Chapter: 1353

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1353 - Famous after a single battle, Unblockable, Tuning

He was totally humiliated, totally being slapped in the face. Most importantly, that superior feeling he used to have had been crushed completely. This very moment had caused Yehuang Duxin to feel as if every hope of his had turned to dust. For a moment, he was unable to accept it. Even the danger which he faced before didn’t make him panick. Even if he died, he wouldn’t regret it.

Upon hearing the voice, Qing Shui quickly retrieved the Nine Continents Mountain. Actually, he never planned to kill Yehuang Duxin. The reason being that he wanted to leave him for Yehuang Guwu. After holding back, he looked towards the old man who was flying towards him.

This old man was the old man whom he offered birthday congratulations to last time. He still needed his Longevity Noodle to survive. Hence, Qing Shui wasn’t worried about Yehuang Clan. Let alone that the match this time was a competition. It was a very common thing to have competitions. Similarly, Yehuang Clan also wasn’t willing to let people criticize them about them being reluctant to admit defeat.

“Old Man Yehuang, you’re here,” Qing Shui smiled and greeted him.

The old man also looked at Qing Shui with a smile. But in actuality, deep down, he was already feeling really upset and uncomfortable. He was very clear about how strong Yehuang Duxin was. Yet he has actually been defeated so easily by someone else. Prior to this, the body movement of this young man was already very astonishing.

“Mister Qing, please leave some mercy for an old man like me. If there is anything wrong which we have done, I will first give you my apology.” Old Man Yehuang had lowered his position a lot.

The old man had lived for so long. What else was he unable to tell? This young man was already someone whom Yehuang Clan was no longer able to stop. Unknowingly, even the way he addressed him had been changed. Even he himself didn’t feel confident that he could beat him. How old was he? He was already such a demon. Given time, just who would be able to confront him?

If he was to turn against him now and didn’t manage to kill him, the only thing which awaited Yehuang Clan in the future would be complete annihilation. Hence, no matter how much consideration he put in, he still felt that he couldn’t turn against him. The reason being that Qing Shui was also a powerful doctor.

Even that very own life of his was in the grasp of his hand.

“This is something which can be dealt with very easily. Mister Yehuang and I are just having a match against each other. But we have made a small bet with each other. It is that if he happens to lose, he must stop bothering the people from Imperial Cuisine Hall. I would like Old Man Yehuang to be my witness.” The fact that Qing Shui mentioned it once again meant that he took this issue quite seriously.

Even though Old Man Yehuang felt a bit upset in his heart, he still needed to maintain his smile and deal with Qing Shui. He said that he had no problem doing that, “Mister Qing, rest assured, I can guarantee that it won’t happen anymore.”

All along, Yehuang Duxin’s head was in a muddle over that. Even when he was being pulled away by Old Man Yehuang, he was still like this. As Qing Shui watched Yehuang Duxin disappear into the distance, he let out an emotional sigh. If Yehuang Duxin didn’t manage to make it through this setback, even surviving alone would prove to be a problem for him. He would be like a walking corpse. Not only would his strength not improve, it might even fall back as a result.

If his willpower was strong enough and he managed to make his way past this setback, it would only benefit him, so much that it might help him shorten the time needed for him to break through to False God. This possibility was really huge. After all, he was the strongest hedonistic disciple in Yehuang City. His innate skill was something which has no need to be doubted.

The appearance of Old Man Yehuang had shown that Yehuang Duxin held a relatively high position in Yehuang Clan. The incident this time was an enormous opportunity for Yehuang Duxin. Meeting it now was better than running into it in the future. This way, it could help him stabilize his strength even more once he advanced into False God Realm.

Old Man Yehuang actually also had thoughts about this. If things really happened smoothly, he would need to thank Qing Shui instead. In the past, no one at the same age as him was a match for him. In time, he was seized by arrogance and became someone who didn’t put anyone in his eyes. But today, he got beaten to the point he couldn’t even retaliate… This kind of failure was something which was very hard to accept.

