Chapter: 1357

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1357 - Curing the Poison, Snake Elephant Movement, Consuming the Origin Returning Pill again, Strength

Mei Tengfei’s expression changed when he heard what Qing Shui said, “You are actually able to tell that it’s the Blood Essence Demon’s Goblet?”

Qing Shui smiled and looked at him, “It seems you have already figured out who poisoned you with it.”

In Qing Shui’s past incarnation, he had only learned about such things as Goblets from stories. Apparently, people from Miao ethnic group were proficient in using Goblets. But as to how frightening they were, even he didn’t have a clear idea of it. Upon arriving in this world, he had also come in contact with a few Goblets. The Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm from the Blood Essence Pool was also considered to be a Goblet. As a matter of fact, it was the king among Goblets.

Goblets, across the nine continents were like a kind of very poisonous worm. One could plant these poisonous worms inside their target’s body through their food and drink, close interaction as well as through some sort of hidden methods. Some of them could cause the death of their targets within a short period of time, whereas there were some which carried a long-term effects. Without the targets themselves noticing, they would be consumed by the worms.

The Blood Essence Demon’s Goblet was precisely the type which was slow to take effect. It would slowly lead its target to death by letting the worms consume their Blood Essence. The Blood Essence Demon’s Goblet was very small but it completely dominated Blood Essence.

Mei Tengfei had even consumed poison before, wanting to use poison to poison those little worms to death. Sadly, he was almost poisoned to death himself but nothing happened to the Goblet at all.

“Uncle, are you able to cure it then? Do you know who the person is that poisoned father with the goblet?”

“It should be treatable. As for who poisoned him, I believe you can go ask your dad, I believe he will know who the person is. The reason being that this kind of Goblet can only enter one’s body through food or drink,” Qing Shui replied.

In an instant, Mei Tengfei looked a lot older than before. It seemed like he aged years and wasn’t that happy even after hearing Qing Shui say that he could be treated.

“Daddy, who could be so merciless to actually go against you?” Mei Dai asked with her eyes red.

“Alright little brat, let’s talk about this later. I need to think about it. For now, I am still unable to tell who it was.” Mei Tengfei revealed a bitter smile.

“Uncle, please help my daddy.” Mei Dai looked at Qing Shui with a miserable look.

“This daughter of yours still has quite a few good features. She is obedient to you, this is the best moral value one can have. This will also help make you look even prettier. Prior to this, when you crossed fists with me, I felt that your Spirited Snake Whip techniques were quite good. In the future, I might try to emulate them. I will take that as the treatment fee for this time,” Qing Shui smiled and said after a few thoughts.

“We have only crossed fists once and you are already able to learn my techniques?” Mei Dai said in shock.

“I am just learning the pattern. Mister, here, please allow me to help you kill off the poison.” Qing Shui smiled as he took out his Golden Needles.

Heavenly Vision Technique!

After that, Qing Shui performed the treatment swiftly with his Golden Needles. In an instant, he blocked off a location on his body. The moment when he was about to force out the Blood Essence Demon’s Goblet, he thought about his Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm and came up with something.

After that, he grabbed onto the location with the Blood Essence Demon’s Goblet with one of his hands and let the Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm to dig its way into it immediately. Following this, it quickly swallowed the Blood Essence Demon’s Goblet within Mei Tengfei’s body before sending off a thought to Qing Shui and going to rest.

That thought had caused Qing Shui to be really shocked. Mei Tengfei was a False God Warrior. More than half of the Blood Essence across his body had been sucked up by the Blood Essence Demon’s Goblet. Qing Shui felt that this time, the Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm should have gained a huge benefit from it. This was the Blood Essence of a False God Warrior.

Blood Essence could be recovered. It was just that it would take a bit of time. Just like Mei Tengfei. Over time, everything would come back to him. But if the Blood Essence Demon’s Goblet continued to stay within his body, one day, his Blood Essence would be sucked dry and he would die.

