Chapter: 1338

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1338 - Concocting a Medicine with Double Portion Medication, One-Yang Pill

Insanely powerful!

This was the feeling Qing Shui had when he saw the effect of Double Portion Medication. He could right away use double the amount of medicinal pills. This was essentially doubling the medicinal effect. Just how powerful was this ability?

When Yehuang Guwu saw Qing Shui’s expression, she smiled slightly.. She knew it wasn’t easy to refine the medicine, but everyone would feel incomparably happy upon seeing it. The reason why she had given it to Qing Shui was due to instinct, after finding out Qing Shui was a doctor and an alchemist. He was the only option she had who she could give it to.

“Little Wuwu, this dowry of yours is indeed really valuable. You are indeed your husband’s good luck charm.” Qing Shui said happily.

Yehuang Guwu never expected for Qing Shui to call her out so flirtatiously right in front of Tantai Xuan and Yehuang Guwu. She might have been elegant and mature like a demoness, but for a moment, her face also blushed like the setting sun. In the past, it had always been her teasing others. Who would have thought a day would come when she was teased instead? Other than feeling embarrassed, she somehow also felt sweet deep inside her body.

“Little Wuwu…… Dowry…… Husband……”

Similarly, the two girls were stunned for a long time and remained quiet. Eventually, they turned around and looked at Qing Shui before moving their sight towards the already slightly embarrassed Yehuang Guwu and laughing. It was a clear and charming laugh. It somehow also sounded a bit flirtish, making Yehuang Guwu feel an even greater urge to run away.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose. Prior to this, it was mainly because he was too happy. When a person becomes proud of themself, they would find themselves very easily misbehaving. As he looked at the two girls’ straightforward laughs, he also followed along and laughed. Both Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan had never laughed like this before. It was also rare to see them laughing with their actual voices.

“Two damned girls, are you girls done laughing? If you two continue to laugh, I am going to say something which you two will definitely love to hear.” Yehuang Guwu was already feeling extremely embarrassed about being laughed at by the two girls.

“Alright, we won’t laugh, we won’t laugh.”

The two girls might have said that they would stop laughing, but from time to time, they would still let out giggling noises.

“Little Xuanxuan, Little Yanyan, is it that funny?” In order to alleviate the atmosphere, Qing Shui immediately called out to the two girls and put his hands around both of their waists. His face was still quite thick, especially as these were his women.

At the moment when he called them that, the two girls also felt somewhat corny. They rolled their eyes at Qing Shui and stopped laughing.

“Qing Shui, is this medical prescription of use?” Yehuang Guwu asked calmly, retaining her usual attitude.

“Yes, not only so, they can be refined within half a day.” Qing Shui felt particularly excited when he talked about this. This way, even his own strength would rise a little. Not only that, everyone around him would also become stronger.

“Oh, really?” Yehuang Guwu as well as the two girls asked in shock.

“Of course. I am going to stay here for a few days. After that, I will refine medicinal pills and conveniently also refine One-Yang and Two-Yang Pills. If possible, I hope I will be able to make Three-Yang Pills.”Qing Shui said with confidence.

Qing Shui didn’t waste any time and refined the Double Portion Medicinal Pills. It’s just that he didn’t know if he could refine the Yang Pills. Other than that, the Double Portion Medication was only aimed at particularly medical substances. He didn’t know if it would have the same effect on other food. Upon taking in one medicinal pill made from the Double Portion Medication, could he only raise one particular type of medical substance or could he temporarily do the same for all kinds of medicines?

After thinking for a while, Qing Shui smiled. It seemed that this question wasn’t something to be considered now. By the time he refined it, everything would become clear. He never expected for Yehuang Guwu to shock him several times. Each time it happened, the benefits brought along were also immeasurable.


Seeing as it wasn’t too late, Qing Shui entered the realm and refined his magic weapons. Only then did he start to refine the Double Portion Medication. In the future, he would need an unusually huge quantity of this kind of pills. Hence, he would need to store a huge amount of them.

