Chapter: 1307

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1307 - Great Qi Dynasty, Buddha Sect of Western Oxhe Continent, Once again hearing the name of Great Northern Dynasty

Qing Shui nodded and went inside together with the people from the Formation Immortal Sect. The scene took a quick change due to the change in the formation. This could help save them almost 99% of their journey. Very quickly, they were already in a spot within a stone palace.

The stone palace was really huge and the inside was really clean. The majority of the things within the Stone Palace were all made of polished bright and clean stones. A lot of them looked like jade stones. This world was filled with abundant natural resources. It was not something comparable to what he used to know in his previous incarnation. A lot of the things which could only be heard or imagined in his past incarnation had turned out to be normal things around here.

“Brother, where are you now?” Back then, Qiu Feng was aware that Qing Shui was together with Tantai Xuan. Hence, everything should be alright. However, even if the Putuo Mountain didn’t accept male disciples, it would still be fairly easy for them to help him look for a sect. Let alone he knew that with Qing Shui’s talents, he would definitely not be in short of getting sects to invite him to join them.

At the moment, he only knew that Qing Shui was very powerful. But to what extent his strength was, he wasn’t really sure about that. However, by just judging the amazement in the elder and the clan head’s eyes, he already knew that it was really terrifying.

Qiu Feng knew that the Putuo Mountain was very powerful but he never thought that it could stand its own ground against Heaven Secret’s Academy. Nevertheless, it was definitely superior to the Great Yu Dynasty. The Immortal Formation Sect, on the other hand, was a first-grade sect and was even a peak existence among first-grade sects.

“Prior to this, I was in the Yan City. After that, I made my way to the Heaven Secrets Academy. I am here today to ask big brother about some stuff and conveniently spend some time with you. Previously, I had been too busy, hence, I hadn’t been able to do so.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“What’s the matter, can I help you?” Qiu Feng was very surprised because he didn’t know what could he help Qing Shui with.

“The Formation Immortal Sect must have guarded the Ancient Teleportation Array for many years right. I wish to know if the buddha sect in the five continents is the same one from the Western Oxhe Continent. It would be too much time spent if I try to search for this info alone, hence I came here to seek your help.”

“Buddha Sect? The Beitang Clan, that one from the Lion King’s Ridge?” Qiu Feng said while he looked at Qing Shui.


“The Buddha Sect is located within the Great Qi Dynasty. It is only a first-grade dynasty and the Buddha Sect is very popular in the said dynasty. Despite it only being first grade, it possesses a really high status within the Great Qi Dynasty and is also really mysterious.”

Qing Shui never expected to gain news about the Buddha Sect so soon, this made him really happy. At least now, he already had its location in mind. Things seemed different from the buddha sects in the five continents, the monks in the Great Qi Dynasty didn’t seemed to be a believer in ‘suffering leads to deliverance’. Although it was a grade one dynasty, they could still do quite well there. But of course, if they were bullied by other powers, no one would know as well...

“The Beitang Clan is a surname of a royal clan in a particular dynasty within the Western Oxhe Continent, which is the Great Northern Dynasty. This is a third-grade and an average dynasty. At least from the surface, it is. It is located in the southern part of the Western Oxhe Continent and is very close to the Great Qi Dynasty.”

Qiu Feng only mentioned the main points. Even though he didn’t say too much about it, what he said was already really specific. He mentioned the name and the location. With that, it became easy for Qing Shui to look for it.

The others from the Formation Immortal Sect prepared a banquet and left after they said a few formal words. The main hall was only left with Qing Shui and Qiu Feng.

“Brother, have you ever thought about taking over the Formation Immortal Sect?” Qing Shui and Qiu Feng knocked their glasses of alcohol and smiled.

Qiu Feng looked at Qing Shui and shook his head. “Strength is everything. My strength is insufficient to take over the Formation Immortal Sect.”

“Then how about once you get the strength to do it?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

When Qiu Feng heard Qing Shui’s words, his eyes turned bright. He quickly looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. “Little brother, can you help me raise my strength?”

“Of course. As long as your strength increased, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to take over the Formation Immortal Sect.” Qing Shui knew that the clan head of the Formation Immortal Sect would definitely start paying a lot more attention to Qiu Feng.