Qing Shui retrieved his hands. It wasn’t actually that long, it had only been fifteen minutes. He smiled and looked at Mei Tengfei, “Old man, you should already be able to feel that your Goblet has been removed. If there isn’t anything more other than this, we will take our leave.”

“Uncle, has my father really recovered?” Mei Dai seemed to find it a bit hard to believe and asked.

“Your daddy has been tortured for many years. Ever since he got sick, it was like a mountain collapsing. While he is recovering, it will be just like spinning silk. He will need time to rest. Just give him some supplements. Within at most half a year, he will recover completely,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Oh, thank you uncle! Let me tell the kitchen to make some food. No matter what, both you and auntie must stay today,” Mei Dai said and grabbed onto Qing Shui’s and Yuan Su’s sleeves.

Qing Shui didn’t really feel anything. But Yuan Su on the other hand, she blushed and secretly looked at Qing Shui.

“Miraculous Physician Qing, why don’t you stay? I can tell that you are interested in the Whip Battle Technique. This is for you, I am sure you will like it.” The old man took out a notebook and passed it to Qing Shui.

Snake Elephant Movement!

Qing Shui had only opened the book and looked through it for a while before he got really immersed into it. These were the attacks of the Snake Elephant. Its lower body was like a mountain whereas its upper body was agile like a snake. It had a long snake’s head as well as a body belonging to that of a snake which was agile like a Divine Whip of Heaven and Earth. Prior to this, the whip which Mei Dai used, as well as her technique all came from here. However, her practice lacked the taste of a snake elephant.

“I really like it. Well then, I won’t hold back,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“You deserved it. Miraculous Physician Qing. Please don’t tell anyone that I have recovered,” Mei Tengfei said softly.

“No problem. Rest assured, I am not someone with such a big mouth. This is my moral as a doctor. I won’t leak out any information regarding my patients.”


Qing Shui left. Mei Dai looked at her father, “Daddy, was it eldest brother?”

Mei Tengfei trembled. After that, he smiled and looked at Mei Dai, “Foolish brat. You are thinking too much! Don’t think so much.”

Mei Dai let out a sigh, “Alright, daddy, please take a rest. Half a year will go by really fast.

Mei Dai left. An old and wise man appeared beside Mei Tengfei. The old man had a hunched back. He looked really dry and thin, yet he resembled something like a phantom.

“Master!” The dried up old man showed his politeness to Mei Tengfei.

“Go send off the eldest prince!” Mei Tengfei closed his eyes and said.

“Yes, master!”


The incidents which happened in Mei Clan were no longer Qing Shui’s concern. He was now making his way to Tianhe Clan along with Yuan Su.

“Qing Shui, do you know who administered the Goblet?” Yuan Su asked out of curiosity.

“I don’t know,” Qing Shui smiled and said bluntly.

“You are lying. You must have known who it is. Even if you don’t, you should be able to make a guess who did it,” Yuan Su whispered.

“Alright, Mei Clan is a huge clan. It’s best if we don’t take part in some of the things which have nothing to do with us. Or else, we will get ourselves into trouble.” Qing Shui refused to tell Yuan Su about it. Let alone the fact that he didn’t have a clear picture of it. The only thing he knew was that Mei Tengfei would definitely know who it was.

In the blink of an eye, a week has passed. Tomorrow was the day when he would need to return to Yehuang Country City. Tianhe Renmo had recovered a third of his injury. It was as if his entire person has changed completely. His Dantian was also considered to have recovered completely.

Tianhe Renmo was much older than QingShui. With his rejuvenated mentality, he was an extremely attractive middle aged man. The relationship between the two of them was very good after a week of treatments. Qing shui was shocked that once tianhe Renmo recovered, there was a high chance that he would directly reach the level of False God. The period of time when he was a cripple had a very large impact on his life. He was no longer a young person and was at least 300 years of age. The duration where someone looked middle aged was very long, lasting a few hundred years.

Break everything first, fail to succeed.

This should be Tianhe Renmo’s luck. Hence,the idiom of the old man may have lost his mare, but in the end, it all still turned out for the best. When someone found themselves facing this kind of disaster, once they recovered, they would be considered to have profited from a disaster. Or else, it was likely that he would still need at least a hundred years of time if he wanted to be a False God Warrior. Or rather, it might even be longer than that.