Qing Shui arranged the medicinal herbs which he needed and began refining them one by one. The herbs needed for Double Portion Medication were all already in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. In fact. the storage capacity within the realm could already be described with the word terrifying.

As for the Spirit Concentrating Pill which helped to raise the effect of cultivating, Qing Shui had already stored a lot. Furthermore, they were all six times Spirit Concentrating Pills. These were considered of top quality among the medical prescriptions for Spirit Concentrating pill. He only found out there were even higher grades of Spirit Concentrating Pill’s medical prescriptions when he arrived in Western Oxhe Continent.

The time to refine it also wasn’t that long. Within an hour, he has already done. Maybe it was because the quality of the medicinal pills could only considered to be decent. Most importantly, it should be because the effect was quite unique.

Qing Shui was stunned upon opening the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. Almost thirty snow white colored medicinal pills the size of a thumb were inside. They gave out a sort of extremely faint sweet scent. They weren’t really considered good to smell, but certainly, they didn’t smell bad either.

Qing Shui quickly moved his sight towards these medicinal pills. He felt quite excited.

Double Portion Medication!

What a name!. Despite it being such a powerful medicinal pill, its name didn’t sound dominant at all. The name was just a decoration; the most important feature was its medicinal effect.

Effect: It can help reduce half the resistance to medicines and increase the amount of medicinal pills the user can take by one fold.

Ways to use: Consume the Double Portion Medicinal Pill along with the medicinal pills together. At least fifteen minutes are needed before the user can consume another one. Each of the Double Portion Medicinal Pill can temporarily work on a lot of medicinal pills of the same type.

Qing Shui was already content. He quickly took out the Great Revitalizing Pill and a Double Portion Medicinal Pill and took them down together. Very quickly, the effect started. Compared to before, its effect was even stronger. The Great Revitalizing Pill he ate now had all been upgraded by crystals before.

After confirming the effects of Double Portion Medicinal Pill, Qing Shui immediately began to refine them. One stove per hour. As time passed, he became more used to it. He managed to reduce the time to forty-five minutes, saving fifteen minutes.

Qing Shui felt unusually delighted seeing the Double Portion Medicinal Pills which had already been contained in a lot of bottles. To other people, these medicinal pills could cost a few cities. Take, for example, a medicinal pill which could help increase twenty years of life. If everyone could only use one of them, and given they had the Double Portion Medicinal Pill, they would immediately be able to take in one more and gain yet another twenty years of life. To a person at the point of death, even one year of life was already an extravagant hope. Particularly at the moment when they didn’t feel like dying and the time when they had things which they were yet to be able to let go of, these pills would be priceless…...

The medicinal pills which he used to not dare to even think about had now been accumulated in quite a huge quantity. The happiness which he felt in his heart was no longer something to be talked about. He continued refining them for about a month. In the middle of the process, other than sleeping and refining his magic weapons, he only cultivated for a short period of time.

Qing Shui only started to focus on the medicine refining process of the One Yang Pill after he rested.

Qing Shui remembered the Yang Pills’ prescriptions from the Nine Yang Pharmacopoeia very clearly. Despite this, he still looked through it a number of times. Only after that did he start preparing for it. Quite a lot of stuff was needed to refine Yang Pills. It’s just that it couldn’t be compared to the medicinal herbs needed for the Double Portion Medication. However, the medicinal herbs needed for Yang Pills were also increasing.

Qing Shui was planting them. At the moment, Qing Shui had two Spiritual Medicinal Beasts, and to the current realm, it was already considered enough. Of course, it would be even better if he could have more of them.

He still felt slightly agitated refining the One-Yang Pill. Once a person reached Grade One State Master, they would be able to take in the Yang Pill and improve their strength very quickly. Back then in the treasury, when he first discovered the One-Yang Pills and Two-Yang Pills, they were almost gone.