“This is too bizarre, not only is miraculous Doctor Qing proficient in his medical expertise, he is also so terrifying in his cultivation.”

“If miraculous Doctor Qing wasn’t strong, it’s likely that he would have been recruited by some sort of clan. The fact that he is able to run Imperial Hall here as he pleases already means that he is powerful.

“I wonder if miraculous Doctor Qing accepts disciples?”

“You want to learn medicine? Forget it, you are not made for it.”

“I am not talking about myself. My son, he has got a lot of talent in medical expertise..”


Qing Shui came down and immediately went into Imperial Hall along with Yuan Su and Soulsearch. The moment they reached the fifth floor, they realized that Puyang Qing was already there. After greeting Qing Shui, she immediately picked up the little brat and left. Prior to this, she was also worried about Qing Shui. But now, she had also come to know how terrifying Qing Shui’s strength was.

“Thank you Qing Shui,” Yuan Su said with a smile.

Soulsearch didn’t go up to the fifth floor.

“You are someone from Imperial Hall. Everyone should help each other out,” Qing Shui said in a relaxed tone.

Yuan Su nodded, “You have no idea how proud that man used to be and how he used to never put anyone in his eyes. He always had that look like he is the best in the world, I feel like puking everytime I see it. Today, I feel a lot better after seeing that dumbfounded look of his.”

Qing Shui was a bit speechless. Women were indeed narrow-minded. They couldn’t take in even the slightest piece of sand in their eyes.

“This is great. I can leave for a while now,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“I am still a bit scared, why don’t you bring me along……” Yuan Su said in a nervous tone.

Qing Shui was stunned. This outcome was something which he had never expected before. He looked at Yuan Su. Yuan Su on the other hand, slightly lowered down her head. Even that exquisite earlobes of hers looked a bit red.

He knew that the woman took her pride very highly. There were some circumstances where he could reject her request. Similarly, there were some in which he would just have to obey her. Also, there weren’t really many things to do on his trip this time. He was only planning to look around and meet more people to broaden his horizons.

“I have a beauty to keep me company. Alright then, let’s pack up. We are moving tomorrow morning. I am going to need to inform older brother about this,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“I will go and inform him about it now.” Yuan Su revealed a happy smile. After that, she walked out straight away.

Qing Shui let out a sigh. He who hesitated would be lost. Now, even Qing Shui himself didn’t know how he was feeling. He did like her but as for love, he felt that he hadn’t gone that far yet. There would only be very few people who wouldn’t like a beauty like her.

Back then, they shared a pretty good relationship with each other, even though nothing much was revealed between them. For the things which happened after, he had also managed to find out the reasons for it.

Qing Shui’s current mindset was that normally, he wouldn’t intentionally go after anyone but rather, he would go with the flow. No one could stop two people’s fate from meeting. Fate was something mutual. It was fate for two people to fall in love with each other.

Actually, Soulsearch had always felt that Qing Shui and Yuan Su shared an intimate relationship. Qing Shui’s battle this time was for Yuan Su. Soulsearch wasn’t the only one who thought this way. Even Yehuang Duxin, as well as the people from Yehuang Clan, all thought that Yuan Su was Qing Shui’s woman.

Let’s just go with the flow. When time was almost up, Qing Shui immediately entered the realm. He planned to take the Origin Returning Pill. The reason being that if he took it now, he might be able to use it a few times more. Once it reached its peak, he would only be able to take one.

Qing Shui adjusted to his best condition. He was also, in a way, considered to be trying out his medicines. If everything worked fine, he would be able to let the people around him try it. The Origin Returning Pill could be constantly consumed by warriors at State Master Grade. Each warrior could only take one per year. They could continue to consume it until they reached Peak Martial Emperor.

Of course, it was not that every State Master would make it to peak Martial Emperor by taking in the Origin Returning Pill. Starting from State Master Grade, it would be really slow for them to improve their strength each time by 10%.

