Chapter: 1339

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1339 - Two-Yang Pill, Three-Yang Pill, The Failed Four-Yang Pill

Qing Shui didn't think much of it and met Yu Ruyan's gaze. Yu Ruyan turned away, blushing. The period of time they had been in seclusion was neither long nor short, but she realized that she had missed him a lot. This time around, the feeling was especially strong. However, she was a traditional and reserved lady. Even though she had already become Qing Shui’s wife and had made intimate contact with him on many occasions, she still couldn't get used to it.

Looking at Yu Ruyan, whose grace wouldn't lose out to Mingyue Gelou and who was a mature and dignified lady, Qing Shui's heart ran wild. Yu Ruyan's beauty was one that was mature, poised, intelligent, and refined. Compared to the past, she was the most beautiful dignified lady.

Qing Shui smiled and went over to take a seat. He could even sense that her heart was beating very quickly. This made him feel overwhelmed with emotions as well. When both hearts beat extremely quickly, it meant that they were having feelings of anticipation, like becoming intimate with each other. Qing Shui hadn't expected that this lady was truly very in love with him. However, she was too reserved and no matter how much she yearned for it, she wouldn't take the initiative. She was afraid that she might appear too loose, especially if Qing Shui thought so.

"Ruyan!" Qing Shui took her hand and sat next to her.

"Mmm!" Yu Ruyan lifted her head and looked at Qing Shui. Her face was slightly flushed and there was a layer of mist over her eyes.

Qing Shui had wanted to say something, but there was no need to say anymore. He carried her up and smiled, murmuring at her face, "Are you very hungry?"

"Ahhh!" Yu Ruyan cried out in embarrassment and buried her face into Qing Shui's neck, unwilling to lift it up.

"We've already been husband and wife for so long. Why are you still so embarrassed?" Qing Shui realized that each time he was with Yu Ruyan, it felt as if it was their first time meeting. This feeling was very amazing, and each time was full of anticipation. He realized that even his heartbeat was becoming a little fast.


After many rounds, it was already late into the night. Yu Ruyan lay lazily on Qing Shui's chest, her face wearing a satisfied expression. It was a beauty which would only be shown on a woman's face after she was satisfied. She looked at Qing Shui lovingly.

"Ruyan, your cries earlier sounded so nice." Qing Shui's two hands were stroking her well-rounded and perky butt.

"If you say anymore, I won't cry out in the future..."

"Will you be able to hold it in?" Qing Shui smiled and then his body pushed upward a few times.


After another round, Yu Ruyan curled up in Qing Shui's embrace like a little kitten, her body limp like water and her eyes in a daze, "You're a beast..."

Qing Shui smiled happily, "Ruyan, let me tell you a joke."

"Okay!" Yu Ruyan enjoyed the quiet moment she was having with Qing Shui.

"There was a woman who slept on the same bed as a man. The woman drew a line in the middle and said that if the man crossed the line, then he was a beast. In the end, the man didn't cross the line throughout the night but just slept quietly. The next day, the woman slapped the man and said, 'You're worse than a beast!'

"Ruyan, do you think it’s better for me to be a beast or to be worse than a beast?"

"To be a beast!" Yu Ruyan hugged Qing Shui and whispered softly next to his ears. Although Yu Ruyan was reserved, there were still times when she would let herself loose and joke around with Qing Shui, causing Qing Shui's chaotic heart to feel a sense of satisfaction.

"Qing Shui, I want to tell you something."

"Oh? What is it?" Qing Shui saw that Yu Ruyan's expression was a little strange.

"You're actually my first man."

After hearing this, Qing Shui was stunned and he looked at her in a daze. Qing Shui liked her a lot, and in addition, he had met her quite late in her life. Therefore, he didn't mind her past. However, all men would hope that they would be their woman's only man. Even if it was otherwise, he was satisfied as long as they were in love at the moment. However, when Qing Shui heard this, he was still quite astonished.

When they first had sex in the White Jade Milky Pond, although he had felt that her body was very tight, due to the unique situation back then, it would be hard to notice any traces of blood. Moreover, for some women, even if they didn't bleed or even if that layer couldn't be felt, they were still virgins.

It was no wonder he had always felt that she didn't feel like a woman who had given birth before. However, what about her husband and daughter?

Although Qing Shui didn't know the details, everything made sense when she said that he was her first man. There wasn't a need to ask further. Moreover, there wasn't a need to doubt if what she said was the truth.

"I like you as you are. It's just like how it is for Gelou. I can only blame myself for having met her too late. However, I'm already very happy that the gods can let her appear in my life. Qing Shui said very seriously.

"I know. I didn't want to tell you before. I was scared that Lingshuang wouldn't be able to take it."

"Then don't ever tell her. Lingshuang isn't like before. She now has her own family and kids, and her priorities are different. There's no need to worry about her. Rather, I should be worried about you." Qing Shui smiled and looked at her.

"Qing Shui, I want a child. I want your child." Yu Ruyan's upright nose rubbed against Qing Shui's.

"Alright, then let's start now."


The next day, Qing Shui didn't wake up early. When he appeared together with Yu Ruyan, both Yehuang Guwu and Tantai Xuan smiled and looked at Yu Ruyan. Looking at an embarrassed lady was also a kind of enjoyment.

"Alright, let's have breakfast. I've refined both the Double Portion Medication and the One-Yang Pill. I also have other medicinal pills here. Later on, you guys can try them out." Qing Shui tried to change the topic.