He still added in Golden Snake Grass for his refining process this time. In any case, he already had a lot of the grass within the realm. By the time he was really adapted to refining it, he would abandon the Golden Snake Grass. After all, it was also a very precious item. In the future, he would still have a lot of it when he needed to use it.

This time, the refining process also went very smoothly. At the moment when Qing Shui heard the clear and loud noise, he felt as if he had heard the most beautiful melody in the world. He had only used less than an hour to refine the One-Yang Pill.

Qing Shui very enthusiastically opened up the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. This time, there were two of them. Qing Shui didn’t really feel that disappointed. He was already very happy with the fact that he could refine two of them. In fact, even if he only received one, he would have felt really happy. He was aware that it’s impossible for it to come out in large quantity. With how precious the One-Yang Pill was, it was impossible for such huge quantities to be refined. Having two was already more than what he originally expected to get.

Its effect still remained the same. Just like this, Qing Shui continued to refine it until he approached the time for him to leave the realm. He had already accumulated quite a lot of One-Yang Pill. He didn’t refine any Two-Yang Pills. He planned to only do so tomorrow and conveniently also attempt to refine Three-Yang Pills.

According to the current realm, it shouldn’t be a problem to refine Three-Yang Pills with the medicinal effect of herbs like Yang Grass. Refining the Four-Yang Pills would be a somewhat tougher task. Nevertheless, Qing Shui was also already quite close to it. With the Flower of Life and Third Grade Spiritual Medicinal Beast, as well as the time ratio he had in the realm, this wasn’t really a problem.

By the time he came out of the realm, it was already night time. They didn’t feel weird seeing Qing Shui reappear again. They knew that Qing Shui was hiding some secrets with him, but who didn’t have secrets of his own?

The three girls were having an intimate conversation with each other. Qing Shui was aware that, during this time, they must have had quite a lot of discussions about him. Afterall, prior to this, he was already considered to have confirmed the relationship with them.

Seeing Qing Shui coming in, Yu Ruyan stood up, “I am going to take out the dishes.”

“Let’s go together.” Tantai Xuan also stood up and grabbed on Yu Ruyan’s hands before going together to the kitchen. Yehuang Guwu didn’t go. Instead, she stood there and looked at Qing Shui with a weird look.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like this?” Qing Shui touched his face.

“I am curious to know what’s so good about you. Why are both Ruyan and Xuan`er so obsessed with you?”

“You want to know?” Qing Shui smiled. This question wasn’t really a question. Besides, she was also one of them. She could have asked about it herself.

“I do.” Yehuang Guwu said with a smile.

“Actually, there’s nothing much really. It’s just that I am really good at doing that thing.” Qing Shui let out a gentle laugh by her ear. Simultaneously, he also acted on it and let her feel a certain body part of his.


The woman laughed. She embraced Qing Shui’s neck, “You’re right about this. On that day, I witnessed you doing that with Ruyan. You should be really good at it. I am going to ask Ruyan a bit later to see if you are really that good.”

Qing Shui revealed a helpless smile. When this demoness started acting all gangster-like, even he was unable to control her.

“You would be better off not asking. You will know in the future. I will definitely make you feel so good that you’ll feel as if you are almost dying.” Qing Shui said, biting her earlobes.

“I am waiting for that day.” Yehuang Guwu said charmingly by Qing Shui’s ear.

Both Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan were coming out holding the dishes. Yehuang Guwu had also long since pushed away Qing Shui and made her ways towards the kitchen.

Yehuang Guwu left immediately after she finished her meal. According to her, it was because she was feeling tired. Similarly, Tantai Xuan also stood up and attached herself to Yehuang Guwu’s arm and left.

“Ruyan, I am sleeping with Xuan`Er tonight. You must sleep with me tomorrow.”

Yu Ruyan blushed slightly. She was looking at both Yehuang Guwu and Tantai Xuan, who had finished speaking and left. Tantai Xuan almost ran outside. It’s only after that did Yu Ruyan settle down, with her eyes on Qing Shui.

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