To Tianhe Renmo, he owed the debt of getting his life reborn to Qing Shui. Added on that he was an upright person, he hated evil more than anything else. He was straightforward and distinguished between gratitude and grudges very clearly. The two had started addressing each other as brothers after a week. Qing Shui knew that when Tianhe Renmo addressed him as a brother, that brother which he meant was not in the slightest inferior to those blood-related to him.

At night, Qing Shui entered the realm and started feeding on the Origin Returning Pill. It had been one week. Three days ago, he has already used it once and increased his strength by five and a half sun. One day in the realm was enough to make up for a hundred days outside.

His body had already reached 31 sun. This way, Qing Shui’s strength had already achieved a strength worth nearly 150,000 sun. The Nine Continents Mountain immediately went up to a strength worth nearly 450,000 sun.

His Spirit Energy was even more terrifying. When he used the Seal of Roc, it had already reached a strength worth 410,000 sun. If the chance to double in prowess was met, it would achieve a terrifying strength worth as much as 820,000 sun.

A double in prowess wasn’t considered strength. Hence, Qing Shui could still use the Origin Returning Pill now. He took in yet another one today. Perhaps, in the future, he might only have one more chance left to take it. By the time his Seal of Roc achieved a strength worth 500,000 sun, perhaps, by then, his increase in strength might come to a stop.

He swallowed the Origin Returning Pill. He planned to swallow another one after a while.

As he did so, Qing Shui’s raw strength achieved a strength worth 37.5 sun. The Double-Dose Prescription had enabled Qing Shui to take two of them.

He was finally saturated. Now, the strength of Qing Shui’s Nine Continents Mountain was already worth more than 500,000 sun.

It was possible for Peak Martial Emperors to unleash a strength which which was worth a million sun whereas the strength of things like Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines were even more powerful.

While sensing the strength across his body, Qing Shui didn’t know how long he would still need to break through to False God. The thing needed for the breakthrough to False God was Spring of Life. Similarly, he felt that the thing needed for Eighth Heavenly Layer was also the Spring of Life. Every time the realm upgraded, it would get itself ready for his increase in the level of his strength. This time was no exception.

Hence, Qing Shui had a feeling that he shouldn’t be too far away from Eighth Heavenly Layer. To what extent would his strength go up once he reached Eighth Heavenly Layer? By then, would there still be people from Dancing Phoenix Continent trying to stop him?

Once he reached the eighth heavenly layer, it was unknown if any changes would occur in his Dantian. Would he be able to see the Gate of Heavenly Dao again? Qing Shui was looking forward to it. At that time, he could go anywhere and do anything.

False God warriors, were gods of the continent..

He should also be able to cultivate his Phoenix Form soon. His Roc Form has already reached a saturated state. Heart of Roc, Roc Spreading Wings…… As Qing Shui thought about it, he realized that he had been cultivating the Roc Form for a long, long time.

Eighth Heavenly Layer should enable him to cultivate his Phoenix Form. The Dragon Form was a legendary existence. It was the supreme-tier, the Immortal Demons among Immortal Demons! There were many kinds to Dragon Phoenix. Hence, the good and bad ones of their kind were all mixed together. But so long as it was a kind which belonged to the true dragon species, it shouldn’t be weaker than the lowest grade False God warriors. Dragon Phoenix as well as beasts like the Immortal Demons weren’t something which could be commonly seen. But across the nine continents, there were a lot of Immortal Demons. For example, the Ancient Battlefield.

Deep down in the sea, there were also countless existences.

Haohan Continent, Soaring Dragon Continent as well as Dancing Phoenix Continent all had them. Particularly Haohan Continent, it was incomparably vast, totally fitting to its name, Haohan (Note: Haohan stands for boundless in mandarin), boundless. No one knew how far it spread out to, nor was there anyone that existed who recorded it. It’s said that there was an ancient site there.

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