Hearing what Qing Shui said caused the few ladies to be quite surprised. After all, they hadn't seen Qing Shui do any alchemy, and he had even been in the room with Yu Ruyan the entirety of last night. They knew that Qing Shui had his secrets, and thus, even though they were surprised, it was a gleeful surprise.

After breakfast, Qing Shui had initially planned on conducting alchemy back in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. However, he couldn't feel at ease and thus decided to stay and watch as they took the medicinal pills.

Qing Shui gave each of them over a hundred Double Portion Medications and a sufficient amount of One-Yang Pills. He watched as they used the One-Yang Pill once as well. Both Yu Ruyan's and Tantai Xuan's abilities improved tremendously. For Yehuang Guwu, although the One-Yang Pills could increase her strength by two sun, the increase was too little for the current her.

Then, Qing Shui got them to take some other medicinal pills as well. However, they reached the limit even though they hadn't taken much. Even if a person wasn't taking the same type of medicinal pills, it wouldn't be much. Qing Shui left quite a bit of the medicinal pills which they would need. Then, seeing that half the day was almost gone, he didn't waste any more time and went straight back to his room, entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui tempered his treasures before starting to cultivate. It was only then did he began preparations to refine the Two-Yang Pills and Three-Yang Pills. This time around, he wanted to at least refine the Three-Yang Pills successfully. As for the Four-Yang Pills, Qing Shui didn't hold much hope. According to the Nine Yang Pharmacopoeia, there was a demarcation between the Three-Yang Pills and the Four-Yang Pill. The requirement for medicinal herbs would be much higher, and so would the requirements of the alchemist. There would be a demarcation after every three grades. It was also said that the later Yang Pills would be at least double as effective as the ones in front.

Very quickly, Qing Shui immersed himself into his alchemy. He refined the Two-Yang Pills very quickly, taking only about two hours, producing two of them. Compared to when he was refining the One-Yang Pills, the time taken had doubled, but he still managed to refine it successfully. Of course, Qing Shui had also added the Golden Snake Grass.

Right now, Qing Shui could refine the One-Yang Pills successfully with ease without using the Golden Snake Grass. From there, he began refining Two-Yang Pills, spending an entire two months on them based on the time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He only stopped after he had reached the level of mastery where he would no longer need to use the Golden Snake Grass. He stored some Two-Yang Pills as well. In the process, he failed twice when he didn't use the Golden Snake Grass. Qing Shui felt pain for the failures. After all, the medicinal herbs required for refining the Yang Pills were very precious.

When Qing Shui was preparing to refine the Three-Yang Pills, he was still very agitated. He had only gotten his hands on the One-Yang Pills and Two-Yang Pills from that hidden treasure chamber. Therefore, although he was excited when he had been refining the One-Yang Pills and Two-Yang Pills previously, he wasn't especially agitated. The level of agitation couldn't be compared when he refined the Double Portion Medication.

However, it was different for the Three-Yang Pills. It was because Qing Shui felt that the Nine Yang Pharmacopoeia would change the fate of his clan. Even he himself could benefit greatly from it. For example, with his Nine Yang Physique, the Yang Pills not only could increase his abilities, it could also improve the Nine Yang Physique. Although the level of improvement would be very low, Qing Shui could still sense it. He trusted that the Yang Pills at the later phase would definitely be a lot stronger.

Four hours!

Qing Shui affirmed his earlier guess, but also felt that his success rate in alchemy was really quite good. After refining the Three-Yang Pills for a while, Qing Shui couldn't hold back on the temptation and made the preparations to refine the Four-Yang Pills. However, Qing Shui soon turned gloomy. He failed three times in a row, even though he had used the Golden Snake Grass. On the third attempt, he had failed after only refining it for two hours. Based on his estimation, refining the Four-Yang Pills would require at least eight hours or even more. Therefore, this showed that he was still a long way off. This was the greatest failure in Qing Shui's history of performing alchemy.

However, he wasn't too sad. It was because the greatest reason for the failure was because the medicinal effect of the Yang Grass and other medicinal herbs was insufficient and wasn't enough to support the refining of the Four-Yang Pills.

Since it was because the medicinal effect wasn't strong enough, then he could only wait. It wouldn't be that long anyway.

After refining the Three-Yang Pills for a while more, it was about time for Qing Shui to leave the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

It was only evening outside and the three ladies were taking a stroll along the beach. With a flash, Qing Shui appeared next to them. There were three of them, but he only had two hands. It didn't seem right no matter which two ladies' hands he chose to hold. However, Yu Ruyan threw a gaze at Qing Shui as she held Yehuang Guwu's hand.

Qing Shui smiled, blinked and hugged her. He then took up the other two ladies' hands. They continued to take a stroll along the beach, appreciating the breeze and the waves. All of them were very quiet. When it turned dark, Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan went to prepare dinner while Qing Shui continued to take a stroll with Yehuang Guwu.

"Are you going to leave?" Yehuang Guwu smiled and asked.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow!" Qing Shui had long planned everything out.

"You should go to Xuan`er's room tonight. That lass is reluctant to say so, but she likes you." Yehuang Guwu grinned and said.

"I'll go, but I might not eat her up. I feel that she isn't ready yet..." Qing Shui said a little awkwardly.

"Does that activity really feel so good?" Yehuang Guwu's face turned flush red as she asked in a very soft voice.

Qing Shui smiled and whispered some words next to her ears, causing her to run away in shock.

"Ruyan, tonight, let's sleep...."

Watching as Yehuang Guwu and Yu Ruyan smiled and took their leave, Tantai Xuan appeared anxious and wanted to leave as well. However, she was held back by Qing Shui, "Lass, you won't be able to escape."

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