After they filled up their stomach and relieved themselves from their thirst, Qing Shui helped Qiu Feng performed the Constitution Nurturing. He also used the Spring of Life and other things to help Qiu Feng’s strength to significantly increase. At least now, he was already a State Master in terms of strength. Following on, his strength would continue to increase very quickly. It should be very soon until Qiu Feng reached the same level of the clan head of the Formation Immortal Sect.


Qing Shui only stayed in the Formation Immortal Sect for a day. Even if it had gotten dark, he still insisted on leaving. Qiu Feng accompanied him until they reached the foot of the mountain. In any case, the things which Qing Shui gave him could already be considered to have totally changed his life.

Humans were always like this. Just like in his past incarnation, there were some things which a commoner would never be able to achieve even if they spent their whole life doing it. But for people with money and authority, all it took was one word for them and their motive would be accomplished. Most of the people across the nine continents were unable to even break through to Xiantian Realm whereas for some people, just through their family inheritance, they were already existences above that of Martial Saints. Ever since they were born, they were rich in medicinal pills and martial techniques. Furthermore, they also had experts to help build their foundation and since young, they had already broken through to Xiantian Realm. This was the difference between them and ordinary people. Hence, it was said that there would not be absolute fairness no matter where you went. Some people would be born with things that other people wouldn’t be able to attain even after they had worked hard for ten years.

Now, the acupuncture and the medicinal pills of Qing Shui, which might seem really simple, were all worth multiple cities. This was something which could only be discovered but not sought. Similarly, it would also come with huge benefits.

Qing Shui decided to go to the Great Qi Dynasty for a look. That place was very near to here, however he was almost at the limits of using the effect of his Nine Continent Steps. Most probably, he could only visit there tomorrow.

Mounted on the back of the fire bird, he continued casually flying. Right now, the sun has already setted but the skies have not darkened completely yet.

Great Northern Dynasty.

It was still a third-grade and an average dynasty. On the surface, it seemed like it, but it was hard to determine their overall strength. This made Qing Shui felt quite surprised as he never thought that the Beitang Clan would be so successful in the Western Oxhe Continent.

However, Qing Shui wasn’t sure if the Beitang Clan here had done anything for the Beitang Clan back in the five continents. When he was on the five continents, through his interaction with the clan itself, he had heard before that the Beitang Clan in the four continents was really powerful.

On the second day, after he came out from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui immediately used the Nine Continents Step Effect and made his way towards the Great Qi Dynasty. The Great Northern and Great Qi Dynasty were close to each other, or else, Qing Shui wouldn’t have felt like making his way there so soon. Now, his mind was totally dedicated to solve the things with the Beitang Clan. He was scared that if the Ancient Teleportation Array was to be unlocked within these five years time, someone from the Beitang Clan might head to the Qing Clan and the Qing Clan might not be able to take it.

The more he thought about it, the more unsettled he felt. Luckily now, with his strength, he was no longer afraid of the Beitang Clan. Hence, he made his mind to deal with it nicely. When necessary, he wouldn’t mind totally annihilating them. He didn’t wish for any accidents to happen to the Qing Clan.

Great Qi Dynasty!

In Qing Shui’s eyes, a first-grade or a second-grade dynasty was now no longer considered anything. Qing Shui could wipe them off effortlessly. This was the absolute dominance which strong warriors possessed. While that was the case, to the five continents, a first-grade or a second-grade dynasty was already considered to be a huge monster to them.

The five continents were flourishing, so was the Western Oxhe Continent. This was especially so for the Great Qi Dynasty, and this was the advantages of having many products and merchandise. There were almost no poverty or hunger here, and the situation was very stable.

But although the land might be rich with resources but the majority of the places were threatened by demonic beasts. Hence, across the continents, to practice martial arts had become a habit. Only by doing this would they be able to survive even better.

Ordinary people would trade some of their properties with powerful aristocratic clans or dynasty in exchange for a peaceful living condition. The demonic beasts weren’t something which ordinary people could deal with.

The royal city!

