Chapter: 1352

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1352 - Yehuang Duxin, 300,000 Sun, Sword-in-Shadows Technique, Defeated Easily

Discerning people could all tell what he meant. Yuan Su didn't say anything. Qing Shui's meaning was very clear, that Yehuang Duxin should not look for Yuan Su anymore.

"Physician Qing, what is the meaning of this? Is it that I don't have the rights to look for Miss Su? The one I'm looking for is Miss Su, and the Imperial Cuisine Hall is open for business. What kind of attitude is this? You guys don't let customers look for you?" Yehuang Duxin continued to smile and say calmly.

Yehuang Duxin liked to see other people's unwillingness to submit. He was fine with Yuan Su hiding from him. This was normal. If people were to willingly jump into his arms, they would lose that their attractiveness. He liked to have such prideful women avoiding him, being scared of him. Seeing their anxious expressions when they saw him gave him the feeling of a predator.

"Mister Yehuang, I think that you're mistaken. This isn't a shop, nor is it a trade association. Not everyone can come and request us to do something. I think that it probably hasn't been long since you’ve returned to the capital city." Qing Shui didn't put up a strong front, but he was not relenting. There was an arrogance in his tone.

"Haha, this is the first time that I, Yehuang Duxin, have encountered someone saying this to me. When I've been going around the capital city, you've probably still been wearing split pants [1]!" Yehuang Duxin's gaze turned very cold.

"I'll only say one more thing to you. Yuan Su is a physician of our Imperial Cuisine Hall. Don't come and bother her anymore. You aren't fit to do that." Qing Shui calmly stood up, not changing his tone at all.

"B*stard. I've only left for a while and now even the cats and dogs are trying to climb up over my head. Do you know where this place is? Do you know that my name is Yehuang Duxin?" Yehuang Duxin was so infuriated that he broke out into laughter and said loudly.

"I feel sad for the Yehuang Clan. How much infamy does the Yehuang Clan have to bear just because of you? Because of you, the Yehuang Clan will be put into danger." Qing Shui said what he felt. It was because Yehuang Guwu would be coming sooner or later. When the time came, the entire Yehuang Country would be hers.

"Do you think that I won't dare to kill you now just because your medical skills aren't bad?" Yehuang Duxin's eyes now appeared strange as he locked his bright gaze on Qing Shui, as if he was waiting to see a good show.

"Do you know that other people are all calling you a profligate son? Even an outstanding profligate son is still a profligate son. Moreover, you aren't outstanding and are just a pile of garbage." Qing Shui's words were extremely vicious.

"Others all call me a profligate son, but who among my age are my match? Withub 200 years, I'll definitely attain a breakthrough to become a False God cultivator." When Yehuang Duxin was saying this, he was especially proud of himself.

It could be because Qing Shui hadn't came across that many arrogant people in his previously life. Amongst those who he had came into contact with, there weren't many who could be arrogant. There were no lack of arrogant people anywhere, but it was just the degree of how arrogant the individual was. Some people had the assets to feel arrogant, but when they kept it under good control, it would be presented in the form of grace and superiority. At least it wouldn't appear as abrupt.

This was how Yehuang Duxin was. In Yehuang Country, he had the superiority of a great clan behind him. Furthermore, he had reached Peak Martial Emperor at his age. Even though it was at the weakest strength of 300,000 sun, it could increase. Peak Martial Emperors in his age group were definitely rare.

Abilities, background, looks, disposition... He could be said to be a perfect man. It was impossible for a man like this to not be arrogant. It was a pity that Qing Shui couldn't stand people like these, especially in the nine continents. It was because amongst people of his age, no one had the right to be arrogant. Yehuang Duxin didn't have this right either. He wasn't strong enough, and Qing Shui wouldn't lose out to him in terms of appearance either. As for his family backrgound... at the very least, Qing Shui felt that the Yehuang Clan was no longer much of a threat to him.