Other than that, there was the resistance towards medicines. For those with no innate talent, normally, it wouldn’t take long for the Origin Returning Pill to lose its effect. Or rather, it would only have infinitesimal effect. It was just like when a bottle had been filled full with water and someone tried to fill it with more water again, they wouldn’t be able to do so.

After taking one of the pills, Qing Shui operated his energy and refined it. A fresh and scattered aura emerged from his body. It was a very bizarre energy. Though it was scattered, the energy was very pure. It spread out around his limbs and bones and blended itself into the parts which it found most suitable. It was being absorbed very peacefully.

This medicinal pill was great. In accordance with this kind of situation, it might really be able to be consumed for quite a long period of time.

It was almost quiet to the point that there wasn’t even the slightest wave in the air. However, his raw strength had already increased by two sun and a little bit more.

Remembering the Double-Dose Prescription, Qing Shui immediately took in another one of it. His raw strength has already achieved a strength worth twenty-six sun. Just like this, Qing Shui’s physical strength had reached almost two hundred thousand sun. The offensive strength of the Nine Continents Mountain was nearly 360,000. It had already surpassed the strength of the weakest peak Martial Emperor warrior which was worth 300,000 sun.

On the other hand, Qing Shui's spiritual energy was more terrifying. Using the Seal of Roc would unleash a strength of 350,000 sun. If the chances of triggering the boost of his strength occured, his strength would reach a horrifying 700,000 sun....

Feeling the aura in his body rising, the foundation had been set. His strength would grow quickly if there were appropriate medicinal pills to boost and the right opportunity to do so. Most people who didn't have their foundation set correctly would only waste those medicinal pills no matter how talented they were, which was why Qing Shui would make sure that his family and friends would set their foundations as their priority. As long as the foundation was robust, their strength would become more powerful.

Towering buildings are built from the ground up. The most important thing is its foundation. Its foundation would decide the height of the building.

Qing Shui also gave the other medicinal pills a try. They were all fine and had no problems. It’s just that to Qing Shui, their effects could already be neglected. It was just as Yuan Su said, only the Origin Returning Pill was useful. Furthermore, this medicinal pill would definitely be a heaven-defying medicinal pill. This was Yuan Su’s ability.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was also very powerful. As of now, against the combination of Vajra Subdues Demon and Emperor’s Qi, it was unknown whether a False God who just broke through recently would be able to fight against that.

Once the opponent got weakened, would he still be considered a False God warrior?

Under the situation where Qing Shui went all out, there was a chance he could draw out a strength which was worth 700,000 sun. Actually, this wasn’t really considered to be really terrifying. The most terrifying one was the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique. The terrifying Confinement strength of the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines. Qing Shui felt that it might be possible for him to confine his opponents.

Among the Five Elements Divine Refining Techniques, the most handy one for Qing Shui was the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines. In comparison, the rest of the techniques were a lot weaker. Against powerful opponents, it was a bit better unless the restriction in five elements came into play. But the fire element in the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique was unable to be compared to Qing Shui’s Primordial Flame. Its earth element couldn’t be compared to his Nine Continents Mountain. Hence, the ones which Qing Shui used the most were the Golden Sword and Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines.

The golden sword was the sharpest and also the fastest. He didn’t really use a lot of water elements. The reason being that he had the Tidal Cloud Wave Seal…...

The Five Elements Divine Refining Technique had already been disassembled and passed on to the people around him. There was still the Five Elements Fruits, the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique. There was also the drawing skills. Qing Shui wasn’t proficient in music but the people around him were. Qing Yin was interested in things like drawing and music. Hence, Qing Shui had been looking for a suitable melody all along. It would be best if it was a melody which could control the opponents and raise battle intentions.

Qing Shui only knew a minority of the melodies, the Guangling Dispersion, Four Directional Chu Song and the Battle Melody of the Great Earth….

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