Even though the Buddha Sect held a very high position in the Great Qi Dynasty, it was not something which could be commonly seen within it. In fact, he felt if he wanted to learn whether it held high positions or not, he could have investigated it by going to the main city. If even that place didn’t have any monks, everything would only be empty talks. He immediately proceeded to its capital city.

Great Qi City!

At the moment when Qing Shui saw the majestic temples and a few monks who wore similar attires as the Buddha Sect in Central Continent, he knew that buddha sects should have quite a high standing in the Great Qi Dynasty.

Great Golden Buddha Temple!

This place was a huge temple which occupied a lot of space within the most advanced city. Looking at it from above, the place was separated by two gates. The southern gate was abundant with burning incense sticks. A lot of commoners would pass in and out of it. The sky above the Great Golden Buddha Temple was filled with smokes from the burning incense sticks.

Suddenly, Qing Shui sensed that there were a few formidable aura around the Great Golden Buddha Sect. These auras were totally not a first-grade dynasty was supposed to have.

The power of faith?

Qing Shui stared at the converged smokes in the sky which wouldn't disperse. He remembered that the Buddha Sect held a fairly high position in the Great Qi Dynasty. It was really prevalent. The force of faith might have been incredible, and until now, Qing Shui was still yet to fully understand it.

The belief which a particular dynasty had was very important to it. If the royal family managed to win great popularity for its nations, the dynasty itself would be rich. This way, the speed of cultivation of the mediators within the royal clan would be faster, which would make it easy for them to break through.

Could this be what they called “Many little drops add up to an ocean”. Qing Shui stood in the sky and looked at the northern part of the Great Golden Buddha Temple. That was the real Great Golden Buddha Temple. Only that was the true Martial Monks, the foundation of Great Golden Buddha Temple.

Qing Shui stayed up in mid-air. Not long after, three old monks dressed up in golden kasaya flew up quickly from below. The three old men had unusually tall bodies and looked calm. They had a one-foot long, snow-white mustache.

But at the moment when they saw Qing Shui, they got a shock. The reason was because Qing Shui was too young. The old man at the lead moved forward and bowed with both of his hands together in front of him. “Mister, I am here to pay my necessary respect to you.”

Strength was above all else. Until this stage, one’s appearance was something which comes second. They assumed that his appearance doesn’t show his real age. After all, a lot of people were quite proficient in the art of retaining their youthful looks.

“Master, you’re being too formal.” Qing Shui smiled and returned his greetings. He felt even more suspicious as he looked at these three old monks. That was because they had managed to hide their strength really well. They might seem like they had a strength worth 1,000 sun, but the strength they possessed was already worth around 5,000 sun.

Qing Shui was surprised and so was the three old monks because the feeling which Qing Shui gave them was like a tall mountain which could never be passed through.

“How shall I address you, mister? I have hardly seen you before.”

“Master, don’t act so formal. Just call me Qing Shui.”

“Mister Qing, is there anything that you need that you are looking for a monk like me?”

Even monks found themselves difficult to leave the secular world. In front of people, they were like deities and honorable monks. But they were all aware that in the eyes of the experts, they were nothing. The only benefit they got was that no matter who came to visit, they would address them as mister. And the person they talked to, on the other hand, would address them as masters.

“I come from the five continents. I wonder if you still remember the Buddha Sect from the five continents?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“I do. Of course, I do. It’s just that it has been a long time since someone from the five continents came here.” The old monk seemed like he really appreciated this moment.

“The Patriarch from the Buddha Sect from the five continents have mentioned to me before that the Buddha Sect here has been having a pretty rough time. In fact, they even told me to look after it. It seems I may have worried too much.”

“Mister Qing, the Buddha Sect required your care.” The old monk said seriously.

“Master, could it be that something has happened?” Qing Shui never expected for the old monk to say that.

“We have gotten a Buddha Stone. But through some unknown means, the Great North Dynasty, as well as the Silver Lion King Dynasty have managed to find out about it. After that, they actually worked together to force us to hand out the stone.” It might be that up to this point, the old man really had no idea on what he should do, which caused him to not hesitate to speak it out.

“Great North Dynasty?”

Qing Shui never expected for himself to hear about the Great North Dynasty so soon again. Was this a coincidence or was it because there were disagreements with the Beitang Clan and the Buddha Sect?

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