"How about this, let's have a fight. If you lose, then don't ever come to harass Yuan Su anymore." Qing Shui didn't want to fall out with the Yehuang Clan yet. He would leave them to Yehuang Guwu. Moreover, this person was one of the main people in question.

"Defeat me? With the likes of you?" Yehuang Duxin smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

"Why? You don't dare to take me on?" Qing Shui smiled.

"How about this, if I lose, I won't come to harrass her. But if you lose, then let me have Miss Su. What do you think?" Yehuang Duxin looked at Qing Shui and said seriously.

Qing Shui shook his head. "It isn't a matter of whether I can give her up to you. Men must be aboveboard and pursue the ladies they like with their own abilities, and not be like animals."

Qing Shui's words were definitely vicious. There were quite a number of people on the fourth story, but everyone was busy with his own stuff. However, there were still people who were unafraid of the people from Yehuang Clan and were smiling, looking at Yehuang Duxin.

"Alright, alright. If you lose, then you can just be my subordinate. I won't ill-treat you." Yehuang Duxin's countenance was very grim. A b*stard who scolded people like this was even vicious than a person who scolded directly.

"I'll add one more thing. If you lose, then you won't bother here anymore. As long as the people who bothers her have any sort of relation with you, I'll put the blame on you. Come, let's go out and have a fight. The winner will be determined in a single round." With that, Qing Shui headed out directly.

The others headed out as well, including some other people who were on the fourth story. In this world, such spars and battles would occur many times in a day, but in this place, battles like this were rare. It was a pity that they had decided to fight immediately. Otherwise, the spectators would fill up the entire street.

However, there were still a number of people, and the crowd was still increasing at a very rapid speed. The news had traveled very quickly.

"The Yehuang Clan's Yehuang Duxin and the Imperial Cuisine Hall's mysterious physician are going to have a fight."

"Who do you think will win?"

"A few decades ago, Yehuang Duxin was already the top amongst people of his age, and he's said to have already reached Peak Martial Emperor. He's only one final step away from becoming a legendary god in the mortal world."

"I really hope that the Imperial Cuisine Hall's Physician Qing can win. Physician Qing's medical skills is very powerful. I wonder how his cultivation level is."

"Someone might just stand up for Physician Qing. After all, many people hope that he could owe them a favor."

"This profligate from the Yehuang Clan is really something else. He's a true blue profligate, and is much stronger than those who rely only their families. Yehuang Duxin doesn't need his clan to stand up for him."

"Femme fatale... Yehuang Duxin's greatest weakness would be beautiful ladies. As long as he took a fancy to the lady, he would stoop to any means to get his hands on the lady. There are very few ladies who can resist Yehuang Duxin."

"Few doesn't mean that there aren't any."

"You're referring to the Demon Lord? That's a thorn in Yehuang Duxin's heart. He didn't even dare to express his feelings for her. Only a few people knew about this. One thing is that he's scared that he'd be killed by that lady, and another reason is in consideration of his clan. To be pitted against so many people and having to give up his powerful clan. Even the Yehuang Clan wouldn't be able to take this."


Within a short period of time, an uproar had broken out with people saying all sorts of things.

Qing Shui stood in the air and Yehuang Duxin wasn't far away. They were both very relaxed. Qing Shui didn't take out any weapons. The Big Dipper Sword had already become a Seven Stars and was in his Dantian.

As for why Yehuang Duxin didn't bring out his weapon, Qing Shui didn't know.

"Let's start!" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Come. Let me see what other skills you have other than your medical skills." Yehuang Duxin put out his hand and put up an elegant and unrestrained pose.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose. "Since that's the case, I hope you won't regret it."


With a move of his consciousness, the Nine Continents Mountain appeared directly. Then, with a flash, it struck out toward Yehuang Duxin.

Fast. It was much too fast. With three times Qing Shui's speed...


Yehuang Duxin was sently flying off in a pathetic state, but he wasn't injured. In that moment, Qing Shui saw a flash appear on Yehuang Duxin. That was the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation or some other technique.

