prehistoric beast. Maybe because of these reasons, they had forgotten about Qing Shui. They were totally unable to relate the powerful existence in front of them with Qing Shui.

“The Formation Immortal Sect is here to greet you. I would like to know what business you have coming here?” The old man in the middle had slender body. His face looked pure like a great artist who was proficient in the Four Arts of Scholar.

“I’m here to look for Qiu Feng, he is my brother.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

The strength of the old man from before was considered to be the strongest among these people. But his strength was also only worth around three sun. Despite this, it was already considered an absolutely terrifying existence within Formation Immortal Sect.

“Qiu Feng? Oh, Elder Li, ask Qiu Feng here quickly.” The old man stunned and said. The old man beside him quickly left.

“It’s you? How is it possible?”

Suddenly, Elder Hei looked at Qing Shui in awe. He stunned. He only managed to recognize Qing Shui after hearing that he was here to look for Qiu Feng.

“Elder Hei, Elder Bai, we meet again. How have you been?" Qing Shui smiled and said. Back then, these two people were considered to be quite extraordinary. Similarly, they would also feel really arrogant. Of course, their status was something which couldn’t be argued. They’re State Masters. In Western Oxhe Continent, a first grade State Master was considered quite a precious asset to the continent itself. Only dynasties or sects would have a number of people like this in it.

“It really is you……” Even Elder Bai himself found it really hard to believe.

Back then, Elder Hei wanted to take Qing Shui in as his disciple. At that time, he even promised Qing Shui that he would be a first grade State Master within a hundred years. Now that he thought about the things he said, he felt like he was slapping himself in the face. That black face of his instantly turned purple.

“Elders, do you guys know the senior in front of us?” The old man taking the lead asked quickly. There was a trace of fanatical look in his eyes. But very quickly, they were covered up by the pure aura of his.

“He came here from the five continents two years ago. The portal he used was the Ancient Teleportation Array which is protected by Formation Immortal Sect. Back then, his strength is only worth around two, three hundred nimbus.” Said Elder Bai.

The other old man also stunned for quite a while upon hearing Elder Bai’s words. He suddenly felt that it was a loss, in fact, a huge loss for them not to have pulled him to Formation Immortal Sect.

Right at this moment, Qiu Feng appeared alongside the elder from before. Qiu Feng looked at Qing Shui and said in surprise, “Brother Qing Shui!”

After that, it seemed as if he felt something weird. He quickly greeted these elders as well as the old man in the middle. The old man standing in the middle was the Clan Head of Formation Immortal Sect. The others reacted unusually formally when Qiu Feng greeted them. In the past, they used to have no qualms about withstanding it. Yet now, it seemed as if they felt a chill across their back.

“Big brother, you’re here!” Qing Shui and Qiu Feng both patted on each other’s shoulders. This made the others felt really weird. An incomparably powerful existence was actually calling someone who was as weak as an ant in front of him as his big brother.

At the same time, they would also find Qiu Feng extremely lucky. Because now, it’s very difficult for anyone to befriend Qing Shui. It’s very difficult for there to be a pure friendship like in the past. The friendship he made with others now would definitely have something else mixed within it.

“Big brother, how have you been in Formation Immortal Sect?” Qing Shui asked while looking at Qiu Feng who was elegant like usual.

“Really good!”

In any case, Qiu Feng was still considered a decent genius within Formation Immortal Sect. Even though his team may have been the weakest one among the sect, he himself was still a person whom Formation Immortal Sect has attached great importance to. Hence, the old man had another plan in mind after seeing the relationship between Qing Shui and Qiu Feng.

“Senior, why don’t you come into Formation Immortal Sect. We can discuss things inside.”The Clan Head of Formation Immortal Sect quickly seized the opportunity and said.

“Yes, brother, let’s talk about it inside!”


TL Note: Elder Hei & Elder Bai respectively can be translated to Elder Black and Elder White

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