Although Yehuang Duxin wasn't hurt, he seemed to be in a pathetic state. The force from the Shield Attack had directly sent him flying.

Qing Shui had long circulated his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. Regardless of what kind of battle he was on, Qing Shui would ensure that he was fully equipped. Otherwise, if he were to get caught off guard and lose his life, he wouldn't be able to accept it.


Yehuang Duxin drew out a three-foot Xuan-colored sword [2]. Compared to an ordinary three-feet Greenedge Sword, it was thicker and wider, but only by a little. Right now, Yehuang Duxin was glaring at Qing Shui. That hit from earlier had put him in a daze.

Qing Shui didn't push on tightly. Qing Shui had absolute confidence in dealing with Yehuang Duxin. If he had defeated Yehuang Duxi with that attack earlier, the latter wouldn't be able to accept his defeat and would have felt that Qing Shui had dealt him a sneak attack and didn't win in a fair way.

"To think that you have a treasure like this." Yehuang Duxin became serious and lifted his longsword slightly.

"Come at me with your full power. Don't throwing your life away so quickly. Otherwise, you won't even have the chance to cry."

"Don't be smug. Take my sword!"

With a movement of his body and a swing of his hand, Yehuang Duxin sent out a sword shadow launching out toward Qing Shui. As he swung his hand, that sword figure also lunged towards Qing Shui with a flash.

Sword-in-Shadows Technique!

Qing Shui clicked his tongue. The Yehuang Clan was still a powerful clan after all. This Sword-in-Shadows Technique was one of their strongest battle techniques. Wherever the sword shadow reaches, the user would also be able to reach. It was a very terrifying move.

Yehuang Duxin felt that Qing Shui's power was because of that treasure which was like a terrifying little mountain. As long as he could avoid that, he would have a chance of defeating Qing Shui. He might even be able to get his hands on that treasure.

Humans were greedy by nature. To Yehuang Duxin, women and power were his greatest love. While women were his greatest love, he would need power for assurance.

His speed was very fast, but Qing Shui was even faster. Rather, it wasn't that Qing Shui was faster, but that the Nine Palace Steps was very amazing.

Nine Palace Laws!

Gravity Laws!

Yehuang Duxin, who had dashed over, suddenly felt that his body had became much heavier. In that instant, the plunging feeling made him feel very uncomfortable and with a flash, Qing Shui's silhouette appeared somewhere else in the Nine Palace.

Devouring Laws!

Nine Continents Mountain!


Qing Shui didn't hold back anymore and started his attacks. Each time he did, he would send Yehuang Duxin flying. However, the Nine Continents Mountain would follow closely behind, just like a shadow.

Yehuang Duxin had to use his full power to fend off Qing Shui's Nine Continents Mountain each time. However, he felt very bad after each attack, and defending so much depleted a lot of his energy. The Devouring Laws increased the targeted person's energy depletion.


Yehuang Duxin puked out a mouthful of blood, but the Nine Continents Mountain showed no signs of stopping.

"Physician Qing, please show mercy!"

Just then, an aged voice rang out from the distance.

The corner of Qing Shui's lips curled up into a smile. The Yehuang Clan would definitely owe him a favor now. In the future, there wouldn't be anyone from the clan to not know any better.

Yehuang Duxin was still in a daze. He couldn't accept this. As one of the strongest of his generation, he was a representative even across the entire capital city. Most of the Yehuang Clan's hope had also been placed on him. However, to think that he was now beaten up so badly by a man who was so much younger than himself and had no ability to fight back. At this moment, the sense of superiority he had in the past all became non-existent. Only humiliation remained.




[1] Worn by toddlers and are often made of thick fabric, designed with either an unsewn seam over the buttocks and crotch or a hole over the central buttocks. Both allow children to urinate and defecate without the pants being lowered.

[2] Xuan colored is black with a hint of red in it.

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